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Fs 1 episode 1 school as a learning environment


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This is the Episode 1 for Field Study 1. These contains about the school information, the learners development and environment.

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Fs 1 episode 1 school as a learning environment

  1. 1. FIELD STUDY 1 The Learner’s Development and EnvironmentEpisode 1SCHOOL AS A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT______________________________________________________________________________Name of FS Student Noel JabagatParohinog___________________________________Course _ BSED major in English__________________________ Year & Section I-CResource Teacher Mrs. Flerida L. Demegillo Signature _______________Cooperating School Binalbagan Catholic College - High School Department Your Target At the end of this activity, you will be competent in determining a school environmentthat provides social, physiological, and physical environment supportive for learning. Your Map A general observation of the campus and the classroom is an exiting way to start yourobservation. Your mission is to do the following tasks: 1. Visit a school. Look into 4. Make a reflection on the facilities and suppoert characteristics of a school learning areas in the environment that promotes campus, then in the learning. classroom 5.Based your ideas pof a good school environment through any of these: 2. Accomplish the checklist as you move a.)Descriptive paragrapg; b.)Photo around the school essay; c.)Sketch or drawing; d.)Poem premesis. , song or rap 3. Based on your gathered data in the checklist describe the school environment. Your Tools As you move around the campus, activity forms are provided for you to document yourobservations. It is advised that you read the entire worksheet before proceeding to the school
  2. 2. site. A good understanding of the activities and task to be accomplished in the activity sheetswill yield better learning results. SCHOOL FACILITIES CHECKLIST Familiarize yourself with the different areas and facilities of the school. Check the column to indicate their availability. Give a brief description of those that are available on the last column. Facilities Availabl Not Description e Availabl e The principal’s office is clean, and neat as the Office of the  principal, free also from pollution and papers, Principal documents were arranged and stored in proper places. The books are arranged according to system of Library  classification. The tables and chairs are also present provided for the students conducive to learning. Counseling Room  With proper ventilation and lighting fixture helping the guidance area to counsel to students concern. Canteen/Cafeteria  The school canteen is situated in the clean area but they sold innutritious foods and curls which are not good to health. Medical Clinic  The clinic is well-organized. The medicines are available, provided and ready for the students indispensably and incase of emergency. Audio Visual/Media  The audio visual room is not yet organized since it Center has an incomplete facilities and equipments that would be easy for the students to understand their teacher’s lessons or presentation. Reading Center  The reading center is clean, and situated in the ventilated area and free from any types of harmful insects that could destruct the student’s attention. Speech Laboratory  Science Laboratory  The facilities are present. Helping the students to learn well. Gymnasium  The gym is wide, clean, and no any pieces of garbage found in this area. Auditorium  Home Economics  The room is good and complete of necessary Room things that are needed in the student’s activity. Industrial Workshop Area  The industrial room has complete materials and tools provided for each students to accomplish there task and could help the students also in training of a particular uses of tools. PTA Office  The room has proper ventilation, clean, wide space, and organized in terms of lighting and ventilation. Comfort Room for Boys  The comfort rooms of the boys were dirty, unclean, slippery and unpleasant smells exist reaching outside the school building. Comfort Room for Girls  The comfort room of the girls is dirty and the floor
  3. 3. Others (Specify) The office of the cashier is too small, over  crowded, and the documents are stack outside the Cashier’s Office shelves. It is the one reason that causes heat and crowd. Registrar’s  The registrar’s office is clean. The documents and Office articles were kept in proper places. Faculty Room  Each teacher has his/her own tables. The faculty room is clean, wide in space and that would be easy for the faculty member to communicate with each other. Computer  The room is fully equipped with air-conditioned. Laboratory Furnish the students to accomplish there task and work. The units are in good model. An Observation Guide to the CLASSROOM VISITRead the following statements carefully. Then write your observation reported on theprovided space.1. Describe the community or neighborhood where the school is found.2. Describe the school campus. What colors do you see? What is the condition of the building?3. Pass by the offices. What impression do you have these offices?4. Walk through the school halls, the library, and the cafeteria. Look around and find out thefacilities that the school has. Name of the School Observed: Binalbagan Catholic College- High School Department School Address: San Gregorio Village, Binalbagan Negros Occidental Date of Visit: July 27, 2010 _ 1. The area of the BCC – High School Department is encompassed by many trees and is situated also near the certain houses that serve as the neighbours of the school. The remote area is clean and abundant with many trees. 2. The school campus is clean, attractive in color, and wide in space. The school is composed of two storeys which occupy the classrooms, offices, and laboratories. 3. Both offices were clean, and structurally organized. But only the principal’s office impressed my attention since it is clean, colorful, attractive, seats are also available provided for the visitors, with proper ventilation and lighting and everything were arranged accordingly. 4. As I was passing in the different area of the school, I witnessed that the school halls uses some facilities and some are not. In library, they have the computer, television, and audio speakers; in canteen, they have the faucets, refrigerator, and etc; and in the computer laboratory, the room is fully equipped with air conditioners and computers are available for the students and teachers for researching purposes.
