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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.4


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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.4

  1. 1. Welcome to the Wrongway Legacy, generation four, part four! As youcan see, Ive gone of a bit of a different look with the cover. I prefer itto the old style.Anyway! Last time, Hex revealed Orlando had been resurrected, at the cost ofElizabeth Wheeler – who is no longer a zombie as a result. Lavender worriedabout moving to the city, and so Hex offered to move with her. Lavenderintroduced Mark to her parents, on the night before the wedding. She spoke to hermother, Grace, about her worries concerning the city, and Grace remindedLavender it was her choice if she wanted to move to the city. Orlando gave Mark awarning speech, as he never got the chance to quiz Mark before Lavender wasabout to marry him. On the last day before Mark left for the city, the couple wentfor a picnic in the Indoor Gardens. As Mark was about to leave, Lavender exitedthe house sporting a baby bump.
  2. 2. “Henry, its not that bad,” Hex could hear himself saying, “you just haveto stand in between the family and trouble.”Henrys response was muffled.“Youre next in line, Henry. Not by choice, but by blood. I need to knowyou can do this before I leave with Lavender at the end of the week.”Again, Henrys response was muffled.“Im sorry, Henry, I cant hear you.”
  3. 3. “I said, what if I dont want the job. What if I want to get married andhave a family instead.” Henry replied, sitting up.“Henry, being a Guardian doesnt mean you cant have a family.”“Well, look at your attempt of a family. Your adopted son is missing,your actual son grew up in a city thinking someone else was his father, and the woman you love is gone from your life, too.”“Henry...”“No, I dont want the job. Im not following in your footsteps.”
  4. 4. Hex tried to smile, though his mind was running through Henrys list,again and again, “Henry, I need all of the help I can get with thiscurse...”“Dad,” Henry shut his eyes, “I just want to go back to uni and forgetabout this conversation. Whatever this is. I want a normal life.”“I can understand that, but someone has to take the part of Guardian.”“I know, you keep saying,” Henry replied, “but its not me. Im not thenext Guardian.”
  5. 5. “Do you want me to drive you back?” Hex asked, quietly.“No, I grabbed a lift here with Meadow. Shes visiting her parents, too.But I bet she wont have a conversation like this one.”“Yeah,” Hex agreed, and fell silent. Hexs son was not the person hewas expecting him to be. ...
  6. 6. Hercules still hadnt moved. Still hadnt decided.His original plan was to avenge his father, to take over his role whilehe was still banished. But the plan hadnt moved forwards since then.Hercules hadnt moved since then.
  7. 7. There were many, many thoughts running through his head about thewhole plan, too.“I dont want to be a monster,” Hercules murmured to himself. He wasremembering some of the times Hex had referred to Ralph.Hercules didnt want the man, who had essentially been his father, torefer to him like that.
  8. 8. Hercules had been so busy, he hadnt heard Aphrodite clearing out herroom next to the one he was in. She was gathering her stuff andmoving into a place of her own.To Aphrodite, her twin was still missing – no one had heard from him inages. Aphrodite knew she wasnt the only person who cared about herbrother, but she was probably the most worried.
  9. 9. Aphrodite paused at door on her way out of the house – the door thathid the room where here parents were banished from all that time ago.She had only been in there once. Aphrodite sighed – if she wasleaving, she might as well leave the house in a tidy state for when herparents returned.Setting down her cardboard box, Aphrodite took a deep breath, andentered the room.
  10. 10. She found very little in the way of furniture in the room, but she foundher brother, who smiled up at her.“Aphrodite, you have no idea how pleased I am to see you!” Herculesgrinned.“Have you been here the whole time?” Aphrodite questioned, raisingan eyebrow. She was worried about the gun that was near his feet.“I guess so...I wanted to know who I was, and-”
  11. 11. “This is how you think youll find yourself?” Aphrodite demanded,sitting down, “By hiding out in the house of a villain long gone?”“Aphrodite, I never had the chance to figure out who I was. Who Iwould have been if Id grown up here.”“And I never had the chance to figure out who I would be if Id grownup somewhere else. Hercules, we cant change our upbringings. Itsthe past. Who you are is based on how you act,” Aphrodite breathedout, “and right now, youre acting like he would.”
