A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.02 (Edited)


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.02 (Edited)

  1. 1. Hey guys! Welcome back to ‘A Struggle to Survive a Legacy’! I won’t keep you long but if youkeeping an eye on my live journal then you should know I’m already pretty far with thisfamily!Anyway enjoy!Last time: We met my Simself who informed Jesse that not could he not return back to hisfamily but he would now have to begin the legacy it was written he would start.Later Jesse, Tara DeBateau and Jules O’Mackey went to Academia Le Tour to start their lifeand college! Tara and Jesse got together and the 3 of them graduated college with honours.
  2. 2. I stared out of my kitchen window sadly, with my arms wrapped around myself; the sun wasshining and I could hear the kids of the town playing outside, taking advantage of the clearSaturday.My mind though, continued reply what happened just 2 days ago; it pissed me off that thosetwo amateurs came into my apartment and tried to threaten me. I didn’t regret cursingthem.But if they were here, then that meant only one thing.
  3. 3. “The protection wards I had placed on Jesse have worn off.” I whispered as I heard myhusband Gabe, Jules O’Mackey’s father, walking towards me.“You knew this was going to happen, Ellie. You knew you couldn’t protect him forever.”Gabe said quietly as he looked down sadly to the ground; I swallowed hard.“I-I know that.”“Then why are you torturing yourself like this?” He questioned and I felt a flash of anger fillme before I spun around and faced him.
  4. 4. “I’m torturing myself because all this is my fault! If I had done what I was supposed to in thefirst place, Jesse wouldn’t be in this mess! He would be at home, with his family who’ve allbeen killed because of me!” I shouted furiously and watched as Gabe looked down sadly.
  5. 5. “Ellie calm down. None of this is your fault!”“Yes it is. I’m a horrible person.” I whispered sadly as I looked down to the ground.“Ellie...”“I’m keeping things from him, Gabe. There’s a lot of things I’m lying to him about; he doesn’teven know his family is dead!”“I know that Ellie but sometimes it’s better to keep things to yourself, if you believe Jessewouldn’t benefit from knowing about his family then you go with that.”“Gabe...”
  6. 6. “Ellie you are someone who relies on her instincts. Don’t start going against that because youare feeling guilty. The way things work in life are not always going to be the way you like.”Gabe whispered as he gently pulled me forward into his arms; he held me close and I slowlyfelt myself relaxing.“Gabe...”“Things will become better Ellie. I promise you.”
  7. 7. “I can’t believe we’re actually here.” Tara breathed as she allowed Jesse to pull her close;they stood in front of what would be their new house for the next few years and the two ofthem couldn’t be more happier.Before they could start their new life though, there was just one more thing they had to do.“Come on. The guests will be arriving soon.” Jesse pointed out as he led Tara inside.
  8. 8. 2 Hours LaterTara released a shaky sigh as she added the finale touches to her hairstyle. She could hearthe guests moving around outside but more importantly she could hear Jesse; the man shewas about to marry.‘Okay. Here goes.’ Tara though to herself before she slipped on her glasses, took anotherdeep breath and walked out of the door.
  9. 9. Have you ever fed a lover with just your hand? Closed your eyes and trusted, Just trusted.
  10. 10. Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?Have you looked fear in the face and said “I just don’t care.” It’s only half past the point of no return, The tip of the iceberg The sun before burn.
  11. 11. The Thunder before the lightning, And the breath before the phrase Have you ever felt this way?Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?
  12. 12. Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you’re not alone. Have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry? Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside?
  13. 13. La la la la la la la la There you are,Sitting in the gardenClutching my coffee Calling me sugar.You called me sugar!
  14. 14. Have you ever wished for an endless night? Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight?Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself will it ever get better than tonight? Tonight. Glitter in the Air- P!nk
  15. 15. “Here.” Jesse whispered a he carefully fed his wife a piece of cake; Tara hummed in delight asshe swallowed the piece before she reached out for her own slice.“Delicious. Everyone better hurry up and grab a piece of this because other wise I’m going toeat it all myself!” Tara announced causing laughs to echo around the yard.
  16. 16. “Ellie.” I cringed slightly as Jesse cornered me in the kitchen; I had been trying to avoid myfounder all day, hoping to avoid the guilt eating away at me but it was obviously wasn’tmeant to be.“Jesse! Everything turned out so well didn’t it? And Tara looked beautiful.” I said with a smilebut blinked in slight shock when Jesse returned it with his own smaller version.“I know. Mr DeBateau said he had it specially made for Tara but that’s not what I wanted totalk to you about. I just wanted to thank you.” Jesse said causing me to blink in shock.
  17. 17. “Thank me? What ever for? After everything that’s happened I would think I would be thelast person you wanted to thank.”“That may be true. Because of you ended up having to leave my family behind but it’s alsothanks to you that I found Tara, who I’m starting a new family with. So thank you Ellie, forchoosing me to be the founder of your legacy.” Jesse whispered gruffly and this time mysmile was more genuine even as tears filled my eyes.“You’re welcome. Now go to your wife, I believe it’s time you spent your first night as amarried couple together.” I teased watching as he walked away with a snort.‘You wouldn’t be thanking me if you knew what I’ve done, Jesse.’ I thought sadly beforewalking away myself.
