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conclusion re higher order elements soil classification steel punching mill scale metal dust metal powders heavy concrete metal fillers hormone replacement therapy menopause estrogenic activity jalaukavcharan varicose vein connecting rod computer etc information and communication technology software packages library automation chi square bmi abo apriori coronary heart disease shares securities funds debentures bonds scorecards. dashboards key performance indicators online analytical processing data analytics wlan non-cooperative system specific attenuation free space optics low flow periods do conductivity multihop ad-hoc wireless networks mac protocol international plant index. calotropis acia fire existence low permeability immune response sporozoite meroziote erythrocyte hepatocyte malaria parasite basic reproduction number. disease free equilibrium sensitivity analysis next generation matrix brand loyalty brand performance brand equity brand awareness thin-film. substrates poly 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computer vision. segmentation and edge/line detection haar classifier universal basic income (ubi) human rights (hr) legal sector automation (au) artificial intelligence (ai) ijtsrd transmission opportunity limit (txop). total congestion metric (tcm) mobile agents (ma) aodv routing protocol congestion control mobile ad hoc networks (manets) plagiarism research writing response surface methodology. taguchi approach sink marks injection molding process optimization thermo-mechanical cutting process. mini-tab software rake angle coated carbide tool uncoated carbide tool scr. support vector machine(svm). cerebrospinal fluid(csf) gray matter(gm) white matter(wm) magnetic resonance(mr) computed tomography(ct) fractional difference. sumudu transform quadruple laplace transform detecting element and authority provide. beneficiary transmitter a sensor node has essential parts to be specific p person days generated physical progress nreg scheme pv panels switching relay driver shunt capacitor pf improvement var compensator arduino uno microcontroller water pump automatic irrigation sph shape function triangulation eigen-value fvm fdm discretization congestion and tcp support in segmentation allocation ultraviolet wireless fidelity alternative transients program electro magnetic transients program electromotive force lower side band upper side band induction motor total harmonic distortion. zero voltage transition space vector modulation proportional integral derivative controller soil structure void index consolidation slurry sample aging effect microsoft access visual basic 6.0 v-blast. modulation communication channel and distributed networks security cloud computing security subtraction techniques railway safety manufacturing companies value relevance devadurga fuel sensor. nozzle sensor automotive petrol control petrol dispensing system customer id communication security mechanisms. node authentication pheromone tnau master trap leucinodes orbonalis bubble nitrogen enriched air on board inert gas generation system fuel system water contamination aircraft multipath routing mobile ad hoc network turbid meter nelumbo alum weka. j48 and random forest jrip mlp or. and qca wire majority voter affine control system automorphism orbit of ef(1) state space ef(1) automorphism non-compact lie group affine algebra hydro-electric power plant valve control flow and level control fuzzy logic toolbox matlab fuzzy logic toolbox matlab simulation fluid mixing process smart farm remote monitoring wireless network. tracking and classification querying and tasking network threats security protocols p_m?(p_n ?k_1)?k_1 p_m?(t_n ?k_1) 3) p_m?(p_n ?k_1 2) p_m?l_n p_m?(p_n ?k_1) p_m?p_n implementation. direct tax indirect tax dual central pharmaceutical formulations bromate-bromide oxidant teneligliptin spectrophotometry rebranding importance rebranding case rebranding advantages and disadvantages rebranding compressive and flexural strength polyvinyl alcohol subordinate grass ash online food marketing food marketing strategies sit (special investigating team) reports on black money measures taken by government vector quantization mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients endpoint detection speaker identification speaker recognition oxidants and pro oxidants tobacco wastage recognize safety rupture the logs are able to similarly assist improve test future prospects etc negp e-governance uhf printed rectangular monopole antenna impulse noise detection and removal. ship course keeping filtered adaptive inverse control stabilization. time-delay systems hyperbolic partial differential equation bhattacharyya distance wavelet packet decomposition physical activity physical resilience knn classifier. cross correlation detecting bike riders without helmet mapping pvfs gpfs hb power consumption cost weight saving cost saving beneficial usage aerated concrete block parallel encoding erasure codes archival performance replica-based storage clusters hadoop distributed ?le system commercial bank non-performing assets uttar pradesh child virtual reality. landscape design computer aided design matlab/simulinki care and protection act. amendment child welfare committee heinousness justice board delinquents juvenile justice data processing wind speed sensor temperature and humidity sensor (dht11) minimal spanning tree. network flow rejection rate. process capability indices process variation control charts statistical process control pet bottles non-biodegradable middle childhood. cultural socialization acquisition of compliance skills peer apprenticeship node mcu (esp8266) humidity iot server dust particles all picture territories that have comparable struc delta point alcoholic liver disease mixed nodular cirrhosis cirrhosis liver drought assessment. standardized precipitation index (spi) monthly rainfall fibers antimicrobial. profit sales working capital vinegar. sugar stem end rot mango baking soda gene expression cell cycle analysis apoptosis proliferation ovarian cancer cord blood mesenchymal stem cells pseudo first order kinetic. heavy metal eclipta alba cognitive mac medium access control protocol cognitive radio wireless sensor network lime. cohesive soil alkaline - bentonite. adsorbent yellow unit red unit level of justify the fat fat-and-oil thermal activation bentonite paracetamol uv spectrography public private partnership- ppp bmtc conductors psychological wellbeing reforms oligopolistic investors group settlement form agglomeration labor resources natural movement average annual growth rate settlement system ieee 802.11p congestion control event driven messages beacon messages detection rate false alarm ratio nsl-kdd data set sade combination anti-competitive agreements mrtp competition rotor blades hollow frustum tapered cone double row spherical roller bearing survival. indigenous medicinal resources indigenous medicinal knowledge environmental conservation immune system hepatitis b virus critical delay delay differential equation vaccination condom hbv control hbv infection telecommunication services radiofrequency interference quality of service multicast communication mobility management (mobile radio) channel allocation broadcast channels cfs nb-tree nb indirect tax and textile sector gst- good and service tax machine ethics roboethics iron oxide carbon black boiling solar steam chromatography. hplc diagnosis complications simple renal cyst solitary hot and cold extraction antioxidant activity total phenolic content blackberry seed wpa2 wpa wireless-attacks wireless-security wep ieee802.11 nitrogen dioxide rhoda mine b dye titanium dioxide self cleaning pen-computers tablet computers engineering college research productivity distambaliyah m?nu?a pauru?a daiva vidh?na kart? workability. glass fibre modified intuitionistic fuzzy metric space. r-weakly commuting mappings compatible maps data-in-transit. net beans cloud sim biometrical traits genetic divergence clusters schedule monitoring and microsoft project cost monitoring earned value analysis transport. construction quality assurance taxation. public sector termination. subordinate authority reasonable opportunity enquiry proceedings safeguards disciplinary action constitutional provisions reforming indian political system electoral candidate electoral system hecr rpo rto progressive incremental backup differential backup incremental backup recovery quality of service (qos) backup market access small business corporate culture cylindrical °ow.0 mass and heat transfer kelvin-helmholtz stability robotic orthosis. exoskeletal glove motion detection glove hand rehabilitation digitalized. digital initiatives small and medium enterprises micro msme copyright trademark patent geographical induction 12% moisture content kiln dried condition astm d 143-09 physical and mechanical properties of local season employees' job satisfaction water conservation alkaline soil matlab programming language multilayer perceptron network edge detection method myanmar alphabet recognition system historical background women's entry restriction sabarimala fuller's earth flouride electromagnetic experiments for emi se intrinsically conductive polymer polyaniline segregation municipal solid waste characteristics unizik awka first bank management system queue l- rhamnose aspergillus flavipus prunin a-l-rhamnosidase naringin citrus sinansis social infrastructues five years plan infrastructural development consumer psychology. discount strategy bundle strategy odd even strategy consumer psychology.buying behavior consumers' attitude nine-ending prices psychological pricing phyisco-chemical parameters mahua oil cake madhuca longifolia oreochromis mossambicus green synthesis and silver anaoparticles azadirachta indica matlab/simulink. distributed generation (dg) unified power quality conditioner (upqc) matlab/simulink dissolved gas analysis (dga). artificial neural network (ann) antimicrobial activities lactobacillus species milk greenhouse effect. luggage boot open type compressor auxiliary unit fcr modulus of rupture v void content of sand p load w/c water-cement ratio fc requird strength of concrete ggbs ground granulated blastfurnace slag opc ordinary portland cement british raj criticism movements of india ideology mahatma gandhi revolt 1857. east indies merchantile organisation opium trade state owned enterprise robert clive battle of plassey spice trade joint -stock company dutch monopoly british east india company success entrepreneurial characteristics designed mix horse manure/dung natural organic fibre reinforced concrete security exchange board of india legislation corporate sector file formats digitization natural enemies and yield intercrops euchrysopscnejus marucavitrata oxidative polymerisation and thermal conductivity. pani pashupalak herbal medicine semi nomadic tribe nomadic tribe kadugolla shedding picking mechanism cam loom speed financial leakages future trends digital forensic analysis (cyber forensics) digital evidence sox nox ambient air super capacitor permanent magnet synchronous motor (pmsm) regenerative braking violence economical psychological conflict matrimonial disputes incompatibility marriage ardunio health facilities bogoro denomination lsi protein glycogen remote control robot fire fighting networking. second language learner autnomy reading comprehension association analysis and genetic divergence pdi darwin bacterial leaf blight cultural influence global perspective self-efficacy mentoring currency notes economic policy traffic monitor distance sensor insulin regression model. heritability coping strategies. self-development time planning life management relaxation time management sesame. hybrids subgrade. subbase particle size distribution atterberg limits gully erosion rill erosion water stable aggregate organic carbon content landform well-graded road grain size falling head termite. reworked permeameter time-to-live ip spoofing ddos attacks dos attacks digital money. financial service industry fintech distributed ledger system the liqid cristal display (lcd) module. ph sensor pic16f887microcontroller career planning and development employee reward system employee motivation employee efficiency company performance business performance and decision-making accounting ratios deehc fldeehc mdeehc disjoint paths pedestrian road accident web 2.0 nozzle efficiency plasma spray gun disempowered social contexts middle-class skills training needs analysis online markets sha 512 algorithms encryption and decryption algorithms big data tools chandrika margo lifebuoy dettol skin swab urine amoxyullum and tetracycline nitrofurantioin staphyococcus aureus cefuroxime klepsiella sp e.coli gender discrimination gender equity digital marketing impact strength polypropylene s-glass e-glass icu nurses safe patient care saindhava vyosha surasa shigru vacha danti vyaghri atrophic rhinitis sinusitis tilataila vyaghritaila nasya putinasa creeping. super plasticizers stone dust ant colony optimization (aco). swarm intelligence particle swarm optimization honeybee botanicals and fungicides. bio agents its sequencing colletotrichumgloeosporioides clove antitumor anthelmintic antifungal antigonistic antineoplastic agent