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A Fairytale Legacy: Chapter 3.7


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A Fairytale Legacy: Chapter 3.7

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Fairytale Legacy! In the last installment, we saw the family go through major grief and sadness as word spread of Vassilissa’s disappearance. Scarlet most definitely coped with her daughter’s disappearance worse than everyone else, which resulting in the sudden, unknown birth of her two twin daughters, Jaqueline and Jillian, and the attack on her mother. After all of these events, Scarlet walked out, claiming she was the root of all evil and needed to leave the family before more destruction occurred. Meanwhile, Vassilissa entered the evil hands of the villain, unknown to her father who was grieving deeply…
  2. 2. Christopher pressed his hand against the wall. The regretful voice on the other end of the phone call delivered news that he had not been hoping to hear, but nevertheless, was expecting. “I’m sorry, Mr. Fantasy, but we’ve searched for the past thirty-six hours and haven’t found anyone resembling the girl. We’ll let you know if anything is found, but chances are it could take weeks, perhaps months… maybe even a year before you find your daughter.” Chris pressed the ‘END’ button without another word to the Police Officer.
  3. 3. There were no tears left to shed, no pillows left to shred, no antique vases or ceramic decorations to smash. Christopher had only the wall to lean against and to lament. Eventually, Christopher sat up a bit more, and heard his named called out. “Christopher! Christopher, it’s me, Robin! Come help me with your daughters!”
  4. 4. “You know, I never quite imagined my daughters growing up in this way,” Chris said to his father-in-law, “but I guess we can’t go back now, can we?” “Oh, Chris, let’s just try and be happy for a few minutes,” Robin scolded, trying to cheer up Chris. “Oh… fair enough. For the girls,” he mumbled. And they proceeded to throw their girls in the air
  5. 5. Needless to say, both Jillian and Jaqueline turned into very adorable, sweet little toddler girls. *** *** ***
  6. 6. “Ughhh… Oh, my he—OOH!” Awaking from her long sleep, Jasmine fell to the floor in surprise, not having the faintest idea of what happened.
  7. 7. Regaining her balance, she stepped up and brushed the pillow she had slept on. “My goodness, what on earth happened?”
  8. 8. After a quick change of clothes, and a touch up in the mirror, Jasmine felt rejuvenated and refreshed.
  9. 9. “Hm…” she mumbled under her breath, as she thought about the scene that lay in front of her. “Two tables, cake… Oh my… I’ve missed the twins birthday!” Her heart sank as she remembered that the twins were still people, and had to have their birthdays, regardless of the fact that she had been knocked out for hours and hours.
  10. 10. She turned around and left the room, walking straight into her husband. “Jasmine,” he whispered, “You’re… awake.” “Yes.”
  11. 11. “Never scare me like that again, baby,” Robin said, pulling his wife into a close, romantic hug.
  12. 12. For the rest of the night, Jasmine got to see her granddaughters all grown up. “I’m so sorry, Jaqueline,” Jasmine whispered apologetically. “Goo!” It was as though Jaqueline had no idea what was going on with her family.
  13. 13. Scarlet and Vassilissa’s absence created a huge void in the house, but as with all deeply saddening family occurrences, life moves on. There was much to do in the house, such as painting the portraits, tidying the house and getting ready to host the children’s first playdate with their many cousins.
  14. 14. Vassilissa was to have been the heir, Jasmine thought to herself. She made it a task to train her granddaughters thoroughly in walking, talking and potty training, and exposing them to everything possible, since one of them would be the heir in the future. She treated them with love and kindness, much more than Vassilissa had received.
  15. 15. As she watched them play, she realized that it was indeed her greatest fear for them to feel like Vassilissa had felt. Surely she had left because of her mother’s ignorance.
  16. 16. Jaqueline and Jillian were far too precious to be lost like Vassilissa. *** *** ***
  17. 17. “Count! Contessas! Hetty! Bring her in, now!”