  18. 18. Jesse of course listened to my advice and he and Tara stayed up most of the night takingadvantage of their newly marriage status.
  19. 19. Even married though, Jesse was still Jesse.“Why the hell would I want to look at your pale ass when I could be spying on someoneelse?! And also how do you expect me to see you ?! This is Belladonna Cove! Go back toPleasantveiw you old fart!”“Why I never...”
  20. 20. Even after buyng such a small house though, their funds were still very small; as such Tarawas quick to search the paper for a job.
  21. 21. While toping a career wasn’t her Life Time Want, Tara was more than happy to take up a jobon the Science Track as a Science Teacher.She was loved by her boss and he quickly promoted her to Project Leader on the first day!
  22. 22. Jesse on the other hand did have a career based Life Time Want which meant he had to waitfor a job in the Athlete track to become available.He decided to spend his free time working out, which would not only get his body skillshigher it would also help him towards maxing his hobby enthusiasm which was Fitness.
  23. 23. One day after she got home from work though, Tara felt a horrible queasiness in her stomachthat sent her running to the bathroom.She groaned as she fell back on her behind after she finished emptying her stomach butblinked in shock when she felt something cool being pressed against her clammy forehead.When she looked up she saw her 9 neat points and 1 nice point husband standing in front oher with a glass of water and his nose scrunched up.He had ignored his obsession for tidiness just to bring her something to make her feel better;it made Tara feel soft inside as she gratefully accept the water without a word.Jesse didn’t need nor did he want her thanks, he knew she appreciated it.
  24. 24. Jesse growled in frustration as his job had yet to appear once again in the paper; it was reallypissing him off being unemployed.He had already maxed his body skill and he was getting close to maxing his cooking skill aswell; if his job doesn’t appear soon then he’ll end up maxing all his skills before Tara does!Maybe he should go after the one who does have his job? Jesse decided to give it a thought.
  25. 25. Tara’s random bursts of sickness became clear though as Tara spun into maternity wear andeven though Jesse was still steamed about his job he was happy about the fact he was goingto be a father.“What do you think it’ll be?” Tara questioned as she watched Jesse rub her belly softly; Jesselooked away from her stomach with just enough time to smirk at her.“What makes you think it’ll be one? I am a twin you know.” Jesse pointed out causing Tara tonarrow her eyes.“It better not be twins otherwise it’ll be you who’ll be dealing with the dirty diapers!”
  26. 26. An opening in the Athletic track came up for Jesse the next day lucky enough and the manhappily applied for it with a smile; he was immediately placed as an All Star and while itwasn’t as high as he wanted, he at least was happy to have the job.He made sure to hide the newspapers though that were all telling of the mysteriousdisappearance of the former All Star; he didn’t want to worry her.
  27. 27. Tara was getting bigger by the minute and as time went by, the more she began to suspectshe was in fact carrying twins.“Multiple births aren’t that rare anymore you know. There’s a couple over in RiverblossomHills who not only had quadruplets but also a set of twins 3 years later!” Tara pointed out asshe looked down at her baby bump.“I know Tara. My grandfathers had 2 sets of twins and a set of triplets between them, not tomention 3 of my cousins are triplets, I also have 5 different twin cousins, I’m a twin and sowere my younger siblings. It won’t be shocking if you do end up having twins.” Jesse retortedas he took a bite of his tea; Tara hummed in agreement.
  28. 28. While pregnancy wasn’t horrible on Tara, it defiantly wasn’t easy either. She was constantlytired, hungry and running to the toilet. At least now that Jesse had got his job, she didn’t haveto force herself to go to hers and gladly took off on maternity leave.That didn’t stop her from feeling tired though.“Tara if you’re not going to eat that, then go to bed!” Jesse called out causing Tara to pull herface out of her omelette with a snort.“No! Don’t take my food away!” Tara whined before she started shovelling food in hermouth.
  29. 29. Despite the fact that Jesse’s temper usually clashed with Tara’s hormones, he was a verygood husband; he loved Tara dearly and he knew the fact she argued back wasn’t her fault.Considering he still wasn’t trusting her near the stove, it once again fell on him to cook forher.
  30. 30. Also because of the pregnancy, Tara was eating much more than she used to. As such thatmeant Jesse had to call in for groceries every 3 days just to keep his wife alive!
  31. 31. He was also the one who cleaned up after her.While Jesse was a complete neat freak, Tara had fallen in the slob category with only 4 neatpoints; it drove Jesse insane and he would have said something to her about it if he didn’tenjoy cleaning so much.
  32. 32. The pregnancy wasn’t meant to last forever though and Tara finally fell into labour around3:00am on a Monday.“Jesse! Jesse get up!”“Wha? Wha is it?” Jesse grumbled as he pulled himself up, not carrying about his nakedness;Tara gript her bump as a wave of pain through her off.“The baby’s coming!” She finally screamed.
