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Leicester OER Schools

Slides from the Leicester OER Schools conference which took place at the Phoenix on Thursday 29 January 2015.

Leicester City Council will be holding a free day conference focusing on finding, using, creating and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER).
School leaders, staff and governors from primary, secondary, SEN and specialist schools are invited to attend.

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Leicester OER Schools

  1. 1. Open Education OER and Marieke Guy OER Schools Conference, 29th January 2015 Around the world
  2. 2. Open Knowledge Promoting open knowledge in a digital age ●  A community-based, not-for-profit with projects and partnerships throughout the world  ●  We build tools, apps and communities to create, use and share open data and content - information that everyone can use, share and build on ●  We believe that by creating an open knowledge commons and developing tools and communities around this we can make a significant contribution to improving governance, research and the economy ●  Collaboration not control, empowerment not exploitation, open not closed
  3. 3. Open Education About removing barriers to education
  4. 4. Open Education Part of a wave of cultural change •  Long history: Public library movement, state provided education, civil rights movement, open universities •  Next step in the evolution of education: You need to be aware of open education as educators •  Credible global movement: Obama announcement in U.S. Open Government Partnership National Action Plan, European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes Opening Up Education initiative •  Tools are often enablers rather than drivers : “Technology is available to develop either independence and learning or bureaucracy and teaching” (Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society, 1971)
  5. 5. Open Education A welcoming and accessible community .
  6. 6. Traditional Education More than learning and teaching.. •  Learning: whether through instruction, guided activity or self- directed learning; •  Teaching: mentoring and all non-instructivist activities around the deliberate nurturing of knowledge; •  Assessment: any combination of summative, formative and/or diagnostic; •  Accreditation: recognising learner or educator accomplishment; •  Policymaking: influencing curriculum, funding and procedures in education; and •  Administration: dealing with recruitment, admissions, retention, progression, graduation, timetabling, reporting, and management.
  7. 7. •  Policy •  Open Education Resources •  Accreditation •  Licences •  Tools •  Data •  Learning and teaching practice Open Education Pie
  8. 8. Open Education Working Group …established to bring together people and groups interested in open education. Its goal is to initiate global cross-sector and cross-domain activity that encompasses the various facets of open education.
  9. 9. Open Education Around the World Series of posts •  Greenland •  Japan •  United Kingdom •  Scotland •  Tanzania •  India •  South Africa •  Rwanda •  Holland …
  10. 10. Europe: Poerup Project
  11. 11. UK: OER Research Hub
  12. 12. Ireland: Open Text books
  13. 13. Iceland: Education Plaza
  14. 14. Germany: Learn:Line
  15. 15. Finland:
  16. 16. US: Washington OER
  17. 17. Phillipines: LRMDS
  18. 18. Japan: eboard
  19. 19. South Africa: Siyavula
  20. 20. Africa: OER Africa
  21. 21. India: Opening books
  22. 22. Keyword Hypothesis Performance OER improve student performance/satisfaction Openness People use OER differently from other online materials Access OER widen participation in education Retention OER can help at-risk learners to finish their studies Reflection OER use leads educators to reflect on their practice Finance OER adoption brings financial benefits for students/institutions Indicators Informal learners use a variety of indicators when selecting OER Support Informal learners develop their own forms of study support Transition OER support informal learners in moving to formal study Policy OER use encourages institutions to change their policies Assessment Informal assessments motivate learners using OER From Beatriz de los Arcos, OER Research Hub Benefits of OER
  23. 23. From Closed to Open With Open Educational Resources Closed content is the default and people need compelling reasons to replace it with OER. When the norms have changed, OER will be in the mainstream…. If we want OER to become the default, we need people to use OER and to know that they are using OER.” TJ Bliss, Williama and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  24. 24. Marieke Guy Twitter @mariekeguy