  12. 12. “You mean our Dad?” Hercules asked.“Yeah,” Aphrodite replied, sourly, “youre blaming everyone else foryour problems, despite the fact the root of the problem is gone.”“Huh...I hadnt looked at it like that...” Hercules frowned a little beforelooking at Aphrodite, “are you saying I shouldnt be wasting my time,going through the what-ifs.”“That is exactly what Im saying.”
  13. 13. “I dont want you to turn into them,” Aphrodite admitted in a smallvoice, “its what they would have wanted.”Hercules considered this, “Youre absolutely right, Aphrodite. Ivewasted so much time...”“Youre still young, youve got plenty of time.”“I need to go see Hex,” Hercules said, “hes my real father.” ...
  14. 14. “...and the Wrongways are pleased to announce that baby girl,Madeline Wrongway, arrived safely to the family in the late hours ofthe night.The father, who is working out of Sim City currently, is said to bethrilled.”“Huh, Im an auntie.”
  15. 15. Rose threw the local paper onto the floor with her empty sheets ofpaper.For weeks now, Rose had been looking for inspiration. The world ofher childhood seemed really far away now that her Senior Finals werecoming up, and no one would stop talking about the happy couples.Thats why she was in this theatre, trying to find an idea.Of course, she hadnt thought about the actors that were rehearsingthere when she picked the place, but so far, she had gone unnoticed.
  16. 16. So far, she hadnt been able to work out what the plot of the play beingrehearsed was. Some of the actors were in costume, some werent.Some were as still as stone, while others bounced and dancing,reciting their lines in cheerful voices.Rose knew about the importance of practising and editing, but if thefinal show was going to be anything like this, she knew she wouldavoid it.
  17. 17. Think, Rose, think. What would Rosie-Posie do if she was in thehaunted theatre in the south of the shadows, hiding from the evilsorcerer and trying to find someone to settle down with because thatswhat everyone else was doing...“You look like youre away with the fairies.” Came a voice. Rosesnapped out of her daydream and looked up, finding one of the actorsstood there.Quickly, she jumped out of her seat and started gathering her stuff up.
  18. 18. “Rose Wrongway, right? Loved your last book,” the man paused, “also,I wasnt ushering you out. I was wondering if you had a moment tospeak to me once rehearsals are done.”“Why? Is it because of the Wronglands?”“Well, that, and, you looked a bit lost. Even a stranger can be the bestlistener sometimes,” the actor smiled, “Im Sullivan Phelps.”“Pleased to meet you,” Rose grinned, “I will wait to speak to you.”“Glad to hear it, now I really must get back on stage...”
  19. 19. True to his word, after the rehearsal, Sullivan wandered over to Rosefor a chat.“So what is the problem?” He asked, “When I last saw you, you lookedtotally lost.”“Ive lost my inspiration. I cant write, theres just no words in mybrain...its horrible...”“Writers block, hmm? Well...isnt Rosie-Posie somewhat based onyourself, Rose?”
  20. 20. “To an extent, yes.” Rose answered, blushing furiously. Maybe Rosie-Posie was too similar to her own name.“Then you need a change of routine. Shake it up a little, do somethingyou wouldnt normally dare do. You might find it breaks the mentalblock.”“So I go out and do something totally odd?”“Absolutely! I used to write a little when I was a teenager, and that wasmy system.”
  21. 21. “I will give it a try,” Rose replied, truthfully, “thank you, Mr Phelps.”“Please, call me Sullivan. Or Sully, if you desire.”“Sully then. So, you said you enjoyed my last book?” Rose raised aneyebrow.“I absolutely did! When William had to choose between his mortalityand saving the whole of the Wronglands, I just could not put that bookdown.”“Wow, you actually read it!”
  22. 22. “Why do you sound so surprised?” Sullivan chuckled.“Because it got poor reviews and didnt sell very well,” Rose shrugged,“apart from a couple of kids I saw reading it, I assumed no one elsehad.”“Poor reviews? But why! You need to write more, Rose. Prove themwrong,” Sullivan laughed, “I also wouldnt mind meeting up with youagain, Rose. Youre a nice and honest person.”“Id love to meet up again, you seem fun, and helpful.”
