The Wrongway Legacy: 3.7


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The Wrongway Legacy: 3.7

  1. 1. Welcome to generation three, part seven of the Wrongway Legacy!Previously, we saw the Vampire Coven turn against Kendra and force her to giveup vampirism; Grayson was still working undercover with Ariel; with Austin slowlyrejecting her, Elizabeth adopted a little girl named Meadow; Lavender grew into ateenager; Hex and Kendra started a relationship; in order to find out someinformation on his past, Hercules made a deal he would break Lavenders heartfor the information; Lavender was obviously crushed, and had a sentimental talkwith her parents and grandfather; Kendra fled Rubix with Grayson, after heconvinced her Ariel was going to murder her; Hercules found out Aphrodite washis twin; Hex got his heartbroken when he discovered Kendra missing; Rosecontinued to make up adventures in the Wronglands; Forrest grew up; Rose andWill grew up, and Rose was not pleased that Will was willing to turn his back onthe Wronglands. Also, Robin revealed she was going to uni in Rubix.The recap is in a smaller font because so much happened last time! Youmight want to go back and read it. :)
  2. 2. The university near to Rubix was holding its annual open day, allowingpotential students to have a peek at their new lifestyles and whatawaits them. Naturally, this meant that the main shopping street inRubix was bustling with life.Many of the people hanging around on the high street were born andraised in Rubix, and thus used the opportunity to catch up with friends.Others used the street in a variety of ways.
  3. 3. The activities of the people varied, from person to person, personalityto personality.Hero McCarthy, for instance, was quite happy just to lay across a brickwall in the afternoon sunshine.
  4. 4. Austin, Aphrodite and Lavender, however, were happier talking by theedge of the enormous fountain.Since the recent behaviour of Hercules, the three friends neglected toinvite him along on their various trips, and so the group of friends fellto just three of them.
  5. 5. Rose, Will and their second cousin, Bonnie, were elsewhere on thestreet, also enjoying the sunshine that came with spring.“Are you two going to talk about this problem you seem to have orwhat?” Bonnie asked, light-heartedly, “Because if you ask me, itseems a little silly for you guys to be arguing.”Rose rolled her eyes, “But Will wont see my point.”“So explain your point!” Bonnie grinned, and turned her attention backto lounging across the table that belonged to a nearby restaurant.
  6. 6. “Okay, okay, Will, listen, I dont like the way you told me you wouldntgive up on the Wronglands, but then you did, right?” Rose sighed,tiredly.“Rose, were too old to play games now.” Will answered, gently.“Theres no such thing as being too old,” Rose scolded, “besides, youdont want to help me write the story of what took place in theWronglands.”“You know Im not much of a writer, Rose, Im more of an active kind ofguy.”
  7. 7. “But Will, I cant take care of the Wronglands by myself...with just myinput. It was always a group effort.”Will laughed, “Thats all youre worried about? Rose, we can meet upand share ideas, I just wont get involved in the writing side of things.Clearly our world meant a lot to you.”“Its all Ive ever really been passionate about.” Rose smiled,enthusiastically.
  8. 8. Owen exited the coffee shop behind them in time to witness a hugbetween Rose and Will.“What did I miss?” He asked, with a slight smile.“The rescuing of the Wronglands.” Rose responded, making a mentalnote to write that down later.Will chuckled.
  9. 9. Rose was happy to accept Will as her friend again, and while sherealised people had to change as they grew older, she hoped Willwould never completely abandon the Wronglands.She also decided to take out the section of the story where assassinschased after Wills character.
  10. 10. Robin had spent the morning exploring the campus of RubixUniversity, but for some reason, her mother had wanted to goshopping as well as look at lecture halls, dorms, and courseinformation.“Mum, can we go back to the hotel yet? I have an essay due when weget home.”“Calm down, Robin, theres plenty of hours left in the day, “Jade toldher daughter, “besides, I want that dress. Wait here, and dont talk tostrangers.”“Im not five.” Robin answered, sourly. Jade just laughed, anddisappeared into the shop.
  11. 11. While Lavender and Aphrodite went to buy ice cream, Austin figured hewould wander up and down the street in order to pass the time. Maybehed bump into one of those uni students who were helping with the openday and......thats when he spotted Robin Wrongway, studying the window displayof the clothes store.
  12. 12. “You know,” Austin said, loudly, attracting the girls attention, “if youwere thinking of buying that dress, I wouldnt bother,” this was met witha confused look, “you already look perfect.”Robin rolled her eyes at Austin, and glanced at the display again.“Im Austin, Austin Wheeler.”“Im Not, as in Not Interested.”“Ooh, witty. I like that.” Austin said, smoothly.
