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Intrapreneurship the Silicon Valley Way


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How to keep an organization agile and innovative by empowering internal intrapreneurs to continuously innovate.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Intrapreneurship the Silicon Valley Way

  1. Henrik Scheel The Art of Intrapreneurship
  3. “In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin.
  4. Not just a place – it’s a state of mind
  5. Good ideas don’t care where they came from!
  6. 5 Disciplines in Silicon Valley Networking - sharing knowledge and connections Build the right team Global ambitions from day 1 Fail faster – fail cheaper! Work smarter and harder - and have fun doing it
  7. What is LEAN Product development?
  8. Corporate Innovation Open Innovation Competitions (Challenge-driven innovation) M&A Intrapreneurship New Biz
  9. Intrapreneurship Execution Great IDEAS Creativity Idea management Management support Resources
  10. Characteristics of an intrapreneur • They are the dreamers of new projects and they have the ability to execute. • They can find their way from the idea to actualization. • They find the necessary resources within the organization: • Funds • Manpower
  11. How to be an intrapreneur? 1.No more “buts” 2.Deliver solutions 3.Show your smarts 4.Be a hero to your boss 5.Use positive executive behavior
  12. Can you be a successful intrapreneur?
  13. 21 Intrapreneurship... is an eXtreme sport
  14. How can organizations keep the intrapreneurs from leaving? • Stay on the frontier of new technology • New ideas are encouraged • Trial and error encouraged • Failures allowed • Resources available and accessible • Multi-discipline teamwork approach • Top-Management support and buy-in
  15. Market Success SRI’s Five Disciplines of Innovation Important Customer & Market Needs High Value Creation Innovation Champions Innovation Teams Organizational Alignment Disciplines are multiplicative SRI International
  16. Anybody can be a champion What if CEO stood for "chief enabling officer"? SRI International
  17. Innovation Champion - Clears obstacles for triumph of an idea - Identifies with customer needs - Addresses every challenge innovation faces: • Funding • Bureaucratic • Political • Human • Technical SRI International No champion – no project!
  18. Analytical/disciplined Managerial skills Hierarchical/positional authority Very current with project management systems & tools Commands respect Wants to make things “right” Solve problems as presented Driven by Budget, Schedule, Metrics, Specifications PROJECT LEAD Passion and commitment Leadership skills Enrolls teammates Constantly learning innovation skills and sharing with others Cross-disciplinary Wants to create customer value Looks beyond immediate problems Driven by the Value Proposition, Customer Needs, Market Opportunities CHAMPION SRI International
  19. Awesome books to check out!
  21. Henrik Scheel