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  1. 1. RO OM 17
  2. 2. Arriving at school Arriving at camp Mt Pauanui and First night Overnight Camp Rocky Shore and Estuary Mini Golf, Kayaking and Snorkelling Orienteering Camp Concert and Packing up
  3. 3. I had just came back from Auckland and I was very tired. I arrived at school and I saw my friends, I was talking to them about camp. I wasn’t too excited about going. But then I got more eager after we went to the roll call. All of the names got called and I went into Mr Scrimgeour’s car. The people in Mr Scrimgeour’s car was me, Eli, Harry and Darren. It was a fun ride up because me and Eli kept ourselves entertained.
  4. 4. We arrived at camp and it didn’t look like the worst camp. We went into the dining room and that looked good. There was plenty of space in there. Then we rushed to get a good sleeping spot, I got the top bunk. It was cool because we could see everyone, there was 4 rows of 12 in one room. I was close to Jerram, PJ, Kane, Eli and Kiko. After that we were all settled in. Suddenly we got told we were to walk up Mt Pauanui. So then we got ready for that. We're finally here!
  5. 5. So we got ready to go on our big walk. First of all we had to walk a long way to get to the Mountain. We then had a rest and got prepared to tramp up Mt Pauanui. So we set off, I was with the leading pack. It seemed like it was never ending, my legs got tired and I was getting very annoyed. It just kept going on and on until we could see some light and some rocks. We had finally got there! I was stoked, I sat at Lets play on a rock, I gulped down my water and I looked at some rat- the brilliant view. Then it was all fun from their, we a-tat cat sprinted down the mountain and we were sliding down the dirt. We finally got to the bottom and a juicy piece of watermelon. We arrived at the camp and all had showers and got ready for dinner. We had cold meat and vegetables. Finally it was time for bed. We all got into our sleeping bags and chatted away. The teachers kept checking up on us. But then we went to sleep.
  6. 6. Suddenly at dinner we got told we have to go to overnight camp. So we got packed and got ready to go in the morning. We drove by bus to get to the camping site. When we got there we set up our tents. I was sharing a tent with Jerram and Eli. Immediately we went on a walk and had a swim and the creek. The current was very strong there. We got back and played some games, I played cricket. After that we made our dinner and desert. We had a billy stew and pancakes. We then had a talent quest and then played spotlight. Later on we went to sleep. I got a cold and a sore back while I was sleeping. In the morning we went for a walk to the weta caves. There were so many wetas. So that was overnight camp.
  7. 7. We set off to the rocky shore. We got there and their was a lot of rocks. We saw Shrimp, Limpets, Barnacles, Lizards, Starfish and Crabs. We had to study the creatures. We then went to the Estuary and had a good swim. It was very refreshing. After those activities we went back to camp and just chilled out. We also had a nice dinner which was hamburgers and fries and the desert was a flavoured mousse.
  8. 8. This day was the best day. First of all we went to mini golf. My score was 60 and that score got me in second place out of me, Jerram, Eli, Kiko. We then went to kayaking and for some reason the instructor didn’t like me. Anyway, I was a pretty good kayaker. Next we walked back to camp and a sandwiches for lunch. After that we walked back to the Estuary and snorkelled right by the shore. It wasn’t that great because we swam right by the shore only to see sand and rocks. Overall that concludes the best day of the week.
  9. 9. Orienteering was the worst day for me. Because my group was always wining except for Liam, Jayden went wandering and we came last. We had a brilliant start and then we went bad because the wining part of the group got a joy ride. So at the end of the day I got ready for the Concert. The reason I have not much to say is because the day wasn’t successful.
  10. 10. Our group were practising our lip sink with the song Hot ‘ n’ Cold by Katie Perry. The members of my group were Jerram and Eli (main lip sinkers), me and Kiko (dancers) and Darren (fake guitar player). We went up and everyone said were the best and the funniest. After that we went to sleep and we got ready to leave in the morning. Finally it was sunrise and we loaded our stuff on to the buses and we went back to Fairfield Intermediate. Overall the camp was a 6/10 for me. So that means it was above average.