5 Ways to Get More Leads & Sales - M2Con Digital Marketing Conference


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Want to get more leads? Don't miss this informative presentation by Valleri James all about gaining leads, nurturing them and turning them into loyal, lifetime customers!

We'll Cover:
- How to Get Leads
- How to use Giveaways, Sign-up forms and other tools to gain leads
- What to do once you have a lead list
- How to retarget to your leads
- Tips on best ways to reach and engage with your current leads

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  • Pop Quiz!TRUE or FALSE??Most people think it is really hard to get more leads – how many of you think that is true?? (raise hand)The answer is --- FALSE!!You are going to learn 5 ways to grow your leads – LEAN IN – WITHOUT picking up the phone. YES, you heard me … without picking up the phone!!So – good morning – I’m Valleri James.You are going to learn 5 strategies that you can walk out of here and start using … not tomorrow, but TODAY!
  • You are going to learn 5 strategies that you can walk out of here and start using … not tomorrow, but TODAY!We know they work because they are things we do for our clients everyday.Count them off -- Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC.
  • Ok, you just heard what you are going to learn how to do to get more leads, but for the sake of this presentation. Let’s clarify what a lead is because the work you put into getting leads will have a snowball effect.ing more leads will …. Increase traffic to your websiteImproves search engine placementsGrow your social media presence Increase brand recognitionGrow your salesAnd we can all agree that more leads means more sales, right??Ok … let’s dive in!!
  • Ok – does anyone know why you should have a blog?? Pick a couple of people and say – great … you are right!!Two Types of Blogging – Blogging on your own site and guest blogging – blogging on someone elsessiteGoogle loves contentBlogging creates the content that gets the search engines to continue spidering your site and ranking your pagesit gives you stuff to feed onto your social mediaIt gives you content for your newsletterAnd MOST IMPORTANTLY– it gives your leads more information about your business or things related to your location.
  • 89% of consumers turn to Google, Bing or another search engine to find information on products, services or businesses prior to making purchases
  • Deepens the relationship, because it is one more interaction with youCatchy titleProvides your leads with information they are interested inSpecial offerAbility to share itLinks to social media
  • Think like your customer – what questions are you asked over and over – those are the things you should blog aboutIf you are a hotel in lake george you might talk about what to do on a rainy day, if you are an insurance company – you might give safe driving tipsQUICK -- someone tell me something you could write on your blog if you had one! Pick a few people
  • Promotes your brandGives you more opportunities to get found in search queriesEstablishes you as a credible authorityBuilds Author Rank - Google AuthorshipTwo simple steps:Create a Google+ ProfileRemember to upload a high quality headshot and fill out some profile information such as hometown, etc. Make sure Google Plus account is set up with the name you want to use for your bylineGo to plus.google.com/authorship, sign up with your email and click on the verification link Google sends you
  • Sites that are in your locationSites that have a similar audience to yoursSites that are within your industryExamples:Any of our sitesSEOMozMashableNeed more that are relevant to attendees
  • Who likes free stuff?Purpose is to get leads – so keep it simple! Keep it simple (Giveaways vs. Contests)You want them to enter so you can connect with them and be able to remarket your business over and over!85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommend brands to others -- that is pretty powerful –when they like you, their friends see that they liked you and they have similar interests
  • Remember you are basically “buying the right to remarket to them”Give them something awesome!!Make it something they want to tell their friends about so you can remarket to them too.Birds of a feather … if it is something your lead is interested in … their friends probably are too.
  • Run your giveaway on Saraotga.com
  • It lets you claim your coupon and it asks you to share it with your friends … remember … birds of a feather!
  • I really like this one. I entered it.
  • Keep it real – announce the winner publicly!Start remarketing!Send a thank you letter for entering the contestIncluded a special offer (limited time)Include links to your websiteAsk them to follow your blog for future giveaways
  • Give Ft. Willliam Henry Example
  • Online BillboardRetargeting– Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.For most businesses, traffic does not convert on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.Targeted –Niche and local.Who likes to spend money on ads that don’t work? That’s what I thought – no one!So when you are thinking about where you want to spend your money … make sure you spend it wisely … because …..
