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Technology Enhanced Active Learning

  1. Technology Enhanced Active Learning NURKHAMIMI ZAINUDDIN GOAL-ITQAN USIM
  2. 21st century education
  6. Corbett,S.(2008).Targetingdifferentgenerations.EncyclopediaofEducationalTechnology
  8. 360 degrees shifts…
  9. Flipped Classroom?
  11. FC is….. • learning that is facilitated by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning • applying them in an interactively meaningful learning environment
  12. The advantages….. From passive learning to active learning • The focus of the classroom shifts from a presentational format to one of active learning • This involves putting learners in situation which compel them to read, speak, listen and think
  13. The advantages….. Adds humanness to your teaching • Interactive content enables you to create high interest, motivation, 24/7 availability and real assessment • Remix, revise, reuse, repost, read & redistribute • Copying, mixing, matching, printing &editing
  14. The advantages….. Enhances individualization, personalization and relevancy • Encourages the trainers tailor learning content to the unique needs of different audience segments
  15. 21st Century Active Learners
  23. What type of learner are you? Let’s figure out….. Source:
  24. Food Buffet Instruments WayToCook FoodMenu Procedural Flow Interacting Integrating Set A Set B Set C Customers Theories & Practices in the Hospitality Industry Chef/Cook Ingredients Validation by Master Chef Tagging Feedback/ Testimonial CustomerOrder Chef code of ethics
  25. Learning Buffet Technology Pedagogy InteractiveLearningStyle Self-Assessment Procedural Flow Interacting Integrating Style A Style B Style C Learners Learning Designers Content Validation by SME Tagging Feedback/ Reflection LearningStyle Gagne 9 Events of Instructions
  26. Technology Enhanced Active Learning…
  27. Traversing the education continuum … BLENDED LEARNING
  28. It’s your turn, guys!
  29. Flipped Classroom Template
  30. WEB 2.0 TOOLS URL WHAT DOES IT DO? HOW CAN YOU USE IT? (formative or summative assessment) A board where everyone can share, can add website link, images, article and selfie. Re-cap previous lecture, instant feedback during lecture or brainstorming.
  31. WEB 2.0 TOOLS URL WHAT DOES IT DO? HOW CAN YOU USE IT? (formative or summative assessment) m/lessons A platform that you can present your powerpoint, video from YouTube, articles, images etc. Quiz can be added for a formative assessment. Present a topic by adding video and article together with powerpoint slides.
  32. WEB 2.0 TOOLS URL WHAT DOES IT DO? HOW CAN YOU USE IT? (formative or summative assessment) https://screencast-o- Capture and record video of your screen with webcam with max 15 min recording. Online presentation of a particular topic.
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