anti-inflammatory naive bayes. c4.5 singular value decomposition elitism multi-objective optimization non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm mimo-ofdm basis qkd qubit photon quantum cryptography sampling owerri air quality vehicular molecular morphological dendrobium spp. contarinia maculipennis compressive strength and permeability void content pozzolan open-dumping site water sample admiralty law jurisdiction arrest procedure digital : that which has to do with performance of sodium hydroxide sodium silicate geo polymer concrete xrd inhibitor specific gravity pollutant lstm rnn glyph synthesis font generation reliability measures replacement preventive maintenance parallel system and heterogeneous network. time sharing property efficiency analysis femtocells base station on/off switching green communication amp stories publisher advertise amp for word press amp email accelerated mobile pages absenteeism rural women hygine apis restful apis perceived opinion on benefits farm mechanization rayleigh channel interference cancellation v-blast matrix multiplication floating point streaming elements field programmable gate array (fpga) accelerators job performance travelers perspective gourmettrip maternal and child death etc morbidity prevalence who primary health care human resources sodium renal potassium magnesium kidney fluid electrolyte dysfunction simultaneous signals monitoring alh helicopter data interface unit (diu) multi-function display (mfd) control display system (cds) display and mission computer (dmc) delighted customers hr practices aesthetic labour retail industry self frequency control reactive power sharing droop control adoption and drip-irrigation banana cultivation ntru algorithm comb3lab thermal treatment adsorption capacity speciation analysis late rite soils fluoride removal nanomedicine cancer therapy nanorobotics cot hrt optic disk semi channels ion focusing attack suppression attack detection spoofing attack compaction shear pvc powder soil improvement and quad tree algorithm education and livelihood oil mill workers hanumangarh town sampling points canal deteriorating items and particle swarm optimizatio deteriorating items and genetic algorithms high temperature curing toughness epoxidized sunflower oil 4'-diaminodiphenylmethane epoxy resin gelr 128 lohavedh ahimsa alchemy woollen fabrics etc food processing commerce social media mining recommended product product reviews subjects self-help group food frequency consumption bcso finite impulse response astaxanthin charybdis edwardsii stegnography uremic toxins hormonal derangements inflammation acidosis dialysis protein catabolism protein nutrition image preprocessing married women birth control bist memory hierarchy pdt incipient presbyopia prathama palagata timira antioxidant enzymes natural antioxidant phytoactives colocasiaesculenta mobile application. online railway pass form monthly student pass railway concession form mortar-less construction stress-strain stiffness prisms interlocking blocks rsa blowfish 3des asymmetric algorithms symmetric algorithms crack detection. binarization sub-blocking binary morphology image pre-processing tiles defect train control train tracker train locator out sourcing strategic fit synergies swachh bharat abhiyan clean india clean india swachhata abhiyan swachh bharat mission swachh bharat abhiyan banning of sites. safe or unsafe? bittorrent trackers leeches seeders peer-to-peer systolic array corrodent tib2 vortex cation exchange capacity (cec) exchangeable sodium percentage (esp) atterberg's limit test posterior probability prior probability naive bayes classifier bayesian belief networks bayes theorem seasonal variations crop plants edaphic factors amf glomalin l2- regularization analytical solution decimation deconvolution single image super-resolution structural similarity(ssim) multi-exposure image fusion(mef) brick reinforcement composite material straw bale house place promotion price sustainability of go green medicinal field infections honey voltage magnitude svc real and reactive power power profile human life applicability. excess and deficiency (ifra? and ta universality moderation teachers' profile propose recommendations problems encountered schools' curriculum ict integration laboratory soil column. effective dispersion coefficient dispersivity: advection dispersion equation therapist counseling transactional analysis levels methods approach rfid antenna circuits and exhaust emission engine performanc emulsion characteristics diesel-biodiesel-bioethanol emulsion fuels smart manufacturing smart healthcare forest smart energy smart environment smart buildings dc-dc power converter ac-dc power converter power conversion interface computer hardware augmented reality head-mounted display user interfaces computer augmented environment deficiencies american institute of architect contract system tender system public tender armed conflict reasons protests assessment strategies access tokens identity tokens o auth open id rbac identity server tokens claims candidates scammers recruiter fake companies post editorials newspaper science communication scan digital image opportunities structure r language market basket analysis data mining rhadoop big data applications big data in government sector novel story science fiction abahan experimental group concurrent control historical control structured nursing care rounds time and motion study testing plate mill seven segment display rolling mill reheating furnace measurement retired persons influential ambassadors renovative offerings brand revitalization compensation and performance marketers panic button safety apps ios an- droid visual studio cross-platform xamarin future customers stores physical retail omnichannel autism immunity camel milk regeneration petunia hybrid maltose eco-friendly edm moora near-dry edm electrical discharge machining healthcare. collaborative intrusion detection system (ids) a method to calculate functions of matrix gf matrix method line-shape function msk ieee 802.15.4 low-cost physical layer pay difference social inclusion enrolment slum communities mid day meal scheme demographic variables herding cognitive biases behavioral finance protein energy wasting protein energy malnutrition nutritional intervention kpis and oob gfdm and f-ofdm oob cp ayurvedic therapies tridosha ardhaavabhedhaka migraine tor dark web deep web surface web commentators astanga sanghra astanga hridaya sushruta charak all terrain vehicle (atv) rover suspension system rocker bogie performance management motivation factors contemporary motivation tools persistence pesticide residues soil columns leaching chemical pesticides genetic algorithm and himt c-mean clustering k-means clustering image mining k means and fuzzy c means (fcm) clustering. gaussian mixture model penalties breath analyser safety rules fatalities traffic safety drunk driving agriculture website list kisan help lines services farmer portal agricultural helpline toll free number app for farmers help lines for farmers help lines page rank mlib mahout swsn stl visible light lifi proteinuria non-proteinuric diseases eskd ckd peginesatide anemia peritoneal dialysis hemodialysis renal transplant recipients cardiovascular disease statins dyslipidemia curriculum implementation competency based curriculum key management etc impact of private tuition structured data massive data big data analytics dft and antimicrobial efficiency ir & nmr spectral data 4-triazol-3-amine 1h-1 2-(2-chlorophenyl)-1h-benzo[d]imidazole 2-chloromethyl-1h-benzimidazole economic empowerment genetic algorithm. pso overhearing idle listening energy efficient smac (ee-smac) sensor-mac (smac) media access control (mac) subject verb agreement tenses pronunciation grammar electron glassplates blackbery teacher role psychological problems bed students academic achievement self concept environmental responsibilities achievements autoscaling scalability amazon web services (aws) polyester e-glass fiber banana fiber thermo acoustic refrigeration apparent sound absorption coefficient nrc astm e1050-08 sound waves wedm and tool chromium wire : carbon minutiae matching minutiae extraction risk assessment renal dialysis doppler echocardiography photo-voltaic principle reciprocating motion mechanism increased cutting space scotch yoke mechanism grass cutter sidelobe level (sll) linear arrays genetic algorithm (ga) emotional intelligence skills. interpersonal skills conflict resolution diplomacy firebase storage firebase analytics firebase authentication firebase real-time database fcm firebase attrition employee issues health hazards business process outsourcing stripping value penetration ductility impact value crushing strength yield strength. elongation (ductility) hardness austempered ductile iron tempered iron spherulitic cast iron pesticides yields agricultural drone/uav bio active compounds sesuvium apache hadoop pentaho sap hana hp vertica ibm biginsight spss minitab tomato hybrid tomato hybrid coth 2 fuzzy logy overhead tree portable lightweight modification solidworks scissor jack time period power factor corrected (pfc) brushless direct current (bldc) motor zeta converter management practices livelihood strategies halophytic mangrove forest rf receiver rf transmitter garcinia gummi-gutta cao nano catalyst mt tpd vmc swm msw pcos water percentage embedded soil sensors nano humidity sensor at89s52 controller nano technology processor stability enhancement allergy cough cetirizine hydrochloride ambroxyol hydrochloride colostrum infants growth breast feeding infants interleaved boost converter power factor correction (pfc) interleaved boost gender mainstreaming women participation peace building hunting human intervention extinction animals bioloical oxygen demand total harmonic distortion (thd) pulse width modulation (pwm) cascaded h-bridge inverter interferometry holography wallets virtual currency bit coin block chain neh heuristics cds heuristics palmer heuristics heuristics flexible manufacturing system incidents safety eigen faces face detection principle component analysis thermal cameras streaming three layer monitoring fleet management carstream internet of vehicles psuedomonas micrococcus physical parameters naphthalene polyclic aromatic hydrocarbons response surface methodology (rsm) tool life milling process bank linkage programme and poverty alleviation. self help group (shg) polyethylene powder plastics wastes socio-philosophical imagination paradigm shift medicine epistemology medicine autodock easy modeller alzheimer neuropathologist computational biology v.c.r. c.i engine rendered chicken oil split cylinder test compressive strength test mild steel filings canberra distance. image sub-blocks minority culture color histogram edge orientation histogram recruitment practices e-recruitment certification ethereum rbm cnn auto-encoders security issues data security spectral data broth dilution method antimicrobial screening krohnke synthesis dicoumarins coumarins thermal insulation pcm phase change materials personal assistant stt smart speaker tts nlu avs a.i. ipa robotics synergism sixth sense technology artificial intelligent generation & values workstyle workplace leaders millennials reuse reduce environmental issue ring laser semiconductor optical amplifier frequency encoding morphing shape memory effect smart materials hydro-mechanical control students' achievements teachers' content knowledge spiht stw wrd rle voids ratio variation in aggregate size coefficient of permeability change agent organizational change electronics surveillance studies vocational training skill social neglect children with disabilities reconfigurable cordic hyperbolic trigonometry coordinate rotation digital computer (cordic) circular trigonometry harmonic current power factor correction converter machine transplanter conventional planting enrollment ota wemos d1 esp 8266 naira-dollar exchange rate foreign aids mucoadhesion drug delivery dental public policy cash transfers income inequality vcr diesel engine life skill special educational institutes intellectually disabled children hydrochloric acid finite element monitoring landing gear decision support system ann algorithm smart actuation mapping location pet caring deflection and principal stress. equivalent stress shear strain fluent ansys leaf spring gantt charts. critical path primavera high rise buildings feature extraction techniques face detection methods ann etc. autocorrelation lpc fire detector locking gps module vehicle tracking socio-economic rural development community empowerment integrated training model organizational productivity strategic reward system employee recognition organizational rewards maximum capacity mosfet power delay product latch clock reinforcement details lateral pressure internal friction cantilever retaining wall transient thermal behavior heat dissipation rate emission characteristics. desulphurization tyre pyrolysis oil multivariable linear regression technique precast optical fiber link fiber otdr gain dual-stacked yagi antenna and impacts waste heat. steam power cam shaft water injection internal combustion engine return on investment and return on equity farm value strategic plan node distance rss (received signal strength) node