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Presentation for ALT Scotland Meeting, 3 June, 2014, University of Edinburgh

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  • The logic of our overall discussion starts with the macro concept of Digital Participation which provides the wider societal backdrop to educational development. Information Literacy enables digital participation and in educational institutions is supported by Learning Environments which are themselves constantly evolving. All of this has significant implications for Curriculum and Course Design.
  • Exploring the digtial_university_alt-scotland_june_2014

    1. 1. Sheila MacNeill Exploring the Digital University, ALT Scotland, 3 June 2014 #altc #openscot
    2. 2. “The new competition, the real threat . . . is the emergence of entirely new models of university which are seeking to exploit the radically changed circumstances that are the result of globalisation and the digital revolution.” An Avalanche is coming, Higher Education and the Revolution Ahead IPPR , March 2013 (http://www.ippr.org/publication/55/10432/an-avalanche-is-coming-higher- education-and-the-revolution-ahead)
    3. 3. “There is no doubt that digital technologies have had a profound impact upon the management of learning. Institutions can now recruit, register, monitor, and report on students with a new economy, efficiency, and (sometimes) creativity yet, evidence of digital technologies producing real transformation in learning and teaching remains elusive” Decoding Learning, the proof, promise and potential of digital education Nesta, November 2012 (http://www.nesta.org.uk/library/documentsDecodingLearningReport_v12.pdf)
    4. 4. What is a digital university? http://youtu.be/bAPUXGIH4Tw
    5. 5. A Digital University: key themes Digital Participation Information Literacy Learning Environments Curriculum & Course Design
    6. 6. Digital University Matrix Digital Participation Information Literacy *Glocalization *Widening access *Civic role and responsibilities *Community engagement *Networks (human and digital) *Technological affordances *High level concepts and perceptions influencing practice *Staff & student engagement and development *Effective development and use of infrastructure Curriculum and Course Design Learning Environment *Constructive alignment *Curriculum representations, course management, pedagogical innovation *Recruitment and marketing *Reporting, data, analytics *Physical and digital *Pedagogical and social *Research and enquiry *Staff and Resources
    7. 7. Case Study 1: Edinburgh Napier University : Digital Futures Working Group
    8. 8. Background • Initial round table discussion about current digital practice and provision within the University in September 2012 • ‘Digital Futures: exploring Edinburgh Napier University’s technological ambitions’ Symposium December 2012 • Digital Futures Working Group formed to further explore current practice and future possibilities in six key areas, with input from external critical friends
    9. 9. Developing digital literacies Digital student support provision Digitally enhanced education Digital research and leadership Digital infrastructure and integration Digital communication and outreach
    10. 10. Three Key Outputs 1. Initial ‘rich picture’ report of current practice 2. Short-term recommendations 3. ‘Visioning’ document of possible future options In addition to a Benchmarking document covering national policy, funded national initiatives and institutional practices within and beyond the UK Higher Education sector
    11. 11. Case Study 2: GCU Developing our Digital Future
    12. 12. Digital Participation Digital & Information Literacy Our vision is to be a successful international university delivering access and excellence, with a strong commitment to the common good. Create successful global graduates and citizens and deliver economic and social benefit for the communities we serve Globally networked Global Learning Enriching cities and communities Engaging globally Innovating for social impact Digital Learning/technology Inclusive, accessible learning Collaborative working within GCU and with our partners Globally-recognised profile, positioning and esteem Digital Development Curriculum & Course Design Learning Environment Engaged Learning Personalised Learning Flexible Learning Real world problem solving Transforming lives through education and research Our mission as a University is to provide an outstanding inclusive learning environment Flexible Learning Broader and deeper learning Buildings are better connected Social learning spaces and improved academic teaching areas, services and facilities A vibrant and dynamic technological and physical infrastructure Current mission/vision/K PIs Strategy for Learning Heart of the Campus Developing 2020 Strategy
    13. 13. Digital University Consultation Day • Cross Institution Event • Individual and institutional experience of digital participation • Present, short-term (2015), longer term (2020): realities and aspirations
    14. 14. Emerging Themes • Infrastructure – digital and physical • Digital Literacy – staff and students • Learning and Teaching technology implementation plans • Data • Open Education • Cohering around student engagement
    15. 15. Contact info: sheila.macneill@gcu.ac.uk; @sheilmcn More info: https://howsheilaseesit.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/exploring-the-digital-university/ Thanks to Keith Smyth and Bill Johnston