The Wrongway Legacy: 4.2


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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.2

  1. 1. Welcome to the Wrongway Legacy, generation four, part two!We saw Lavender meet a new friend in the form of Mark Davison, Austin beganflirting with the Greek House placeholder, Aphrodite and Robin live in a new GreekHouse with Hercules, who tried to fix his friendship with Lavender unsuccessfully.Lavender then went out to a bar and drank a lot. Meanwhile, Rose was about tosend the Wronglands to a publisher, while Forrest and Meadow planned to sneakout to a bar, where they found Lavender. They called on Hex to help them all out,and Lavender threw up in his car. Meadow started talking with a mysterious newguy named Henry, Lavender went to apologise to Hex, Hercules stole Aphroditeskey to Ralphs house, and let himself, determined to find out more.Also, Im rebuilding my downloads folder, which is why some simshave different CC now. On with the chapter ->
  2. 2. Rosie-Posie sighed, gazing out across the Emperors waters, “This isno time to be resting.”William closed his eyes, and turned his attention to the cool sprayfalling from the rocks. After fleeing the Shadow Soldiers, a break and amoment to relax should have been a given right. Archa sat in theshallows, her feelings echoing Wills.“Princess, Will and I will take the first watch. You and Charm shouldget some sleep.”
  3. 3. “Shes panicking, isnt she?” Will asked Archa, discreetly. Archaresponded with a nod of her head.“Wouldnt you? Her entire kingdom, all shes ever known, is in danger,and what are we doing? Relaxing in the shallows of an Emperorslake.”
  4. 4. In the shade, away from the cool edge of Emperors waters, Rosie-Posie had laid in the grass, Charm keeping a guardians eye on thesurroundings.“What am I going to do, Charm? We cannot run forever.”
  5. 5. “I dont want to run forever,” Rosie-Posie murmured, distantly, “I dontwant to be alone.”
  6. 6. “Read the next part, Ginger, I have to know what happens!” DavidOttomas cried, as Ginger finished reading another chapter of a newbook they had bought, Rescuing the Wronglands.“Calm down, Davie, Im sure itll all be fine!”“But...what if its not?” David gasped, “Keep reading!”
  7. 7. “Chapter eighteen,” Ginger read, clearly, “the charming solution.”David interrupted before she could continue, “Oh, I hope this is thepart where they win back the kingdom.”
  8. 8. Nearby, Rose watched Ginger read the next part to David, the pair ofthem completely oblivious to the fact she was the mind behind theworld they wanted to be saved.“Wow,” Rose muttered to herself, “people care about the Wronglands.”With a growing sense of pride, Rose continued to listen, pleased withthe reactions of her readers. ...
  9. 9. After a day of shopping in a nearby shopping district with Meadow andHenry, Forrest realised he was bored. Truly bored. Rubix was a quietlittle town, and had very little to offer Forrest that he found interesting.It didnt help that his best friend, Meadow, was getting much closer toHenry, and further away from Forrest himself.
  10. 10. “We have to do this again sometime,” Meadow laughed, “or how aboutwe drive up to the city sometime and visit your mother?”“Sounds like a plan.”“Well, after were settled at uni, of course,” Meadows giggle faded.She was worried about moving to the university, “we leave tomorrow.”“Im sure its going to be great fun,” Henry smiled, encouragingly. Hewas slightly younger than Meadow and Forrest, and he wasnt able togo to university yet, “just dont meet some guy while youre there,okay?”
  11. 11. “Why not?” Meadow asked, shyly, though she had an idea of whatHenry was about to say.“Have I ever told you how pretty you are, Meadow?” Henryquestioned, “How beautiful you are on the inside, too.”Though Henrys sweet words brought a smile to her face, Meadowlooked Henry in the eye, “I dont want a relationship this close to uni.How about we wait and see how we feel when were both there?”Henry said nothing, but answered Meadow with a nod.
  12. 12. Forrest, meanwhile, gazed out at the empty landscape, wishing therewas something interesting to look at.Glancing up at the sky, he spotted a star, “I want to see more of theworld. I want to get out of Rubix, even if its just for a little while.”
  13. 13. “I wonder how Mum would feel about that,” Forrest sighed, “especiallyas Im supposed to go to university tomorrow.”He carried on staring at the vast emptiness around them, untilMeadow and Henry decided it was time to finish the drive home. ...
  14. 14. For the first time in years, Grace was painting. Art was always hermothers passion, but in recent times, Grace had found it was asoothing distraction.Maybe Cassidy painted to get over Graces kidnapping as a baby.Grace would never know now – it was way too late to ask. Her parentswere gone, and her only remainder of her husband was the gold bandshe still wore round her ring finger.Thinking about all of the people she no longer could talk to, Gracecarefully set down her paintbrush.
