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Japan Day report2


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Japan Day report2

Published in: Education
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Japan Day report2

  1. 1. Japan Day On Thursday the 8th of June we had our Japan day at school. We had some visitors come to are school to talk to us about Japan and aquatera. Jen one of are visitors was talking about energy and how Orkney is a good place to get energy. We were split into 3 different groups with each group having S3 to P1 in it. So in are groups we went around the school and did all different activities. One of our activities was music in music Mr Duncan was telling us all the different instruments the people in Japan play. Then we had to get into pairs and write a piece of music with the 5 notes that they play in Japan. We also with are visitors Yuka and Jen. Jen did a PowerPoint about energy and what she does for a living. Yuka did a PowerPoint about Japan and how life in Japan is different to life in Scotland. Another one of our activity was testing hydrogen with Mrs Rose. What we did to test hydrogen we put magnesium into the thistle funnel then we added hydrochloric acid witch made it bubble inside the test tube. Then the hydrogen travelled through the delivery tube into the test tube witch was filled with water. Then when the hydrogen got into the test tube the water disappeared so that the test tube was filled with hydrogen. After that we put a bit of split onto fire then we put it into the test tube. Another activity we did was craft we did it in the lower primary and upper primary. In craft we did calligraphy, origami and finger painting a blossom tree. At the end of a fab day we all went in the hall and thanked are amazing visitors and are teachers for an amazing day.