  18. 18. “Your majesty…” Hetty crooned, “we present to you the finest of all children, the most beautiful of all girls, she has the blood of the Legacy within her veins… Vassilissa.” “Sit, Vassilissa, let us address your… servants,” she said, putting an emphasis on her words.
  19. 19. Vassilissa grinned. She did feel beautiful, and loved. These people were adoring her, giving her such great treatment. “Count Lee, Contessas Jan and Heather, and Hetty, Atrociously Evil Witch, you have new orders. Vassilissa here is going to have a ball in a few weeks, and I’m quite afraid that she’s been infected by the evil of the Legacy. You must train her in all and every ways possible, so that she may be ready for her ball.”
  20. 20. “See to it that she learns everything she needs to. I will depart tonight, for I am in need of a bloody snack. Train her well, or the consequences will be deadly.”
  21. 21. “Ugh,” Heather grumbled once Caroline was out of the door and into the air. “This is ridiculous. Training a little brat!” “Ha ha ha ha… this will be much more than ridiculous, Heather. Alas, your level of fun is quite low… imagine what we can do with a free night and the little brat…” “Free time!” Heather cheered. They all ran to the door, leaving Vassilissa behind.
  22. 22. “Hey, wait up, I wanna play too!” But they all ignored her.
  23. 23. “Aw… I really wanted to have fun. They got me all dressed up fer nothing. No fair!” She started to cry.
  24. 24. “Don’t cry, Vasssilissa. I’ll stay with you.” “Oh, thank you Jan!” “Don’t worry about it. They’re all mean vampires, aren’t they?” “The worst! Heeheee! I’m just kidding. Heather and Lee are cool… but Dave scares me a bit. Hey, how come Miss Hearts didn’t tell Dave to train me?”
  25. 25. “Dave… Dave’s kind of a retard. He’s rude, and annoying, and repulsive. I’ll tell you a little something. He and Vanessa– you know her, the one with really long black hair? They’re lovers.” “Oh, how cute!” “Eh, not really, Vassilissa. They’re disgusting. The things they do… oh goodness, I shouldn’t even be saying anything.” She grimaced, and then looked at the clock on the wall. “We need to start your training.”
  26. 26. “Oh come on…” Vassilissa whined. “We can have a little bit of fun, right? Watch me do a cartwheel!” Jan looked at the girl with wide eyes. She’s a gem, she thought. Vassilissa’s smile filled her with joy, for reasons that she could not name.
  27. 27. “What’s going on here?” Lee asked, striding in with Heather. “Hmm… I think we need to start training Miss Vassy-pants here, don’tcha think, Lee? Jan?” “What are you guys going to train me in, anyway?” Vassilissa curiously asked.
  28. 28. “She wants to know what she’s going to be trained in… HA! You’ll learn to be evil and scare people away with a single glance!”
  29. 29. “AAH!” “You’ll learn to use a sword, and knives, and a bow and arrow! You’ll even learn to kill with your bare hands!”
  30. 30. “You’ll learn to appear out of nowhere, and disappear as quickly as you came!”
  31. 31. “You’ll wave your wand once, twice, thrice! You’ll make spells at the top of your head! You’ll brew nasty potions, the foulest of all, and you’ll cause some chaos, big and small!”
  32. 32. “You’ll talk to us plantsims and zombies and wolves!”
  33. 33. “You’ll even learn to make the one you love feel the same without a try!”
  34. 34. “Do you see all of these things you can learn, Vassilissa?” “Wow! I can’t wait!” “Crap,” Heather mumbled. “I thought she would be scared senseless… Okay then!” she said louder. “Who’s gonna teach you first?”
  35. 35. “I will,” Hetty announced, grabbing a book from under her gown. “Read pages two to forty-three dear, and call my name when you’re done, ‘kay?” “Oh… sure…” Vassilissa said, frowning at the weird symbols and inscriptions written in text smaller than fleas.
  36. 36. “Hehehehe… that little girl is so dense, she’ll be reading that book for days! Now, back to you, my pretty little concoction… a drop of blood… unicorn horn… all these ingredients, my goodness!”
