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Fs 1 episode 5


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Fs 1 episode 5

  1. 1. OBSERVATION REPORTName of the School Observed:Naval SPEd CenterSchool address: Naval, BiliranDate of Visit: February 26, 2013 As I observe the class, individual differences among learners isshown in them, there are learners who are really attentive duringthe discussion and there are also others who were just sometimeslisten to the discussion but the attention span is too short and thereare others who really fond of making noise during the discussion. As I am observing the learners, those who are seating in thefront are those pupils who are performing well and those who areseating at the back who are fond of making noises are those pupilswho are low performing. According to the teacher the one who is seating in front whoare very attentive during the class discussion was a son of a seaman,and the one who is seating at the back who is fond of making noiseis living in naval market. Their behavior is really different, maybe because of theireconomic status and family background. In accomplishing task theone who is performing well can accomplish the task early because hereally knows what to do, compare to the one who performs low willaccomplish late, maybe he needs assistance or he needs to ask histeacher on what are the things to do. The learner who is performingwell interacts with his teacher based on the discussion, and the onewho is low performing pupils interact much with his classmates andmake noise. The teacher give more attentions to those who are lowperforming, she always give her attention to these pupils so thatthese pupils will not make noise instead listen to the discussion.
  2. 2. My Analysis1. Did your observation match the information given by the teacher? Were you able to correctly identify who among the students performed well and who did not? What behavior helped you identify them? (Volunteering to answer, responding to teacher’s directions, etc.) Yes, my observation match with the information given by the teacher, and yes I was able to correctly identify the learners who is performing well and the student who are low performing. Volunteering to answer and always responding to the teacher is the behaviors that help me identify them.2. Describe the differences in ability levels of the students in the class. Is there a wide gap between the students who are performing well and those that are not? Those who perform well in class has the ability to easily understandthe lesson during the discussion, but those who are low performing pupilsthey always have to ask their seatmate or the teacher for them tounderstand well the lesson.3. Describe the methods used by the teacher in handling the students’ differences in abilities. How did the students respond to the teacher? The methods used by the teacher in handling her students is self-reliance by permitting learners to do by themselves the things that interestthem, within strictly disciplined limits. She treated her students fairlywhether it is high or low achiever in the class or not, she used to addressher lesson to everybody and according to what I had sense is that she do notgive up even if some of her students mixed with both low achievers and highachievers and yet the learners responses are still receptive and interactive inthe class even though some answered wrong.
  3. 3. My Reflections1. Recall the time when you were in the elementary or high school. Recall the high and low achievers in your class. How did your teacher deal with differences in abilities? Was your teacher effective? When I was in Elementary, my teacher is very effective in dealing with differences in abilities of my classmates. She manifested this during her lesson, dealings, actions, methods and the way she show strictness when we are inside the classroom. For instance when she is asking about the lesson, she prefer to address this to everybody rather than call one student. The same as what I have observed, every teacher do not attempt to give up in teaching low achievers in the class for she know that when you teaching eagerly, there is no doubt for him/her to catch the lesson that is why rote learning is required.
  4. 4. My PortfolioWith the principle of individual differences in mind, what methods andstrategies will you remember in the future to ensure that you will be able to meetthe needs of both the high and low achievers in your class? As a future teacher, this activity is not only intendedfor me to have a good observation but rather to furnish meto become a competent educator someday. For me, themethods and strategies that I will remember in the future sothat I could ensure that I meet the needs of both high andlow achievers in my class is that I will treat my studentsfairly, respect their individuality, social background, andmost especially there individual differences in abilities. Iwill avoid comparing and never attempt from putting themdown. I will make sure that these things are embed in mymind so that I could understand my student’s temperament,pace in accomplishing tasks, interaction with teacher, andthe way the interact with others.