PubCon New Orleans 2013 - Golden Nuggets


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Golden Nuggets from PubCon 2013 New Orleans!

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PubCon New Orleans 2013 - Golden Nuggets

  1. 1. Golden Nuggets fromPubCon New Orleans 2013By: Amberly Rundell
  2. 2. Hot Topics• Conversion Rate Optimization• Twitter• Facebook• Social Media• SEO Tools• Link Building• Local Marketing• Visual Social Marketing• Google+• Author Rank• Blogging• Video Marketing• Remarketing
  3. 3. CROConversion RateOptimization
  4. 4. Conversions increase when you includepictures of people looking/leading directlyat CTA
  5. 5. “Look” at the CTA
  6. 6. High Converting Landing Page
  7. 7. LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATIONDoes your landing page have all of these elements?• What is it, in 3 second or less• Simple text paragraphs• Credibility elements• Why should I convert form• Yellow highlighted phone number - 25% increase conversion rates.• Picture looks at action. (Proven to increase conversion rates.)• What do you want them to do? Thats the name of the button freequote note.• Take the same text and organize into bullet points. No one readslong paragraphs. Make it easy to read.
  8. 8. Conversion Increased 25% when we highlightedour phone # yellow
  9. 9. “Go through your website and see which photosyou can change out. Redo you product images."Stage them." This will make a big difference.”Stage Your Products
  10. 10. CrazyEggEye tracking technology. Track user activity.Use heatmaps to see where people are clicking, if they scroll below the fold, etc.
  11. 11. Fun Fact:Local #s get better click to callconversion rates then toll free #s
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Social Media
  14. 14. Social Media• Peak times to post are 9-noon, 6-10pm• Educate in the morning. Entertain at night.• Need a slideshow quick? Put your photos intoPowerPoint. Then upload a slideshow onSlideShare and link back to your website.
  15. 15. Twitter
  16. 16. Take screen shots ofTweets/testimonials and put onwebsite footer
  17. 17. FollowerWonkConnect with the Influencers!
  18. 18. Retweetlab.comAnalyze your tweets. Allows you to grab thousands of your old tweets, and see whichones were tweeted most. Analyze competitors tweets.
  19. 19. Facebook
  20. 20. “So many people do the 2 Ss - Sell and selfpromotion. What you really need to do is the3 Es: Educate. Engage. Entertain.”
  21. 21. "Encourage your employees to comment and write their expertise on FB posts."“Make insights your bitch!” We all know about it, but do we actually use it? Don’tforget to use these statistics to see what is working and what’s not.If your clients have a blog, make sure to add the Facebook Pile Plugin. Its adds socialproof!
  22. 22. “Create content for comments.”
  23. 23. Nobody clicks on boring. Nobodyshares boring.“Its about taking the stuff you already have and adding acouple minutes and make it better. Before you post, take 5minutes on how to make it more awesome.“Before you post, stop and think. Would YOU want to share it?If not, amp up the interest on it!”
  24. 24. SEO Tools
  25. 25. SEM Rush
  26. 26. Screaming Frog
  27. 27. Google Page Speed your results are less than 70, you are not going to rank very well.(Mannix is 77!)
  28. 28. SpiderViewers - See what the search engines sees.
  29. 29. Link Building
  30. 30. • 73% of algorithm is link building. Despitedifferent algorithms its still a huge of the pie.• Do kw research on Open Site Explorer and usethese competitors to get backlinks• links = rankings = conversions
  31. 31. See who is using your images.Get a link back from them.
  32. 32. SEOMoz Chrome ExtensionShows detailed metrics in SERPS, quick page analysis (H1, bolding, links, etc.)
  33. 33. 5minutesite.com
  34. 34. Do you donate to charities?Sponsor Events?Get a link!!
  35. 35. Tip: Google is looking for links to innerpages, not just your homepage. If theysee too many, they think its either adsor
  36. 36. Local Marketing
  37. 37.
  38. 38.
  39. 39. tool. Put in your zipcode and kws and itwill show you all the different variations in acertain mile radius. Then drop these into Adwords.
  40. 40. Citations, Citations, Citations!
  41. 41. Local Citations
