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PR News Digital PR Summit Feb 16, 2012 San Francisco


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PR News Digital PR Summit Feb 16, 2012 San Francisco

Published in: Technology, Business
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PR News Digital PR Summit Feb 16, 2012 San Francisco

  1. 1. Why It Pays To Be Likeable @DaveKerpen, CEO, @LikeableMedia Author of @LikeableBook
  2. 2. Social Media Realities• Social media is not free• Social media will not bring you instant results• Social media cannot make up for a bad product or service
  3. 3. Likeable Social Media• Allows brands to engage in and ignite conversation• Creates a meaningful channel to reach audiences• Develops a dedicated fan base
  4. 4. Listen First, and Never Stop Listening• Listening should always be 50% of the conversation• There’s a different between listening and monitoring• What’s the cost of not listening?
  5. 5. Customer Case Studyservice Twitter Example: Best Buyaccount@Twelpforce • Customer service Twitter account @Twelpforce • Respond to customer concerns, complaints, and questions • Non-promotional, solely helpful • Listening got them: • 41847 followers • 40% increase in sales
  6. 6. Understand Your Customer• What do your customers want?• What do your customers like?• EdgeRank
  7. 7. Case Study: Cumberland Farms Chill Zone• Incentivized fans to take action• Created meaningful engagement leading to an increase in sales • Free Chill Zone day increased sales 23% over previous Friday • 50% of sales attributed to Facebook
  8. 8. Provide Value• Free value builds trust, reputation, and sales• Stay consistent• 5% off is marketing, 50% off is value
  9. 9. Get the Like• Why do customers Like? Value• What does a Like do for you?• Expanding your network leads to potential customers! Trusted Network
  10. 10. Don’t Sell—Compel Customers to Buy• Facebook apps to sell with• TWEET • Trust-building • Wisdom • Ears open • Establish your brand • Teach the world about what you do
  11. 11. Don’t Sell—Compel Customers to Buy• Broadcast buying opportunities through social engagement• Facebook Sales Funnel
  12. 12. Baseball RosesBrian Carter, Author of The Like Economy• Spent $200 on Facebook Ads• Led to over $1000 in revenue• 400% ROI
  13. 13. Driving Sales Through Increased Social PR• Listen and engage• Know your fans• Provide value• Increase Likes that matter• Entice customers with purchasing power• Be Likeable!• Measure, adjust, repeat
  14. 14. Thank You!Questions? @DaveKerpen @LikeableMedia 212-660-2458