  15. 15. And promptly began sobbing. Soon she would be all alone.She was too busy wiping away the tears to hear Forrest wander in, tooupset to care that it was a strange hour of the night for either of themto be up.“Mum?” Forrest called, coolly. He promised himself he wouldnt cryseeing his mothers tears.
  16. 16. Grace forced herself to smile as she turned around to face Forrest,“Shouldnt you be in bed? You have an early start tomorrow.”“I couldnt sleep,” Forrest answered, truthfully.“Why not?” Grace asked, concerned. Forrest shrugged and sighed.“A few reasons, really. Everyone has spent their entire lives in Rubix.Absolutely everyone.”“Not true. I went to Twikkii Island for a few days. Your grandfather wentto university in the desert!”
  17. 17. “Neither of those appeal to me, Mum. Sure, Twikkii would be nice tosee, you guys need me,” Forrest bit his lip, “ and its miles away fromhome. I dont want to leave you on your own.”“Sweetie, if you want to do something with your life, dont you dare letme, or anyone, get in your way.”“You dont mind me just wanting to go and see what the horizonbrings?”“I have no trouble with it,” Grace smiled, proudly, “the uni might do,though.”
  18. 18. “I suppose it is a bit late to pull out of the university...” Forrest driftedoff, thoughtfully.“I can sort it out. Or Hex can. Maybe even Lavender. One of us will fixit so you dont have to go.”“Thats great!” Forrest replied, with a bright smile.“So what brought on this sudden change of heart? You were okay withgoing to the university until now.”
  19. 19. “A lot of thinking,” Forrest replied, “I just got thinking. Meadows waytoo preoccupied with Henry now to miss my company, and the othersare much older. They wont even notice Im not there.”
  20. 20. “Im sure they would notice youre not there,” Grace smiled,encouragingly, “but you dont want to be there, and its your choice.”“Are you sure youre going to be okay living by yourself? The houseis...silent. Its horrible.” Forrest shuddered – he hated silence, it wasuneasy and restless.“Ill be fine, Forrest. Dont change your plans to suit me. Besides,Lavender will be home soon enough,” Grace changed the subject,“you need to go to bed if youre planning on going anywheretomorrow.”
  21. 21. “Im proud of you, Forrest,” Grace said, pulling him into a hug, “youand your sisters.”Forrest smiled, “I know. Youll be even prouder when I bring home away to bring Dad back.”Grace decided it was too late at night to argue with Forrest about it.She knew Orlando wasnt coming back – there was only oneresurrection allowed a generation, and Elizabeth had been broughtback beforehand. Still, Grace let Forrest have his dream, and justhugged him tighter. ...
  22. 22. The next day, the two heiresses were back in Rubix for a meeting withHex. He had called for the girls to come and visit, in order to discussdetails of heirship.“So I was speaking to your mother, Lavender, and we agreed that thefamily needs a positive event. Something to look forward to.”“I agree,” Robin smiled, “an escape from the troubles.”“Did you come up with an idea?” Lavender questioned.
  23. 23. “A formal dinner, when you two are welcome to bring the people youintend to marry.”Robins eyes widened in shock, “Wait, were talking weddingsalready?”“Youre heiresses, and almost seniors. The pressure is on, Im afraid.”Hex apologised.Lavender smiled a little, “I guess I should have expected that thepressure for weddings would come around soon.”
  24. 24. “How long have we got until the formal dinner?” Lavender questioned.“Its going to be in the middle of your senior year, because it was theonly time we could make sure all of the family could be there.”“All of the family wont be there,” Lavender pointed out, “Forrest cantbe.”“No, but everyone else will. Its all arranged.” Hex figeted, nervously.He wasnt sure how the girls were going to react.
  25. 25. “Im sure its fine,” Robin said, though she was thinking about how shehad no one to introduce to the family, “is my family invited?”“Would you like them to be there?” Hex asked.“Its a long way to come for one night,” Robin replied, thinking of them,“Im not too bothered if we dont invite them.”“As long as youre sure about that.”“I am.”
  26. 26. They changed the subject after that, but Hex couldnt help but feelworried for the girls. There was the problem of success and failure tothink about on top of everything.But now was not the time to talk about problems. Now was the time toplan matching dresses. ...
  27. 27. Hercules was slumped on the floor of the empty room in Ralphshouse that had an uneasy silence hanging throughout it.“This is where they disappeared,” Hercules sighed, “and where hedied.”
  28. 28. Studying the floor with increased interest, Hercules spoke again, hisvoice a lost whisper in the silence.“Who am I?” He asked. ...