  • Well placed display ads show the benefits of your business to the right audience at the right time, piquing interest and putting your brand top-of-mind.Putting your ad next to relevant content increases its effectiveness by nearly 50%
  • Placing your ad next to content that is not relevant …. Can be really bad for businessReally bad news for Burger King …And how much does the company that sold those ads care about their clients?
  • piece of code on your website The code is unnoticeable to your site visitors and won’t affect your site’s performance. Every time a new visitor comes to your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. Later, when your cookied visitors browse the web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve ads, ensuring that your ads are served to only to people who have previously visited your site.Zappos is a great example.
  • Advertising your business on sites where your potential buyers areWorks because you are placing your brand, your offer, your event, in front of the most likely buyersHyatt Story – 275 Rooms in one track season
  • Use a clean design with bold colors and fonts to make your ad stand out on a crowded webpage. Avoid white backgroundsKeep the copy short and emphasize the main valueHighlight a Benefit or Value – State the value the customer will receive in your CTA copy. For example, "Get a Quote" or "Sign Up for a Free Trial" helps persuade consumers to click.Emphasize the Design –CTA text in a large, easy-to-read font, and use a color that stands outInclude a Clickable Button – Format your CTA like a button
  • Your landing page should maintain consistency with the display ad associated with it. Your landing page should not only contain a similar design aesthetic, but it should also contain the same value proposition and feature any offers mentioned on your display ad.Landing pages are read just as we would glance at a magazine - Left to right, 3-6 seconds before taking action or leaving.The most important element of your landing page is the message. Your headline and body copy must be clear, not clever, and focus on benefits, not featuresHave a clear call to actionReduce Required Form FieldsKeep Your Design Simple
  • Most people think Email Marketing is a thing of the past. WRONG!!That might have been true before smart phones (hold up phone) -- Move to the other side … but now ---- The average person checks their smartphone 34 times per day!Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales Cost effectiveIt’s personalYou can segment it to reach a certain audienceIt has a longer shelf life than social mediaUse it to educate, solve problems, for special offers How many people do you think makes a purchase because of an email they received? (wait for answer) -- 60% of people buy products and services at least once a month because of an email they received. Reach people in their inbox where they are looking everydayBuilds lasting relationshipsProvides a benefit to the reader (solves a problem or provides needed info)The average person checks their smartphone 34 times per day
  •  How many people do you think makes a purchase because of an email they received? (wait for answer) -- 60% of people buy products and services at least once a month because of an email they received. Create subject lines that grab the readers attentionMake it personal – don’t use no-reply@company-name.comKeep it short and sweetHere’s a fun fact for you -- there are 3 times more email accounts than the two leading social media platforms combined.
  • Include links to your blog, your website and your social media so the lead will be encouraged to interact with your business
  • You may not be a Yankee Fan … but they have a great marketing firm!
  • Ask for them!!
  • Who can tell me what they think nurturing leads means? Great, great!CARETAKERAre you more likely to interact with someone who does something for you and makes you feel special?Nurturing builds the relationship between your company and the leadNurturing leads is about adding value to their lives until they are ready to make a purchase.Interacting with your leads to provide information they are looking for and to remind them or your expertise, availability etc.
  • Theres a cycle –You have captured a lead – they are reading your blog, they liked you on Facebook because of your giveaway, they are on your e-listNow what are you supposed to do with it? Keep them informed Educate them about your products, specials, eventsRespond to their needsOnce they trust you to take care of them … or think you have the best hotel, dog sitting service, trendy clothes, etcThey will become a buyer
  • It was rainy, I was sad … so my favorite winery wanted to make me feel better and sent me this great email offering me a free wine glass ….Really, it was rainy and they were sad … because no one wants to go out in the rain … so they came up with this great idea to entice me with a free wine glass!Email your clients is a great way to nurture themMake sure you are providing content and offers that they will find usefulRespond immediately to anyone who responds to your e-newsletter
  • Share, share, share!!It drives traffic into your site,It keeps your business top of mind
  • This blog post has links to the other parts of the their site where they can learn more about their business
  • Share your blog postsGive information about products and product offersShare photos of the area your business is in, events that your leads will find relevantRespond to comments made by your followersFun Fact!Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC.
