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The awesome exchange programme 14 07-14 – 25-07-2014


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German exchange programe

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The awesome exchange programme 14 07-14 – 25-07-2014

  2. 2. * 14/07/2014 • Wonderful feel of landing in Germany. • Lara my parnter came to Hannover airport to receive me and take me to her home in Sthathagen.We arrived there at 1 pm. • Sleepless on the flight and so I was very tired and slept for 2 hours. • At 4 pm we assembled in a nearby by spot and proceeded to look around the town. • Anna one of the German students was our guide and explained about places that we saw.
  3. 3. * *We went to Wilhem Busch Gymnasium for the first time. *We were welcomed by the School Principle and the school band played the welcoming music for us. *It was nice and we wanted to learn it because it sounded awesome . *We introduced ourselves in Deutsch. *At that moment we realised the benefit of learning german language and the efforts taken by our german Sir to teach us to speak deutsch.
  4. 4. *I had a musical start as my first class was music. *There was a keyboard room even I played which was interesting and the teacher thought me very patiently as I don’t know to play. *The school teacher showedv us around the school . The chemistry and the bio lab was very impressive . *Then we went to see the mayors welcome party .the party was nice. We had icecream which we never tasted before. It was great fun because 15 of us were in one place. *Then we went bowling which I don’t know . My partner taught how to bowl and ithink played quite well. *After 2hour of play we went home ate and sent some time with my host familyandwent to sleep because I was very tired.
  5. 5. * Day 2 16-07-14 *The first period was maths class it was totally different from our our maths . *What iliked the most about their maths was that their book is so small compared to us . *Maths class wasfollwed by two peroid of sports in a separate sports block . During sports class they have to wear sports dress. As I had no sports dress I couldnot take part in the sports I took pictures. *In the afternoon we were doing our project and ourpartners started their presentation I think a nice one about their prensation was they overed internationally . I liked their presentation. *Then we presented the plus point about our presentation was we didn’t take a long time we were to the point. *At 5 we went to a river which was awesome we had fun their .
  6. 6. *Day 3 17-07-14 *We went to the forest by taking 2 the train we were singing and had fun. *Then we walked 4 hours in the forest with the forest ranger . He exclaimed to us about the forest and few plants and tress and we were at the hill top to see the links which is a kind of wild cat . *Anthor ranger educated us about thelynx and said that they were 450 of them in the forest. *We saw 4 of them and saw him feeding them meet.
  7. 7. * *We went to the national park harz .before going to see the wild animals there was a av room to show us the outline of the zoo which was nice. *Then we went around the zoo in boat. We took a lot of pictures. *The interesting animal in the park for me was the polar bear. I liked it a lot. But a negative point I thought was the polar bear had only a little space to move around . I felt very bad seeing the bear confined in a very small enclosure.
  8. 8. * *I planned to spend the day with my host partner as others went to ride in the rollar coaster. *I woke up late after a good night rest.this is the day I gave my host family the gifts which I brought . They were very happy. My partners mother liked the elephant and the others gifts which I gave her.everyone in the liked the gifts which I gave. *lara and me went a ride in the cycle for 1 hour . We were talking a lot and she asked me about the temples. *Afternoon I went to a shopping mall and market and came back home by 9pm . It was still board daylight.
  9. 9. * *It was a Sunday my host family and me went to see their grand parents. *Her grand mother made some cake and she gave us it tasted good and she gave me some chocolate to my family which was very sweet of her. *We spent a whole day in her house .
  10. 10. * *We were instructed to our poster. We were in groups. In our we had me dharshan ankitha and their partners. *After taking a long timewe finally decided to do the do and donot of biodiversity. *In a white chart on one side we did the do and on the other side the donot. *In the middle we drew the national flag of both the countries .
  11. 11. * *We went to steindhur meer a man who was a tourist guide came with us and told there are cameras every wherento monitor birds . We saw a eagle which taught its child to fly we saw it in camera.the camera was veryuseful. *We went to the lake there were lots of birds flying and they were also cows grazing .
  12. 12. * *Everyone gathered in a place and went in a bus to hamburg port. *I came to know that it is the second largest port in germany. *We went on a cruise around the port in a ship for about half an hour. T5hen we went around hamburg in groups and did a little shopping .
  13. 13. * *We built a bee hotel with our partners for almost 2 hours . *First I thought it will be easy but it was difficult. Then I went to the kunst calss which was the art class were I watched a short flim done by the stundents and acted by the stundents. *I thought it will be good if it happens in our school the stundents talent will be shown.
  14. 14. * *We had our farewell we danced for a song and we spoke about our festival given to us. *The school principal talked a few lines he told that this is the first exchange with the indians and they liked us it seems. *We gathered and took pictures in front of the school . Everyone was emotional because it was our last day in the school.
  15. 15. * *I spend the time with my host family and I was packing my bag. *I was getting ready to go to india
  16. 16. * *I woke up early in the morning I was roaming around the home then I watched a movie with lara. *We went to a sea life aquariam . I saw lot of variety of species . I liked it.