  37. 37. “No matter! This potion will be truly fitting for Queen Caroline! MUAHAHAHAHA!”
  38. 38. “I should hope so, Hetty,” a voice said. “Who goes th– OH!” A witch dressed in shining crimson robes lined with gold floated down to her feet. Hetty almost choked out of fear– this woman was one who she had read about in fairytales and legends, and– if this was the real thing– then Hetty was in great danger.
  39. 39. “Peace, your highness. It is my honor to have you in my small lair. Please, sit down, your ladyship, while I gather some food or drink to appease you. Would you like—?” “Don’t waste my time with flattery, Hetty. I know that you’ve been brewing something, and I wish to see it.”
  40. 40. “Read me the recipe, now,” she demanded. “Yes, of course, your ladyship,” Hetty said, running to her book. “Mind you, this recipe is rather sketchy and it is a compilation of several others. I have direct orders from Que– I mean, from Caroline, my… er, the woman who owns this house to make it as strong as possible.” “Don’t stutter at me. Read the ingredients for me.”
  41. 41. “Skin of Vampire, Scorpion Venom, Alien Blood, Alien Eyes, Leaves of Plantsim, Tail of Llama… Teeth of Witch, both Good and Evil… the horn of a Unicorn…” “Strong magicks...” the witch mumbled, smelling the potion. “I could feel it far from this world… this is truly a magnificent potion…”
  42. 42. “Heavens me, Hetty! It still lacks!” “My many apologies, your ladyship, but you see, Caroline had wanted me to keep this potion top secret and that is why it has been taking me so long to brew it…” Hetty was sweating furiously.
  43. 43. “I want it finished, Hetty.” “Of course, your ladyship.” “Immediately. Or you will be quite sorry. This potion is of great value to me, and whatever you are using, you are forbidden to do so before my return.”
  44. 44. “Your ladyship?” The witch snapped her fingers and raised her arm into the air. “You will have it done by my next arrival. The hourglass behind you should be a sufficient timer.” “But… your ladyship!” But it was too late. The witch floated back into the air, leaving Hetty bewildered.
  45. 45. She had completely forgotten about the young girl who had finished her reading, and was now fearful for her very dear life.
  46. 46. For others, though, there was worse…
  47. 47. Jan poked her head into an empty room, only to find a naked Dave and near-naked Vanessa kissing furiously. “Vanessa! You filthy…!”
  48. 48. “JAN! I’m a little busy here! GET OUT!” “Vanessa, you have broken vampire code. You are making love with… with a werewolf! Do you realize what you’ve done!” “I’m making love to my husband! Is there anything wrong with that?!”
  49. 49. “Your… your husband?” Jan gasped. This was extreme. It was against vampire code to have marital or sexual relations with other supernatural breeds, especially werewolves. “Yes, my husband, you foolish whelp!” “VANESSA! HOW COULD YOU?” Jan slapped her with all of her might.
  50. 50. They began attacking each other. Jan tried clawing at her face, but Vanessa was very strong. “Oh god, look at this!” Dave said, feeling provoked and allured. He stared at both of the women’s bodies enchantedly.
  51. 51. They didn’t notice, and continued to fight. “Let go of me!” Vanessa cried. “Silence yourself!” “I’m stronger than, you, Jan! I’ll rip your head into pieces!”
  52. 52. “Don’t try too hard Vanessa. You may be very strong and powerful, but I am far older and stronger than you. You will not dare to trifle with me or Heather and Lee again. You understand?” “I…” “Leave.”
  53. 53. “Showed that bitch,” Jan mumbled. “Oh yes you did, Jan… sexy woman…”
  54. 54. “Dave, that is perverted!” “Don’t talk like that. Come over here, and gimme a kiss.” Dave grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close the him. He closed his eyes and brought his face closer to hers.