  • 79% of consumers said they Like or follow brands on social networks to get more information about the company and its products and services.How many of you have bought something because of something you saw it on Facebook??How about liking something a friend liked?Entered a giveaway or read an article because your friend did?Any of these ideas could be used alone to get you more sales … but when you use them together … you deepen the relationship with the client.All the things you do work together to create more leads and leads = sales!
  • Let’s do a quick recap …. Today you learned things that you can go back to the office and do right now … if you keep doing these things consistently and regularly all you are going to hear is ….
  • All done!!!
  • 5 Ways to Get More Leads & Sales - M2Con Digital Marketing Conference

    1. 1. 1. Blogging2. Giveaways – peoplelove to win free stuff!3. Advertising4. Email Marketing5. Nurturing & SocialEngagement
    2. 2. Leads = SalesA lead is apotential buyer foryour product orservice
    3. 3. #1 Blogging
    4. 4. Why are Blogs useful?
    5. 5. Anatomy of a great blogTitleSpecial OfferSocial Media LinksShare itInteresting Info
    6. 6. What to blog about?• Things to do inyour area –Hidden Gems• Tips and Tricksyour buyer willfind useful• Trends• Unique productsor services
    7. 7. Guest Blogging
    8. 8. Where Can I Guest Blog?
    9. 9. #2 Giveaways
    10. 10. Why should I do Giveaways?• Get email addresses• Build brand awareness• Build social media presence• Get contact informationAll of these allowyou to remarket!
    11. 11. Where Should I Run My Giveaway?Tap your existing base:1. Run on your website2. Ask to share the giveaway with friends3. Promote in your newsletter4. Run through social mediaExamples: Rafflecopter, , WooBox, Wildfire Appon FacebookTap potential new leads:1. Run on a web page that is relevant to yourbusiness2. Advertise the giveaway in your market
    12. 12. Sample Facebook GiveawayAsks you toshare it!
    13. 13. Make Sharing EasyWhen people seethis in my newsfeed, they are easilyable to enter thecontest
    14. 14. Follow Up EmailThey asked me to sharetheir contest AND theymade it easy for me to do it.They made it easyto find them online
    15. 15. When you to a giveaway with us…• Brand exposure to anew market• Email Addresses forfollow up• Link to your socialmedia page to growyour follower base• We do all the workso you don’t have to!
    16. 16. #3 Display Advertising
    17. 17. Like Your Pet, A Well Placed Ad…Can be Your Best Friend!
    18. 18. VS… THIS Ouch.
    19. 19. Retargeting Ad
    20. 20. Local/Niche Advertising
    21. 21. An Effective Display Ad• Keep DesignClean/Standout• Keep Copy Short• Highlight Benefit/Value• Include a Clickable Button• Proper Landing Page
    22. 22. Like this!RepeatsmessageGreat CTA
    23. 23. #4 Email Marketing
    24. 24. Email Marketing• Personal• Super Simple• Offer drivingme to theirsite
    25. 25. Tips for great email newsletter• Don’t oversell yourproduct or service• Use Visuals• Make it mobile friendly• Include offers• Ask them to share it• Keep it short and sweet! Dear Unknown,
    26. 26. This email has it all!Promoting an EventOffer and Callto ActionWants me toget social!Great HeadlineLinks back totheir site
    27. 27. How do I get more subscribers?• Ask! Have emailsign spots on yourwebsite• Offer something ofvalue for signing up– a free consult, afree eBook, acoupon• Using testimonialsin your sign up area
    28. 28. #5 Nurturing
    29. 29. Nurturing• When you have more leads – if you takegood care of them, you will get more sales…
    30. 30. Nurturing with Email Marketing
    31. 31. Your social media post …
    32. 32. Will drive traffic to your blog!
    33. 33. Using Social Media to Nurture your LeadsWhen your leadsinteract with youon social media –be sure torespond
    34. 34. Why is Social Media useful?
    35. 35. How do we get more leads???• Do giveaways to get more social mediafollowers and e-list subscribers• Do advertising for immediate sales or to drivepeople to my site where they will taken actionto become a lead• Write blog posts to post on my social mediaand in my newsletters• Keep providing valuable information andoffers