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Plestravera 1.1.3


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Plestravera 1.1.3

  1. 1. Plestravera Stories of Strangetown
  2. 2. Olive cried. What had she done wrong? It was her wedding day- well, it was supposed to have been. But Earl E. DeMise had left her at the altar, humiliating her in front of all their guests. Suddenly, she was angry. Olive wanted revenge. Earl. E DeMise and his brother Tim Lee DeMise both died the next day.
  3. 3. Her next try at love was more successful. His name was Hugh Thanasia, a rich man who was a bit on the older side. Though people suspected he still had many years to live, as he was active and lively, he died after their honeymoon.
  4. 4. Soon she was on her third husband, and very wealthy. Her graveyard was full, but no one wondered. Strangetown had its own military, but no police force or detectives, and it was surprisingly easy to fool those that don't have either job.
  5. 5. One of the results of her full graveyard was that Olive had full custody of her neice Ophelia, whose parents had died in a freak fire accident. Ophelia worried about nearly everything, but she tried to ignore her worries, and so didn't tell anyone the suspicions of her aunt she'd formed after seeing Olive's “garden”.
  6. 6. Besides, she had other things on her mind, like Johnny Smith, who she was seriously crushing on.
  7. 7. General Buzz Grunt was respected by the community for his service in the military. He expected his sons to keep up the tradition, and started training them for the military from an early age.
  8. 8. Though most people in Strangetown were very accepting, General Buzz wasn't. And that was why the popular Pollinition Technician #9 Smith, A.K.A. Pete, found his first enemy in Buzz, and Buzz found his first lost fight in his fight with Pete.
  9. 9. Buzz's bad luck didn't end there. His wife, Lyla, decided she had enough of Buzz's obsession with his job and the way Buzz regulated things at the Grunt house, and left to move back to the small town she'd been born in (little did she know Olive Specter would stop her before she could even get out of Strangetown).
  10. 10. Buzz was very proud of his son, Tank. Tank wanted to be in the military, too, and was getting an early start. He did everything Buzz asked for, and was very fit.
  11. 11. Ripp, on the other hand, was nothing more than a lazy troublemaker to his dad. He acted like he didn't really care, and in a way he didn't care, but there was a small part of him that wanted to be appreciated. This would be why he chased after girls. He was hoping someday one of them would appreciate him.
  12. 12. Pete didn't really care what other people thought, either, though he especially loved Strangetown because the people there had gotten used to the unusual by now. So he moved to Earth and stopped being a pollinition technician, even adopting the nickname Pete and the last name Smith.
  13. 13. He met the beautiful Jenny Curious, and they fell in love.
  14. 14. Soon they had a son Johnny Smith.
  15. 15. Johnny was followed by Jill, and the family lived happily, though Pete did have a little secret from his past life as a PT that he hadn't told Jenny...
  16. 16. Johnny met Ophelia, and though he'd heard of Olive's graveyard, he didn't let that stop him from going out with Ophelia.
  17. 17. Loki had always been an angry child.
  18. 18. Loki had absolutely no social skills, and so when as a teen he fell for the flirtatious Circe he had no idea what to do.
  19. 19. So he did the only thing he knew how to; he got into fights with everyone who made moves on Circe.
  20. 20. Eventually Circe had no choice but to give Loki a chance, and they got married and illegally and unofficially adopted Nervous Specter, who'd been taken away from his mom, Olive.
  21. 21. Loki and Circe both loved science, and they bonded over this, developing the closest thing to a loving relationship anyone could ever expect of Loki, or of Circe if Loki fought of any suitors that would come for Circe if she were single, and the two were decidedly content with their lives. Not happy, but content.
  22. 22. The Curious family loved kids, and Glam and Kitty Curious both wanted many kids. They hadn't expected aliens, though.
  23. 23. Though Kitty was very distressed at first, she became used to the idea, and quickly assumed the role of Chloe and Lola's mother.
  24. 24. The Curious clan was a big and ever-growing one. Besides Lola and Chloe Glam and Kitty had three normal kids, with another on the way.
  25. 25. Finally the family had reached six kids; Lola, Chloe, Jenny, Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo. Though Kitty and Glam could often be found speaking proudly of the four youngest, hardly ever did they mention the alien twins.
