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  • Ibm company prsenation

    1. 1. Company Facts Presentation Rukhsana 2T3-45(TPS-A)
    2. 2. Evolution of the company  IBM, is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States.  It offers infrastructure and consulting services.
    3. 3.  The company was founded in june, 16 1911 by “Charles Ranlett Flint “ as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR) through a merger of three companies: (a)The Tabulating Machine Company. (b) The International Time Recording Company. (c) And The Computing Scale Company.
    4. 4. June 16,1911 ENDICOTT , NEW YORK
    5. 5. The Tabulating Machine Company Herman Hollerith (1880’s origin in Washington, DC)
    6. 6. The International Time Recording company George Winthrop Fairchild 1900,Endicott
    7. 7. The Computing Scale company In 1891, Edward Canby and Orange O. Ozias, two businessmen from Dayton, Ohio
    8. 8.  Flint recruited Thomas J. Watson, Sr. from the National Cash Register Company to lead the company in 1914.
    9. 9.  His favorite slogan, "THINK", became a mantr for C-T-R's employees, and within 11 months of joining C-T-R, Watson became General manager of CTR in 1914 and president in 1915.  CTR adopted the name International Business Machines in 1924.
    10. 10. Mrs. Virginia M. Ginni Rometty Chairman, President & Chief executive officer of IBM
    11. 11. IBM in INDIA IBM India Private Limited is the Indian subsidiary of IBM. It has facilities in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Indore, Bhubaneshwar, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad. Head quarters in India : Bangalore
    12. 12. Key persons of IBM in India : Mrs. Vanitha Narayanan, regional General Manager Mr. Shankar Sr. Advisor & G.M Anna Swamy, Mr. Rajesh Nambiar, Vice President & General Manager
    13. 13. TODAY
    14. 14. NATURE OF BUSINESS AND BUSINESS SEGMENT SECTOR ---------- INDUSTRY ---------- TECHNOLOGY Computer hardware, Computer software, IT services, IT consulting
    15. 15. Vision and mission statement  Dedication to every client's success  Innovation that matters, for our company and for the world  Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.  We strive to lead in the invention ,development and manufacture in the industry’s most advance information technology.
    16. 16. PERFOMANCE OF THE COMPANY  In 2012, Fortune ranked IBM the No. 2 largest U.S. firm in terms of number of employees,  The No. 4 largest in terms of market capitalization,  The No. 9 most profitable,  The No. 19 largest firm in terms of revenue.  Globally the company was ranked the No. 31 largest firm in terms of revenue by Forbes for 2011.
    17. 17.  No. 1 company for leaders (Fortune)  No. 1 green company worldwide (Newsweek)  No. 2 best global brand (Interbrand)  No. 2 most respected company (Barron's)  No. 5 most admired company (Fortune)  No. 18 most innovative company (Fast Company) For 2012, IBM's brand was valued by Interbrand at $75.5 billion.  For 2012 No. 2 in outsourcing.
    18. 18. IBM HAS 12 Research laboratories worldwide  The company has undergone several organizational changes since it inception,  Acquiring companies such as KENEXA (2012)  SPSS(2009)  And organizations such as Pwc’s CONSULTING BUSINESS(2002)  LEMARK(1991)  And selling off products lines like THINK PAD to LENOVO(2005)
    19. 19. AWARDS Corporate Citizenship:  World’s Most Respected Companies  Childhood Education Reform Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Awards:  Environmental Excellence Award  Excellence in Environmental Engineering Award
    20. 20. FAMOUS INVENTIONS BY IBM              Automated teller machine (ATM) Floppy disk Hard disk drive Electronic keypunch Magnetic stripe card Virtual machine Scanning tunneling microscope Reduced instruction set computing Relational database Universal Product Code (UPC) Financial swap Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Watson artificial intelligence
    21. 21. Automated Teller Machine
    22. 22. Floppy disk HARD DISK DRIVE
    23. 23. ELECTRONIC KEY PUNCHER A key punch room in the 1960s Hollerith keyboard (pantograph) punch.
    24. 24. Image of reconstruction on a clean Gold(100) surface AN STM image of a single-walled carbon Nanotube
    25. 25. An IBM PowerPC 601 RISC microprocessor.