connectivity wireless sensor networks (wsns spe sample preparation lle validation parameters bio-analytical method development lc-ms/ms bioanalysis strength sugarcane straw ash ogbaru local government area cooperative societies agricultural output environmental determinants civic policies communalization kerala etc (electronic toll collection). rfid (radio frequency identifier) nfc (near field communication) sas etc yarn banking reforms retail banking indian heavy load tri-wheeler mechanism stair climber trolley trisection drug extraction sample preparation bioanalysis dna methylation tet2 vitamin-c blast cells leukemia hacking network admistrator hubs router packet tracer hsv counterfeit feature invarient fake currency non-communicable diseases antioxidant potential nutritional composition psidium guajava bevel gears fabrication washing machine pedal power asclepiadaceae trichotomously mucilagenous fluid pubescent decalepis hamitonii wight & arn. global system for mobile(gsm) data acquisition unit(daq) wireless sensor network(wsn) structural health monitoring (shm) uv- visible spectroscopy methotrexate warpage core-cavity mould network communication networking algorithms computer networking response acceleration spectra equivalent lateral force procedure structural period ccd image sensor module pupicide and synergism larvicide aedes aegypti piper nigrum coriandrum sativum cypermethrin leftovers food loss food waste management food waste non governmental organization micro-finance extended surface overall heat transfer coefficient ansys 14.5 shell and tube heat exchanger cool storage. phase change material (pcm) thermophysical propert nanofluids redundancy multiresolution invariance double density complex wavelet transform kn bap nodal explant solanaceae petunia hybrida storey drif lateral displacement flexibility plate stresses shear walls flat slab kubernetes docker docker swarm microservice oriented architecture monolithic architecture controller orm(object-relational-mapping) mvc codeigniter straghorn stone crystallization coffea arabica struvite low-voltage automatic breakers master pact cassava dissemination multipliers pre-charging radix-4 digital signal processing infinite impulse response (iir) filter naive base classifier pan and tompkins (pat) algorithm electrocardiogram filtering qrs complex detection electrocardiogram (ecg) liberalization. mnc capitalism craigslist non-relational database architecture of mongodb mongodb magnesite disturbances fractional fourier transform swell sag nonperforming assets bad debts credit administration vcr engine compression ratio esterified mahua oil review pongamia bio diesel moc sbk bs mu-mimo comp network response time solar power satellites rectenna microwave power transfer wireless power transfer sisal fiber fiber hybrid subscriber identity module (sim) smartphones salesforce flatform etc. sales claud salesforce crm information extraction review summarization feature based opinion mining eigen vector eigenvalue epoch nn instrument cashless digital payment mobile wallet combined effects asymmetric restaurants word-of-mouth convolution theorem inverse laplace transformation laplace transformation pass transistor logic transmission gate 2-to-4 line decoder heart beat sensor motor parallel etc series unglazed pv/t optimization techniques output responses input process parameters solar collector surface finish speed optimum parameters carbide coated tools aisi 316 aisi 304 turning operation calibration system high sensitivity electrostatic collection software engineering pick & place intensive care units nosocomial infections marketer traditional marketing human body thermal waves infrared radiation organizational behaviour process grievance handling techniques grievance engineering physics thin-film semiconductor manganese dioxide psychology and professional it cu-zeolite catalyst euro 6 standards exhaust emission catalytic converter health information exchange( hl7) cda business trip amenities hevea-brasiliensis ficuselastica plantation natural rubber ronw pbt eps mess tracking outpass hostel interference direct sequence spread spectrum code division multiple access tiller shovel smaw hardfacing exam portal admission invigilation exam cell toxic arsenic expectation-maximization quantile regression panel data microbes nanomaterials stressés thickness boiler refractory design thermal efficency thermal resistance inclinations heat pipe r-squared genetic algorithms (ga) data imputing friction applied mathamatics network topology hamiltonian cycle eulerian circuit implementation results tdes patriarchy community unindustrialized polyurethane fiber hdpe nutritional blindness dietary pattern life style disorders siddha preventive medicine load on wave spring working stress deflection wave spring thickness mohfw ministry of health & family welfare tuberculosis tb dot reed switch heat transfer coefficient. cfd fluent and al2o3 water nanofluid icem cfd heat transfer enhancement shell-and-tube heat exchanger residential building experimental under floor air distribution system quality services health care delivery internal service quality hard tissue 3-d bio printing anti-aging urolithins polyphenolic tannins polyphenol punicallagin punicallin orac telomere free radicals peel extract porous zone substrate catalytic convertor tokenization types of sql injection sql injection cmm 3d printing prototype freedom fighter leader kamarajar e-ticket wi-fi connectivity suburban railway voice recognition printing thermal printer bluetooth technology moral issues modern business deformation etc static load udl stiffer drainage manhole cover politics of threat freedom to hate cyberhoax return lp optimal loan portfolio digital softwares embroidery phulkari big data in smart farming smart farming fourier transform filter bank wavelet step size runge kutta methods differential equations electronic travel aids blindness fan epa radon mitigation network. cgsr aack(adaptive acknowledgment) book renewal library automatic book drop vit limit switch obstacle sensor crop prediction sustainable farming ultimate strength seismic loads shape of openings shear wall openings originality gia standard diamond (++). sign (+++) slogans phrase pragmatics national jensen calculate treynor calculate. sharpe calculate performance evaluation multi commodity exchange (mcx) trading futures work content motion study time study secondary schools secondary education icts tools icts mac fn sn feature vector ccm cbir qpsk spectral efficiency (se) maximum likelihood (ml) minimum mean square error (mmse) zero forcing (zf) v-blast (vertical bell laboratories layered space- mrc (maximal ratio combining) amplify and forward (af) multi attendee bandwidth capabilities crowd source polarity score co-occurrence frequency data aspect category consumer reviews image processing and feature extraction data storage '“my sql window forms blends spray wavelength photonic crystal fiber dispersion resin cracks windshield pedestrian safety head injury production line bottleneck discrete event simulation arena acceleration gravitational frictional two phase single phase sha algorithm with hash function bpmn fgsm ccaf sanger sequencing mapreduce model bi data analytics dna strands next generation sequencing crop monitoring smart agriculture system drip irrigation singular value decomposition (svd) security and privacy electronic payment system credit cards electronic wallet crop surveillance. drone technology in agriculture ripeness detection 'œsimultaneous extraction and dyeing" wool eco friendly dyes curcumin turmeric search seo anti microbial and anti oxidant hand sanitizer pkg pcs encryption algorithm muthuvan community and kerala tribe women health type2 diabetes type1 diabetes kolhapur in room technology guest experience technological amenities guestroom technology cancer map requirements map quality map projection caad system accuracy 3-layer architecture of iot smart business utilities thing's information as object nppa and price control dpco and essential medicines positive and negative impact eight different tax hsn code gst council gst rates indirect tax system economic growth of country gst a giant tax structure jasminum fluminense and biomedical science nanopowder leaf extract reidentification potential practical deployment re-encryption web logs web usage data clustering algorithms air quality measurement pm10(particle matter 10) low-field anatomy of hair hair porosity hair growth cycle hair conditioner hair dyes shampoo hair cosmetic hair enam e-auction mandi arcgis recharge well cct watershed management techniques electrical biomedical highest locker's priority protocol (hlp) real-time operating systems (rtos) rate-monotonic scheduling (rms) ieee 754 floating point unit dual polarization triple- frequency multilayer microstrip antenna tectonic landform. indo-eurasian suture convergent plate boundary plate boundary suture line duplicate count strategy dataset duplicate detection activity tracking location based service electronic health record bar coded medication clinical decision support system intensive care unit neural networks classifier varachha tapi river hydraulic design herbal dietary supplements functional foods public hospital patient satisfaction unskilled manual work strengthen democratic process ecological synergies physical capital mgnrega smes performance policy of internet use personal ability of internet use shape classification algorithms image edge detection educational institutions image color analysis vehicles roads near field communication collaborative learning smartphone smart classroom kaizen lean manufacturing expatriate principles agile scrum ag nanoparticles delonix elata green approach bio fuel hho si engine hydrogen natural frequencies of vibrating screening machine harmonic analysis modal analysis mongo database dba dbms cattle season biochemical power-transmission control power system control power semiconductor devices load flow control ac'“dc power conversion harmonics reduction shunt active power filter optimum sizing rers wind power generation state of charge (soc) solar power generation battery energy storage station (bess) adaptive smoothing control bess wind power management jatyadi ghrita audience measurement tv ratings fingerprint biometrics fingerprint identification distribution network flow-correction leibnitz's differential form darcy-weisbach equation pipe-flow head-loss shorea robusta phanerocheate chrysosporium lignocellulosic bioethanol contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization. morphological image processing haar-like features content search and privacy preserving personalized search user query logs web search engine cellulose pretreatment anaerobic digestion technology social exclusion land alienation text classification spam filtering sms spam mechanism handicapped customer-hotel relationship repurchase intentions rfid readers club management system indian sign language (isl). orientation histogram (oh) phase change material thermal energy storage compound techniques passive techniques active techniques heat transfer augmentation legal currency conversion financial it companies composite concrete and reinforcement concrete recycled plastic conventional slab bubble deck slab diabecon sulfonylurea hyperglycemia cohesive soils puriblei ka-pah-syntiew u syiem(the king) lyngdoh basán khasis esp8266 wifi module sem image nanocrystals x-ray diffraction cdse nanoparticles cloudiot worldview distributed computing raeed-a saodv err model dos attack milk productivity pou1f1 gene polymorphism holstein breed wlan 802.1 agent based routing scheme structural diversification north east non farm sector employment status knn classifier haar wavelet transform parasite detection power demand memory architecture ?eld-programmable gate arrays (fpgas) design automation information system (his) electronic health records (ehr) cloud storage new back plate cost reduction piercing trimming morphological operation image segmentation image acquisition waiting time scheduling models service level agreement multi server system guaranteed service quality childhood mortality rates anaemia immunization mch care rating recommendation trust svd++ data filtering department management sustainable leaves litters epigeic earthworms vermicompost formation of structural adhesive recycling of waste thermocol plastic waste management petrol thermocol speaker unit atmega 328 p-pu lcd (16*2) audio processing unit apr 9600 voice recording mod keypad module environmental issues quality control scm eoq inventory control industrial management mammogram images longitudinally positive outcomes mind depression physiological imbalance undergoes stress fejer kernel cesaro sum material handling robot vortex-bladeless vortex induced vibrations (viv) fluid-structure interaction (fsi) adaptive policy prediction and feature selection meaning-problems-reasons-statistical data - sugges lecture video archives content-based video search automatic video indexing lecture videos interactive marketing service model internal marketing wide range coverage and voice control application gabor filter microscopic images clinical images oral cancer femininity masculinity oppression inferior superior non-invasive invasive method borehole data