  13. 13. “Are you applying to the university as well?” Robin inquired.Austin leaned closer, “why, do you like intelligent boys?”Robin raised an eyebrow, “I was just...curious.”“Yeah, I am. Moving in at the end of the season,” Austin replied. Robinmentally groaned, thats when she was moving in, too, “Im moving intothe Green Dorm.”“How unfortunate, I chose the Blue Dorm,” Robin laughed, falsely, beforeadding to herself, Mental note, change dorms if possible.
  14. 14. “So, Not Interested, tell me, have you got plans this evening?” Austinasked, with a cheeky grin.“Austin, I did not travel a stupidly long time in a banged up old car inorder to listen to your silly one-liners. Leave me alone so I can wait formy mother in peace!”Austin raised an eyebrow, unmoved, “Im not giving up.”“You should.”
  15. 15. Austin let his smile drop, “I think Ill grow on you. Youll like me soonenough.”Robin rolled her eyes again, “I think not, somehow. Im going back homeon Friday for the rest of the season.”“Two days is enough time to win your heart,” Austin smiled a little, “andthen well have the whole of university. You wont forget my handsomeface.”
  16. 16. “Well, Im going to try to. Bye, Austin.” Robin replied, quickly, andmoved towards the fountain.“Awkward.” Austin remarked, before heading off towards the coffeeshop.
  17. 17. Robin sat down on the cool stone of the fountain, and grinned toherself.“Despite all of that, I hope I do bump into him again.” She admitted, ina whisper. There were certainly no guys like Austin Wheeler in thedesert she came from. ...
  18. 18. Hex was troubled, and the entire court knew about it. He was quietand withdrawn, working until the small hours of the morning everysingle day. This night was no different.“Youre a wreck, Hex.”
  19. 19. “Gee. Thanks for the confidence lift, Phil.” Hex replied, dryly.“You know what I mean. Youre spending stupid amounts of timeresearching and mourning Kendras departure, instead of focusing onyour skills as a warlock.”“I thought I told you, no good comes from me and magic,” Hex drankfrom his mug, “dont you remember what happened to Ash?”“Yeah, I do. The elixir you brew to keep us all alive doesnt altermemories, you know,” Phillip raised an eyebrow, “we got off subject,anyway.”
  20. 20. “What are you suggesting I do, then, seeing as Im such a wreck.” Hexwas sarcastic in his reply.“You should work on your magic. You never know what Ralph is up to,when hes about to attack.”“Im actually starting to get worried about him,” Hex said with a smile,“hes been quiet for almost a generation. Somethings not right.”“So be prepared! Hes probably planning something. Failing that, hesactually raising his daughter properly,” Phillip got out the ingredientshe wanted to use for his dinner, “but I advise being prepared physicallyand mentally.”
  21. 21. “Okay, Ill shape up,” Hex smirked, “but Im going to need help of someform.”“Ill be around.” Phillip replied, distractedly. Hex nodded and left theroom.
  22. 22. Every morning brought a fresh round of challenges, and this morningwas no exception. Hex started the way he starts everyday – byreplaying all of his thoughts about Kendra.Why would she leave me? Why would she leave with no note? Whydid I bother getting close to her at all, its my fault I feel this rotten.Hexs thoughts were interrupted as Hercules entered the room.
  23. 23. “Why didnt you tell me?” Hercules demanded. Hex smiled, pleasantly.“Hercules, tell you what? You always knew you were adopted.”“Yeah. But when were you planning on telling me that my biologicalparents are-”“Are the bane of my existence? As well the biggest threat to the livesof most people living in this town? You really wanted me to tell youthat?”“Its probably better than be blackmailed by my mother into hurting theheart of a potential heiress!”
  24. 24. “I thought I raised you better than to give into blackmail.” Hexresponded, smiling a little.“I cant stand this. I knew I was adopted. But you could have told mewho my parents are! Who my sister is!”Hex rolled his eyes and said nothing but, “Whats done is done, right?”“Im going out.”“Where?”
  25. 25. “Why do you care, youre not my father.” Hercules said, half-heartedly.“Hercules, I cant let you walk out of here without-”“Im coming back, calm down.” Hercules rolled his eyes. The nextsound Hex heard was the slamming of the front door. ...
