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Touchless Touchscreen


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Implementation of the touchless technology

Published in: Engineering

Touchless Touchscreen

  1. 1. - Saptarshi Dey, CSE, 3rd Year, MCKVIE
  2. 2. Touchscreen….. A Quick Recap  A touchscreen is an electronic visual display that the user can control through simple or multi-touch gestures  Can be controlled by fingers or by a special styles/pen Common in devices such as game consoles, Pcs,mobiles,etc.
  3. 3. TouchSensor Controller Software Driver
  4. 4. Problems faced by touchscreen users
  5. 5.  In Touchless Touchscreen the there is no physical contact between the user and the device  It works by detecting hand movements in front of it.
  6. 6.  This is based on optical pattern recognition using a solid state optical matrix sensor  This sensor is then connected to a digital image processor, which interprets the patterns of motion and outputs the results as signals
  7. 7.  In each of these sensors there is a matrix of pixels  Each pixel is coupled to photodiodes incorporating charge storage regions.
  8. 8. Moving Images in front of the sensor Detected by the sensor Light enters to the sensor and hits the pixel matrix The photodiodes inside the pixel converts incoming light into electric charge The sensor generates electric signals Signals are processed by a DIP to provide output to the devices
  9. 9. Advantages  No de-sensitization of screen  Can be controlled from a distance  Useful for physically handicapped people Drawbacks  Not much, except the line of sight
  10. 10.  Touchless Technology is still developing  Many Future Aspects  With this in few years our body can become a input device