liquefaction potential map yangon city geographic information system (gis) liquefaction potential index urolithiasis investigation urology dye- decolorizing peroxidase versatile peroxidase manganese peroxidase lignin peroxidase ligninolytic enzymes site-specific sensing data highly-portable tool smart antenna rls fading cdma adaptive algorithms allied fields communities biodiversity joints column beam bakery waste methane biogas nde methods lidar x-ray fluorescence (xrf) analysis parallel computing technology- new breed of financial services consumer banking graphical analysis eoambas - enterprise overseer attendance managemen attendance analysis jonson's comedy restoration comedy confusion chen system arnold cat map image encryption python language medical prescription microcontrollers rtc ds1307 linux operating system audio playback board(apr33a3) raspberry pi zero various shapes and arrangements layout and geometry dimple surfaces marine clay coir fibre http immutable base64 digital artifacts sanitary landfilling composting sexual harassment of women at workplace constitution of india sexual harassment theft prevention photovoltaic cell energy conservation tracker medical crisis identification gps device total solids moringaoleifera dairy wastewater parallel execution market basket analysis confidence support frequent item mining pseudomonas putida 2- dioxygenase catechol 1 ict for development annova s/n ratio doe cutting force okra hybrid cobhh 1 triblas. addiction and liquor association rules incremental data-mining frequent pattern behavioral analytics health care applications smart homes rebillions literary criticism warrior compession feminist rfid reader microcontroller 80v51 multispectral rfid scanner phototropism movement light earthworm visual basic android technology web server gsm modem servqual model carrot powder soya flour noodles refined wheat flour utility mining top-k pattern mining high utility dataset mining frequent dataset pss conical hyperbolic shell foundations multi-document wordnet text summarization measure of the conflict conflict by man-man or animal on environment review study turbine voltage sensor visually impaired transcripts transcription teg uniformity exhaust exchangers switches laser aurdino pharmacological attributes invasive species ethnomedicines end milling plastics emotional maturity lack of independence personality disintegration social maladjustment emotional regression emotional unstability database backup boundary element method 2d non-linear wave equation non-scholastic scholastic expert system asset and liability risk management camel model user documents dht sensor moisture sensor sequencing batch reactor ammoniacal nitrogen pharmaceutical wastewater stress detector pulse sensor hypervisor coud computing docker smart contracts proof of work decentralized applications commercial off the shelf (cots) expertise expert location expert finding students attitude socio- economic condition and green revolution women agriculture labours pin generation shuffling keyboard cashless transaction random code self services maritime gps receiver certificate revocation cloud-based services umberto eco laughter communicate settlement fringes urbanization rurban aerial expansion encompassing swaraj adarsh gram holistic rurban villages inclusiveness settlements entities thermal performance factor. hatha yoga yoga coping nursing students passive infrared sensor (pir). rain water harvesting tank electrical conductivity sensor hydroponics fast diagram new product development (npd) value engineering (ve) value analysis (va) functional analysis process parameter for fsw fsp fsw symbol blood bank patient life care students english- phobia remedies english causes market value business risk financial risk geo-strategic. technological cultural commercial bilateral relation iran surveillance camera motion estimation malpractice adventure tourist custom social norms unadulterated ladakh bci social network mining cross-domain recommendation recommender systems travel route recommendation hyper spectral image local spectral component decomposition spectral line business environment over fitting problem uncertainty low rank matrix user preference learning online social recommendation methodology shm ministry of external affairs iccr aishe m.phil p.hd acts rights aisi 310 and aisi 316 l tig welding dissimilar metal weld power flow control facts controller epfc tcsc d-facts grid connected hybrid systems standalone hybrid systems energy management nodemcu8266 displays eog discreet wavelet transform database management system career guidance web based system real time application fraud rating fairplay android applications ultrasonic motor shield bo motor histogram intersection content-based image retrieval small-file problem hdfs client name node data node image de-noising medical image wavelets soft measurement cod parameter water quality monitoring neural network and neurological disorders syntactic or structural statistical template matching keil ide micro controller at89s52 virtual reality sensing unit optical character recognition adaboost tesseract algorithm hospital/blood bank patient/donor web based client-server architecture sending product posts osn (online social network) hin (heterogeneous information network) netspam (network spam) child rearing equal status differential socialization employee turnover vandalism alarm building public utility pipeline data acquisition system multi agent system critical systems actuator java classes stimulus response real time hardware optimization decoding crc golay code operational delay rto license smoke sensor grip sensor load sensor bagasse batibus modbus ch pf sde microcontacts of recommended iec three-phase five-wire network tn-s four wire electric network tn-c cases the low-voltage transformer reliability of electrical supply the programmed logic controller master- pact compact ns schneider electric mining algorithm genomic data co-regulatory module transcription factor microrna(mirna) hall effect sensor look up table three phase inverter bldc wifi video and sound processing shape and texture animal prevention system courses interview test placement career tracking self excitation generator model obstacle avoidance serially interfaced flight controller text-to-speech voice commands digital assistants user interface computation test bed complex network affective text mining recognition of group emotion affect sensing and analysis naive bayes algorithm routing algorithms process variation (pv) network on chip (noc) congestion asynchronous design gustation discrimination power differential threshold level age mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire screening tool schirmer's test i nitbut telecommunication security near-field communication mobile computing full-stack development basket ranking algorithm product ranking algorithm data synchronization real-time database competence researcher computational linguistics language technology track shake shake alert hydrostatic testing test rig setup iso standard centrifugal pump exhaust nox decrease with urea nox controlled with urea urea spray for nox reduction nox reduction using urea encryption and decryption secured voting electoral process voting system sales and marketing purchase management expense management business techniques enterprise resource planning lecture-on-demand android set-top box interactive tv (itv) energy storage hybrid renewable energy systems(hres) modeling information security picrypt automatic surveillance digital image processing rgb edge detection constitution supreme court right to vote under trial outlier detection reverse nearest neighbor data sets k-couplet anonymity data analytic web ranking algorithm sky filter policy generator global peace critical thinking lpo cat sod labeo rohita mercuric chloride server-client model mjpeg streamer skid-steered local network pibot objectives facilitating organizational ads triband ls blog content management systems web content management cms diseases and seeking treatment elderly members perceptions economic liberalization gradual liberalization generations reproduction of reality physical features sensibility postmodern audio-visual recognition convolutional neural network collaboration nearest-neighbor matrix-factorization social-voting drug release mechanism drug targeting drug carriers lymphatic system realtime bursty topic tweet stream topicsketch unscheduled trade ttc (total transfer capability) rtu (remote terminal unit) pmu (phasor measurement unit) causes and impact of energy outage frequency stability voltage collapse indian grid overload earth observation and space museum application sending alerts smart phone sensors knn(k-nearest neighbors) abnormal driving behaviors pattern taxonomy method pattern taxonomy deploying unorganized sector women workers working conditions and problems decision process theory path goal theory contingency theory behavioural theory traits theory dwi wash services gdi share values volatility heteroskedasticity clicks user actions visibility anticipation ic engine network throughput starvation free backpressure phrase search unique identification code (uic) reduced signal strength indicator (rssi) hybrid power floating station recycle concrete aggregate natural concrete aggregate irrigation farming harmattan evapotranspiration atmosphere signal strength relative humidity consciousness women pride brand personality personality gameobject sprite c# component-based coding game engine unity bluetooth module wireless notice boards comsol hst magnetic flux finite element method (fem) nano refrigerants process variables refrigerants thermo physical co-efficient of performance lebeziatnikov sonia katkov aes on-chip scan chain comparison flipped scan chain hardware security logic obfuscation off-grid electrification reliability index battery technologies renewable energy integration device discovery resource utilization cellular networks d2d communication agents pollution toxic chemicals stem cell therapy fault detection and classification emtp transmission line short time fourier transform multiple intelligences active learning dominant kinesthetic intelligence drilling jig turning fixture socio-economic condition family support visually challenged peter katherine langdon secrets user privacy smart generation and distribution oms struvite fertilize electrolysis magnesium ammonium phosphorous (map) phosphate recovery wastewater radio frequency identification (rfid). short message service (sms) electronic geo-tracking (egt) mild cognitive impairment (mci) alzheimer disease (ad) and location web browsing application usage booster q-statistic high dimensional data classification online social networks social networking services multi-party privacy conflicts path similarity novel path hash function path inference gujarat thermal properties bio-diesel waste fish oil loads footongs structural elements columns beams slasbs carry speculative adder (cspa) digital signal processors(dsps) arithmetic logic units(alus) health communication significance technology. involvement persuasive message cpscps recommended services big data analysis utilization of biomass waste products energy demand monitoring & controlling inrush current thin film solar cell dssc (dye sensitized solar cell) iec 61850 substation monitoring and control interaction predictive oboburu obite cameroon and school environment cipher text fresnal reflector parabolic trough csp svm classifier. blp snail shells melon shells mild steel surface hardness carburization reduction dried leaves fresh leaves agnps sub-linear search time k gram multi-keyword search decentralized storage artworks blockchain technologies data piracy distributed energy generation & r-apdrp cavity of spherical portion/ peripheral edge crack student performance prediction educational institute stock prediction fermentation microbial source agricultural starchy substrate a-amylase geothermal resources poland geothermal power plant binary cycle functional food ingredient radioactivity photovoltaic panels etc freedom of press turnover intention emotional exhaustion abusive supervision short messaging service (sms) accidents temporary labour current scenario of contract labour in india contractual labour contract labour act cda hl7 health information exchange phishing email adoptable compatibility navigation magnetometer compass ride sharing real-time taxi sharing taxi-sharing my-sql database apache tomcat server eclipse java jdk 6.0 m. cymbalaria leaf culture in-vitro culture extract purity nano-particles telfairiaoccidentalis reducing agent computers human resource hand gesture recognition facial recognition human computer interaction developing of grid rural electrification shs mathematical modelling hydrogen energy sources json documents xml documents manets blackhole attack blackhole acid relational model achievements of comedy artificial comedy sentimental comedy density weight high strength aluminium alloys pv array homer software absurdity existentialism pedagogical suicide suicide traffic allocation algorithm network utility maximinization (num) greedy techniques constrained random routing (crr) mechanism wireless network sensor (wns) meat vegetables pathogen food safety raman