IISKD Yearbook "Al-Fath Class of 2012'


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IISKD Yearbook "Al-Fath Class of 2012'

  1. 1. IISKD OUR MOTTO Knowledge and Taqwa, the secret of success OUR MISSION “Developing excellent, holistic individuals and towards building an excellent generation based on the total submission to Allah swt.” OUR OBJECTIVES KD To provide an integrated educational program suitable for the early development of IS the child from pre school to tertiary level that produces a wholly practicing Muslim.I To provide a broad spectrum of avenues and opportunities for maximum potential growth to help individuals achieve excellence in all aspects. To develop the human potential and impart the necessary knowledge in order to build an excellent Ummah.
  2. 2. WORDS FROM EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN‫للو. اشلهلد أن إ إللو إإ اهلل و لده إ شلريلأ للو وأشلهلد أن لملدا عل لده‬ ‫إن احلمد هلل، حنمده ونستعينو ونستغفره ونعو باهلل من شرور أنفسنا ومن سيئآت أعمالنا من يهده اهلل فال مضل لو ومن يضللل فلال ىلا‬ ّ .‫ورسولو‬ :‫أما بعد‬In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.My dear children, you were entrusted to us as an amanah and I am most grateful for the innumerable blessings from Allah whilst performing this amanah.O Allah, bear witness that we have fulfilled our covenant to You that we have reminded and prepared our children to be your khalifah on this earth and theinheritors of Paradise. Gaze upon them with love and compassion, guide them always with Your grace and let them not stay from the Path and burden themnot with more than what they can bear.My children, remember the ni’mah that Allah had bestowed upon you. Be steadfast in your promise (amanah) to Allah, be among the righteous (muttaqin)that walk on this Earth with humility and dignity, and be truthful (sidq) in your deeds. Fulfill your promises to Allah and the Ummah and seek not thepleasure of men because the pleasure of Allah is absolute and eternal.Therefore, my children, spread the Message of Truth in yourselves and your deeds wherever you may be, not alone but in jemaah because the loner will bethe prey for the ‘wolves’. Be ‘ihkhlas’ at all times and not ‘riak’ and ‘takabbur’ (showing off your achievements). Pursue knowledge and not a degree,gatherwisdom and not wealth and remember you accountability to allah and not the position that becomes the envy of men.These are parting words penned down from the bottom of my heart. The few wonderful years with you have given me a lifetime of memories that willcherish forever. Remember me in your Do’a Rabitah and may Allah forge our hearts with the fire of ukhuwwah, da’awah and jihad.Ameen Ya Rabb.Tuan Haji Hasni Bin MohammedExecutive Chairman
  3. 3. WORDS FROM THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS ‫السالم عليكن ورحمةهللا وبركاته‬In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.Alhamdulillah. Once again, the trailblazers of IISKD have made the school proud with the achievements that they have had. It’s truly remarkable that inour first attempt at IGCSE ‘O’ level, we have achieved so much with so little resources that we have. Truly, it is a blessing from Allah s.w.t. to have beenaccorded us with these achievements. The recent IGCSE results should bring comfort and honor to ourselves as all IISKD are achievers and successful intheir own way. If we have seek the best from Allah from what we have done and we have done our best in earnest, the outcome that each of you hasachieved is never a failure but a destiny determined by Allah, that would suit you best for your future.We ought to remind ourselves that what we may think that is good for us may not be so, and what we may have thought to be bad for us may actually begood, but only Allah truly knows what is good for us. We do not know what awaits us but Allah knows and is the best judge for us and in His utmostkindness, may have destined for us to exploit our potentials with what He has given now.Success is not measured by the achievement that one celebrates at a point in time in their life journey but what one achieves at the end of one’s life’sjourney. Although this batch of students will eventually bid farewell to the school that brought colors to their lives, nonetheless we hope that whereveryou are, you will be a true ambassador of IISKD and will carry the values and integrity of Islamic Education. Thanks to all o f you for letting us to knowyou and letting us share your success together.It may be unknowing to all of you, but deep in our hearts we have shared so many fond memories of you as you have grown with us. It hurts to see youleave as you have become part of us and to let you all go is difficult, but it is something that we have to do. From the deepest depths of our hearts, we willmiss you!Board of GovernorsIntegrated Islamic School IISKD
  4. 4. Student’s ProfileName Mahad MohamedNickname Didier DrogbaEmail mahad281996@gmail.comHobbies Football, debating and playing fifaI hope to become a A person my parents can be proud ofSchool days in 3 words Simply marvelous bro!Happiest memory at IISKD Helping the school reach quarter finals in debate competitionsI will miss Joking and fooling around with my friends and learning with my teachersFarewell message Study hard but don‟t forget to have fun, pray to Allah because only He can help you, make your parents proud because they deserve that from you!