  23. 23. “What are you doing Thursday night?” Sullivan asked.“Nothing at all, unless you count trying to write.”“How about we meet up for coffee, at seven?” Sullivan smiled, “theGlass Room coffee shop?”“Absolutely.”“Then its a date.” Sullivan replied, and hugged Rose.
  24. 24. Rose couldnt help it, her mind added I wish it was a date. ...
  25. 25. Hercules was standing opposite the mirror in the bathroom of Ralphshouse, noticing the similarities between his reflection and Ralphs.He may not have known Ralph personally, but he had seenphotographs – knowledge of Ralph was taught in schools in Rubix.Everyone knew about him from an early age.“Hercules Wrongway, son of Ralph,” Hercules said, bitterly, “Hercules,Hercules, Herc-u-lees. Huh. Lees.”
  26. 26. Hercules smiled and his reflection mirrored the image, “If I shorten myname...Hercules Wrongway has a bad reputation with some of thefamily. Lee Wrongway, however, has a blank slate...”And with that, Hercules Wrongway became Lee Wrongway.
  27. 27. Rosie-Posie was spending a lot of time with the mysterious knight,and was enjoying every second-The mysterious knight had captured Rosie-Posies attention-
  28. 28. Many knew that if you were looking for Rosie-Posie, you would findher with a knight-He may not have worn shining armour, but Rosie-Posie wasconvinced this knight was-
  29. 29. How could she even begin to explain it? Rosie-Posie had discoveredhe was the most caring, most-She cherished every moment she spent with the knight-
  30. 30. Rosie-Posie had never thought she would have found love being oneof the defenders of the old kingdom, but in the last few weeks, it allchanged-She couldnt wait to see him-
  31. 31. Rosie-Posie had been-“Screw it,” Rose muttered under her breath and deleted the lastparagraph yet again. Quickly, she tapped in a replacement.Rosie-Posie was happy.“Simple as.” Rose grinned. ...
  32. 32. The next morning, Lee dropped by the Supernatural Court to visit theman who raised him. Only Phillip answered the door.“Hercules? Youre back?” Phillip smiled, squinting in the sunlight.“Actually, its just Lee now,” Lee returned the smile, “and Ive got yourmorning paper here.”“Thank you, Lee. So how are things?”“Not bad. Is Hex in?”
  33. 33. “Im afraid not,” Phillip replied, stepping out of the house, “he left a fewhours ago, on his way to Sim City.”“Sim City? Why?” Lee asked, irritated. Why did this have to happenwhen he decided it was time to make amends?“Lavenders moving down there with her family, now shes got ahusband working in the music business. Hex is going with them.”“Lavenders married?” Lee repeated. That was a surprising piece ofnews. How long had he been in hiding, again?
  34. 34. “Is there anything I can do for you?” Phillip offered.“No thanks, I was just looking for Hex. Ill drive down to Sim City,seeing as its an apology I want to deliver in person.”“I see. Good luck with that, Hercules.”“Lee.”“Right.” ...
  35. 35. Sullivan wandered into the Greek House, on Roses last day atuniversity, to find Rose daydreaming. He smiled to himself, “Whats onyour mind?”“Us,” she answered, truthfully, “I was wondering about what we were.A couple that lasts forever? A couple that breaks up when the othermoves away?”“Rose...”
  36. 36. “Rose, Ive realised I love you. I dont want to let you walk out of mylife, because if that happens, Ill never forgive myself for letting yougo.”“Really? Because I love you, too, Sully,” Rose smiled.“Will you consider spending the rest of your life with me, Rose?”
  37. 37. Rose didnt answer with words, but instead, with a passionate kiss.“Sullivan, I think were going to be very happy together.” ...
  38. 38. Hex walked out of the truck stop, carrying a small coffee, only to findLavender sitting on the floor playing peekaboo with Madeline.“Do you think your husband chose this car on purpose?” Hex asked,raising an eyebrow at the convertible he had been driving all day.“He said something about arriving in style,” Lavender pulled a face atMadeline, causing her to giggle, “hes got quite a few fans down there,apparently.”“That must mean hes had some success since arriving in the city,”Hex sat down on the pavement, “well be there in an hour, if the trafficisnt bad.”