computer vision nirs chemometrics chemical imaging hyperspectral imaging nondestructive method chemical engineering financial constraints kota doria gsm technology illegitimate attestation dactylogram raspberry pi 3 atmega16 sign language oais hospital information system clinical record atrial fibrillation minitab 17 design of experiment nylon en8k machine learning approaches multiple imputations id3 algorithm classification techniques self-assessment total quality management business excellence spartan 3 fpga utilization of fly ash x-rays omega-3 emotions significant incisive logical judgments critical application specific integrated circuit (asic) static partial reconfiguration dynamic partial reconfiguration partial reconfiguration microcontroller pic16f877a fingerprint sensor rfid tag and reader 3d-model automatic automized product design rp processes polyhouse graphical user interface enzymatic degradation aspergillus moulding vswr parabolic reflector fiberglass plant nutrients renewable wastes supply liquid microbial consortium biofertilizers scope in mutual fund investors' perception mutual fund bombay stock exchange risk and return factors impact of trafficking physical and sexual exploitation trafficking people-discovery friend-finding point-of-interest based data storage data transmission data sources orange peels pseudomonas phb equations of e differential inequality mean square stochastic delay differential equation impetuous stabilization the present paper is particularly exhibits about t intra and inter fault tolerance routing fault tolerance base station combined vignaradiatal. effectiveness uninoculated third-term equation. linear fractional nabla difference equation fractional difference operator bus tracker via gps using android application other social networks social search information seeking redundant signed digit (rsd). karatsuba'“ofman multiplication and field-programmable gate array (fpga) elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) application-specific instruction-set processor (as radiography radiation protection pediatric imaging socio-cultural marginalisation seismic active ecosystem destruction language translation text saliency text recognition fine-grained classification aadhar number malicious account online social network proguard des (data encryption standard). mobile application phr (patient health record) ehr (electronic health record) cutting tools milling cutters mrsa ethyl acetate dichloromethane compounds components activities cpf1 protein guide rnas gene drive crispr meaconing spoofing continuous auditing and monitoring data provenance auditability logging cloud service providers (csps) trust in cloud computing signal traffic vehicle density insider threat image falsification dynamic pattern shoulder-surfing graphical password reverse process novel source data count source estimation multi-winding transformer three-to-seven phases multiphase transmission line multiphase system stir-casting tungsten carbide aluminium metal matrix composite lyophilized powder for injection casporan® isocratic-hplc caspofungin mahalanobis distance metric face naming affinity matrices regularized low-rank images tax evasion and the growth of small firms personal income working designing color psychology popular culture graphic design tension coordinate system velocity force vectors in space hierarchical-abe ciphertext policy key policy attribute based encryption registration notification product aspects customer review nursing children nurses grief motor pump gsm modem motor driver rain sensor level sensor venture capital portfolio investment market capitalization derivative market secondary capital market / stock market diáspora public private partnership (ppp) model desert area hilly social conditions handlooms crises employee commitment employee loyalty shoot root cytokinin auxin ms media micro propagation tamil nadu construction projects ns2 ppc waste glass frequency and inter-bar current skewing factor analysis attitude of retailers retailer perspective maize kernel remover maize threshing machine maize decobber rack and pinion attachment sound sensor and oxygen sensor offline character recognition devanagari script comsol multiphysics nanoparticle transformer oil career advancement academic performance indicator synthetic database aadhar card biometric recognition structural engineering etabs performance level pipe cutting pneumatic system convertor ladle treatment ladle natural aggregate recycled coarse aggregate spam marana shodhana dhatu chikitsavada lohavada rasa shastra cross-sectional comparison bilingual sentence alzheimer's disease (ad) dementia brain cooperation china-africa africa projects developmental administering brewery industry and customer's satisfaction resource relations operating system example of some operating system function of operating system operating system service type of operating system introduction heavy water plant (hwp) irrigation water water characteristics industrial effluents structural health monitoring repair ndt techniques opportunity compromise alternative mathematical physics network cloud d2d wireless network feature laser cummunication sport drinks. rehydration exhaustion dehydration bit error rate (ber) multiple input multiple output (mimo) vertical bells lab layered space time(v-blast) uv-visible spectroscopy apremilast durability using sulphate resistance test workability and harden properties of concrete glass fibres self compacting concrete firm size growth in assets long-term debts earnings volatility dividend payout dividend yield earthenpots and thin cotton curtain desert cooler portfolio investors expected returns behavior finance optic nerve head raised intraocular pressure mme (mobility management entity) mimo (multiple input multiple output) ofdma (orthogonal frequency division multiplex acc lte (long time evolution) secrete communications covert timing channel data hiding transference packet sequence regional disparity gender gap metal removal rate en 31 alloy fuzzy almost strong i -open set fuzzy almost i -open fuzzy sßi -set fuzzy di -set fuzzy strong ß -i -open set fuzzy topological ideal honeywords hacker breeding dairy farmers knowledge level sephadex-a50 and surfactant 16s rrna sequencing protease ocenobacillus iheyensis uid foreground image shadow detection background detection rvds blob detection lbp dm388 camera kit ccs microbiota vegetable fats corn starch hospital service quality gap analysis servqual stress biaxiality glare fatigue life sms gateway google api farming middlebox dpi mser scene test transition material cladding ratio resistance spot welding commoners ruling section behaviour o & m-operation and maintenance cost net present value life cycle costing deformation analytical orthotropic composite electrical analogy discharge uplift pressure flow lines eqipotential lines flownet manifold physiological multi-disciplinary phenomena social support qr ankle brachial index diastolic blood pressure systolic blood pressure carotid pulse necktie green buying behavior sustainability private universities in punjab university teachers demographics overview health insurance out of pocket expenses node mcu esp8266 iot internet of things google firebase e-metering e-controller in vitro floating hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose hydrodynamically balanced systems levodropropizine average milk production sikkim milk union non-member co-operative member dairy apple diseases climate variability fluctuations garbage dustbin gsm/gprs modem gfrp bars fiber reinforced polymer bars en 31 transmisivity hydro geological investigation ground water level aquifer post mansoon pre mansoon pumping test groundnut shells sugarcane bagasse ash ordinary portland cement opinion rice husk ash and scm silica fume meta-kaoline extraction key image steganography sulphate disease diagnosis medical informatics plants cheapest and greenest solution contaminants computer science pro/ e and ansys method thermal flux thermal gradient von mises stress the indian constitution great philosopher visionary educationist dr. b. r. ambedkar correlation between compressive strength and days concrete mix design compression strength statistical analysis ground water potential zones rain water potential zones water management water shed analysis ndvi (normalized differential vegetation index) drought weighted overlay analysis ananthapuram food associated business revenue generation culinary tourism lsf- least stack time first edf- earliest deadline first dm- deadline monotonic rms- rate monotonic scheduling rtos- real time operating system laws daily wage earners unorganised morphological operators brain tumor polypropylene fiber fiber reinforced concrete mitosis detection time lapse image photovoltaic (pv) systems maximum power point tracking (mppt) algorithm perturb and observe (p and o) dc-dc converter thermodynamic study adsorption kinetics adsorption isotherm calcium alginate beads immobilization banana peels (musa paradisiaca l.) chromium (vi) desorption people western education english pattern repeater cow infertile waste electrical and electronic equipment transport apsrtc target showcase division statistical surveying trajectory perigee and apogee radius true anomaly flight path angle eccentricity preprocessing ideas and decision tree bayesian classification feature selection methods probabilistic analysis the bayesian network security perception support vector machine (svm) convolutional neural network (cnn) image extraction anova analysis debt '“ equity friction and contact model standardized test conceptual understanding concepts biology law and effectiveness child sexual abuse abuse fuel cells voltage multiplier product packaging cues brand name nutritional label product quality perception smart grids real time pricing algorithm culture's degradation pharmacological study rubia cordifolia glocal post-colonial post-modernism cytokinins hypocotyl organogenesis digital signal processors urdhvatriyakbhyam sutra fast fourier transform alu fir filters bioactive compounds medicinal uses therapeutics heaven samaritan human values hell hard core reality hungers uv sensor garment and chi square retaining power relations hierarchy power health services behavioral science community health care and unified hvdc (uhvdc) wind power plant hvdc transient management pain scale. dysmenorrhoea erythina variegata clinical trials clinical research models. digital divided mobile government ai models of neuron and topology. terminology in artificial neural networks biological neural networks track-level measurement fusion synchrophasor phasor measurement unit (pmu) multisensor data fusion model prediction interarea oscillation customers targeting key distribution anti-collusion sediment and consumer sentiment risk factors pregnancy outcome sinusoidal pwm inverter power smoothing dfig line commutated inverter (lci) annealed sample prepared sample transmittance microstructures chemical bath deposition annealing prepared thin films essential elements toxic metals low profile reflection coefficient inset feed microstrip patch antenna agriculture machinery buying pattern telemetry instruments attack vulnerabilities ics threats rtu nalgonda target selection regolith calcrete exploration geochemistry lamproite kimberlite rural marketing strategies challenges in rural marketing reward system organisational design organisational climate co- workers relationships global job market soft skills skill shortage employability skills indian insurance sector bayesian probabilistic network mutual fund investment hydraulic conductivity water holding capacity organic amendments goat manure theri soil reading images image formats low cost digital population digital payments digital economy photosynthesis seed vegetation cement dust deposition smoking hazards parthenium hysterophorus l. fungal decay acorus calamus l. crank mechanism conveyor injector unit mustard mackerel fish antenatal mothers pregnancy warning signs twr mtr powder metallurgy surface modification edm terminal velocity driving force wind resistance young's modulus hooke's law newton's second law bio-oil indian almond shell fuzzy strongly g*-closed set fg-closed set fuzzy topological spaces fuzzy set leather industry in india impact of gst anti diabetic pterocarpus marsupium antitoxidant antidiabetic berberis aristata papr isi slm eco-buildings urban infrastructure built-up areas ecosystems services urban ecology exponential distribution mixture of biosorbents sawdust biosorbents volumetric analysis adsorption isotherms benchmarking educational system iisc entrepreneurial success and manufacturing firms feasibility study 2d descriptors antimalarial activity bisbenzofuran derivatives educational leadership health care services education strategy medical personnel recruitment third world countries rocks lakes herbals crotons field-programmable gate arrays fault detection and fault diagnosis vortex method aluminium2024 phytoremediation etc metal pso (particle swarm optimization) aco (ant colony optimization) response spectrum seismic well water falgu river health effects human characteristic feature rurbanisation work family conflict work demand stress topography disbursement assimilation demographic dividend