  55. 55. “You disgusting freak! Get off of me!” Jan pushed him away. “Hey! All I wanted was a kiss! Can I help that I need some love? You were the one who interrupted me and Vanessa, and we didn’t even have our clothes off yet!” “You’re gross. I don’t know what Vanessa sees in you. This is why we have bans from making… urgh.”
  56. 56. “Listen,” he growled, taking her arms. “Vanessa’s cute, but you’re much better than she is. Vanessa can only give me so much. I want you and me to have some fun, right now.” “I won’t! Let go of me or I’ll scream!” “Go ahead. No one will hear you once your neck is broken. I’m stronger than both you and Vanessa, and if you don’t give me what I want, I’ll kill you.”
  57. 57. “No!” “HEY! DO IT NOW!” “Stop it! I’ll call from help! I’ll tell Caroline! I won’t let you do this to me!” Jan tried to sound fierce, but it only came out as frightened.
  58. 58. “Do as I say. You’re not going anywhere,” Dave said, putting an arm around her that blocked her from going anywhere. “Please, Dave, don’t do this…” Jan started to cry. “This is wrong… you can’t do this… please, leave me be!” “Take off your clothes… now!”
  59. 59. Jan sobbed, but she did as she was told. There was no use putting up a fight– Dave would kill her. “That’s right, Jan... Give me what I want.” Jan felt dirty, and disgusting. She felt like a traitor. She felt like Vanessa. And most of all, she felt afraid. *** *** ***
  60. 60. “Come on, birthday boy! You’ve got to drink your milk if you wanna grow!” The green baby stared at him, giggling the way babies do.
  61. 61. “Come on. Let’s get you changed so we can have a fun birthday party.” Michael stared at his son Malcolm. He felt truly blessed to be holding his son, even if he was a little bit green and strange next to other babies.
  62. 62. As courtesy of Malcolm’s “grandmother,” the Professor, a huge crowd of simselves came to his party. “Happy Birthday Mal!”
  63. 63. Jasmine threw her grandson into the air…
  64. 64. … and down came a very cute and jolly baby. Who did have quite a fondness for eating dog food. “Yummy!”
  65. 65. “*cough* Ugh, this sickness is killing me,” Judy mumbled, as she cleaned her mouth. She had started vomiting again, which made her believe that she was once again pregnant.
  66. 66. “Ivory? Ivory, are you in here?”
  67. 67. “I’m right here, Judy.” “Oh, there you are. You startled me… How have you been, Ivy?” “Oh, I’m good. Life’s been pretty good for us, I guess. We moved into our new apartment last night. It’s huge.” “I assumed you’re going to be putting some use to all of that space, aren’t you?”
  68. 68. “Oh… haha, I get it. Well… actually… that’s what I wanted to tell you.” “Tell me.” “I… I’m afraid to have children, Judy. Not for my sake or for my body, but… well, for Jack… you know he is a Romance sim, and I’m not sure how he’ll take to more kids. I think he regrets having Gracie around.”
  69. 69. “Oh Ivy, don’t be afraid. Jack loves Gracie, and he loves you I’m sure. He only regrets having her because he feels like he made a mistake in having her so quickly.” “Judy, you really are the perfect mother though. I can never love a child as much as you probably can…” “Hush, Ivy, you’ll be a wonderful mother. Look at me! I’m pregnant for my second time, and I’m scared as heck!”
  70. 70. “I think I am too.”
  71. 71. “Oh! That’s wonderful, Ivory! I’m so happy for you and Jack!” The two of them hugged each other. Ever since the Bachelor challenge, they were both great friends, and Ivory was glad that she had the opportunity to have gotten so close with her.
  72. 72. “What’s all the jollity and hugging about,” Jack and Michael asked, staring at the two ladies. “We have some news,” Ivory said.
  73. 73. “We’re pregnant.” “Oh Judy!” Michael cried, kissing his wife’s hand.
  74. 74. “Jack?” Ivory asked nervously. “I just wanna say—MMF!” “Don’t say anything.” And they both kissed, rejoicing for the child that they were due to have. *** *** ***
  75. 75. “Is she concious?” “I think so… Scarlet?” “Mmngh.”
