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Developing literacies of open: across an institution and beyond


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ALT-C presentation, 8th September 2016 by Stuart Nicol

This presentation discusses a number of related initiatives at the University of Edinburgh in the context of supporting communities within the institution to acclimatise to the changing 'semiotic landscape' and shifting 'materiality of literacy' brought about by the technologies and policies of open education.

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Developing literacies of open: across an institution and beyond

  1. 1. Developing literacies of open kaysgeog CC BY-NC-ND Stuart Nicol The University of Edinburgh
  2. 2. kaysgeog CC BY-NC-ND Nespor (1994) “Knowledge in motion: Space, time and curriculum in undergraduate physics and management.” Bayne, Gallagher & Lamb (2013) “Being ‘at’ university: the social topologies of distance students.”
  3. 3. DIY Film School
  4. 4.
  5. 5. • Open courses • Communicating your research • Open presentations • Post-graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (on-campus & online 10 credit courses) – final assessed piece of work is an OER Open resources for …
  6. 6. Structure of workshops
  7. 7. Welcome Aims for today 1) Know more about OER when you leave than when you came in 2) Create a fully attributable, shareable artifact By AIGA [Public domain], via Wikimedia
  8. 8. Aim: Create a infographic panel for U21 University Theme: Strategic vision for a ‘fictional’ institution in 3 words on the conference theme “Using the digital to capture the international” • Source images • Piece together into one fully attributed, shareable, ‘artifact’ • Signpost where/how to use and share Bisk Education & University of Notre Dame Online, CC BY-SA 4.0
  9. 9. Activity 1: What is your strategic vision in one sentence and 3 key words (10 mins) By AIGA [Public domain], via Wikimedia On the theme of: “Using the digital to capture the international”
  10. 10. Activity 2: Search for images (15 mins) • Three images that visually support your message. • CC Search provides a useful ‘meta-search’ over a number of media platforms:
  11. 11. Where should I share my OER? There are several options for sharing your OER depending on subject area and target audience.
  12. 12. board-game-jam/
  13. 13. 23 Things for Digital Knowledge
  14. 14. Thing 1: Introduction Thing 2: Blogging Thing 3: Digital Footprint Thing 4: Digital Security Thing 5: Diversity Thing 6: Accessibility Thing 7: Twitter Thing 8: Facebook Thing 9: Google Hangouts/Collaborate Ultra Thing 10: Wikimedia Thing 11: Copyright Thing 12: Open Educational Resources Thing 13: Video (YouTube/Vimeo/MediaHopper) Thing 14: Audio (Podcasts/SoundCloud) Thing 15: Digital Curation Thing 16: OneNote/ClassNotebook Thing 17: Geolocation Tools Thing 18: Augmented & Virtual Reality Thing 19: Altmetrics Thing 20: LinkedIn / and Research Gate Thing 21: Online Games & Learning Tools Thing 22: Fun and Play Thing 23: Reflection