    26. 26. Watson artificial intelligence Watson's avatar, inspired by the IBM "smarter planet" logo[1] Watson, an IBM artificial intelligence computer, is capable of "learning" as it operates
    27. 27. COMPETITORS
    28. 28. Oracle corporation(ORCL) Computer hardware and software, IT consulting, IT services American multinational Information Technology
    29. 29. HP enterprises services l management consulting technology services and outsourcing company
    30. 30. Computer hardware and peripherals The manufacturer of the world's most powerful, longest- lasting and rugged tablets on the market Technical Computing company
    31. 31. The chart shows the portion of IBM's operating profit contributed by each of IBM's three main business lines: Hardware (dark blue), Services (green), and Software (light blue).
    33. 33. IBM  4th Best global brands (by interbrand) (2013)  6th world’s most admired company(by fortune (2013)  10th world’s most respected company (by barron’s)(2013)  20th fortune U.S 500(2013) MICROSOFT  5th Best global brands (by interbrand)(2013)  17th world most ADMIRED company(by fortune)(2013)  61st most respected company (by barron’s)(2013)  35th fortune U.S 500(2013) Apple  1st global brands (by interbrand)(2013)  1st most admired company(by fortune)(2013)  3rd most respected company(by barronn’s)(2013)  1st best laptop brand (2013)  6th fortune U.S500(2013) Dell  61st global brands (by interbrand)(2013)  7th best laptop brand (by the laptop magzine)(2013)  51th fortune U.S 500by fortune (2013)
    34. 34. IBM SWOT analysis 2013 Strengths Weaknesses  First mover in cloud computing solutions for enterprises  Brand reputation  Diversified business  Strong competency in acquisitions  Integration of products and services Opportunities  Expand services and software divisions  Increasing demand of cloud based services  Expensive service and software solutions  Focus mainly on large enterprises Threats  Increasing competition in the cloud computing market  Slowing growth of world economy
    35. 35. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate citizenship: We focus on specific societal issues, including the environment, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture. Environment: Our global environmental management system ensures the company is vigilant in protecting the environment across all of its operations worldwide.
    36. 36. IBM GOING GREEN  IT established corporate policy on environmental protection on 1971 using environmental management system (EMS)  Built a modeling solution using six sigma green sigma model reducing carbon footprints.  It was organized as a Top 20 Best Workplaces for Commuters by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2005.
    37. 37. Green Sigma  Green Sigma is an Active Management Six Sigma system which is currently being developed and enhanced through the Innovation Centre in Dublin.  Its goal is to Manage & Reduce Carbon Footprint whilst achieving associated economic and environmental benefits.  Green Sigma is focused around the elements of: Carbon, Water ,Atmospheric Emissions, Liquid Waste ,Solid Waste, Ground Emissions .
    38. 38. FINANCIAL REPORT 2012 year-end from continuing worldwide operations Revenue: $104.5 billion Net income: $17.6 billion Total assets: $119.2 billion Number of employees (worldwide): 434,246 Stockholders of record: 491,541 * All dollar figures are US
    39. 39. Investment and return to shareholders: In 2012 we invested  $3.7 billion for 11 acquisitions in key areas of software and services;  $4.3 billion in net capital expenditures;  $6.3 billion in R&D.  able to return $15.8 billion to $12 billion through share repurchases and $3.8 billion through dividends.  Last year’s dividend increase was 13 percent.
    40. 40. BALANCE SHEET YEAR 31ST Dec’10 31st Dec’11 31st Dec’12 Total Assets $113.4 B $116.4 B $119.2 B $116.4 B $119.2B Total Liabilities $113.4 B NET INCOME YEAR 31ST Dec’10 31st Dec’11 31st Dec’12 Net Income $14.8 B $15.8 B $17.6 B
    41. 41. IBM Jobs:  Developing Testing  BPO ETC… Eligibility Criteria For IBM  Graduation degree in engineering. 60% throughout the academic session.  Not more than 2 year gap.
    42. 42. IBM 2011-2012 recruitment pattern Ibm selection process consists of 4 rounds : 1> Written test 2> GD 3>Technical interview 4> HR IBM Latest selection process   1st day Online aptitude English summary written 2nd day GD Technical cum HR Round
    44. 44. So, what's next for IBM?  The company is going to continue to gradually restructure itself and move into higher-value and highermargin businesses.