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Marketing Plan for New App : foodi-e-street

This presentation is the final project of Marketing Internship under guidance of Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow. This project is marketing plan for new app, foodi-e-street

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Marketing Plan for New App : foodi-e-street

  1. 1. MARKETING PLAN The foodi-e-street
  3. 3. You don't need a silver fork to eat good food. - Paul Prudhomme
  4. 4. MARKETING PLAN Situation Analysis Executive Summary Goal Strategy ImplementationTactics
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • With rising income levels, discretionary spending is likely to increase. Eating out is one such form of discretionary expenditure. • Foodi-e-street plans to grab this opportunity to scale itself throughout the whole country.
  6. 6. An App that links all popular street food vendors of the city What is FOODI-E-STREET ? foodi-e-street
  7. 7. Provides real time location of various street food vendors
  8. 8. Notifies you about new food vendors in the area foodi-e-street
  9. 9. Helps you contact the vendor and place orders
  10. 10. Offers premium home delivery services
  12. 12. The company aims to promote and improve street food services
  13. 13. Target customers Street food lovers College students and people living away from home demanding tasteful and hygienic street food
  14. 14. All types of food under one roof STRENGTH
  15. 15. Market Overview S : Strength •High street food demand •Large number of street food vendors •Direct approach to target customers W : Weakness •Newer concept of street food distribution •Street food delivery to remote areas •New to market O : Opportunity •Promotion of Indian street food •Up gradation of Indian street food standards •Multiple street food options (both regional and non-regional) T : Threat •Regular quality checks •Vendor training •Investment for food trucks •Market response to home delivered street food
  16. 16. Goal
  17. 17. To provide and promote local street food to the people from all corners of the city
  18. 18. The goal, in a nutshell…
  20. 20. Basic quality checks of taste and hygiene by our expert team
  21. 21. Once approved, vendors will be trained to maintain superior hygiene standards
  22. 22. Use of gloves and hair caps   Clean water And fresh ingredients   Cleanliness
  23. 23. Great taste Improved hygiene standards Broader customer reach
  25. 25. Unique Selling Proportion What foodi-e-street offers, Link all street food vendors that are tested for basic taste and hygiene. Serve and deliver all kinds of street food (Regional and non regional) What Foodpanda offers, Exclusively delivers local restaurants food accompanied with fast delivery What the customers want, Tasty, hygienic street food Winning zone ‘Opportunity with care’ zone Danger zone ‘No one cares’ zone
  26. 26. Competitors Foodi-e-street is dominated by its bigger competitors Zomato, Foodpanda, Yelp in following segments:
  27. 27. Points of Parity(PoPs) Orders Reservation Management Service Free Vendors Listing Native Food Restaurant App Creator Online Food Delivery Platform for the Vendors to advertise their brands Food Vendor Finder
  28. 28. Points of Differences(PoDs) Helps “Homemade/cooked food startups” in scaling. Split The Bill Concept: Individual Bills and pay only for what you order. Personalized Experience: Group Check in discounts for regular customers Having its own food delivery system, foodi-e-street guarantees faster delivery. Cashless Payments: Pay via foodi-e-street Mobile Wallet and get discount from vendor owners.
  29. 29. Collaborators foodi-e- street Vendor Owners Supplier Chain Consultancy Data Providers Homemade Food Start- ups
  31. 31. Product Pricing The app is to download foodi-e-street
  32. 32. PRODUCT The foodi-e-street
  33. 33. People, in general, spend ~ Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 on street food / week So what’s the plan? The App would mint its money through in-app purchases
  34. 34. Services
  35. 35. Registering a restaurant on foodi-e-street is free. Free Features Group Check in discounts for regular customers. Personalized ExperienceIndividual Bills and pay only for what you order. No bad debts. Split The Bill Cashless Payments The ordered food will be delivered to you within 45 minutes. Online ordering (Menus, reviews, photos of restaurants and ratings) Food Vendors Explorer Leave your Wallet Behind. Pay via foodi-e-street Mobile Wallet and get discount from restaurant owners.
  36. 36. Premium Features • Advertise services related to your restaurant on your foodi-e-street account. • Track the details of their calls routed through foodi-e-street system. • Place a banner advertisement on foodi-e-street. Business owners regularly get updates about the number of clicks from ad. • Native Food Corner App Creator • POS (Point to Scale) Platform • Consulting Service to Opening vendors.
  37. 37. Value Proposition - Users
  38. 38. Value Proposition – Food Vendors
  39. 39. Incentives For every time that the customers place an order through the app, they win certain number of credit points which can be redeemed in the form of discounts on future orders
  40. 40. Promotions Our initial promotion mediums would be •Free social networking platforms (Free Facebook pages) •Word of mouth ( door to door marketing, specifically for regular street food consumers) •Tie ups with street food vendors (They will be given profits for every plate that they sell through our app) to promote our app features
  41. 41. Collaboration Tie ups with popular YouTuber groups looking for ideas for their videos (We would give them ideas to conduct surveys on street food, and they would in turn promote us through their videos) (Being Indian is the fastest growing Indian YouTube channel. They present India at its quirkiest best through their interactive YouTube videos)
  42. 42. The delivery charges, however would be charged separately, every time the customer orders a home delivery depending upon the location and distance
  43. 43. Distribution Website Apple App Store Microsoft Windows Store The foodi-e-street
  44. 44. The importance of street food vending lies on the fact that besides offering business opportunities for developing entrepreneurs, the sale of street foods can make a sizeable contribution to the economies of developing countries like India. - National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI)
  45. 45. BRAND • We will position our app in the minds of the target consumers as “Solution to all types of Hunger”. • One of the most reliable explorer for the restaurants with fastest online food delivery destination. • “When you have foodi-e- street, you will never starve.” • For Vendor Owners app will provide the best platform to market their brands with nominal charges.
  46. 46. THANK YOU
  47. 47. DISCLAIMER Created by Omkar Nawlakhe, NPTI Nagpur, during the Marketing Internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow