Generating Leads through B2B Content Marketing


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On June 6, 2013, Digital Influence Group, Skyword and IBM held a webinar on "Generating Leads through B2B Content Marketing." View slides from the webinar to learn how IBM is using organic search, bloggers and news writers, and value-added content to capture customers' attention throughout the purchase process, as a part of IBM's award-winning Midsize Insider program. Also learn how B2B marketers can create Influencer programs to drive prospects further down the sales funnel.

Speakers include:

Leslie Reiser, Program Director, Mid Market Digital Marketing WW, IBM (@LCReiser)
Christine McManus, Director of Strategic Services, Skyword (@ChrissyMac8)
Scott Ludwig, Associate Director, Marketing, Digital Influence Group (@BostonRS)
Kevin Green, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Digital Influence Group (Moderator, @KevinMGreen)

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  • Change Forward Thinkers to Subject Matter Experts
  • Generating Leads through B2B Content Marketing

    1. 1. Generating Leads throughB2B Content Marketing
    2. 2. Today’s Speakers2Leslie ReiserProgram Director, Midmarket Digital Marketing WW, GreenSVP of Strategy & Analytics, Digital Influence Group@KevinMGreenkgreen@digitalinfluencegroup.comScott LudwigAssistant Director of Marketing, Digital Influence Group@BostonRSsludwig@digitalinfluencegroup.comChristine McManusDirector of Strategic Services,
    3. 3. Agenda3• Why content marketing? IBM’s approach for a changing digital environment– Reach audiences where they already are– Develop valuable content with staged distribution• Influencer program designed to deliver value in the marketplace– Planning and implementation– Driving a qualified audience down the funnel• Scaled content creation– Capturing opportunity in search and social– Maintaining a brand newsroom and high quality• IBM program overview and results
    4. 4. 4Why an Influencer Program• Activate leading industry bloggers to amplify the reach of your organizationin the social space• Leverage unbiased voices to create content geared towards your targetaudience• Expose established, qualified audiences to programs, events, services andsolutions• Cultivate relationships that your employees and thought leaders can benefitfrom• Create an on demand focus group that you can run ideas or programs by forreal-time feedback
    5. 5. Connective Tissue Across Marketing Efforts5Leverage trusted voices of influencers to create a connective tissuebetween your organization’s marketing and communication activities.PAIDOWNEDEARNEDGOALTrustedVoicesTrustedVoicesTrustedVoices
    6. 6. 6You Can’t Have an Influencer Program Without
    7. 7. 7Influencer Programs aren’t Achieved Overnight• Develop initial list ofinfluencers usinglistening tools andfiltering methodology• Recruit to participate• Provide program detailsand requirements• Discuss Incentives• Draft agreements• Create customcampaign tracking• Provide disclaimer• Review content createdby blogger• Choreographdistribution acrossowned channels• Collect assets to share• Coordinate schedulesfor interviews, trials, etc• Recruit to participate atevents• Collect metrics frombloggers• Pull controlled data• Integrate into reports
    8. 8. 8Understanding Tiers of Influence
    9. 9. 9Creating a Distributed Content EcosystemInfluencers(Credible Experts) IBM Events(Inclusion)News Writers(Immediate Interest)Forward Thinkers(Brand Ambassadors)Content Creation, Integration and Distribution
    10. 10. It’s Less About What You Offer and More About WhatYour Audience WantsHighLowNews WritersBloggersSMEsBusiness PartnersEmployeesTechnology NewsWhat’s happening nowTechnology TrendsOpinions and theories fromthought leadersPractical UseTechnology implementation& considerationWhy IBMSpecific services& solutionsVolumeofContent10
    11. 11. 11Driving a Qualified Audience Down the Funnel#1 resultBloggers, News Writers &Forward ThinkersGoogleSearchSocialSearchWhat is our audiencesearching for?Explore, Engage & Share
    12. 12. Search and Social: Gateways to Consumers12115BILLIONGLOBAL SEARCHESevery month on Google Search36BILLIONSOCIAL SHARESevery month in the US
    13. 13. 13Quality Content is the Cost of DiscoverySearch Lift Social Lift Brand LiftKeyword RelevanceBacklinksHigher RankingsAwarenessAffinityConversionEndorsementAmplificationEngagement
    14. 14. 14& The Fuel That Powers All Marketing
    15. 15. 15Brands Need to Become like Newsrooms
    16. 16. 16Particularly in B2B..
    17. 17. Writer’s PaymentsFinancial ManagementSearch OptimizationBrand Alignment ReviewProject ManagementLegal DepartmentWriter ManagementCopy Editing CompanyWriter’s ContentCMSMaster SpreadsheetCMSBut the Process is Difficult and Inconsistent17
    18. 18. Skyword – All You Need for Quality Content18TechnologyFrameworkContentStrategyContentCreatorsEditorialThe Four Pillars of Successful Content
    19. 19. And, We’re Good At It19Last year, Skyword content drove134+ million unique visits fromsearch and social to client sites
    20. 20. Establishing a Google News Program20••••••••
    21. 21. Executing Content Strategy | Content Calendar21
    22. 22. Scale News Coverage | Trending Topics22
    23. 23. IBM Midmarket Digital MarketingThe Media in CollapseAverage age of US daily newspaperreader: 57Reduction in US newsroom staffssince 2001: 45%Growth in NBC prime time audience,2008: 14.3%Average age of network eveningnews viewer: 632001 2009 ChangeWoman’s Day 1.61M 410,000 -74%Redbook 556,300 154,600 -72%Country Living 380,200 134,900 -64%Natl Enquirer 1.65M 591,300 -64%Reader’s Digest 750,000 270,000 -64%ESPN Magazine 54,350 25,200 -63%23
    24. 24. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing24
    25. 25. IBM Midmarket Digital MarketingNew Media Impact on B2B25
    26. 26. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing26
    27. 27. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing•••••••••••••27
    28. 28. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing••28
    29. 29. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing••••••29
    30. 30. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing30
    31. 31. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing•••••31
    32. 32. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing32
    33. 33. IBM Midmarket Digital MarketingEstablish a News Site and Publishing Platformmidsizeinsider.com33
    34. 34. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing34
    35. 35. IBM Midmarket Digital Marketing35
    36. 36. Question & Answer36
    37. 37. Connect with our Panelists37Leslie ReiserProgram Director, Midmarket Digital Marketing WW, GreenSVP of Strategy & Analytics, Digital Influence Group@KevinMGreenkgreen@digitalinfluencegroup.comScott LudwigAssistant Director of Marketing, Digital Influence Group@BostonRSsludwig@digitalinfluencegroup.comChristine McManusDirector of Strategic Services,