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smAlbany 2013 5 ways to get more leads mannix marketing


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smAlbany 2013 presentation

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smAlbany 2013 5 ways to get more leads mannix marketing

  1. 1. Top 5 Ways to Get  More Leads and Sales By: Valleri James, Director of Sales & Digital Strategy
  2. 2. 1. Blogging 2. Giveaways – people love to win free stuff! 3. Advertising 4. Email Marketing 5. Nurturing & Social Engagement
  3. 3. Leads = Sales A lead is a potential buyer for your product or service
  4. 4. #1 Blogging
  5. 5. Why are Blogs useful?
  6. 6. Anatomy of a great blog Title Special Offer Social Media Links Share itInteresting Info
  7. 7. What to blog about? • Things to do in your area – Hidden Gems • Tips and Tricks your buyer will find useful • Trends • Unique products or services
  8. 8. Guest Blogging
  9. 9. Where Can I Guest Blog?
  10. 10. #2 Giveaways
  11. 11. Why should I do Giveaways? • Get email addresses • Build brand awareness • Build social media presence • Get contact information All of these allow you to remarket!
  12. 12. Where Should I Run My Giveaway? Tap your existing base: 1. Run on your website 2. Ask to share the giveaway with friends 3. Promote in your newsletter 4. Run through social media Examples: Rafflecopter, , WooBox, Wildfire App on Facebook Tap potential new leads: 1. Run on a web page that is relevant to your business 2. Advertise the giveaway in your market
  13. 13. Sample Facebook Giveaway Asks you to share it!
  14. 14. Make Sharing Easy When people see this in my news feed, they are easily able to enter the contest
  15. 15. Follow Up Email They asked me to share their contest AND they made it easy for me to do it. They made it easy to find them online
  16. 16. When you to a giveaway with us… • Brand exposure to a  new market • Email Addresses for  follow up • Link to your social  media page to grow  your follower base • We do all the work  so you don’t have to!
  17. 17. #3 Display Advertising
  18. 18. Like Your Pet, A Well Placed Ad… Can be Your Best Friend!
  19. 19. VS… THIS Ouch .
  20. 20. Retargeting Ad
  21. 21. Local/Niche Advertising
  22. 22. An Effective Display Ad • Keep Design Clean/Standout • Keep Copy Short • Highlight Benefit/Value • Include a Clickable Button • Proper Landing Page
  23. 23. Like this!  Repeats  message Great CTA
  24. 24. #4 Email Marketing
  25. 25. Email Marketing • Personal • Super Simple • Offer driving  me to their  site
  26. 26. Tips for great email newsletter • Don’t oversell your product or service • Use Visuals • Make it mobile friendly • Include offers • Ask them to share it • Keep it short and sweet! Dear Unknown,
  27. 27. This email has it all! Promoting an Event Offer and Call  to Action Wants me to  get social!  Great Headline Links back to  their site
  28. 28. How do I get more subscribers? • Ask! Have email sign spots on your website • Offer something of value for signing up – a free consult, a free eBook, a coupon • Using testimonials in your sign up area
  29. 29. #5 Nurturing
  30. 30. Nurturing • When you have more leads – if you take good care of them, you will get more sales …
  31. 31. Nurturing with Email Marketing
  32. 32. Your social media post …
  33. 33. Will drive traffic to your blog!
  34. 34. Using Social Media to Nurture your Leads When your leads  interact with you  on social media – be sure to  respond 
  35. 35. Why is Social Media useful?
  36. 36. How do we get more leads??? • Do giveaways to get more social media  followers and e‐list subscribers • Do advertising for immediate sales or to drive  people to my site where they will taken action  to become a lead • Write blog posts to post on my social media  and in my newsletters • Keep providing valuable information and  offers