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Japan Day report1


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Japan Day report1

Published in: Education
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Japan Day report1

  1. 1. Japan Day On Thursday 8th June we had a Japan day at school. We got visitors for the special day. They were called Jen and Yuka. Jen is originally from Dublin, and Yuka is from JAPAN!!! They were really nice people. They both work for Aquatera which is a company based in Stromness that helps us get renewable energy. Jens job at Aquatera is to see if the renewable energy turbines are suitable for the marine animals living in that location. Yuka's role is that she communicates with Japan because Japan wants to know more about the renewable energy so they can get some instead of buying fuel from abroad. At the start of the day we were divided into 3 groups. In my group we had Elizabeth, Ella, Myself, Millie, Toni-Anne, Liam, Noah, Star, Ollie and Martha. We then had a time to go around looking at everything that was set out in the hall. It was really cool. A lot of people dressed up in Kimonos. I tried using chopsticks and I was amazing. I then tried Yuzu gummy lemon sweets. They were really nice. I then tried Chicken, Rice and seaweed Sushi, which I did not like. Then we went and did our first activity. Our first activity was composing Japanese style music. I was paired up with Noah. In my opinion our tunes were quite good. We did 2; one was a happy little tune whilst the other one was a bit darker. We next went to break before our next activity. Our next activity was in the Primary class rooms. First I went and did Origami. I made a swan, a box and a bookmark. They didn’t go well at all. I then moved to the Upper Primary classroom where I made Haikus. I made 2; one was about a desire for noodles and the other was about how I murdered everyone. We then went to the Science room where we were making Hydrogen. I and Ella were paired up to make the Hydrogen. What you did to make it was you would put Magnesium in a conical flask. You would then put a test tube on the end of the flask. You then poured Hydrochloric Acid onto the Magnesium ribbon which made it fizz and then the bubbles went to the test tube. It was really fun and when you put fire into the tubes that had Hydrogen in it would make a loud pop. Doing this Elizabeth accidentally burned Millie. Only 2 of our test tubes had Hydrogen in the other 2 just had air. Hydrogen is lighter than air so it means it floats up and not down, so we held it so it was slightly tilted up so we could squeeze the fire into the test tube. Mrs Rose then showed us her little car that works on hydrogen. It was really cool and when it bumped into something it would reverse and turn and go another way. How it worked was you charged up the car using a solar panel or a battery. You would then put water in the fuel cell until it’s about half way. Next you connect the 2 gas tanks to the car and fill them both up until they are both half full. We then went to dinner. It was just a normal dinner except we were all on the same table. After we had finished we went for break. We then we all went and did the daily mile.
  2. 2. After we had finished the daily mile we went and did our final activity. We went to the French room were Jen was doing a PowerPoint about Orkneys renewable energy. It was really cool and I learnt a lot about the renewable energy the Orkney has and how Aquatera works with people from all over the world. We then went to the English room and Yuka showed us a PowerPoint about Japan. It was really cool and we all learnt a lot about Japan. We then went to the hall for an assembly. We thanked the visitors for coming by saying Thank You in Japanese. We then wrote what we liked about the whole day. The Secondary’s then tidied away, which didn’t take too long to do. I liked the whole day.