  4. 4. An Observation Guide to the CLASSROOM VISITBe guided by these tasks as you do your observation. Then accomplish the matrix to record yourdata.1. Look at the walls of the classroom. What are posted on the walls? What heroes, religiousfigures, visual aids, announcements, do you see posted?2. Examine how the furniture is arranged. Where is the teacher’s table located? How are thetables and chairs/ desks arranged?3. What learning materials/equipment are present?4. Observe the students. How many are occupying one room?5. Is the room well-lighted and well-ventilated? CLASSROOM FACILITIES MATRIX Classroom Facilities Description (location, number, arrangement, condition) There are lots of wall displays posted 1. Wall displays everywhere it may be a club organizations, information and even the scientific trivia. They are arranged well and some of the displays were tearing off and dusty already. The teachers table is located at the center of 2. Teacher’s table the students facing them when the teacher is having a class. The learner’s desks are provided for each of 3. Learner’s Desks the students. They are arranged in columns, rows depending on the number of the students and the desk are not properly cleaned and even vandalism can be observe. The blackboard is wide provided for 4. Blackboard teacher and for the student’s stability and value of focus to learning. The materials or the visual aids which are 5. Learning Materials/Visual Aids used by the teacher is written legibly for the students to learn. They are mounted in the blackboard facing the learner’s together. The ceiling is good. Helping the teacher to 6.Ceiling interact with each other by covering the inner surface of the roof to maintain the ventilation. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  5. 5. My Observation Report Name of the School Observed Binalbagan Catholic College- High School Department Location of the School __San Gregorio Village, Binalbagan Negros Occidental___________ Date of Visit ____July 20, 2010_____________________________________________ It was July 20, 2010 when we are having our first actual school observation. This is in accordance to our course which will furnish us to become aware when we are exposed in the field of out-campus internship. Each one of us were advised to observed the BCC- High School Department. Our teacher told us to fill in everything that corresponds to our target and goal. The target is to be competent in determining a school environment that provides social, psychological and physical environment supportive of learning. Our teacher, Mam Flerida Demegillo and at the same time she is the school principal of BCC High School Department, gives us a sort of overview of what we are going to do. I strolled around the campus together with my classmates. I recorded the data and jot down the observation in my paper. I was impressed by the different offices and rooms but it attracts me most when I passed and observed the office of the principal. Her room is different from the others since it is too clean and the room is properly arranged. I observed everything that the schools have. As I am walking, my eyes borrowed my attention inside the faculty room in which the teachers stay. My first impression to those teachers are stubborn, obstinate and that they might not be friendly, but I was wrong because I try talked to them and that time I expected the thoughts that might happen instead they approached me, answered my questions and with a smile showing that I am welcome. The trigger in my mind never stops me to think those negative thoughts until I came home. We went back on another day which is July 27, 2010 and continued our thesis. I accomplished the school facilities matrix and I was able to answer the questions which are asked in my data. After all, I accomplished everything.Your AnalysisHow do the school campus and the classroom in particular impact on the learning of thestudents going to school? What are your conclusion? I conclude that the school has a great impact of learning in the since that they have a lot of number of students population and that only shows how great is the impact of the school to particular learning process.How does this relate your knowledge of child and adolescent development? How does thisrelate to your knowledge of facilitating learning? According to my own observation, the knowledge of particular students that we have observed is moderate while in facilitating learning, I can say that the