  26. 26. Elsewhere in Rubix, another adopted child was starting their day.“And then Ralph gets his evil girlfriend to pull out her magic wandand-”“Austin,” Elizabeth said, sharply, laying cereal down on the table,“dont you dare scare Meadow with those silly Ralph stories.”“Fine, fine, let her realise what Ralph is like on her own.”“Up until recently, Austin, you didnt think Ralph was real threat.”“If hes so threatening, where has he been for the past generation?”
  27. 27. “Enough, Austin!” Elizabeth snapped. Calming herself down, sheasked, sweetly, “Are you coming bowling with us, later?”Meadow looked up pleadingly at Austin. Her favourite person in theworld was her almost-brother, Austin.Austin shrugged, “Cant. Im seeing my Dad.”“Fine.” Elizabeth replied, coldly, and left the room. Austin sighed.
  28. 28. “Why doesnt she like you?” Meadow asked, once she was sureElizabeth was out of the room.“Its because Im no longer hers,” Austin said, smoothly, “I know thetruth about who my Dad is. I know that Elizabeth didnt want to tell mewho my Dad is. On top of all that, my Mum left Rubix years ago, andno one has heard from her since.”“I dont know who my parents are.” Meadow answered.“Yeah you do, your Mum is my Aunt Elizabeth, and your Dad is myUncle Knut.”
  29. 29. “I dont know who my real Mum and Dad are, Austin.” Meadow toldhim, sadly.“Seriously, kid, its better that way,” Austin grinned, “its more awkwardknowing, I swear.”Meadow beamed, “Pleeeease come bowling?”“I honestly cant, Meadow, Im seeing your Uncle Eli.”
  30. 30. “Fine,” Meadow replied, with an enthusiastic smile, “then you have totake me bowling some other time.”“I will.” Austin promised. Meadow turned her attention to her cerealafter that. ...
  31. 31. The following day, Will, Rose and Owen met at the Shahan house withthe plan of helping Rose out with her ideas concerning theWronglands.“I cant believe were doing this again.” Will laughed, cheerfully.“What again?” Rose questioned, though she had an idea of what hewas about to say.“This pretending stuff!” Will told her, enthusiastically, “I havent playedpretend games since I was younger.”“You make yourself sound so old.” Owen said, with a smirk.
  32. 32. “I dont even remember what happened last time we played.” Owenadded.“Well, basically, Princess Rosie-Posie was trapped in the dungeon ofthe evil Rhalph, and Prince Will was unaware because he was dealingwith two of the Kingdom Witches, who turned out to be undergroundspies for the secret society who have yet to be identified.”“I thought we had identified them?” Rose asked, from across the table,“As the confused spies from the agency who believed we were alignedwith Rhalph?”
  33. 33. “I think Wills right, actually.” Owen commented.“Owen,” Will replied, firmly, “never, ever disagree with Rose when itcomes to the Wronglands. She can tell you anything and everythingabout them.”“If youre done discussing my knowledge of the Wronglands, howabout we begin?” Roses statement was met with a couple of nods,“Right, so the Warlocks apprentice, Prince Will was gone, and Archapaced the beautiful garden Rosie-Posie had planted...”
  34. 34. Archa had never before believed in superstition, but if it had workedfor the goblins when they were trapped deep in the crystal mines, itmight help her bring someone home.The Guild were gone, either imprisoned by the wicked armythreatening the south border, or on trial for treason. There was onlyone person in the kingdom that Archa could call on.
  35. 35. Prince Will was the final hope of Archa, of the kingdom. Theprincesses were captured, and all seemed lost.“Guardian of the Light, I call unto you, deliver my master.” Archabreathed, focusing on the thought, “Deliver my master.”
  36. 36. The ritual worked and Prince Will was delivered from Banishment, theeternal limbo where Rhalph sent all of his victims once he grew boredof them.Archa continued to focus on her breathing pattern whilst Will smiled,“That is a pretty cool power to have.”
  37. 37. Once Archa had concluded the ritual that had summoned Prince Will,she rose to her feet, encouraging Will to do likewise.He was panicked – of all the kingdoms nobles, he was the lastremaining free. Even Sir Owen, the handsome knight who knew nofear, had been captured by Rhalphs elite army of Arielites.“Archa, we must save Rosie-Posie. Use the Guardian of the Light ifyou must.”“We cannot summon her in the same way.”“Why not?”
  38. 38. “Because it our destiny to travel the lands and bring home thePrincess, not the Guardian of the Light, who exists to build on ourstrengths when believe ourselves to be weak!” Archa cried, “I am anable assassin and you are a Prince, we will fight and we will not giveup!”