  29. 29. Austin groaned as he lifted himself off the grass, head pounding,getting wet from the light rain. He had fallen over on the way home lastnight, and hadnt been able to find the energy to move.“Get up, idiot. Come on, Austin. Get up.”Looking up, Austin scowled, “Shut up.”
  30. 30. “You know, there is nothing quite like being on bring-Austin-home duty.Youre lucky I found you. Some old lady reported seeing you passedout in her neighbourhood.”Austin said nothing, sitting up slowly, hand raised to steady himself.“Austin, if you didnt drink so much, I wouldnt have to bother you likethis,” Robin sat down next to him.
  31. 31. “I had a good night,” Austin smiled, “even if I dont remember a lot ofit.”“Then how can you tell it was a great night?” Robin questioned, andAustin shrugged.“Fine. I dont know. But Ill tell you this, Flaming Seahorses tasteamazing.”“What is a Flaming Seahorse?”“A mixture of different juices, really.”
  32. 32. “I wish you wouldnt drink so much, Austin,” Robin admitted, in a smallvoice, “it terrifies me.”“Maybe Ill stop then.” Austin replied.“Would you?”“If you asked me to.”
  33. 33. “I am asking you to.”“Then I will.” Austin promised, and he watched a grin light up Robinsface. She did ask nicely, he decided. If she wanted him to stop forawhile, then he would.Simple as, right? ...
  34. 34. “So I said Id give it all up for her,” Austin grinned, “I feel slightlyinsane, but much better.”“Great,” came the reply, “and why are you telling me all this?”“I dont know...I thought youd want to know...”
  35. 35. “Austin, we havent spoken in months, since I realised that you weredating me because you felt sorry for me.”“I miss my best friend,” Austin admitted, “what do you think of me justgiving it all of the drinking and stuff up?”Aphrodite smiled, “Youre either ill, or youre falling for Robin.”
  36. 36. “Falling for Robin?” Austin repeated, and leaned back in his chair,“I...hmm. I do really like her...but I cant ask her out now. Shed neversay yes because of my reputation.”“So change your reputation, and then ask.”
  37. 37. “What would I do without you, Aphrodite?” Austin smiled.“Turn to drinking, as you did before.” Aphrodite laughed, and like that,the two were friends again. ...
  38. 38. If you were looking for Lavender Wrongway, you would automaticallybe looking for Mark Davison too, as the pair were inseparable.
  39. 39. “Dont upstage me now with your awesome singing voice, will you?”They did everything together. Naturally, this became a talking point foreveryone.
  40. 40. Which was why half the family thought they knew who Mark was onabout at his concert.“Shes a huge part of my life, the least she deserves is a song,” Markgazed discreetly at Lavender, “this is Something Stupid.” “I know I stand in line Until you think you have the time To spend an evening with me And if we go someplace to dance I know that theres a chance You wont be leaving with me
  41. 41. Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place And have a drink or two And then I go and spoil it all By saying something stupid Like I love you I can see it in your eyes That you despise the same old lines You heard the night before And though its just a line to you For me its true And never seemed so right before
  42. 42. I practice every day to find some clever lines to say To make the meaning come throughBut then I think Ill wait until the evening gets late And Im alone with you
  43. 43. The time is rightYour perfume fills my head The stars get red And oh the nights so blueAnd then I go and spoil it allBy saying something stupid Like I love you I love you...”
  44. 44. Lavender stood watching, a hint of a smile on her face. No one couldtell what she was thinking, but the hopeful expression on her face saida lot.
  45. 45. “You sound terrible,” Lavender grinned, wandering over to Mark afterthe concert. He nodded.“Michelle said she might teach me how to play guitar in time for our bigmeeting with the music bosses tomorrow.”“Well, youre not doing so great with it.”“I know,” Mark set down the guitar, “what can I do for you?”
  46. 46. “Who was your song dedicated to?” Lavender asked, quietly.“You couldnt guess?” Mark replied, and Lavender shook her head,“Ah, well, its about your cousin, actually, Aphrodite...Im kidding,Lavender. It was about you.”“You really think I dont have time for you?” Lavender questioned,thinking back to the lyrics.“No. Some of the lyrics didnt fit completely, but I wanted you to knowIve had trouble telling you just how much I love you.”
  47. 47. “You love me?” Lavender repeated, her smile growing.“Yeah, and I told you the only way I knew how. By singing it.”“That was the perfect way of telling me.”
