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  • Welcome to the Startup Experience Program We are excited to be here with you, we look very much forward to working with you and to see a lot of great innovations come out of these two days. The workshop you are about to experience has been created for future innovators and entrepreneurs like yourself. During the next two days we will take you through the innovator’s journey, all the way from ‘understanding the problem’ to ‘Pitching your idea’… There will be many challenges but most of all a lot of fun and exciting teamwork, so we hope you will enjoy it and do your best to come up with brilliant new ideas…. let’s start out with a questions for you.. *change slide   TIPS for the presenter: Start out strong – don’t begin with a tons administrative talk or a long introduction about yourself. The speaker notes and the slides are to be seen as a guideline – feel free to modify the materials as you see fit.
  • Who can tell me what Innovation means? – Who can tell me what entrepreneurship means? *have a quick talk about the two words and what they mean.. *ask “Why do you think Innovation and entrepreneurship is important?”   Innovation is the driver for all progress in society; all new inventions and improvements come through the process of innovation. Someone got an idea and went to implement it successfully. So if we didn’t innovate we would not have any progress in the world, and we wouldn’t be able to overcome the problems we face all the time. Entrepreneurs are essential to the world because they are the ones who build new companies, so-called startups, and it is these startups that create growth and create the most new jobs. Entrepreneurs are good at solving new problems and that is what we will focus on during this innovation camp.  
  • The definition of innovation… highlight the difference between invention and innovation.. Many inventions are useless because nobody uses them, in order for something to be defined as an innovation it has to be implemented successfully. Innovation can be measured on the bottom line; do you make money and/or create real impact, then it is an innovation.
  • Good way to define entrepreneurship… “ just like all of you, most entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of money nor a lot of resources but they still pursue their dreams, they still want to change things for the better so they just go ahead anyway – and often times those who have the persistency and the right mindset will succeed.” It’s therefore extremely important that we have this “go-for-it” attitude, that we believe in ourselves and we give it a try although the odds are against us.
  • Entrepreneurship is a way to live you life where you don’t just accept the way things are, you dare to challenge the status quo and try to improve things. Instead of turning your back to problems you try to find solutions Innovation is dead in Silicon Valley .. The perception of an entrepreneur today..  
  • Demi Burkas was unemployed Carpenter living in a small house in the Philippines http://riomatters.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/1-liter-of-light-by-ami-valdemoro/ MyShelter Foundation, w. Illac Diaz (Filipino Student) The solar-bottle (A liter of light), brightening up the dark homes, low cost high impact solution to a big problem – so many people can benefit from this. Not spending money where it’s not necessary
  • Okay so now we have talked about why innovation and entrepreneurship is important, but how many of you believe that you are going to be a successful innovator? *most of them should raise their hand – if not you can try to encourage them.. I am glad to see that but….. *Quickly change to the next slide  
  • … .Unfortunately I have some bad news for you! Most of us in this room are going FAIL! We are not going to succeed with our ideas and companies – at least not in the first try! Reality is that most innovations fail, and most startup companies crash and burn! It is super hard to innovate and extremely hard to build a startup company… about 80% of all innovations fail and only about 1/3 or all new companies are successful.. So now when you know this… – how many of you do still believe you can become successful innovators? *quickly change slide
  • … GREAT (*if most of them still believe) Cause you need to be delusional to be a successful entrepreneur ! You need to believe that you can be the one to beat the odds and change the world.. That is the true mindset of a good innovator! And you will fail on your way to success, probably multiple times, but as long as you learn from your failures it is okay to make mistakes! *very important rule!   Entrepreneurship and innovation is an extreme sport! One of the greatest entrepreneurs and angel investors in world is Reid Hoffman, and he has a great analogy about entrepreneurs…*change slide *(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reid_Hoffman)  
  • Reid says “Entrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff and then trying to assemble a plane on the way down” and that is really how it is. There is a lot of risk involved and you have to act fast and be smart to survive in the startup world.
  • *This slide is optional – but works well to give a boost of energy.. If you want to do it then REMEMBER TO HAVE 20 BUCKS IN YOUR POCKET Well now we’ve talked a bit about innovation and a bit about entrepreneurship… so… who wants 20 dollars right now? “ the first one who raises his/her hand gets the 20 bucks right away”….. *Click, YES my friends you need to be fast and take initiative to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity here in life! Being an innovator requires your full attention and sometimes you need to react fast.. This money is for you to keep – give him/her a round of applause  Okay so let’s talk a bit more about why it’s important to have an entrepreneurial mindset..