  39. 39. Will nodded, sensing the power that was building inside Archa, “Youknow, Im terrified of you, but strangely attracted to you at the sametime.”
  40. 40. After that comment, a debate had taken place – was Archa actuallythe kind of female Will was after in the real world? Either way, Rosebubbled over with excitement, passionately describing the ideas shehad for the story.She was very pleased to have some fresh material for her storiesbased upon their childhood game. ...
  41. 41. Later on, at the Wrongway house, Austin and Aphrodite had stoppedby to help Lavender plan a party – the three of them were going toorganise a party for the generation once they were all teenagers.But the three of them had managed to get off topic. Austin grinned,“Did I tell you two that I met the most amazing girl yesterday?”“Who is she this time?” Lavender asked with a small smile.“Not Interested.” Austin answered, grinning. Lavender and Aphroditeexchanged a uncertain look.
  42. 42. “Austin, whats her name?” Aphrodite prompted, gently.“Thats just it, I dont know!” Austin shrugged, “She was visiting the uni,like those other tourists...and...well, we got talking.”“Talking? Or you just reciting the worlds worst one liners?”“Umm...”
  43. 43. “How can she be perfect if she doesnt like you?” Lavender asked,with a hint of suspicion.“Just everything I learnt about her in that moment we met outside theclothes shop!”“So romantic...” Lavender murmured, sarcastically.Aphrodites expression grew sadder each time Austin spoke,“Im...yeah, Im going to head outside for some air.”
  44. 44. Aphrodite headed out onto the porch, breathing deeply and calmly asshe glanced around the street.She wouldnt admit it. Even now she was denying it to herself, and shehad walked out when Austin was talking about someone else.Aphrodite knew that was confirmation in itself. She realised she reallydid like Austin.A voice interrupted her thoughts, “Aphrodite?”
  45. 45. Aphrodite sniffed and looked around, desperate not to make eye contact.“Was it something I said?” Austin questioned, gently.“Lets not talk about it.” Aphrodite said, dismissively.“No,” Austin replied, firmly, “lets.”
  46. 46. “Why did you have to meet the perfect girl?” Aphrodite asked, simply.“Is that what this is about? If it helps, she wasnt local. I wont see heragain, and she wasnt that keen on me anyway.”“So...?”“So, Aphrodite, tell me why its bothering you.”
  47. 47. “Havent you figured it out yet?” Aphrodite returned, loudly, “I like you,Austin! I thought you knew!”“You do? But I!”Aphrodite shook her head, sadly, and turned to leave.“No, wait!”
  48. 48. It was an impulsive kiss, and neither of them were sure what it meant,but for now, that didnt matter.
  49. 49. While Aphrodite and Austin stayed out on the porch, Lavender trackeddown her sister.“Well, my two best friends just decided to get involved with the wholeromance thing.” Lavender declared, in a soft voice.Rose didnt look up from the document she was typing in, “You have aproblem with them being a couple?”“No, not really. Just worried about whether this will make thingsawkward when we all hang out together,” Lavender paused, beforeadmitting, in a small voice, “and I kind of feel a bit left out, maybe.”
  50. 50. “You need to forget about relationships and everything for a bit, its allyou real teenagers think about.” Rose smiled a little.“Well, what do you suggest? I have nothing to distract me but myfriends, and they might be dating!”Rose collapsed the window she was looking at, and looked up at herolder sister, “Lets go for a walk. Theyre always inspiring. Maybe wecould take Forrest too.”“Why?” Lavender groaned, “Well be responsible for him.”“Because hes driving everyone crazy.”
  51. 51. Rose wasnt joking when she said Forrest was driving everyone crazy.He was the most active child out of the fourth generation, but he alsoheld a short attention span.“Mum look, Im a dinosaur!”Forrest was a whirlwind of activity on a regular basis.
  52. 52. “Or maybe Im a pirate!” Forrest declared, and began dancing round thekitchen.Maybe it was the fact he was the youngest, but Forrest had no one athome to play with, and so he caused havoc.
  53. 53. Of course, he also got away with doing the opposite of the rules laiddown by his mother. Grace had told him many times not to blow bubblesin the house, for instance, but Forrest could always get away with it.That said, everyone adored him, despite his occasionally irritatingbehaviour.
  54. 54. Back in the study, Lavender was getting impatient, “Come on, Rose,you said you wanted to go for a walk!”“Hang on, I just need to write this part...I just got to the bit where Archadiscovered-”“Rose, come on! Forrests going to get impatient, too, you know.” ...