  5. 5. Student’s ProfileName Mohamed Raiyan bin ZainuddinNickname RaiyanEmail raiyanzster@gmail.comHobbies Playing football/futsalI hope to become a Scholar in IslamSchool days in 3 words Fun, educational, IslamicHappiest memory at IISKD Got scolded by the UstazsI will miss The teachers, students, friends, school and everyone!Farewell message I would like to thanks IISKD for everything. I wish good luck for them in the future and May Allah shower His mercy and blessings to each and every of you.Ameen
  6. 6. Student’s ProfileName Mohamed Rizuan bin Syed IbrahimNickname RizuanEmail mohdrizuan7@yahoo.com.myHobbies Playing footballI hope to become a EngineerSchool days in 3 words “Reaching for goals”Happiest memory at IISKD Been locked in the schoolI will miss All the ustaz and teachersFarewell message Thank you for giving me knowledge and blessing me with such amazing teachers
  7. 7. Student’s ProfileName Muhammad Nur FiqryNickname FiqryEmail fiqrymar16@hotmail.comHobbies Surfing social websitesI hope to become a Steward and a businessmanHappiest memory at IISKD Get to meet new friendsI will miss The teachers and UstazFarewell message Study now, enjoy later!
  8. 8. Student’s ProfileName Muhammad Zaim Mueizzuddin ZubirNickname Mueizz, DeenEmail zayn.joe@gmail.comHobbies Football, GamingI hope to become a A successful personSchool days in 3 words Joyful, Tiring, FunHappiest memory at IISKD Learning Muay Thai with my friends from Sifu Solleh Got locked in the school after extra classI will miss My ustazs, teachers, friends and not to forget, the staff of IISKD plus the dining hall helpersFarewell message „If Allah helps you, none can overcome you, and if He withdraw His help from you, who else other than Him who can help you? In Allah let the believers put their trust‟ (Surah Al-Imran: verse 160), therefore remember and have faith in Allah at all time. For He is the only One who can help you. My colourful year in IISKD has reached to its closure. InsyaAllah I will treasure every moment that I have…….. A very special thanks to the school, my beloved ustazs, my lovely teachers, my awesome friends, my caring mother and supporting father who had helped me to become a better person everyday. MY PRAYER TO JANNAH FOR US ALL!
  9. 9. Student’s ProfileName Riza Shazreen bin BaharinNickname BoboiEmail rizashazreen@yahoo.comHobbies Playing footballI hope to become a Aircraft engineerSchool days in 3 words Fun, Hyper, Awesome!Happiest memory at IISKD Breaking the library glass window and musolla sink (while playing “ice and water”)I will miss Momentum, fun and craziness in class. Auntie Jue‟s voiceFarewell message Enjoy the unforgettable moments with friends always go an extra mile!
  10. 10. Student’s ProfileName Sofia Nabilah bt Meor MohamedNickname SofEmail Sofianabilah20@hotmail.comHobbies DrawingI hope to become a Successful person when I grow upSchool days in 3 words Tiring but funHappiest memory at IISKD We had extra classes until 7pm , and Makcik Ju forgot that Al-Fath had to stayback. So she locked all the gates and doors. Basically, we were trapped inside school along with Teacher Nazrina for awhile.I will miss My friendsFarewell message Ends are not all bad things. They just mean something else is about to begin…
  11. 11. Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues…We hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles,to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the mostspecial places your heart has ever known.
  12. 12. Memories... Among the signs of success at the end is the turning to Allah at the beginning.
  13. 13. Integrated Islamic School Kota Damansara C-G-09 Block C Palm Spring@Damansara Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya 03-78033791