  76. 76. “Scarlet, please get off of that machine. The General is here, and he’s ready to hear our presentation.” “Not finished.” “Scarlet, please!”
  77. 77. “Okay, okay… I’m coming.” “Scarlet, we need to talk to you quickly. You’ve been acting really… really strange. You left last night for hours, and you came back really early in the morning… And we don’t think that what you’re doing with your research is healthy. You’ve been pining in front of the screen for hours… we’re really concerned.”
  78. 78. “Stop worrying about me! Let’s just get this presentation over with!”
  79. 79. “General Toyonaga, it is a privilege to have you here. Please, make yourself comfortable in the conference room. “I’m glad that we’re finally going to see what Dr. Fantasy has been working on for so long.”
  80. 80. “General Toyonaga, and fellow researchers, it is quite an honor for me to be able to present our latest project to you,” Scarlet spoke into the podium. “We have been diligently trying to find a subject worthy enough for military usage, and we’re sure that with our prototype, you will be very convinced of seeing more of our research.”
  81. 81. “First, let me explain what we’ve been working on. For the past six months, we have been experimenting with a clone, called OOL-12. OOL-12 is a unique alien clone with special abilities, who has been one of our major experiments. He is of alien blood, but much different from what normal sims experience in abductions. I myself managed to retrieve a lot of information from OOL-12, and we have discovered that his brain levels and functions are much, much higher than a normal sim’s.”
  82. 82. “We have triggered his brain and intriguing, alien parts of it, and we’ve been able to build some incredible findings, which can be find on the file on these computers. But without going into terms that are too complex, let me bring in OOL-12 to demonstrate.”
  83. 83. “OOL-12 is involved in what we call ‘Operation Olympus,’ or as some others in our facility like to joke, ‘The Zeus Paradyme.’ Using specific voice commands, OOL-12 here is able to carry out many actions in highly skilled technique. He has been taught to walk forwards and backwards, read and write, and even play musical instruments.”
  84. 84. “Like so. May I say that these skills are rather amazing, especially since he is only a three-week old clone. Now, you are probably asking how this is beneficial to you, General? We have been trying to classify the parts of his brain, and we have found that we can strengthen his physical stamina and power, allowing him to be extremely agile and have high military intelligence. This will be very useful for military tactics.”
  85. 85. “Right now, OOL-12 is specialized in music. However, if you agree to fund us with a mere twelve million dollars, we will be able to perform the surgeries needed to specialize him in physical traits, and then clone him several times for your benefit. This is a very good project that will—”
  87. 87. “Stay calm! It’s just a short circuit!” “Dr. Fantasy, do you have this under control?” “Yes, please stay calm, I assure you!”
  90. 90. “OOL-12! Stop this! Stop walking!” The clone stared at the man for a brief second, and then…
  91. 91. “Security! What happened?” “He *cough* he hit me so hard… *cough* I c-c-can’t breathe!” The guard continued to cough. “We need to stop him!”
  92. 92. “OOL-12, stop this! Put that axe down!” “AIEEEEEEEEE! Meehlitah Forkeshgoo!” The clone spoke in odd tongues, and threw the axe at a glass enclosed vial.
  93. 93. Air started hissing out of the case. Scarlet shrieked, “NO! BIOHAZARD!”
  94. 94. “OOL-12! Stop!” The alien clone continued running. There was no use in trying to command him– the electric shock had modified his large brain.
  95. 95. It raced into another room, and was close to eating a cake from the Laganaphyllis Simnovorii Plant, but one of the scientist tackled him before it could kill itself.
  96. 96. By the end of the day, both the clone and Scarlet were declared as threats to the facility.
  97. 97. They were put into hibernation machines, unconcious to the rest of the world. *** *** ***
  98. 98. “AHH! Michael! It’s time!”