  48. 48. “It sounds really romantic,” Aphrodite commented as Lavenderfinished telling the story of how she got with Mark.“I need to do something like that for Robin,” Austin frowned, “but Icant sing. Mark, could you just sing hey Robin, Austin loves you forme?”“I doubt thatll have the same effect, Austin.” Aphrodite giggled.
  49. 49. “How about you just tell her?” Lavender suggested, “Its not like youreshy.”“I know, but I want to get this right.”“Well talk about it later, because shes almost here now.” ...
  50. 50. “Aphrodite, what do I do?!”Why do I care? Aphrodite asked herself, I dont care about dates anddancing, why should any of this matter.
  51. 51. Robin continued, “I mean, if I dont have a date for the ball thisweekend, Ill be a failure as an heiress.”“Well, at least that would solve this stupid curse thing,” Aphroditeresponded, earning a glare from Robin as she picked through thedresses in her wardrobe.“Thats not the point, Aphrodite. I need someone for the ball.”
  52. 52. “I like that dress.” Aphrodite commented, changing the subject.“Its more you than it is me,” Robin decided, “I need to go shopping.Maybe Ill meet my true love on the way.” ...
  53. 53. “What do I do, Aphrodite?” Austin asked.I swear, if one more person asks me that..., “How about you tell herhow you feel, Austin? Shes not a mind reader.”
  54. 54. “But how? Thats my problem!”“Well, dont leave it too late. The fancy heiress party thing is comingup...”“Oh man, I forgot. I need to find a suit.”
  55. 55. “Shame you didnt go shopping yesterday. Robin went yesterday, youcould have helped her pick a dress.”Austin closed his eyes, “I will tell her. At some point.”“Dont leave it too late.”“I wont.” ...
  56. 56. The formal dinner came around quickly than anyone expected it to.Soon enough, Wrongways were putting on their formalwear andheading out to the ballroom.“Robin! You look great in that dress that matches mine!”“We look fabulous! Im so glad we decided to match!”
  57. 57. Lavender and Robin headed to the top of the staircase, and Lavenderfolded her arms, ready to wait, “So who did you ask to be your datetonight? You guessed Mark was coming with me, right?”“Date, hmm?” Robin considered this, “I, er, dont have one...”
  58. 58. “You know everyone down there is expecting to meet your husband tobe, right?” Lavender pointed out, shifting nervously. What if her motherdidnt approve of Mark?“Well, I didnt ask anyone...”
  59. 59. “What are you going to do, Robin?” Lavender smiled a little, “Theyreall waiting to meet your partner.”“I had no one to ask,” Robin tried to be optimistic, but she was sureshe was a failure as an heiress.“I have an idea, I know a guy who likes you...who youll really like aswell.”“Really?”
  60. 60. Downstairs, Austin ended a call on his mobile phone. Behind him,Aphrodite smiled.“Rescue mission?” She asked, her expression unchanged.“You know me, knight in shining armour,” Austin rolled his eyes, “coverfor me while I go save someone?”“Of course. Good luck.”
  61. 61. Austin made his way upstairs, until he found Robin, standing by thewindow, looking beautiful. He smiled.“Please tell me youre kidding,” Austin said, “please tell me youre notexpecting me to walk you down those stairs tonight.”“Im deadly serious. See, I didnt ask anyone to be my date tonight.”
  62. 62. “But if the family sees me with you tonight, theyll expect me to marryyou.” Austins heart pounded at the idea.“True. But relationships fall apart sometimes. We can find a way out ofit, if you want.” Robin offered.“I dont know what I want anymore,” Austin replied, darkly, “but Ill helpyou out.”
  63. 63. “Thanks, Austin, I owe you.”“Nah, Im just helping out one of my friends. One of my friends whodidnt ask anyone to a family ball in her honour.”“Shush, you.” Robin laughed, playfully. She knew it was going to be agood evening with Austin on her side.
  64. 64. “Robin, this is going to have to be very convincing.” Austin pointed out,grinning mischeviously.
  65. 65. “Oh, right, so a few sneak kisses and some hand-holding,” Robinwinked, “I promise I wont tell your latest girl.”“Actually, I dont have a latest girl.”“Im sorry...I didnt mean...”
  66. 66. “Its fine, Robin,” Austin grinned, “but tonight is about you and me,right?”Robin swallowed, “Right.”
  67. 67. Robin and Austin made their way down the stairs after Lavender andMark, as a supposedly happy couple.While Robin smiled and greeted the family, Austin pulled a face, Theythink Im going to marry her.
  68. 68. “Robin and Austin seem to have made a talking point.” Lavendersmiled, wandering over to Mark after greeting her mother.“Its not just about them, its about us, too,” Mark paused, and put ahand up to her chin, “have I ever mentioned how beautiful you are?”