  • There are so many problems in the world, So many challenges for the human race. *mention some of the problems from the slide.. And in order for us to solve these problems we need innovators and entrepreneurs.. Cause these people have the ability to look at problems in a different way…The entrepreneurs are the ones who challenge the status quo, who look at the world and want to change it for the better. *change slide
  • They look at problems as opportunities!!! Every big problem is a big opportunity and that is what innovators realize. And that is exactly what we will work on during this workshop– turning problems into opportunities! Training our mindset to look at problems in a new way and to see possibilities where other people see limitations. Attitude is everything, if you just believe that you can make change happen it becomes possible.. if you see problems and just give up you will never make great things happen! No matter what your role will be in society, having an entrepreneurial mindset is key to solving big problems. *you can pick a few of these statements as well… - An entrepreneur is someone who is always on the lookout for problems that can be turned into opportunities and find creative ways to leverage limited resources to reach their goals. - Most people approach problems as though they can’t be solves and, therefore, don’t see the creative solutions sitting right in front of them.
  • So you can look at entrepreneurs as today’s real heroes – they are the ones that solve the big problems, create jobs and economic growth! Instead of leaning back and just observing the problems around them they stand up and do something to change things for the better… Are you ready to be hero?
  • It is important to know that there are several different types of entrepreneurs in the world.. There are all the startup entrepreneurs that go out to build a great product and sell this to customers, who find it valuable, Then we have a fantastic group of people called Social Entrepreneurs who aren’t very excited about making a lot of money, they are more excited about creating social impact in the world by solving big social problems. It is however, important to notice that it is also possible to combine the two types and actually make money while solving a social problem – such a company is called a for-profit social venture. *if you feel confident you can talk about non-profit companies VS for-profit companies and mention how a for-profit company can still be a social venture   The third type of entrepreneurs is called an intrapreneur. This is the name for all the great entrepreneurs who work hard to innovate and create change inside established companies.   All the different types of entrepreneurs are equally important and equally brave, cause it is certainly not easy to be an entrepreneur. And all types of entrepreneurs are very skilled at innovating and they use a very similar process to become successful at what they do.. We will now take a closer look at the innovation process they use since this is the same process we are going to use during this program.
  • Entrepreneurship is a way to live you life where you don’t just accept the way things are, you dare to challenge the status quo and try to improve things. Instead of turning your back to problems you try to find solutions Innovation is dead in Silicon Valley .. The perception of an entrepreneur today..  
  • Video where Steve jobs talks about how you can change the world around you – Find the clip in the video-folder or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQYTvVrBeMk
  • Here you can see a simplified overview of the innovation process.. You have to identify a real problem - the needs of your customer. You also have to understand various new technologies and how they can be used in relation to your area of interest.. Then you can start the creative ideation process where you come up with tons of new ideas on how to solve the problem of the user by using the new technologies you have learned about. When you have selected the best idea you can describe that idea in detail and come up with a good business pitch that describes the different elements of your idea. If you do this well you can get funding for your project and hopefully end up bringing the idea to life!
  • So that was a quick overview of the innovation process, during this camp you will learn to master this process.. and mastering the innovation is certainly important for an entrepreneur. Many experienced entrepreneurs talk about how IDEAS are CHEAP! It might seem strange to you, but reality is that many people have great ideas.. but very few people actually do something with their ideas! Most people think that having a great idea is the most important but it really all comes down to execution instead of how good the original idea is – that is why we are taking you through this journey! To teach you the mindset and the basic skills of an entrepreneur. Here you can see a visualization of the process we are going through.. UNDERSTAND, USER, TECH, IDEATE, PITCH and CONTINUE.. *agenda on next slide..
  • During the workshop you can use the Innovator’s Guidebook to structure your workflow. For each of the stages you can find valuable tips and tricks so make sure to check it out..
  • Alright innovators it’s time to get started.. We will start out by creating the teams you are working in during the camp.
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    4. 4. Theoretical frameworks we use in the program
    5. 5. What is an entrepreneur?
    6. 6. 1 Liter of Light – Demitrios Burkas MyShelter Foundation
    7. 7. W S! NEB AD So… ?
    8. 8. Entrepreneurship... is an eXtreme sport14
    9. 9. ur rep r ene nt f an e nd set o Th e miEntrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff and then tryingto assemble an airplane on the way down - Reid Hoffman
    10. 10. Entrepreneurs are heroes
    11. 11. “The world is made by people who were nosmarter than you! – Don’t be afraid to change it…” Steve Jobs
    12. 12. Execut ion is e verythin g!
    13. 13. Time to get started! Next step: TEAM creation