  99. 99. “OW! OW! OW!” Labors were said to be easier as a woman had more and more children, but Judy felt pain much worse than when she had Malcolm.
  100. 100. “Of course it was painful. It was a girl.” Emilia Goodytwoshoes was born happily and healthily, and was soon fast asleep. Malcolm however, was doing his night time exploring when he came across a new face. “Who dis?”
  101. 101. “Mama, new baby in crib! New baby!” He reported the next morning. “Yes, Malcolm, that’s your sister! Aren’t you happy that you have another sibling to play with?” “Play! Play!” “Alright, kiddo, let’s get you ready. Grandma’s coming soon for your birthday, and she’s going to grow up too.”
  102. 102. “Hi Mom. Thanks for coming.” “Are you absolutely sure this is a good idea? Emilia’s only a day old. You don’t want her growing up too fast, do you?” “I think it’s fitting… we need to get together as a family soon, and I can’t leave Emilia as a newborn with Judy for too long. And yes… I think a day is too long, especially with the given circumstances.”
  103. 103. “Well then, let’s throw a party!” Emilia and Malcolm both flew and twirled…
  104. 104. And down they came: two grown up children. “Look dad! I have hands!” “Funny kid. Go get changed so you can have cake,” Michael said. At the corner of his eye, he could see his father in his armor, waiting for him.
  105. 105. Malcolm changed, ate his delicious cake, and then started playing with his grandparents’ gift to him– a violin. For the first few minutes, he made loud, scratchy noises, but he managed to play a small tune for them.
  106. 106. “That’s a fine tune, Malcolm. Now, why don’t you go upstairs? I think your mother is waiting for you in your bedroom.” “Okay. Goodnight Uncle Chris! Goodnight Grandpa! Goodnight Grandma!” “Goodnight, boy,” Robin said. His voice sounded tired and hoarse.
  107. 107. “Thanks for having us, Michael. We appreciate it.” “It’s not a problem at all. How is everything at the castle?” “We’ve... We’ve lost hope.”
  108. 108. “What?” “Vassilissa is nowhere to be found. The authorities have looked everywhere, and if a werewolf, Captain Heroine and her troop can’t find her, I don’t think anyone can.” “You can’t abandon hope, though. Vassilissa and Scarlet will come back.”
  109. 109. “Michael… I know that this is selfish to ask, but we need your help. We trust you, and we need your help in finding Scarlet. Because I know that wherever she is, you know better than we do. And wherever she is, Vassi is too.” “I… Chris, I’m really sorry, but I think that you should just… just leave it the way it is. Scarlet is going to come back. She’s probably gone because she’s looking for Vassilissa. And even if… I have a family, and a business to run. I can’t abandon them. Scarlet’s a grown woman, and she’s going to have to deal with what she caused. You just have to let her deal with what she’s done.”
  110. 110. “Believe me, I know the preciousness and the value of a child. I love my children so much, and I know your pain. I would feel exactly the same way if Malcolm or Emilia ran away.”
  111. 111. “We’re going to be entering busy times for the both of them. Malcolm and Emilia are both going to be in school before you know it, and the headmaster is going to be here in a few days.”
  112. 112. “And Judy’s expecting. Jack and Ivory are expecting, too, and you’ve got two twin daughters you need to take care of Chris. I would help you, and I promise you that in the near future, we are going to start coming by the castle more often, and we’ll be much more tight-knit. But for now, I ask you– as a fellow Family Sim– pay attention to what you have instead of trying too hard to get what you can’t. “That was Scarlet’s biggest mistake.” *** *** ***
  113. 113. ♪♫ Gracie played the song once more. This song was her favorite, by her favorite artist, Alicia Keys. She knew it now, and she couldn’t wait to play it for her father and Ivory. The phone rang. RIIING! RIIING!
  114. 114. “Who could that be? Hello?”
  115. 115. “Gracie? Is that you?” “... Vassilissa?” “SHH! Don’t say my name out loud! Caroline says nobody is supposed to find out where I am.” “Vee, where the heck are you? My birthday is in a few days, and the whole family has been looking all over the place for you!” “SHH! Don’t talk about that! I need to tell you something Gracie!” “What?”
