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Crash course social_media-1


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Crash course social_media-1

  1. 1. Crash Course in Social Media for Spas and Salons Presented by
  2. 2. Webinar Outline •  Why your salon/spa should care about social media. •  Four-point plan to develop your social media strategy. •  Turn a social media strategy into money for your spa.
  3. 3. The World is Changing Fast Change with it! It won’t wait.
  4. 4. There Will be Winners
  5. 5. Social Media Fuel = People •  54% of women use social media regularly. • 29% of these women are 35-54 years old. • The fastest growing female age group is 55+ (922%).
  6. 6. Facebook: A Snapshot •  Over 500 million active users. •  150 million mobile users, who are twice as active on Facebook. •  50% log-on their news feed every day. •  Average user has 130 friends. •  We spend 700 billion minutes/month on Facebook.
  7. 7. Social Media Use
  8. 8. Google is Not the Whole Story
  9. 9. Local Search 1.0
  10. 10. Local Search 2.0
  11. 11. You May Know These Guys Algorithm Your Friends
  12. 12. Splendid Paradox •  Spa/Salon industry is unique, real people must deliver the “product”. •  Social media permits you to interact personally. •  You can’t cut hair or give a massage online. •  There is an important social aspect to the spa and salon experience.
  13. 13. How to Use Social Media •  Teach with passion, authority, opinions. •  Keep most loyal clients in mind at all times. •  Maintain interested with consistent posts that are relevant and valuable. •  Encourage community to share and spread your social influence.
  14. 14. First Steps •  Set up a profile (personal) and FaceBook page for your business. • steps-to-set-up-a-facebook-page •  Set up a Twitter account for your business.
  15. 15. Build a Network •  Ask 25 friends, family and coworkers to become fans. • Join local networks by city. • Share links and comment.
  16. 16. Listen and Watch •  Follow relevant conversations. •  Sign-up for Google Alerts. •  Add TweetDeck.
  17. 17. Conversations Happening Now…..
  18. 18. About Your Spa and Salon Decide How you want to be part of that conversation.
  19. 19. Remember the Goal •  Generate transactions on your website. o  Book appointments. o  Encourage clients to try new spa/salon treatments. o  Purchase Gifts.
  20. 20. Good Content is Critical •  More content = more traffic to website. •  Fresh, time sensitive, event/specials drive traffic. •  Creates sharing opportunities to reach new audience. •  SEO.
  21. 21. What Makes Great Content? •  Passion and expertise. •  Clients want to identify with you so understand their problems and challenges. •  Consistency increases social media effectiveness. •  Keep them interested and encourage them to share, spread your social influence.
  22. 22. Blog Effectively……
  23. 23. Then Tell 200 Friends
  24. 24. Allow Clients to Share
  25. 25. Spread Social Influence Online
  26. 26. Social Media Events Encourage Sharing Referral Codes - exclusive specials to readers o  one-time deals, limited offers, request retweets
  27. 27. Common Social Media Mistakes •  See website as static billboard and social media as place to post unedited information. o  Website is dynamic, changing and must work with social media to be successful. •  Aggressive Marketing. o  Build community, engage, create trust. o  It is ok to create a call to action but do it wisely.
  28. 28. Checklist for Effectiveness •  Frequency. 2-3 times per week. •  Value. Specials, insider info, create relationships Educate, alert followers/friends to your blog. •  Relevance. Listen and communicate with community. •  Spread your influence. Referrals, GC purchase notifications, retweets.
  29. 29. The Future of Online Marketing •  Broadcast message across multiple mediums. •  Consistent messaging tailored to best clients. •  Content, promotions and connections. •  Use the right tools. •  Seamless integration.
  30. 30. Contact To learn more about our integrated online marketing suite and special conference pricing please contact: • • •  800.940.0458