  26. 26. The Curious brothers quickly grew up, and though Pascal and Lazlo had forgotten Circe and her flirtations, Vidcund stayed stubbornly attached to the woman, despite that she'd married Loki. The others tried to persuade him not to go, but he did, every time getting turned down. But Vidcund Curious wasn't one for giving up.
  27. 27. Specter-Grunt
  28. 28. Olive mentally patted herself on the back. She still had it! She could seduce anyone, even her old enemy, Buzz.
  29. 29. A small party with just their kids and Ophelia was all Buzz had wanted, and Olive had been happy to oblige.
  30. 30. Olive was surprised he wasn't still suspicious of the deaths of her previous husbands and their family, but she decided to not look a gift horse in the mouth.
  31. 31. “ Where will his grave go?” she thought to herself after the honeymoon.
  32. 32. “ There. Right in that clearing,” Olive smiled to herself. Killing was, well, fun .
  33. 33. Nervous had finally been reunited with his mom and had moved into the Specter house, and it was there he married Chloe Singles. Some people said that it was because thanks to the abuse he'd received from his mother as a baby (why else would he get taken away?) and the Beakers that he was willing to be with Chloe despite that he knew she had a “wandering eye”- A.K.A. Chloe had some boyfriends on the side.
  34. 34. Chloe had never imagined herself married, but Nervous was a nice guy, and he was really rich. So she became the perfect trophy wife of a millionaire.
  35. 35. Not that her marriage stopped her from seeing Buzz Grunt.
  36. 36. Or Loki Beaker.
  37. 37. Nervous knew. He didn't work, and it wasn't like Chloe tried to be subtle. But he was in denial.
  38. 38. * * * “ Buzz! Can you come here!” Olive yelled. Enough time had passed, and Olive decided it was time for Buzz's death.
  39. 39. “ Yes, Olive?” Buzz came rushing in. “ I have a surprise for you. Sit down,” Olive gestured towards the couch.
  40. 40. “ Now wait there while I go get it,” Olive smiled.
  41. 41. “ Surprise,” Olive chuckled to herself.
  42. 42. Buzz suspected something was up within the first couple of hours, but it took several days of trying in vain to get out for him to die.
  43. 43. “ Well, Olive, you've done it again.”
  44. 44. “ Yet another grave,” Olive said, like she did every time, but this time there was no relish or pleasure in her voice. She was getting too old for this sort of thing.
  45. 45. Suddenly Grim appeared in front of her. “Ready, Olive? I have the castle all set up for you to move in.”
  46. 46. “ Take me home, Grimmy,” Olive grinned. “Take me home.”
  47. 47. Finally Olive had joined her beloved Grim. Though her grave was only one of many in the graveyard, hers stood out, for it was lined in gold.
  48. 48. “ I can't believe you inherited the whole thing,” Chloe grinned. “ You better believe it. Ophelia's off at college, and I'm more closely related to Olive anyway, so of course I get the house. And as her closest living relation, she gave me the whole fortune. Now I really am a millionaire!” Nervous smiled at Chloe.
  49. 49. Buck was still getting over his father's death. Jill Smith was the only one who could get him to smile some days.
  50. 50. When she wasn't around, he would sometimes go violent (he was his dad's son after all, despite him having a sweeter disposition), destroying his toys.
  51. 51. Then he'd cry over his father's death.
  52. 52. He was a teen now, though, and off to college, where his brothers would be around and Jill would be joining him, hopefully giving him more peace of mind.
  53. 53. Smith
  54. 54. Everyone was happy to see the youngest Curious, Lola, get married, even though most still didn't know what to think of Ajay, her husband.
  55. 55. There were some complications though. When the engagement was announced, Jenny and Pete were talking. “ Pete, do you mind if Lola and Ajay stay here when they're married?” “ Not at all,” Pete said. But he worried. Jenny may know that Pete had been a pollinition technician, but she so far didn't seem to realize that meant he had many more kids than just Johnny and Jill... including Jenny's half-sisters, Lola and Chloe. But he knew he'd have to tell her eventually.