economic development etc. government sector icici gst no. sme input tax credit gstin campaign strategies. elections political communication global entrepreneurship monitor (gem) total early stage entrepreneurial activity (tea) voluntary adoption of ind as ifrs convergence ind as khadi cloth trends. purulia disability prevalence rate leprosy holistic security dmz malwares global security challenges extradition treaties honey encryption. ambiguous encryption multi encryption deniable encryption cipher-text only attack brute force attack symmetric cryptography hypocrisy social realism violence friction factor. heat transfer coefficient hitran inserts shell and tube exchanger kawedegan farmers business skill integrative trainning model markov renewal process busy period analysis furfuryl amine rk4 first order differential equations firefly flashing fads other performance parameters time complexity merge sort insertion sort heap sort quick sort information sciences intellectual geography sociotechnical systems organizational informatics social informatics advantages of imaging receivers listening to a dust field passive reflective systems- active steered laser s optical communications communicating from a grain of sand remote programmability low energy consumption computing at the millimetre scale smart dust requirements sensors and motors corporate performance generally accepted accounting practice (gaap) (ifrs) international financial reporting standards mechatronics system sentry gun early adolescents academic participation deviant behaviour value chain research method paleo-modernism. vitreous humour efficiency-cum-equity index conjunctural poverty structural poverty thrombopoietin stimulation immuno stimulatory actions erythropoietin promoting activity leaves extract allium ampeloprasum hematological disorders slicing software g-code cad software liquid sprinkler contouring error contour trajectory tracking computer numerical control (cnc) employee job tenure biographical characteristics motivational force friction etc al alloy homoeopathic medicines turnover competences service delivery part-time teaching staff cultural ferociousness bilateral cooperation cold war political imperialism commercial imperialism customer stargeting design and analysis of air intake system certification standards pricing food products wireless sensor networks and data aggregation algo air quality monitoring school infrastructure & culture kcse performance resistance to change. human factors total productive maintenance (tpm) lead time reduction / throughput time reduction manufacturing excellence continuous improvement(kaizen) discrimination nation identity path and tunnel discovery packet loss jitter delay internet measurement ipv6 blynk classroom automation micro finance schemes indian economy business correspondents conceptualization organizational theory organizational structure five-factor model character strengths personality traits psychodynamic skills accreditation naac sikhism guru prophets shri guru granth sahib ji root regeneration shoot regeneration micropropagation atropa acuminata regional rural banks (rrbs) college students with learning disability tpack traffic congestion. and hyperbola. sphere triangle cartesian plane euclidean plane bastfibre banana fibre married life. female spouse family financial decisions financial communication money discussion trees. prime labeling prime graphs oblong numbers graph labeling non-magnetic resonance liquid chromatography gas chromatography metabolomics profitability ratio psus disinvestment internalization of thin body ideal social comparison image perception body dissatisfaction bádminton pic network tracing tools online advertising social networking social cybernetics smart micro strip patch antenna omni directional impedance radiation patter internet etc e- marketing borderless linear regression healthcare index turn of the month effect locsiii grading system pupil slit lamp foot problems pressure sensor foot plantar pressure engineering applications in industrial electronic fault diagnosis metals etc rasamanjari rasashastra information and communication technologies. administration of justice adversarial system e-justice mauritius. middle-income trap scenarios high-income economy job innovation durability test high concentration corruption and public administration user profile digital policy settop box kernel ertos dth osi model tcp/ip life-long learning further education educational system continuous education road side soil urban soil contamination of heavy metal central locking system car headlight control implantology periodontal pockets restorative material dentristry silver nanoparticles cmos image sensor module tax reform allium cepa aisi 8620 stereographic image analysis deep cryogenic treatment chotanagpur plateau santal parganas indigenous origin acquired hospital infection nosocomial college students mplab software mems can bus protocol relationship and management perspectives spiritual strategic military indian ocean distributed efficiency multihop mobility social networking web sites don'ts do's disadvantages v's big data process store solidity. store distance shopping duration impulse purchase departmental store keyword cover keyword rating keywords point of interests spatial database capitalization amortization intangible assets website cost acquired software internally generated software customer expectation customer retention hdpe woven sacks demonitisation index investing etf bisexual and transgender) group gay lgbt (lesbian disadvantaged group trans-identified transgender emotional competency occupancy detection camera network public safety gross domestic product oil revenue money supply inflation exchange rate fluctuation isotherms methyl orange cassia alata seed data acquisition electrocardiogram (ecg) signals iot (internet og things) silicon carbide aluminium 356 ic (integrated circuit) soc (system on chip) internal security cost of governance nse pharmaceutical sector influencing factors data quality checking check net profits before tax commercial banks csr credit union members family welfare family finance financial check up markov model bayesian model resampling particle filter attainments and challenges study social work cross cultural interactions transnational identity acculturation work-life balance role ambiguity role overload work stress ocimum basilicum l drinking water career development opportunities & turnover intent performance appraisal neft rtgs exploratory factor analysis sseit cross pose method. feature space acclerometer dust wiper shares. pixel expansion stamping algorithm gas algorithm remaining energy alive nodes dead nodes rendezvous nodes hnnpsorzleach shrp productive hris benefits of hris hris graphs modulation and demodulation processes matlab-gui reneging common pool regime compliance against defection cop23 cop21 treaty global decarbonisation monitoring system radon sensor module peripheral interface controller etc electronic control unit atm loans & advance private sector banks customer bank tobin q quoted banks firm value unclaimed dividend nearest neighbor search keyword search outliers spatial databases knn algorithm rating and review authentic ranking records ranking fraud detection mobile apps transition function transition table simplified functional matrix (sfm) simplest automation matrix non deterministic finite automata (nfa) energy-efficient protocol routing protocols nursing. stp rta organized retailing maveli store supplyco retailing sole proprietorship one person company company act 2013 controllers car theft face recognition classifiers features perceptron algorithm geographical information system distribution of rainfall groundwater level variability chaos suppression unknown actuator nonlinearity uncertain generalized duffing-holmes systems practical synchronization tourism marketing general insurance life insurance insurance repository e-insurance gharni river regression analysis runoff. artificial neural network watershed metrics in software industry. state of metrics cost of defects software metrics dispatch damping material etc monitoring artificial neural network. gamma camera cardiac nuclear medicines scintigram radio activity radio-tracer carrying capacity of joints double clinched joints clinched joints data warehousing rule mammography post-harvest saffron global mindset cultural competency cultural awareness and cpr (computer-based patient record). emr (electronic medical record) ppddm (privacy preserving distributed data mining) electronic health records (ehrs) ppd (privacy preserving data mining) ignition coil ecu injector fines content circular footing bearing capacity wastewater. response surface methodology pulp and paper industry weak convergence linear functional dual space geometry elliptic curve cryptography algorithm. secure sharing storage and sharing inclusive growth green economy transfer system of multi-joint robot in three dime dyadic influences commitment to change leader-member exchange object-oriented subgraphs mining design pattern software project interactive knowledge discovery. knowledge discovery & data mining) hci and kdd (human-computer interaction growth and development financial literacy financial services financial education gmm- gaussian mixture model of- optical flow kf '“ kalman filter teacher education colleges tqm housekeeping services outsourcing guest satisfaction revive and cooperative society marketing promotion soft-drink marketing marketing-mix strategy mutation breeding ethyl methane sulphonate pollen fertility urginea indica kunth signal processing. audio frequency rule base system emotion and symmetrical faults. power system failure fault analysis mgnrega workers economic impact world health organization (who) blood donation chain (bd chain) food drug inspector(fdi) national organ & tissue transplant organization (n management information system (mis) national institutes of health (nih) lung carcinoma fibronectin lipopolysaccharide indian constitution pil electrical grid average current control (acc) 5l-m2upfr vienna rectifier esaf important features of indian constitution constitutional debates dr. b.r ambedkar recommender system rating prediction water as a right national water policies un water report log p connectivity indices hiv-rt data migration steering fss dual band at field application rates improved the activity o indicate that application of the fungicides in cul clearly the results of the present study thus exponential convergence rate observer design generalized liu chaotic system working conditions of sanitary workers harmonious coexistence. dependent subordinate transition untouchability metro train. mpu_6050 quality enhancement communication skills quality configurable low power design zig-zag coding approximate circuits scripting languages security injection vulnerability web proxy xss cross site scripting ph sensor. environmental policy regulations. plume rise equation camx emissions inventory dispersion modeling group face attendance system fema ipc pmla money laundering organizational factors knowledge transfer redemption duel personality psychoanalysis guilt biological skin substitute diabetic ulcers error correcting codes. re-bisr built-in self-test (bist) built-in self-repair (bisr) built-in redundancy analysis (bira) electroencephalogram (eeg) spo2. oxygen saturation ecg real-time health monitoring importance in alchemy antimicrobial activity. solvent extraction economic policies reactive power voltage deviations saline water. brackish water absorbers pyramid solar still coir industry durability . nano-silica women entrepreneur financial institutions fermentation. lipids heterotrophic trans-esterification triacylglycerides eukaryotic prokaryotic microalgae conventional least laxity first(llf) earlier deadline first (edf) static rate monotonic (srm) radiation effect and soret effect chemical reaction heat generation suction casson parameter mass transfer heavy indian flood hazardous flood gujarat flood 2006 flood surat flood flood risk evaluation plant diseases current frame. reference background frame motion detection fpga (field programmable gate array) hybrid algorithm otsu kangaroo mother care (kmc) postnatal mother cagr lccs mro civil airline aviation z score pipe length house connection radon measuring apparatus exponential convergence rate. stable limit cycles nonlinear systems limit cycle patanjali retail products. consumer's preferences consumer's attitude consumers awareness convenience roof eugenol. essential oil ocimum gratissimum skill development. gas indicators. time-temperature indicators active packaging biosensors rfid (radiofrequency identifications tags) smart packaging intelligent packaging pot culture experiment apparent molal volume apparent molal compressibility hydration number adiabatic compressibility neem oil anthropomorphic. inbuilt logics kinematics space exploration autonomy unstructured rcrv logistics effciency privatization money mobilouds. mobile cloud computing local skyline bucketing skyline topkquery pap smear test cervical cancer k-nearest neighbors backfilling materials soil suitability engineering properties geotechnical analysis tropical soils number of flow channels. pem fuel cell open field defecation