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Challenge intro

  1. 1. How to improve quality of life for people in the state of NY?
  2. 2. CHALLENGES TO OUR YOUTH Education = too many choices, lack of motivation, lack of options Immigration = getting kids to graduate and then what? Gangs Health Insurance - Uninsured and non citizens. Families raising children - grandparents, aunts, etc. Obesity and health issues Issues with food = dinner, no food, etc. Low Income
  3. 3. Supportive Services Basic needs services (food, clothing, showers, general medical/dental care) Other support services (case management, child care, adult education, sobriety and mental health support groups, transportation assistance, public benefits application assistance, vocational training, financial education, legal advice) Direct financial assistance for homelessness prevention/rapid re-housing Street outreach, emergency shelter, and supportive housing
  4. 4. Top Issues Facing Underserved Communities Lack of affordable housing (especially for those below 30% AMI) Insufficient case management resources to address multiple long-term needs Inadequate coordination and communication between service providers (leads to inefficiency, barriers to access, and lack of early-intervention) Inability to access health care (including physical, mental health and substance abuse treatment services)
  5. 5. Top Issues Facing Underserved Communities Unaffordable and inconvenient public transportation Language barriers Low literacy/numeracy Inability to secure living-wage employment Lack of understanding of the political process and how to advocate for better policy