  116. 116. “I miss you a lot, and I want you to come over here to see me. But Caroline says that I have to wait until my ball, so I wanted to know if you wanted to come over.” “This is crazy! Why don’t you just come home?!” “I’m not allowed to leave this place.” “What place?! Where are you?” “I can’t tell you, Gracie, but listen to me! You need to listen to me! I miss you a lot and I want to talk to you on the phone, so I need you to be ready for phone calls early in the morning!” “VEE, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? YOU NEED TO COME HOME!”
  117. 117. “SHH! Someone’s coming!” Both of the girls held their breath, until Vassilissa gave the ‘OK’ to speak again. “Vee, this is insane. Who’s Caroline? Where are you, and why can’t you call the police.” “I’m with a vampire! Her name is Caroline, and she’s really nice. She’s like my mom. She and the other vampires are looking after me and they’re teaching me magic! But you have to promise not to tell!” “You’re psycho! There’s no such thing as vampires or magic!” “Gracie, I’m telling you the truth! And I’ll prove it to you! Your mom is going to have babies tonight!” “… how the heck did you know that?”
  118. 118. “Exactly! Caroline has a crystal ball and it lets you see things! And—” “Okay, I believe you! But listen, if this is going to work, it has to be top secret! What time are you going to call me?” “5 a.m. tomorrow morning!” “That’s so early! And I have school, and—” she stopped. “Gracie! Where are you?” Ivory’s voice called out. “Don’t call back. Send me a letter, 43 Tolkien Lane, Apartment D! Gotta go, bye!” She said frantically, hanging up the phone.
  119. 119. “Gracie, who was that on the phone?” “Nobody, just my friend Sasha from school.” “Mm… I see. Well then, it’s getting late, and you have school tomorrow. Go talk to your father,” Ivory said. She knows, thought Grace.
  120. 120. “Okay. Goodnight Ivory, and Goodnight babies!” “Did you say babies?” Ivory asked. “Uhm, no! I said baby! I’m going to bed, night!” “Hm…” Ivory mumbled.
  121. 121. “Jack…”
  122. 122. “Jack.”
  123. 123. “JAAAAAACK!” “Mmmmnn… what is it?” “GET OUT OF BED! IT’S TIME!”
  124. 124. “Daddy! Ivy had a baby!” “Oh my god… I’m a dad again!” Jack said smiling, as a tear came to his eye. “It’s a girl… Carmen.” Ivory kissed the baby, but then felt another bump in her belly! “Hold this!”
  125. 125. “UH! JACK! HELP ME HERE!” She had not two… not three…
  126. 126. But four babies that night. Jack and Ivory were the parents of four quadruplets: Wolfgang, Joseph, Carmen and Lyra.
  127. 127. It was a very stressful change for the both of them, what with the four times of smelly diapers and need to pay for four times as much baby formula
  128. 128. And diapers
  129. 129. But those few moments where they could have some quiet time were the best of all.
  130. 130. Especially when they could enjoy them together. “You’re a great mom, Ivory.” “Not so bad yourself, Jack.”
  131. 131. “I love you, Ivory. I love you so much. You’ve filled the sadness in my heart from losing someone who I loved, and you’ve made my life shine again.” “Oh Jack…” “Marry me, Ivory.”
  132. 132. “Marry me right now,” he said, pulling on a jacket from the coat rack and grabbing a ring from its pocket. “You came into my life when I thought I was the least happiest person in the world, but you pulled me out of the darkness. I love you, and I promise to have you and to hold you forever. Just say the word, and I’m yours. Ivory, do you wish to be with me for the rest of your days?” “I do,” she said, through tears. “I do love you Jack, I do!”
  133. 133. *** *** ***
  134. 134. “Well well well, if it isn’t my nerd brother on his nerd computer!” Ana chided. “What do you want?” I asked. My sister knew how to turn my peace into madness within my own mind, with only a few words.
