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Introduction to Silicon Valley


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Published in: Design

Introduction to Silicon Valley

  1. Welcome to Silicon ValleyHenrik
  2. Entrepreneurship... is an eXtreme sport 2
  3. Your Expectations?
  4. What is entrepreneurship?
  5. Every big problem is a big opportunity Vinod Khosla
  6. Not just a place – it’s a state of mind
  7. Famous Founders
  8. Theoretical frameworks we use in the program
  9. What can we learn from SV?• Networking - sharing knowledge and connections• Fail faster – fail cheaper!• Build the right team• Open mind and helpful attitude• Global ambitions from day 1 - think global, start local• Work hard - play hard• Raise money!
  10. What makes a good founder?
  11. What is a Startup?A Human institution designed to deliver a product orservice under conditions of extreme uncertainty. - Eric Ries A temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model - Steve Blank
  12. What is LEAN STARTUP?
  13. Work smarter not harder! Develop an MVP Eliminate uncertainty through validated learning Learning
  14. Change direction but stay grounded in what we’ve learned
  15. Henrik