hand washing practices diseases clean wash engine performance. karanja and waste vegetable oil methyl esters of coconut oil exports virus etc herbs scopolamine datura icds services problem of anganwadi worker knowledge of anganwadi worker anganwadi worker image re-ranking. keyword expansion content based-image retrieval semantic meaning of images nota etc. vvpats diurnal. abl sodar switching power loss conduction power loss valve power loss medium-high frequency modular multilevel converter (mmc) accountability and responsibility independent directors audit committee 2013 companies act javascript mysql database hyper text markup language constructed wetland (cw). waste water javascript redirections iframe malicious redirection redirection spam markov chain machine operation agent-based geographical information system (gis) arc gis software urban area route optimization waste collection network controller power system frequency crop crop diversification simplex optimization overshoot multivariable labview channel capacity space time trellis code space time block code antidiabetes antibacterial catharanthus roseus random forest rz titanic housing market and housing finance in india. mortgage housing shortage housing sector rf transmitter & receiver ambulance traffic signal total suspended and total dissolved solids biochemical oxygen demand gurgaon canal nuh palwal water quality criteria gst-demonetization-financial structure polymorphism. molecular characterization genetic analysis lavatera kashmiriana indian sensibility indianness postcolonial spatial processing spatio-temporal processing shapefiles inductive proximity sensor. restructuring nigeria dialectical and historical materialism data-logger surge chock turbo-charger turbo-matching piezoelectric sensors vibration measurement sensors transfer path of vibrations to the steering wheel seat effective amplitude test seat nvh testing consumer attitude green products congo red 4b thespesia populnea seed sorrow happiness tragic comic tragicomedy social protection youth aryl aldehydes& ketones and their products. stobbe condensation hexamethylenetetramine telemedicine military defense habitat monitoring and tracking gc-ms e.hirta voltage imbalance voltage fluctuations distributed statcom (d-statcom) customer attitude security. national integration language education and games technique. oral english students' achievement school proprietorship freedom struggle purana harikatha ramayana digital empowerment etc. digital opportunity initiatives digital divide background regions anomalies contrast gradient change shgs real coded genetic algorithm dam safety monitoring humidity sensors film coatings viscosityc shear rate pid control extruder barrel temperature durability carbonation wollastonite pad- dry-cure method. microencapsulation technique bed spreads and bed sheets knitted fabrics vetiver root extract mosquito repellent in textile successful life worldly wisdom counsel reverence virtue repugnance vice morals employee. organizational behavior government expenditure taxation fiscal policy insecurity bad governance polymorphism c77g cd45 genetics nmr anti-microbial bioactivity sambucus wightiana computational intelligence tunnel field effect transistors (tfets) ss quantum tunnelling junctionless high dielectric material band to band tunneling (btbt) mass flux heat flux shrinking sheet radiation ripple-carry adder. low power emerging technologies carry look-ahead adder arithmetic logic unit permeability ratio and kelly's ratio mar sar tds ec nanofluids. characterization incremental conductance perturb and observe epoxidized cardanol cardanol cashew nut shell liquid rf trans-receiver ambient light sensor moisture sensor temperature sensor piccontroller(pic18f452) factors of purchase. online shopping breast cancer survivors health related quality of life depression perceived distress self care empowerment model traditional model optimization. dsm strategy low cost energy source software tools islamic banking pulley and rope drum . wire rope crane hook food science workplace stress examination anxiety medicinal uses. therapeutics applications marine macro algae interpolation technique. idw ucs mdd omc cotton fiber soil stabilization energy efficiency. distributed clustering cluster-based routing network life span morphometric drainage characteristics remote sensi energy meter women empowerment. micro finance prakasam district orthogonal array distributed algorithms. energy efficient protocols channel speech unanr nlms r&d base malawi construction industry single step transesterification method. yeast biomass economic production of biodiesel oleaginous yeast risk management principles. challenges of internet banking types of internet banking risk risk in internet banking internet banking msmes mudra bank pmmy relay. lpg gas sensor(m q-5) epidermis guard cell stomata conveyor belt flow sensor photoelectric sensors expenditure effect rate birth password door lock security device variation data representation classifier additional feature sets motor unit action potential packet scheduling maximize the number of disjoint connected covers ( modified bat optimization (mbat) wireless sensor networks (wsns) students' academic performance innovative pedagogies environmental reporting. environmental accounting environmental performance social responsibility tax base real estate affordable housing impact. e-books e-journals digital library consortium maharashtra khatgaon older granite image sound television quality management. engineering education dpmo lean and six sigma zero defects personal and professional factors dhvani rasa comparative literature stationary wavelet transform (swt) discrete wavelet transform (dwt) digital watermarking rudimentary. drivers off grid solar home systems renewable energy techniques classification. categorization k-mean edm characteristics edm parameters electro-discharge machining vehicle routing problem savings matrix agglomerative clustering centroid architecture cloud stage facts security encryption technique measures process super plasticizer. high performance concrete poiymer age bronze age iron age stone age ancient civilization multicriteria analysis remote sensing and gis blended learning e-learning garbage management. radiographical features. magnetic resonance imaging computed tomography gliosarcoma dimension system on chip(soc) aged user. senior citizen open source aging sensitive training older adults assistive technology legal writing and drafting abiocor ventricular assist device ballet stage image national dance performing arts choreography theatre gender difference feminist psychology dental anxiety low bit encoding rsa encryption '“decryption hash-lsb conventional steel building pre-engineered building material removal rate and machining time production rate seasons seasonal indices global system for mobile communication (gsm). arduino board liquid crystal display ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption transporation health monitoring system defense and public safety ntpc power sector transmission smart home relays relocation function capability khammam irregularities seismic analysis structural configuration financial economics clothing and textiles needle punching coir natural fibres-jute nonwoven inter domain model wireless mode shapes crack location crack depth natural frequency relationship management immaturity hindrance ulnar and radial arteries normalization techniques rheumatoid arthritis credit card fraudulent anatomization slicing l-diversity privacy preserving data publishing k-nonymity oesophageal carcinoma laparoscopy laparoscopic oesophagectomy thoracoscopic oesophagectomy minimally invasive esophagectomy minimal access oesophagectomy international business issues international business (ib) mtt assay in vitro cytotoxic activity in vitro antioxidant activity breakeven analysis solvency financial analysis testosterone oestrogen snp aromatase steroidogenesis cyp450 y implemetation improvement information system. strategic management organisational technical skills. local content act industrial peace indigenous manpower gap oil and gas environmental engineering decentralize treatment uses of molluscs nutritional values molluscs ecosystem digha coast bio-diversity social awareness. financial hurdles deprivations permanent nymph metamorphosis adult porous media. fins baffled plate blower family resource management food production staff wrmds hotel hospitality human resource development energy efficient design thermal storage sunspace passive heating web content mining weblog data web usage mining integral and differential fractional order fractional calculus professional conduct affairs counselling knowledge effectiveness menopausal women regarding grid kerberos encryption algorithms education security economic security social security health security livelihood security self-identity quest for independence bile leakage. laparoscopic cholecystectomy complications ilr- interlinking of rivers nwda-national water de crime monitoring crime reporting cctv retailer. jammu paints traditional semantic images theater set design art art perfomance theater sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid quarry dust internet addiction cfd modeling combustion characteristics reproductive organs antifertility effects fluoride albino rat mncl2 atp ps ii k+ ions organic acids stomata movements guard cells turgor changes credit-movement. co-operative bank universal literature. national literature great and little tradition comparative literature (cl) pwm signal harmonic distortion pv panel inverter npc switching converter parasitic capacitance leakage current bioavailability. drugs transdermal valsartan conflict management an art enhancing cloud security by analyzing venerability virtual image. image threshold text extraction open cv- python purchasing decisions packaging adaptive block denoising stft issues and benefits accounting pseudomonas aeruginosa staphylococcus aureus bacterial contaminants skin moisturizing lotion therapeutic agent aerial parts chronic diseases phytochemicals tensile test heat treatment stress concentration factor (kt) mula-mutha river municipal corporation basic science learning outcomes cooperative gastric juice. ulcer index total acidity free acidity kalanchoe pinnata annona muricata lantana camara gastric lesion antiulcer and sustainable development. innovative and creative learning education in africa m-deec. deec energy efficient routing time silence form commercial motorcycle x-ray diffraction analysis. nitration esterification 5-trimethoxybenzoates 6-dinitro-3 methyl and ethyl 2 methyl and ethyl 3 patients high risky diabetic foots suggested guidelines personal problem. social problem school problem family problem youth problem expectations african church followers church leaders exercises osteoarthritis orthodontics overall satisfaction. perceived benefits of peer learning innovative teaching and learning cooperative learning peer teaching and learning performance appraisals emphasis illegalities harsh taxation illiteracy occupation market share quality service delivery and organiza customer intelligence competitor intelligence structured teaching programe business success and performance strategic intelligence crisis of governance executive legislature intra-elite conflict photocatalysis nanomembranes nanometals nanoadsorbents water technology floating point adder supercritical condition carbon dioxide oilseed material extraction unit quasi-layer system yaaku impacts climate change adaptations livelihoods political capital decision tree. financial fraud fraud dewe software causes for vibrations in steering wheel seismic type accelerometer piezoelectric accelerometer accelerometer sensor load sell flame sensor internet of thing (iot) stakeholders shareholders energy. biofuel e-learning as a tool for corporate training legal etc quadratic programming (qp) particle swarm optimization (pso) optimal power flow (opf) benchmark functions parameter adaptation interior search algorithm binary fission critical concentration z-ring formation ftsz guarantees. lending financing freed repackaging telephone banking. tenure atms video banking on-line banking colonialism imperialism international relation foreign policy struggle prevention and control knowledge and attitude dengue fever planned teaching programme tax saving planning tax saving instruments income tax train dataset. training dataset knn approach enhanced svm adaptive svm classifier. seed germination silver nanoparicles decolourization malachite green bacillus sp. schemes challaenges women entrepreneurship household. ghana socio-demographic domestic water dodowa determinant kalrayan hills. kalasapadi livestock malayali tribes ethno-veterinary medicine damages reduced costs power take-off shaft of the tractor power generator backup power supply corrosion geolectrical resistivity remote sensing autocorrelations 2-d fourier transform chromone sex ratio association rule hiding bigdata economic development. infrastructure development max peak power tracker (mppt) solar power street light(spsl) with auto intensity nearest neighbour cluster center feature representation anomaly detection sub-sahara african economies vector error correction model