  42. 42. Local Citations• Local Citations ( Citations are listings of NAP ontrusted pages (Name, address, phone number ) regardlessif there is a website listing attached to it. Citations can bevery helpful.• Ex: Chamber of Commerces, Superpages, etc. Searchengines are taking this into ranking consideration. Createhundreds of Google+ Local citations.• Citation Labs - Put in URLS and thy will send you back all thecontent information. Broken link checker in your niche.
  43. 43. • business page•• yahoo directory• best of the web
  44. 44. “To rank better locally, try having morelocal content. Blog about local eventsand your community.”
  45. 45. Visual SocialMarketing
  46. 46. "We hear it all thetime, images, images, images. Butnow is the time to REALLY investin images for your site.
  47. 47. Cool Tools For Visual Marketing• Phonto - Phone Application to add text to pics.• Pixlr - Easily add text to pics.• Pinktochart - easily create infographics. $15/mth
  48. 48. Image ideas• Inspiring quotes with peoples pictures next to it. (MattCutts examples.) These things go viral!• Testimonials. Include persons picture next to them. (Peopletrust it more!)• If you dont have an image for your blog post, create a textbased image that can be associated with it. A quote fromthe blog, a statistics, a recipe, helpful tool link, etc.
  49. 49. Google+
  50. 50. “Google+ and Local are still in flux. Keep linking your blog content to your Google+ page.”“There will be a huge impact on social search in the years to come. Now is the time to reallyboost the social signals up. "Social factors are going to become the most important factor ingetting leads in the future," Social and search, the worlds are colliding. The algorithms oftomorrow are based on people.”Rank is not everything. Influence from your peers is more. If youre looking for the best sushiplace in saratoga, even though restaurant A may be ranking #1, restaurant B is ranking #6 butyou see 10 friends have liked it, what do you think youre going to choose?“Google Glasses example/Siri example - Tell me where to get a plumber in Philadelphia. It wontbe the closest, or the best ranked, the result is going to be based upon what your peersreviews are. Social signals are the new types of links. Tweets, Likes, G+s. These count as links.Socially enable all of your content, (social media plugins. Pin it buttons, tweet this, etc.) Makeit easy for them to share.”**No one to call at Google? Visit this forum:!forum/business
  51. 51. "Google+ is like eating your vegetables. It willmake you better in the long run if you canforce yourself to do it.“
  52. 52. GetFiveStars.comCurrently in beta, will launch in a month. A tool to encourage online reviews in G+.
  53. 53. Author Rank
  54. 54. Google Authorship – Get it!rel=publisher (business)rel+author (personal)Rel = Publisher ties your Google Business+ page to your whole site, whileRel = Author ties your personal Google+ page to individual articles“Search engines are actively searching if you have social proof. The moreconnected you are with influential people online, the higher your rankgoes.”“Author rank is a leg up opportunity for a small businesses. Get your clientson board with their blog. “
  55. 55. Blogging
  56. 56. Can’t think of a blog post idea?• Use Google Trends! See what’s popularnow, get ideas, etc.
  57. 57. Take screen shots of your blog post, title, andauthor picture and post them onPinterest, Flickr, etc.. Link to blog post withtitle of post.
  58. 58. Video Marketing
  59. 59. Submit your Video XML sitemap to GoogleWebmaster Tools
  60. 60. Web Marketing Experts
  61. 61. Reseller Package
  62. 62. “Our Results”Easy to understand SEO Results 
  63. 63. Possible Redirects?•• albanyseocom,••
  64. 64. Remarketing
  65. 65. Remarketing is incredibly powerful - Ads that say "we want you back!"Complete your order and youll receive 2 free golf balls. Then direct them tothat specific landing page, to complete their order.FB retargetingEmail retargetingYouTube retargeting
  66. 66. Random Tips
  67. 67. Zendesk - Customer support.
  68. 68. Get a Library At Your Office!Books to Read:• 360 leader• The Psychology Influence on People• Social Signals in Search Reading the Tea Leaves• The Facebook Marketing book• Million Dollar Websites• The 10 Golden Rules of Online Marketing
  69. 69. Want the PowerPoint Slides?POWERPOINT SLIDES• (Username: amberlyrundell - Password: 4b8kip)Masters Classes:• (Username: nolamasters - password: superfun)