  39. 39. “Were only an hour away?” Lavender repeated, “where are we,anyway?”“A really small village named Mirage,” Hex answered, smiling atMadeline as butterflies captured her attention, “why?”“If its only an hour away, I dont see why we cant move here, insteadof into the city.”“Theres really nothing here,” Hex warned, “a large manor house, apark and a petrol station. Thats it.”“It sounds like the perfect place for a hiding Wrongway,” Lavendersaid.
  40. 40. “Well need somewhere to hide when Ralph comes back,” Lavenderadded, quietly, “Rubix wont be safe.”“Lavender, if youre seriously considering moving here, I think weshould take a look around.”“Sure,” Lavender smiled, “I just think it makes sense. Its an hour awayfrom the city, and miles away from Rubix. Ralph would never think tolook here. We can even move the others from my line here-”“Calm down, Lavender.” Hex chuckled.
  41. 41. “Well have a tour of the village, shall we? Were making great time,afterall,” Hex grinned at Madeline, “how about we have a peek at thepark, Maddie?”“Flies?” Madeline asked, grinning at Hex.“There might be butterflies in the park, yes.” Hex replied. Madelineclapped her hands delightedly. ...
  42. 42. “Llama, mummy!” Madeline cried, gleefully.“Thats right, Maddie, fun, right?”“Lots!”“Im going to go sit over there with Hex, okay?”“Yes!”
  43. 43. “See, Hex, Maddie likes it here.” Lavender smiled, sitting down.“Maddie would like any park if it had plastic llamas.” Hex said, andLavender nodded, knowing it was true.“Look, Hex...if I have to have a fresh start, then I want to choosewhere.”“The whole idea of moving to the city was to be closer to Mark.”“I am closer to Mark here. Mirage is an hour away. Rubix is at leastfive on a good day.”
  44. 44. “It is nice in this little part of the desert,” Hex smiled, “I just...we dontknow anything about this place.”“Whats to know, Hex? Theres a derelict house, a petrol station and adusty little park. Mirage is deserted, or thereabouts. Its perfect for theWrongways.”“You want your entire family to move out into the desert?”“I dont want Ralph to be able to get at them when he returns.”
  45. 45. “What about Mark? Hes expecting you to move into his apartmenttoday.”“Ill tell him all about this place. Maybe hell move here with us,considering how close to the city it is.”
  46. 46. Lavender smiled weakly, as Hex turned his attention away from her,“Trust me, Hex. I have a good feeling about this place.”“It is nice,” he admitted, “but we have to get back on the road. Lets atleast visit your husband before starting a new life in the desert with allof your extended family.”“Thank you, Hex.” ...
  47. 47. Neither Lavender or Hex had given much thought to sheer size of SimCity. It took them another hour on top of their journey in order to findMarks apartment building.“I hope its got enough room for the three of us,” Lavender worried,“even if it is only a temporary measure.”“Yeah, a temporary measure until we move to a deserted village in themiddle of nowhere.”
  48. 48. Lavender used the key and let herself and Hex into the apartment,where they found Mark just chilling on his own.“Lavender! And is that...thats my little girl!” Mark cried, grinning.
  49. 49. Hex wandered through the door shortly afterwards, “It sure is...cosy.”“Its the charm of the place,” Mark answered, “come in, come in!”
  50. 50. Lavender gently set her daughter down on the floor, and gazed at herhusband, “Ive missed you.”“I missed you too,” Mark glanced at Madeline, “apparently, I missedquite a lot.”“It couldnt be helped,” Lavender smiled, “so how many bedroomsdoes the flat have?”“Um...none...its a studio flat.” Mark nodded to his bed folded upagainst the wall. Instead of waiting for Lavender to reply, he startedpaying attention to the little girl crawling on his floor.
  51. 51. “Are you my little Madeline?” Mark asked, smiling.“I Maddie!” Madeline declared.“Maddie, I see. Wow, you grew up fast. And cute, too!”“Me cute!” Madeline nodded.
  52. 52. Hex sat in the corner, saying nothing as the family got reacquainted. Itwas times like this he wished he had a family of his own.But he knew he wouldnt try and raise a family in a studio apartment.
  53. 53. “Hec! Hec!” Madeline called to Hex, “No smile?”Hex forced a smile, then, “Of course Im smiling, Maddie.”“Smile!” Madeline declared, grinning herself.