  69. 69. The evening wore on, to the toasting. Lavender raised her glass, andraised an eyebrow at Robin, “To the new couples?”Robin, in return, raised her own glass, “To all the couples, new andold!”And for good measure, she tucked her arm in Austins, leaving a smilebehind on his face.
  70. 70. A dinner was supposed to follow the toasting, though the waiter hadapologised – the original dinner was burnt, and everyone now had tosit and wait for it to be cooked again.No one minded too much – it was a chance for family members tocatch up.Will grinned at his half-brother, “A nice seat at the Captains table, Isee.”
  71. 71. Eli had arrived late to the evening, due to his working hours, and hadto quickly take his seat at the table without acknowledging the emptyseat laid out for Austin at the main family table.“Why is Austin sitting in Robins partners seat?”
  72. 72. “This is...different.” Lavender commented, watching the family. Truthbe told, she felt isolated, on a separate table with Robin, Austin andMark.“Lets never put our kids through one of these.” Austin decided.Robin blinked, focusing on the family, “Our kids?”Lavender tried to conceal a smile and turned her attention to Mark.
  73. 73. “Its still a wonderful idea,” Lavender grinned, “Im glad you get to behere with me.”“I wouldnt miss it for the world,” Mark replied, “though I agree withAustin. Lets never throw one of these again.”
  74. 74. Over at Robins table, Austin reached a hand out, “Everyone in thisroom thinks were madly in love and about to get married, now. Apartfrom Aphrodite, maybe.”“So?”“So, how about we give it a shot? Give being together a shot?”
  75. 75. “Lets give it a go,” Robin replied, and placed her hand over Austinsmatching his grin, “I guess this means Im staying after I graduate.” ...
  76. 76. “Maybe the solution is not as complicated as we think,” Phillip offered,“look at it this way, both lines were fine until they started mixing,werent they? I mean, other than a few minor slip-ups.”Hexs reply was made to the table, and muffled.“So Robin cant stay after she graduates. We have to send her back tothe desert, and make her promise us she wont come back.”Hex sat up, fear on his face.
  77. 77. “That means she cant have Austin for a partner.” Hex said.“I guess so,” Phillip replied, glumly, “but the consequences...of herkeeping him...”“You cant rationalize love, Phillip. It doesnt work.”
  78. 78. “What am I going to do?” Hex whispered to himself. Clearing histhroat, he said to Phillip, “Im going for a walk. I need to clear myhead.” ...
  79. 79. “Are you ready to meet my Mother?”“Why am I meeting your Mum, again? I dont remember the originalreason.” Meadow asked.“I wanted her to meet my best friend.”
  80. 80. “Henry! Its so nice to see you again!”
  81. 81. Hex was wandering down the high street, looking for something.Inspiration, a solution, some reason for him not to care, when he sawher.Kendra. The woman who disappeared from his life.
  82. 82. Hex couldnt help himself. He wandered over, and took another look atthe young man Kendra was hugging.His son? Possibly.
  83. 83. Kendra spotted him, “Hex! Hey! How are you!”“So you leave my life, without a single word, and then show up on thehigh street with my son?!”“Um, excuse me, sir, but my father is Grayson Santander. I dont evenknow who you are.” Henry smiled.“You told him GRAYSON was his father?!”“Henry...this is your father.” Kendra replied, quietly.
  84. 84. “I cant believe you lied to him about his father! I thought I missed you,but you are not the same person who left me.”“And youre not the same person I left behind, Hex. People change.”“Do you know what happened after you left, Kendra? Hercules left andI havent seen him since. My family, if thats what you can call it, wasgone. It fell apart.”
  85. 85. Henry interrupted, “Arguments aside, what does this mean to me?”
  86. 86. “It means youre next in line. It means youre the next Guardian of theWrongways.” ...
  87. 87. He had found the gun. Ralphs bizarre edit on the technology of a gun.Even though he hadnt been there at the time, Hercules knew it wouldhave been used to terrify anyone involved.Hercules closed his eyes.
  88. 88. “I cant bring them back early,” Hercules murmured, “but I can carry onwith their unfinished business. I will take my fathers place until hecan.” ...
  89. 89. Mark sat Lavender down in the kitchen, grinning, “To celebrate, Imgoing to make you dinner.”“What are we celebrating?” Lavender asked.
  90. 90. “The dudes from the music company were impressed, and they wantto do some recordings. Were going to Sim City, Lavender!”“But were supposed to get married and go home in the next couple ofweeks, unless...” Lavender looked at the table.
  91. 91. “Unless I move up to the city with you...” Lavender said, thoughtfully.------------------------Thats it for now!Thanks for reading! :)