  55. 55. Somehow, Lavender and Roses walk turned into visiting the smallerpark in Rubix.“Look! Im spinning really fast!” Forrest announced, “Lavender! Rose!Youre not looking!”“We are watching.” Lavender laughed. Rose nodded.Satisfied, Forrest continued to enjoy himself on the roundabout.“He would be so brilliant as a character in the Wronglands.” Rosemurmured to Lavender.
  56. 56. Lavender brushed over the comment concerning the Wronglands, andsmiled at Rose, “You brought us here in the rain so Forrest could runwild?”“Absolutely,” Rose grinned, “Im sorry if rain isnt good enough for thenext heiress.”“Heiress? What do you know about it?” Lavender said, defensively.She hadnt been told anything about heirs and heiresses.
  57. 57. “Oh come on, Lavender! Everyone knows youre going to be named asheiress.”“But...youre the perfect sister! Or even, Forrest, his energy would begood for the family!”“Lavender, seriously. Stop it. Youre-”Lavenders phone suddenly started ringing, “Hang on, its Mum.”Rose shrugged and moved towards the roundabout where Forrest wasplaying.
  58. 58. “Mum, calm down, I cant understand you.” Lavender was saying.Roses grip on the roundabout tightened, How can she call me theperfect sister when she has the whole heartbroken-eldest thing goingfor her?
  59. 59. “Grandmas sick? No, no, I understand. Well be home right away.”Lavender ended the call and looked over to her siblings, “We have togo. Right now.”Rose and Forrest didnt argue with the urgency in their sisters voice. ...
  60. 60. Austin sat down at the Shahan family dinner table, tired after arguingbriefly with Elizabeth – she had really wanted him to go bowling.“Hey, Austin,” Will grinned, “Im still finding it weird youre my brother,not my cousin.”“Doesnt really help my case that I live with our Aunt, does it?”“Not really.” Will laughed.
  61. 61. “Whats it like living there?” Will questioned, curiously.“Strange,” Austin answered, breezily, “Aunt Elizabeth sometimes actslike Im part of the family. At Other times, I think she would rather packmy bags and send me here. Plus, she doesnt like the fact Im goodfriends with Meadow.”“So difficult, then?” Will elaborated.“You could say that.”
  62. 62. “You have to understand something about my twin, boys,” Eliinterrupted, defending Elizabeth, “is that she likes things to be perfect.Being a zombie ruined the chances of her perfectly normal family, soshes trying to make do with what she has.”“Why does she have to be so perfect, Dad?” Will questioned, “Doesntshe know perfect is impossible?”Eli shrugged, “Shes my twin. Ive always just accepted her need to beperfect.”“What was my Mum like?” Austin asked, suddenly.
  63. 63. “I dont really remember much about her, Austin. Its been years since Ilast saw her.”“Surely you must remember something!”De wandered over to the table at that moment, “Were not talkingabout this now. Its hardly the subject for the dinner table.”
  64. 64. “Tell you what, Austin, well look her up. Maybe go and meet her. Impretty sure she would want to meet her son.”Before Austin could reply, De glared at Eli.“What?” Eli asked, smiling innocently.
  65. 65. “Eli! What did I just say? Were not going to talk about Austins realmother at the dinner table, its hardly appropriate conversation.”
  66. 66. Sensing that his wife was finding it difficult to deal with the fact of whathad happened with Eli and Nancy all those years ago, Eli smiled,patiently, “Okay, De. Lets change the subject.” ...
  67. 67. Night had already begun to fall on the hills near Rubix, and Graysonwas spending the time reading a romance novel.His peaceful reading time was interrupted by Kendras voice.“Grayson! Are the phones working yet? I need to phone Hex.”
  68. 68. “You know I cant let you use the phone. What if someone traces theline?” Grayson continued to read the book, gasping a little at thecontent of what he was reading.“But...Hex...dont you think he would want to know about the baby?”“Kendra, I told you, Hex would prefer to be alive, right? If we makecontact with Rubix, there is a chance Ariel can trace you.”Kendra didnt respond with anything other than a gasp that indicatedshe was in pain.
  69. 69. “Grayson!” Kendra cried, “I really need Hex!”Slowly rising from his chair, Grayson moved over to Kendras side.“Im sorry, Kendra. All you have is me.”
  70. 70. Within minutes, Kendra had given birth to Hexs child.“Look at him, Grayson. Hes so...he looks so much like Hex!”“How can we raise a child alone in the hills?” Grayson groaned.“Well manage, we have to. I want to call him Henry. Hex said he likedthat name.” ...