  54. 54. “You want us to raise a family in a studio apartment in the city?”Lavender repeated.“You want us to relocate to nowhere because there a park for Maddie,right?” Mark smiled at his wife.“No, I want us to relocate because itll be good for the family. I dontwant trouble when Ralph returns.”“Good point,” Mark frowned a little, “well look into it. Ive got quite agood thing going on down here.” ...
  55. 55. “Lavender, Im pretty sure well look into it doesnt mean go out andbuy a house in the middle of nowhere the next day!”“Hex, this is what I want. Mark can join us soon because its only anhour away from the city.”“I still think youre rushing into this.”“I still think its completely worthwhile,” Lavender smiled, “Im going toask my parents to live with me.” ...
  56. 56. Hex sank into his sofa, in a small apartment on the outskirts of SimCity. Once he was sure Lavender was settled in her new home, Hexhad left for his temporary home – in the morning, he would look forproperties in Mirage.But until then, he was doing his best to relax.The doorbell interrupted this plan.
  57. 57. At his door, Hex found the person he was least expecting.“Hercules? Its been years...”“Its just Lee now, actually,” Lee replied, nervously, “I came to, er,apologise. I treated you unfairly when I left to find out more about myreal parents.”“It was understandable.”
  58. 58. “No,” Lee replied, “I behaved like a brat. I came here looking for theonly man Ive ever called my Dad.”“Hercules...”“Lee, now. I wanted to...make amends? Make it up to you?”“Why dont you come inside, and we can catch up?” ...
  59. 59. By the end of Lavenders first week in Mirage, some of her family hadmade it down there to join her – Grace, Orlando and Rose were thefirst to arrive.They were present for Madelines birthday.
  60. 60. Forrest had also shown up, talking of his travels, and a girlfriend whowas arriving in Mirage during the following week.Forrest wouldnt tell them any more details, but assured them theywould love her.
  61. 61. Maddie grew into a rather cute little girl. It also became apparent herfavourite colour was green.
  62. 62. “Grandma,” Maddie called, rushing round the room to talk to people,“why isnt Daddy here?”“Hes working, sweetheart.” Grace replied, though she wasnt sure ifMark really was working down in the city.“But I havent see him except from one time!” Maddie frowned.“Im sure hell be here later, Maddie,” Orlando smiled, and then lookedat Grace, “care to dance, Grace?” ...
  63. 63. In the city, things were starting to wrap up.“Congratulations on the new contract, Mark, and thanks for showingup tonight.”“Youre welcome,” Mark smiled, “I really need to get going.”Behind him, someone laughed, “hang on, youre leaving the party wethrew for you early?”
  64. 64. “Are you implying you want me to stay?” Mark asked.“Well, its a party for your success. Seems a bit stupid to leave early, ifyou ask me.”“Fair point,” Mark smiled a little, “but its my daughters birthday...Ihavent seen her for ages.”“No, no, I get it.”
  65. 65. “Are...are you sure? You seem kind of...unhappy.”“Look, if you want to the leave the party being held in your honour, bemy guest. But Im going to grab some more champagne, and dancewith that cute actor over there.”“Who are you?” Mark questioned, amused.“Faith Goodie. But everyone in the music industry knows me as Ladyin Red,” Faith shrugged, “its a privacy thing.”“Ive heard some of your stuff, its good.”
  66. 66. “Thats not the point,” Faith rolled her eyes, “the point is, youre leavingyour own party.”“Does sound a bit stupid, leaving my own party.” Mark grinned.“Exactly. You should stay. Go see your family tomorrow. Theyllunderstand.”“You know what? Youre right. Tonights my night. Now where is thatchampagne?” ...
  67. 67. “Grandma, I cant go to bed yet, Daddys not here!” Maddie said,staring at Grace with wide-eyes.“Maddie, its way past your bedtime, come on, into bed.”“Where is he, Grandma?” Maddie asked, climbing onto her bed.“Your mother is trying to phone him now,” Grace smiled, “come on, getcomfortable and Ill read you a story.”
  68. 68. “Im sure Ill see him tomorrow,” Maddie decided, “he cant forget aboutme two days in a row.”-------------------------------------And that its for this time!Thanks for reading, hopefully you enjoyed it!