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cIRcle: open access to UBC research


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Presentation to the University of British Columbia's Scholarly Communications Steering Committee, at a meeting held on November 24, 2010

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cIRcle: open access to UBC research

  1. 1. cIRcle: Open Access to UBC ResearchHilde Colenbrander, cIRcle CoordinatorNovember 24th 2010Scholarly Communications Steering Committee Inspiring Knowledge Creation, Exploration and Discovery FROM HERE
  2. 2. A database for the UBC community and itspartners:◦ for published and unpublished scholarly materialsAll materials in cIRcle are openly accessibleon the
  3. 3. Library pilot project in Spring 2007Full Library service in Spring 2009
  4. 4. Openly accessible on the webIncreased visibility and readershipImproved indexing and hence findabilityMultidisciplinary inquirySerendipitous discovery and collaboration
  5. 5. Recruiting toolClassroom teaching toolStable URLs / linksManagement and preservation of digitalmaterialsOpen Access mandates (e.g. CIHR) With acknowledgements to SMARTech at Georgia Tech
  6. 6. A database built on Open Source software(DSpace)Organized into Communities and CollectionsFiles are uploaded into CollectionsIndexed by Google and other search enginescIRcle tracks usage statistics
  7. 7. The vision: to create an international,publicly available showcase for UBCresearchIt’s part of Place and Promise, UBC’sstrategic plan
  8. 8. Be a world leader in knowledge exchangeand mobilization◦ Develop a campus strategy for making UBC research accessible in digital repositories, especially open access digital repositories
  9. 9. Increase the impact of UBC research bymaking it widely available in open accessdigital repositories◦ Develop cIRcle into a showcase for research, with emphasis on local, regional and national collaborations
  10. 10. ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories)currently lists nearly 2000 repositoriesaround the world Australia: 61 Brazil: 77 Canada: 61 China: 13 Germany: 124 India: 58 South Africa: 29 UK: 183 USA: 347
  11. 11. Digital materials:◦ Research papers◦ Conference and workshop papers◦ Theses and dissertations◦ Exemplary student projects (selected by academic units)◦ Unpublished reports and working papers◦ Books, chapters and sections◦ Datasets◦ Learning objects◦ Multimedia and audio-visual materials
  12. 12. Atlas of BC record screen: cover page of Atlas
  13. 13. Copyright owner retains copyrightcIRcle requires a non-exclusive license todistribute (from rights holder)Optional: copyright owner may attach aCreative Commons license to their work incIRcle
  14. 14. More than 29,000 items26,600 theses and dissertationsIncludes 113 non-thesis items fromUBCOTop item in cIRcle viewed more than4,100 times (since December 2009)
  15. 15. Professor Judith LynamSchool of Nursing:◦ “As an investigator who is taking up an ‘integrated KT’ approach to dissemination—it is helpful to have some additional ways to refer to work (e.g. reports) that are developed for a broader audience than the typical audience for peer reviewed publications”.
  16. 16. Emeritus Professor R.G. MatsonLaboratory of Archaeology:◦ “cIRcle is searchable, has good use information, and, above all is reliable, in our world of constantly changing URLs.”◦ “We are impressed [with] the number of downloads recorded in cIRcle, indicating that it has a far wider circulation than we realized.”
  17. 17. Andre MalanUBC undergraduate student◦ “Nothing makes me strive for excellence more than knowing that anyone in the world could see my work.”
  18. 18. New Graduate Student Society Award to belaunched early 2011Incentive for graduate students to depositnon-thesis work (graded A or A+) in cIRcleBiannual lottery—$$s!
  19. 19. Recognizes and rewards innovative ways ofcommunicating researchUBC students, faculty and staff are eligibleAwarded annually by UBC LibraryDecember 6th, 2010 = deadline for applications2010 winner: Cycling Route Planner, Michael Brauerand his team
  20. 20. Enabling you to use cIRcle as your databasemanagement system:◦ Store your research output in cIRcle◦ Create easy access to your research from your web site◦ We take care of long term accessibility and preservationStreamlining uploading procedures
  21. 21. Making all UBC research publicly availablethrough a single web portal◦ Showcase UBC’s unique contributions to the world!
  22. 22. Hilde Colenbrander◦