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Social media 201 - Using LinkedIn


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As presented at Geiger Galleria. Social selling 201 focuses on using LinkedIn more effectively and provides some engagement tips with clients.

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Social media 201 - Using LinkedIn

  1. 1. Social Media 201 • Maximizing LinkedIn • Engaging Clients • Discussion / Q&A
  2. 2. LinkedIn • Just a tool, like all technology • Good sales skills required
  3. 3. Who Would You Select? The P.O.P. Shop and it's team of marketing superheroes provides creative printing and unique promotional products to build brands. The superhero-themed promotions firm blends creative printing, packaging, promotions and branded products to build respected brands. The company can design and develop powerful direct mail, sales kits, point-of-purchase programs, promotions or internal branding. A single source allows clients to get back to marketing and growing their brand rather than managing multiple vendors. The P.O.P. Shop’s creative marketing expertise is where clients will find the most added value, and view the team of superheroes as an extension of their marketing department. • 19 written recommendations I have known Sonya for over 15 years. She is my go-to person for any promotional products as she is fast, responsive, always on time, on top of every detail, and I can count on her to ensure everything is perfect and in budget! • No endorsements • No recommendations • No Bio
  4. 4. Your personal brand • Customer centric profile! – Don’t brag about top seller, etc • Expanded the company into the [] market Aggressively grew the [] area sales from $0 to over $125,000 in just 8 months Day to day includes cold calls, creating a marketing strategy, managing advertising budget, setting appointments, meeting with customers, creating product ideas that are a win - win for [] and the customer, quoting the project, closing the deal, collecting payment and asking for referrals Successfully manage the balance between rush orders, delivery deadlines, new orders and any obstacles along the way
  5. 5. Prospects Research You As your consultant, I will work with you: - to ensure products meet current safety guidelines - to keep you up to date on new products and events - to get the best return on your promotional investment - research unique ideas for your event, theme and budget - grow your sales by helping you plan effective promotions - create programs to motivate employees through recognition, incentives and awards - draw people into your trade show booth with creative give-a-ways - select gifts to thank your employees, customers and vendors - source custom products overseas and domestically - create a Uniform program for your staff and more..........!!! • 9 recommendations July 2010 – Present (3 years 1 month)I specialize in promotional merchandise branding. I manage corporate accounts in a variety of industries, i.e. healthcare, transportation, advertising, agriculture, education, hospitality, real estate and much more! I source products overseas and domestically to find creative solutions for promotional merchandising products that work with my customers' brand, event, theme, budget and marketing goals. My goal is to help you find the right items to maximize your brand and advertising potential. Whatever the item...apparel, pens, executive gifts, trade show give-a-ways, awards, decals, drinkware, food items, bags, etc.......Here at Geiger, we want your brand to inspire others and I can help you do this effectively and with peace of's called Brandspiration!
  6. 6. The Headline • Not your title! • See search results
  7. 7. Your Picture • Make it professional and visible • Focus on the face • Look appropriate for $50,000 meeting
  8. 8. Linked Websites Choose other and type name 1. GeigerMall site 2. Your blog 3. Online portfolio or
  9. 9. Endorsements • Endorse a few connections weekly
  10. 10. Endorsement Notification
  11. 11. Recommendations • Recommend 1 client monthly (give) • Ask for recommendations (get) – Not people you recommended
  12. 12. Content On Your Bio
  13. 13. You have a great profile, so what now?
  14. 14. Building Your Network Focus on people you really know! • Let LinkedIn search email for contacts • Connect after a good meeting • Review the “People You May Know”
  15. 15. Accept This Connection? • The favor test: Would you do a favor for this person, or ask a favor of them?
  16. 16. Introductions • Include a short paragraph of how you would like to be introduced • Specify why you want to be introduced • Be appreciative
  17. 17. Inmail • Use sparingly • Still seen as SPAM
  18. 18. LinkedIn Groups? • Target the right group – Many groups waste time, all selling • Get involved – Ask & answer questions – Share resources – Start meaningful conversations • Contact with other members
  19. 19. Paid Subscription? • Searches – More results & criteria – Hide who you are but still see who viewed – Saved searches
  20. 20. OpenLink • Let’s any user message you • Requires premium
  21. 21. LinkedIn “Contacts” • Contact, meetings, emails, and more • Keeps contact information up to date • Creates index of your email messages
  22. 22. Research • Research your prospects – Before every call/meeting – On every network – Background including jobs & education – Latest status updates – Important dates – Common connections • Always. Always. Always.
  23. 23. Dig Deeper • Decision influencers • Related industry’s / clients • Multiple points of entry into the organization
  24. 24. Job Changes • A great reason to reach out
  25. 25. Create Warm Leads
  26. 26. Prospecting • Cold calling sucks • Higher ROI with leveraged connections – Look for shared connections • Find leads & get idea of the prospect • Initiate offline conversations
  27. 27. Connecting With LinkedIn • Common – Location – School – Group
  28. 28. Power Tip – Engage Viewers • Review who visits your profile and reach out
  29. 29. Status Updates • LinkedIn 0-3 times daily, not all at once – At least 1 time per week • Business oriented • Connect account with Twitter
  30. 30. General Engagement • The remaining slides apply to all social media
  31. 31. Engagement 101 • Share posts two to three times a week • Comment on other peoples posts • Content must interest target audience • Every comment, like, follow, endorsement is a touch that keeps you top of mind
  32. 32. Engage With Your Audience • This is where the real magic happens. • Think of “LIKE” as a cash tip – They add up, share them freely!
  33. 33. Engaging Opportunities • Tagging / Mentioning – critical • Commenting where appropriate • Retweeting / reposting
  34. 34. Blog comment tip • Comment on a low traffic blog and get top of mind to the author • Use # searching to identify potentially interesting people and blogs – #marketing – #tradeshow
  35. 35. Posting • Consistently write about your expertise on a specific topic, you’ll become known for it, and people will gravitate to you and follow you. • Buyers do not want a sales representative. They want a trusted advisor. Engage and build relationships.
  36. 36. Client engagement The P.O.P. Shop • Sent popsicles to top clients and we got a photo & a mention. • It helps to be connected to your clients so they can show you some love
  37. 37. Top of Mind Strategy • Follow your clients on all sites • Focus on 1 site at a time • Focus on 1 client at a time
  38. 38. Summary • Rock your profile • Research • Prospect • Engage
  39. 39. Q & A