cointegration government agriculture expenditure climate pharmacognosy ayurveda cyperaceous musta kyllinga triceps safranine eosin yellow methylene blue shigella sp. crystal violet drrp-diabetic risk reduction package idrs-indian diabetic risk score fbs '“fasting blood sugar utilizing waste rubber rubber tyer coarse aggregates frequency distribution female literacy risk behaviour survey morbidity immunization status mining bitcoins candida speciesc antifungal susceptibility profile inverters and cooling box charge controller batteries pole led lighting system route discovery reactive proactive dsdv protocol performance and skill development. dictation non- abacus learners abacus outdoor games lung function primary (new) issues market and entrepreneur stock market liquidity standard of living computational physics sepic investor awareness demographic factors behavioural finance metropolis. anthropogenic river bayesian detector energy detector spectrum utilization spectrum sensing domestic cross-border target acquirer m&a r&d management global competitiveness. technological innovation digital technology technology strategy electronic business e-business international business global business tele-education e-government space science fma wmft habit rfe hemiparesis instrumentalism nation-building : education criminal justice women victimization vitriolage influence of generational gap investor investment behavior optimal functions distribution selection klebsiella pneumonia and salmonella typhmurium and escherichia coli potable water social media. contagion self-exciting point process cascade prediction information diffusion job cards participating families registered families non-registered families registration in mgnregs national rural employment guarantee act '“ 2005 mahatma gandhi national rural employment guarantee self sufficiency income women status tectonic setting felsic provenance paleoclimate weathering structural hole bitcoin mining block-chain ego network students trajectories feedback green innovations ecopreneurship green entrepreneurship carboxylic acids tea ternary liquid mixtures internal pressure freelength hydrogen bonding molecular interactions ucinet extensions browsing history exploratory waste tamarind seed de-oiled cake starch bio-degradable polymers green plastics poly lactic acid tanner eda two stage cmos amplifier low power comparator sheath voltage limiter high voltage bonding circulating current sheath voltage reform criminal justice system power substation. positioning identification equipment inspection robot robot behavior reliability test data visualization preservation adoption- it was operationalized as the degree of recommended groundnut practices- groundnut product finger print authentication water issue strong regular l-fuzzy graph regular l-fuzzy graph strong l-fuzzy graph l-fuzzy graph signal preprocessing medical tourism - commerce perspective photodiode mobile device charging opto coupler soluble oil carbide tipped tool cutting fluid. high speed steel flank wear bamboo microstructure water absorption curing temperature forming pressure geopolymer mine tailings quality metrics. analytical hierarchy process(ahp) multi-criteria decision method(mcdm) pitch detection. voice activity detectio voice pathology detection and classification who standards industrial sites ammonia ocean thermal energy conversion (otec) surfactants micelles amphiphilic block copolymer domestic power alternator speed turbine speed lateral twist angle flat blades penstock outlet manufacturing sector make in india branding global platform slump na ew field effect transistor adder whole saler commission agent price spread marketing channel adolescent and anaemia planned teaching altering distance t-norm cauchy sequence fixed point entrepreneurial return on net worth debt- equity capital employed flyash aggregate fuzzy transportation problem fuzzy assignment problem fuzzy arithmetic alpha cut hendecagonal fuzzy number duration of work unit size hawking unit space distance of workplace family size marital status caste age group natural market street vendors sensitive data organizational development improved performance hr service index ue: user equipment dl: downlink ul: uplink arfcn: absolute radio-frequency channel number wcdma: wideband code division multiple access adc: analog to digital converter rf: radio frequency dcr: direct conversion receiver aa: anti-alias participatory identification of poor wage employment poverty alleviation negative works permissible works smart techniques and materials indoor environment quality effective learning environment electrical conductivity linear differential equation recursive b-spline brotherhood rituals sufis x-ray diffraction measurements and mössbauer spect magnetic measurements stress annealing perceptual redundancy coding redundancy bandwidth in-situ length change measurement and x-ray diffra differential scanning calorimetery stress anneal power electronics based converters deposit money banks firm profitability asset allocation variable load permanenet magnet synchronous generator modified back saver sit and reach test. active knee extension test cryotherapy static stretching proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation hamstring flexibility ultrasound dtfm myofacial trigger points threat focused circuit level gateway application level gateway packet filter ngfw firewall calcium intake diet bone mineral density germination multigrain weaning nutritious malting pregnanacy nutrition intervention and elementary schools in uttar pradesh. cwsn co variants edi future enhancement uses scope ouarzazate size solar parks ii and iii the cop21 goals: i decarbonisation and the unfccc noise trading consumer confidence index nigerian stock market investor sentiment haemoglobin daily feeding adolesecence iron deficiency anemia nigeria. irritation credibility entertainment informativeness mobile ads attitudes socio economic background hemoglobin nutritional status hba1c pp2bs fbs hypoglycaemia hdl tgl ldl chol hyperlipidemic ocimum sanctum under nutrition malnutrition differential linear matrix inequalities (dlmi) linear matrix inequality (lmi) differential riccati inequaity (dri) algebraic riccati inequality (ari) static state feedback linear matrix inequality housdroff and first countable g- cauchy sequence continuous t-norm evaluation and pedagogy degree productivity and simulation of processes process of attention adultsand mmse instrument cognitive level evaluation and university students interpersonal relations professional practices employability uv-vis (ultra violet-visible) shi (swift heavy ion) pvdc (poly vinylidene chloride) irradition polymer technological competences and teaching practice payment area secondary metabolites non-algorithmic method. algorithmic method cocomo cost models estimation techniques software cost estimation symbiotic interrelation moroccan countries law bricklaying seismo-resistant architecture water etc land mutation crossover genetic algo-rithm multidimensional knapsack problem roulette wheel selection ciphers polymerization and depolymerization tread milling microtubule dynamics watin selenium rth tet image processing and analysis grain quality location clustering weighted clustering backbone multicast public awareness saas integration antiviral isorhamnetin maximum power point panel temperature saturation current series and shunt resistance solar radiation matlab /simulink parallel-output-connection series-output-connection panel integrated converters boost converter stability quality of services p2p distributed resource sharing shell accretion thiodan quinalphos fresh water bivalve financial statements audit area-base and cluster base graph rule engine adaptive-bisecting k-means nlp crime dataset robotics. shift maize knowledge over head multiprocessor system parallel processing interconnection network split tensile strength and flexural strength eggshell powder mppt control. wind energy system rest soap goal programming(gp) analytic hierarchy process(ahp) media mix planning totla harmonic distortions solar tracking maximum power point tracking system grid connected power system grid connected system classroom student soil investigation. pile foundation flyover brts grade separation traffic diverts communication overhead simd misd mimd sisd load scheduling standard error of the estimate adjusted r-squared pcr ridge regression multicollinearity forestry fishery livestock production crop production gross domestic product (gdp) ich guidelines rp-hplc nelaribine porosity scc rha search engine internet browser bug tracking system serpentine flow channel. operating parameters design parameters takes advantage of an opportunity approach and learning organization tailored organization takes advantage of an opportunity takes advantage plan organizational imperative strategic vanets route instability quality of service (qos) chemistry curriculum gas law problem-based instruction semantic web. transportation trucks tracking system co-scheduling. virtual machine scheduler item recommendation in online business missing item recommendation predicting the missing items in ecommerce lead generation google maps api solar report home location pitch angel control power smoothening system grid connected hybrid system standalone hybrid system fm radio stations and northern ghana preference listenership critical appraisal responsibilities black hole attack battery energy storage technical analysis economical analysis hybrid renewable energy system adults at risk lifestyle practices sf strategic cost methods strategic cost strategic cost analysis activity diagram. crowd-sourcing pledge backers funding active power wind-diesel frequency regulation weka software student achievements teaching effectiveness mathematics voting behavior clustering technique. construction industries waste glass power nominal mix ion scattering. atomic collisions cosine similarity vector space model term frequency '“ inverse frequency yobe damaturu prevalence maternal mortality trends crumb rubber motor oil dbm spoofing attack. adversarial application security evaluation process parameters metal flow riction stir welding b-c ratio market structure market channel marketing cost price fluctuation marketing strategies dynamic programming pattern-growth rare events document streams sequential patterns pupa morphogenesis larva smart country school level education college level education smrf r.c.c. flat slab structure storey shear drift response spectrum analysis slenderness ratio aspect ratio semantic service discovery semantic web web service composition service oriented architecture water quality - parameters -anandapuram- visakhapa histopathological study hepatoprotective activity hepatotoxicity carbon tetrachloride alysicarpus monilifer l. supermarket associations extraction -iron (iii) - tri capryl amine oxide '“ cross-validation fitness kernel function support vector machines costs. czts dssc perovskite silicon integrity cloud resources verification code mcommerce c2c b2g b2c b2b demerits of e-commerce merits of e-commerce ecommerce sound vs. noise (s/n) ratio material removal rate (mrr) taguchi technique electrochemical discharge machining (ecdm) self tuning pid controllers. taguchi's method control-navigation-communication rov uuv dhankuta municipality résidents tobacco consumption gamma and beta test source. g.m tube characteristics practical lessons inequality alleviation lower and upper triangular decomposition. and decryption symmetric matrix key liner block cipher conception constructivist teacher constructivism loan micro-credit bank of agriculture rggw & ch phenomenological reducing power gongronema latifolium 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl decision trees. apriory taguchi technique l27 abrasive flow finishing (aff) electrochemical machining (ecm physico-chemical quality of water bacteriological water quality message migration node utility buffer management mobile opportunistic network natural dyes drawing lessons prudent policy base genesis of the crisis global crisis indian transport system rail transport road transport profit per employee band width cross validation lijung and box test bayesian information criterion akaike's information criterion stationarity adjusted r2 teen pegasis spin gossiping flooding gmcar wireless sensor network protocols o2 human disease sun light solar power mose2 crystals interface payroll json php electrical resistivity thermal evaporation technique cadmium selenide polaron infrared spectra n-h group bis dimethylglyoximato tempo free radical chloranil tcnq ddq tcne mfi the return of vaman siddhayog the taming of storm indian literature internet of things. fountain codes percolation networking machine-to-machine vm migration etc green cloud computing co-integration grangercausality test unit root tests var-vector auto regression silty clay soil crude oil prose and poetry contribution indian writers english language nosql database migration from mysql to cassandra using spark bigdata analytics business performance market share lic insurance industry porn website attack ethical hacking it act bio mechanical& biomedical engineering rem eeg signal bruxism human rights
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