  135. 135. “Hey Mikey, what is this stick that you carry around all the time… OOOH! Pretty colors!” “Put it down, Ana, it’s not a toy that you just wave around.” “Come on, I’m just having some fun!”
  136. 136. “Ana, stop!” “Weeeeeee!” “Ana, put it down, before… hey… HEY!”
  137. 137. “Ew, getoff! Getoff getoff getoff getoff getoff getoff getoff! I HATE BEES!”
  138. 138. “Think you’re funny, Ana! You won’t think so when you’re…”
  139. 139. “… a zombie!” “Oh… chaaaange meeeee baaaack… coooome onnnnn!” her voice droned. I was having a kick out of it.
  140. 140. “That’s not nice, you mean brother! Just wait ‘til I cast a spell on you again!” “Ahaha. Enough jokes, Ana, we’ve got a lot of training to do with the simselves.”
  141. 141. “How about I just stay here and mess around with your stuff?” “Ana, stop– ANA DON’T TOUCH THAT!”
  143. 143. She obviously didn’t, for all of a sudden, a figure in pink landed on the floor, interrupting the both of us.
  144. 144. “Uhm… I’ll just be going Mikey. You can deal with the random stranger on your own…” “Screw you, Ana.”
  145. 145. “Oh… oh oh oh! People! Humans! People who can help me out! HAHAHA!” The girl in pink started laughing like a lunatic. “Yes, it’s a miracle! Please, help me out here!”
  146. 146. “Not to be rude or anything, but who are you?” I asked the lady in the pink. “I’m Lucinda!” Oh boy. *** *** ***
  147. 147. At the castle, Robin and Jasmine were having a small talk with Chris, right before they went to bed, when they had a visitor. Knock Knock! The door swung open before anyone could answer it.
  148. 148. A black haired vampire walked in. “To what do I owe this very late pleasure, madam?” Robin asked curtly. “I have information about the heiress of this house.”
  149. 149. “You tell me where my wife and my daughter are, now!” Christopher said, running to her as fast as he could. “Put that dirty sausage down, before I rip you limb from limb.”
  150. 150. Jasmine pushed Christopher out of the way and dealt with the woman. “Tell me what’s going on.” “Your granddaughter, Vassilissa, is being held hostage by the great and powerful Queen Caroline.” Jasmine gasped, but the vampire continued. “She is alive, and safe, and Caroline wishes no harm at all. Her ladyship cordially invites you and your family to a royal ball, when you may come and collect your granddaughter, in two weeks time.” “How dare you. You think that a ball is a way to tell us that you have kidnapped our granddaughter?
  151. 151. “Nay, lady, we did not capture her. She willingly came to us. She was in tears the night she came, claiming that her mother hated her and other nonsense. Rest assured, if you want her back, you will come to this ball. After that night, she, and the rest of your family are of no use to us. Make any threat to harm us that night, and you will be very sorry you tried. This dimension is going to be ruled by a better, more perfect leader, and we assure you that you will not get in the way.” “You foolish girl. If you think you will be able to stop our family, the Fantasies, from wreaking punishment for what you have done, then you are very wrong. We refuse to attend any ball.”
  152. 152. “You had better come to this ball. Vassilissa’s life depends on it. Good night.” *** *** ***
  153. 153. That’s the end of Chapter Three, Part Seven! How dangerous is Vanessa’s threat? What is Vassilissa learning? Who is the mysterious witch in red? What is Hetty brewing? Will Ivory and Jack go insane from having to raise quadruplets? Why is Lucinda at my doorstep? IS THE WORLD GOING TO END? Well, no it’s not, but the rest of the questions and more will be answered in the next chapter! Thanks to all of the CC creators and storywriters who were so kind enough to lend me your sims to use and abuse. You guys rock! Special thanks to Jamie/DocGirlP for helping me figure out some of the plotty stuff for this chapter. See you next time! Happy Simming!