  71. 71. Back at the Wrongway house, things were beginning to change.“We could have taken you to a hospital, you know.” Liam said,breaking a silence that had fallen over him and his wife.Cassidy shook her head, “No, I dont want that. This is how itssupposed to be.”“No, Cass, when someone is sick they get a doctor.”“ know this means my time is up.”
  72. 72. “What will I do...without you, Cass?” Liam questioned, his throat dry.He didnt want to imagine a world without his true love, but it seemedthat thought was soon to be a reality.“Liam, you already know what youll do.”“What? Tell me.”
  73. 73. “Youll survive,” Cassidy replied, with a smile, “if there is one thing Ihave learnt since meeting you at university, its that the Wrongwaysare survivors.”“Cassidy...”“I love you, Liam, I want you to know that.”“Ive always known that, I love you too.”
  74. 74. ...
  75. 75. In the kitchen, Rose returned from asking her parents for an update onthe situation concerning their grandmother.“Whats the news? Come on, tell us!” Lavender said, urgently, as Rosetook her seat quietly.Forrest said nothing, nerves seemed to cool his hyperness.
  76. 76. “Shes gone.” Rose answered, softly.Lavender and Forrest said nothing, but the sadness in theirexpressions told Rose exactly how they were feeling. For once, allthree of the Wrongway children were feeling the same. ...
  77. 77. Once the children had been sent to bed, Orlando and Grace stood inthe kitchen, still in shock from Cassidys death. Grace hadnt been asclose to her Mum as her siblings were, but that didnt make the lossany easier.“Orlando, this means time is moving on,” Grace sighed, fanningherself, “the generation before us are passing away, were gettingolder...Orlando, we need to name an heir.”“Grace, Im sure it can wait for tonight.” Orlando soothed, and pulledher close.
  78. 78. “How am I going to feel when Dad dies? Then theyll both be gone!”Grace sniffed, starting to cry.“Shh, its okay,” Orlando murmured, not knowing what he could tellher, “maybe we should get some sleep.”Grace nodded, “Thank you, Orlando. Thank you for just being there.”“Its where Ill always be.” ...
  79. 79. The next morning, although was a beautiful morning filled withsunshine, felt cold to Lavender as she met up with her friends.“So...she passed away?” Aphrodite repeated, carefully. Lavendernodded.“Our Grandmother,” Austin shook his head, “she was such anawesome lady. Youd have loved her, Aphrodite. I know I did.”“I know Granddad did, too,” Lavender added, softly, “we all did.”Then, Aphrodites phone buzzed, “Hold on a second, Hercules istexting me...”
  80. 80. Lavender stood up, “Ill go so you guys can meet up with Hercules.”“Do you really want to avoid him that much?” Austin questioned,raising an eyebrow. Lavender shrugged.“Are you sure?” Aphrodite smiled, “Were going up to the park to meethim anyway.”“Im gonna go get some flowers, anyway.” Lavender replied. Austinand Aphrodite understood, and waved her off.
  81. 81. “Im worried about her.” Aphrodite admitted in a whisper. Austin took adeep breath, with a smile.“Shell be okay. Well all be okay. We just need time.”Aphrodite nodded.
  82. 82. As Lavender walked to the door of the flower shop, another girlstepped out.“Sorry, Im in your way.” Robin apologised.“Its fine, honestly,” Lavender smiled, “you look a bit lost. Is everythingokay?”“Sort of. Its my last day in town, and I was wondering if I could see thehouse where some of my ancestors apparently lived...nobody can giveme directions though.” Robin frowned.
  83. 83. “Well, what street are you looking for? Maybe I could help.” Lavendersmiled, helpfully. Robin beamed.“Its a large house on Terrific Avenue, thats all I know.”“Theres only one house on that street,” Lavender told her, “its on theopposite side of town to my house. Ill take you there, if you like.”
  84. 84. “That would be great! Thanks!” Robin grinned, excited, “Apparently, theplace was home to my Mums grandparents, so it should be awesome tolook around.”“Thats interesting! I still live in the house that belonged to my Mumsgrandparents.” Lavender said.“Thats cool. I come from the desert, so your town seems kind of cold.”“Its actually kind of warm here, most of the time.” Lavender replied. Acomfortable silence fell over them.
  85. 85. “Lets go, then.” Lavender announced, pleased to have made a friend.The pair of them set off for Terrific Avenue.-----------------And this is where I shall leave you!Thanks for reading!