  6. 6. students do seems learn the lesson of their teachers even presenting it only in visual aids or in the blackboard, what is important is that they learn.Your Reflections1. Would you like to teach in the school environment you just observed? Why? Why not?2. What kind of school campus is conducive to learning?3. What kind of classroom is conducive to learning?4. In the future, how can you accomplish your answer in number 3?5. Write your additional learnings and insights here.Answer for Reflections:1. Yes, I would like to teach in the school that I have observed in the sense that theenvironment of the school is good, also the building is situated in a many forest placewhich provides proper ventilation and better environment that free from any pollution.But, if I will be given the opportunity, I prefer to choose my Alma Mater in high schoolas my cooperating school.2. In my own views and opinion, a certain school can be considered conducive tolearning if it has complete facilities particularly in the classrooms, offices, and even inany kind of school laboratory, also if it is clean, well- organized and free from anypollutions.3. The classroom can be considered conducive to learning if it is clean, well ventilated,with proper lighting that could maximized the learning process, and it should be alsohave the complete facilities and equipments necessary also for the learner’s needs and forthem to listen attentively to the teacher and lastly it should not be too crowded that mightaffect the learning of the particular students.4. If I am blessed by God and grant my aspirations in life that is to become a teachersomeday. I will do the same and change everything that someday would sum up myclassroom into better situation. I will be the one to facilitate in structuring my classroomand letting my students involve in a particular task, I will also organized my room Inorderfor my students to learn well and I will put my classroom with complete facilities so thatthey may feel comfortable and can pay attention to the discussions.5. Anyway, this subject as my Field Study helps me to learn everything that are necessaryfor the students as future educators to observe the classrooms conditions, this helps me tobecome aware that on how to achieve good and effective school environment and thatlater would give me an idea on how to have a good classroom conducive to learning.
  7. 7. My Personal Illustration of an Effective School Environment Share, Inspire, And Contribute. What are these? How do they contribute in thelearning process? How are these relevant in the learners and the teacher’s task? Arethese three, helpful for the effective school environment? Anyway, these are just thethree values that I want to possess soon and to implement to my future students. Eachone of us is facing the difficulties and agonies over studies but why we are stillconscious in choosing our school to study with even in our primary, secondary and thetertiary which is the college level. Even me, I do the same act. That’s true! Simplybecause, we want to achieve the quality education that we are seeking for. Qualityeducation that someday will help us to produce a productive and economically freecitizens. Wisely, students today are very lucky unlike of the past generations. They donot even have there proper education nor have the well ventilated classroom. I tried toask myself on how lucky I am because today, everything is equipped with moderntechnology. Furnishing the learner’s mind and also even in one enter to the computerkey, the informations will be immediately given to us. That’s how amazing thetechnology is. Anyway, go back to the three values. Firstly, I have mention there the “SHARE”,which means imparting any interesting stories and lessons inside and outside of theclassroom which could be helpful for the interaction between the teacher and thestudents. Secondly, “INSPIRE”, which means inspiring the world with the joy andfulfillment as an advocate education someday, and thirdly “CONTRIBUTE”, whichmeans working towards the betterment of the education in the country. These cannotonly be consider as values but rather this could help shaping a new effective schoolenvironment. Environment that would provide each of the learners a copy of thereimplications. As an addition, it is really important that a certain institution must have its owneffective environment. As a future educator, i could foresee the things that are highlyneeded in enhancing one’s school environment. It is not just that we are going todepend on others effort but more likely, the preparation is in the teachers and thestudents too. Inorder to achieve that effective school environment, the teachers mustbe guided accordingly by restructuring his/her classroom, and let the students involvedin the task. We cannot say that a school is neglecting the efficiency of the institution.We all recognized the value of the learning environment to our students’ ability tolearn. Sadly, our teachers are not trained to become interior designers and as such thetypical classroom is not the most of conducive of learning spaces. In the same manner,the school must be clean, well- organized, attractive, and it is necessarily that it shouldbe fully air conditioned, much better so if the certain school can afford that but what Iam trying to emphasize is that it must be well- ventilated, must have the facilities thatwill minimize the students murmuring that they are suffering from an extreme heat,crowded, and many other excuses that most likely happened to destruct the student’sfocus on the discussions. These things exist in many schools and universities. I cannotdeny the fact that I am one of them already. Lastly, as a future educator, I know and I am aware in myself that an effectivelearning lies on the how the particular school become effective in doing the bettereffective environment conducive to learning to gaining process. We will not wait thetime; we should start it now by showing a model to ourselves, to others, and theenvironment. ***