what are disadvantage of assessment quantitative qualitative stratified convinience cluster non-probability probability cogntivisim behaviorism constructivisim connectivism trigger words language development speech development matcing type mcqs complex performance fixed choice what is diagnostic assessment what is plsacement assessment what is summative assessment what are advantage of assessment what is formative assessment what are the four step of tyler model what is tyler model who is tyler what is meaurement what is evaluation what is assessment what is test what are the stage of wheeler model who is d.k wheeler model what are the stages of taba curriculum model what is taba model who is hilda taba what are the stages of skilbeck what is skilbeck model what is autonomy vs shame what is trust vs mistrusty what does it mean of psycho-sociall development what is dynamic model whsat are the rubrics of mnosdels what are the components of models what is model whjat is aqcuistion what is stimulus and response who is pavlov what is classical conditioning theory what are types of reinforcement what is reinforcemenmt what is operant conditioning theory what is essentialism what is progressivism what perennialism what are educational philosophies what are general philosophies who is edward throndike whjat is law of effect what is reinforcement in psycology what are the two aspect of lw of effect what is extended abstract stage what is multistructural stage what is unistructural stage what is presytructural stage solo stands for who develop blooms taxonomy what is cognitive domain what is psychomotor domain what is affective domain what are the three learning domains
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