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Creativity: Working with teachers – Rolf Hitschfeld


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This presentation was given by Rolf Hitschfeld at the conference “Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in School: Moving a shared agenda forward” on 24-25 September 2019, London, UK.

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Creativity: Working with teachers – Rolf Hitschfeld

  1. 1. Creativity: Working with teachers
  2. 2. ● Private school founded in 2014 ● 230+ students ● 35 teachers ● Since 2016 the school has been focusing on the development of students’ creativity with Paul Collard as an advisor SCHOOL OUR
  3. 3. Stick to one idea and persist LESSON #1
  4. 4. Teachers Students Parents Take care of three parallel processes LESSON #2 Each one demands its own strategy and has its own timing
  5. 5. Create space for constant support and critical reflection LESSON #3 • Teachers will face difficulties • Support for planning, implementation and analysis of the lessons • Systematic one-on-one and collective meetings about pedagogical issues • The management team should be deeply involved in the learning community
  6. 6. Improve lesson planning LESSON #4 • A competent professional is required to lead the process
  7. 7. Mitigate the risks for teachers when they try new things LESSON #5 • Do not say no. • Bureaucracy is not over learning. • Push for students’ learning, not for content delivering • Help teachers go out of school
  8. 8. Hire teachers that know well the basics of the profession LESSON #6 • At least two or three years of experience in regular schools is very valuable
  9. 9. Evaluate and use the information LESSON #7 • Teacher evaluation for focusing support • Student evaluation including self-assessment
  10. 10. Kopernikus School founded Kopernikus Lab Sharing our learning with others
  11. 11. 12 schools 28 teachers 700 students 23 leadership teams members 5 special needs teachers 2019 9 schools 18 teachers 300 students 18 leadership teams members 0 special needs teachers 2018
  12. 12. Lessons from working with other schools • Creative learning is not about having more resources. • Creative learning requires the willingness, involvement and support of all stakeholders to sustain the efforts to change. • Creative learning helps teachers to reconnect with their profession and children to reconnect with learning.
  13. 13. For the school ● Develop a good induction programme for the new teachers ● Look for a more efficient and effective way to support teachers For the lab ● Find a way to work with schools in a larger scale CHALLENGES NEXT