  56. 56. “ Uh, can I tell you something?” Pete said nervously. “ Sure,” Jenny replied. “ Lola and Chloe are kind of... my daughters.” Jenny stared at him for a moment, shocked, and then she grew angry. “And you never told me this before now?!” she yelled. “ I'm really sorry, I just worried about how you'd react,” a worried look spread across Pete's face. Would he lose Jenny over this?
  57. 57. Jenny took a deep breath. “You should've told me sooner.” “ I know.” “ And this is going to take some getting used to.” “ I know.” “ But I guess if you can get used to the idea that you're married to your daughters' half-sister, I can get used to the idea that my half-sisters' alien father is my husband.”
  58. 58. “ Jill is my half-sister's half-sister. I'm the step-mom of my own half-sisters. Johnny's half-aunts are also his half-sisters. When did this family get so messed up?” Jenny muttered to herself as Jill grew up.
  59. 59. Beaker
  60. 60. Vidcund Curious and Erin Beaker had gotten married in a private ceremony in the Beaker house.
  61. 61. Circe hoped that now that Vidcund had fallen in love with and married someone else she wouldn't be bothered by him again.
  62. 62. She was wrong. After getting some new duds, a hat, and a haircut, Vidcund felt confident enough to try again. Circe's marriage had never gotten in the way of his efforts, so why should his? It started innocently enough, just some talking.
  63. 63. But soon his behaviour was becoming less and less innocent and more and more flirtatious. Circe found that she didn't mind though, and couldn't believe it. Had Vidcund become more... suave? “ Stop that, you're married now!” Circe scolded herself.
  64. 64. When Vidcund kissed Circe, her brain screamed at her to push him away, but her body had its own ideas and kissed him back instead. Since stopping this was apparently not an option, she frantically searched for something to rationalize her actions. Suddenly she landed on something. Loki had been visiting the Specter household a lot, and she'd heard what Chloe was like. If Loki kept visiting, he hadn't pushed Chloe away. Why should Circe push Vidcund away?
  65. 65. Before long they were on the couch, and clothes were coming off. Once again Circe's brain warned her this couldn't turn out well, and once again her body wouldn't listen.
  66. 66. Circe tried to make it up to Loki that night to try and ease the guilt, but it was still there.
  67. 67. A couple months later, Circe discovered she was pregnant. “ What if it's Vidcund's?” she worried. “And Loki finds out?” She calmed herself, leaving emotion behind to look at the problem logically. Looking back on her first time with Vidcund and the guilt she felt afterwards, she felt ashamed of herself that she hadn't been able to control her emotions then. Vidcund and Loki looked similar in some ways, and Circe felt sure their differences in skin and eye color could be masked by her dominant genes.
  68. 68. Circe wanted to be confidant Loki could be fooled, but Loki and Vidcund did have some differences that could get passed down, Loki was smart, and they had high-tech equipment. If he even slightly expected he could easily do a DNA test on the baby. If Circe protested he might get even more suspicious, and if it was Loki's after all, her protests might seem even more suspicious. Circe would have to do a DNA test before Loki. She carefully put in the DNA of Loki, Vidcund, and the baby, and then added herself for good measure.
  69. 69. Circe eyed the screen patiently, but her ears were strained behind her, looking out for any unexpected visitors. The machine beeped, and the results came up. The baby was Loki's. Circe hadn't realized she'd been holding her breath till she let it all out in a sigh of relief. Next time, she promised herself, she'd be more careful. “There better not be a next time!” her brain shrieked, but Circe wasn't sure she could trust her body to comply.
  70. 70. Loki had other worries on his mind, anyway. “ I can't believe our best test subject got away!” “ He's an adult, Loki, and free to do as he pleases. Keeping him here would be illegal.” “ Did that stop us when we got him as a baby? Nooo.” “ It's a bit harder to keep an adult illegally than it is to keep a baby who doesn't know any better and can't call the police.”
  71. 71. “ Simple solution to that problem. We lock him out of any room with a phone, or get rid of the phone” “ He could email, IM, or even write a letter.” “ Same goes with computer, paper, and any writing utensils, then.” “ He's younger and stronger than we are, and can overpower us.” “ We'll work out, and keep him away from exercise machines.” “ You can work out without machines, you know, and he could sneak away.”
  72. 72. “ We'll just keep a close eye on him, then.” “ But the baby will distract us.” “ One of us watches Nervous, and one of us watches the baby.” “ What if we have to eat or sleep or something and can't keep an eye on whoever we're watching?” “ High-tech security, locks, alarms, baby monitors, security cameras...” “ We don't have that much money, Loki.”
  73. 73. “ We'll get some money, then! I'm sure we'll find some people willing to fund our research.” “ We're not even doing any research, Loki! We quit our jobs so we could both always be there for the baby, remember?” “ All we did was move our research comepletely to our home lab. We're still researching.” “ Researching what , Loki?”
  74. 74. “ Nothing at the moment. But I'll need Nervous for when I start researching.” 'Loki, do me a favor. Either hire a test subject and perform only ethical tests on them, find something you don't need a test subject for, or get out .” “ You don't mean that.” “ Are you going to take the chance? Do you want to die alone, Loki?” “ No.” “ That's what I thought.”
  75. 75. Circe's anger at Loki would have to be put aside for now though, because her belly was growing bigger, and it wouldn't be long before Circe would have a little baby to care for.
  76. 76. Suddenly, it was time.
  77. 77. Circe held her baby in her arms, staring at it in amazement. “You have my eyes,” she laughed.
  78. 78. “ I'm going to name you Gundrum,” she whispered softly, and the baby cooed as if she was accepting her name.
  79. 79. Curious
  80. 80. Pascal couldn't believe it. He wasn't just getting married, which seemed impossible enough before he was abducted, but he was getting married even though he was pregnant with an alien baby.
  81. 81. And that baby was coming now . Pascal screamed bloody murder. Worries flit across his mind. Where did it come out of? It was only the reminder that his dad had survived the birth of his alien half-sisters Chloe and Lola that calmed him enough.
  82. 82. Finally, it was over, and Pascal was holding a little green baby in his arms.
  83. 83. “ How about we name you Venus?” Pascal tickled his new daughter. “Do you like that name?” Venus giggled in response. “Guess that means you do.”
  84. 84. “ Aw, she's so cute! Hi, Venus, I'm your mommy!” Pascal smiled. If there was any normal person in Strangetown, it was Kristen. But she'd quickly gotten used to Strangetown and the idea of Pascal having an alien child, and had come to terms with it. He thought back to his mother. Unlike Kristen, she'd had the whole pregnancy to get used to the idea, but she'd been distressed when Pascal's dad gave birth. Then again, Pascal and Kristen knew what to expect, and had Pete as a neighbor.
  85. 85. * * * Lazlo was the youngest Curious brother, and the last to get married. He'd had his eye on Crystal for a long time, and had been thrilled when they started dating, and finally when she accepted his engagement.
  86. 86. How happy Crystal was with her marriage was another matter. “ Lazlo, how'd you like to get our own house and maybe raise a family?” “ Crystal, you know there's not many houses in Strangetown.” “ I know, but we could move to Pleasantview or Veronaville.” “ But then I'll be so far away from Jenny, Pascal, and Vidcund!”
  87. 87. “ They could visit whenever they want. Now that the subway system is finished the time to get to a home in another neighborhood by subway is about the same time as it takes to walk to one in your own neighborhood. I hear they have some nice houses in Veronaville and Pleasantview, too.“ “ Veronaville is still recovering from a bloody feud, and Pleasantview is full of drama from what I hear. I'd rather stay here in Strangetown. Besides, I don't think I could fit in anywhere else, to be honest.”
  88. 88. “ Well, what about a kid?” “ Nah. There's not that much room in this house for another crib.” “ We could add a room!” “ We don't have the money.” “ When Venus is old enough for Vidcund's bed or we get the money can we have a baby?” “ I dunno, Crystal. We can talk about it then.”
  89. 89. Crystal sighed as she turned around. She could tell Lazlo wasn't excited about the thought of having a baby of their own, and he was right- Lazlo wouldn't fit in anywhere but in Strangetown. Crystal had always imagined bigger things for herself. Wife to some rich man like Mortimer Goth, living a normal life. But she'd been born in the outskirts of Strangetown, and now that she was married to Lazlo, that dream life was impossible.