  33. 33. “What now? You’re having it now?” Jesse shouted as he jumped to his feet and quickly pulledhis shirt and jeans on; Tara grit her teeth as she bent over and gasped for breath.“Yes I’m having it now! Now shut up and let me concentrate!” She shouted back as she feltthe twirl coming upon; taking one last deep breath she went with it and allowed everythingto run it’s course.
  34. 34. “Oh hello there little one! What pretty blue eyes you have.” Tara whispered happily as thebaby gurgled in her arms.“What is it?” Jesse asked as he allowed himself to calm down; Tara smiled before shesuddenly winced and felt the pain returning full force.
  35. 35. “This one...is a little girl.” Tara whispered as she quickly handed the baby over and preparedto spin again.Jesse swallowed as he watched Tara go into another twirl before looking down at hisdaughter who was looking up at him with light blue eyes; his father Ashely’s eyes to beprécised.
  36. 36. “And this one is a little boy! Hello there little guy, look who’s got mummy’s brown eyes!”Tara whispered causing the baby in her hands to giggle.“They’ve both got my father’s brown hair too. What should we call them?” Jesse questionedand Tara bit her lip in thought.“How about Ericka?”“And Elijah?”The two newborn parents smiled at each other happily; they were perfect.
  37. 37. Tara and Jesse fell into the roll of parents easily.They admitted it wasn’t easy but it defiantly had it’s rewards.
  38. 38. They made sure though, that they also had time for each other at the end of the day.
  39. 39. Time passed quickly in the Junior household and it wasn’t long before it was the twin’s birthday.2 cakes were brought and the giggling babies were brought forward.
  40. 40. With a 2 sprays of confetti two newly aged toddlers fell into their parents arms with huge smiles.
  41. 41. Ericka and Elijah happily chattered away with each other as they played on their new activitytable. Now that they were older, it became painfully obvious how small their bungalow was.
  42. 42. “Jesse we can’t stay here anymore. If there was more land we could have just extended butthere was only just enough room to fit that activity table.” Tara sighed as she looked awayfrom her kids to look to where Jesse was typing away at the computer.
  43. 43. “I know, Tara. Don’t you worry, we’ll have a brand new house before you know it!”
  44. 44. 2 Weeks LaterThe small family of four stood outside the giant white house and Tara couldn’t help but gawp;when Jesse told her he had finally found a place for them to move, she wasn’t expecting thehouse she had always admired her whole life in the apartment.
  45. 45. “Jesse how did you afford this? The location alone would have made this house reallyexpensive, not including how big it is.” Tara pointed out with a frown as she looked over toher husband while gently bouncing a fussing Ericka on her hip.
  46. 46. “Tara this place was a lot cheaper than you think. With the money we had it was easy for meto not only get this place but also furnish and decorate it too. Stop worrying so much! Thishouse is perfect .” Jesse pointed out as he started walking up the steps; Tara bit her lipbefore she followed her husband inside.
  47. 47. If Jesse and Tara though taking care of the twins would become easier when they turnedtoddlers, they were fairly disappointed. The twins needed more attention now, there werealso new skills for them to be taught.Like learning how to use the potty.
  48. 48. Helping them take their first steps, which was something they later regretted when theyconstantly lost sight of the twins.
  49. 49. And listening to their first words. It was moments like these that will forever stay in their parents memories for the rest of their lives.
  50. 50. Tara was also working quickly up the Science Track ; at the moment she was an Inventor butshe knew a promotion was coming and quickly.
  51. 51. Jesse had a few days off from work and he decided to take advantage of it by painting his andTara’s portraits.
  52. 52. He was happy to place the newly painted portraits on the wall, he was willing to admit hewas finally starting to come around to the idea of being a founder; it made him feel proudthat he was the start of something that would be forever be remembered.
  53. 53. “Build pretty house!” Ericka giggled around her pacifier as she picked up a small green blockand prepared to place it down on the growing pile.Beside her Elijah had decided to try and eat the blue block,.
  54. 54. “Jesse...” Tara smiled as she approached her husband carefully; Jesse raised an eyebrow,recognising the look on his wife’s face instantly.“What do you want?” He questioned and watched as Tara’s eyes widened in shock beforeshe smiled softly.
  55. 55. “I’d like another baby.” Tara admitted with a soft smile and watched as Jesse returned it withone of his own.“Really? I would think after having twins you would have had enough.” Jesse teased causingTara to shrug sheepishly.“I want to see if we can have one with my hair.” Tara admitted reluctantly causing Jesse tolaugh before he pulled her close.“Well if that’s the reason why.” He chuckled before he kissed her lightly and watched as sheblushed.“Okay. Let’s have another baby.”
  56. 56. “Eri’ draw pwetty picture! Wha’ ‘Lijah doin’?” Ericka questioned around her pacifier as shecontinued to scribble on a piece of paper.“’Lijah draw too!” Elijah giggled happily as he grabbed a green crayon and started scribblingtoo.
  57. 57. While she had no idea what her kids were trying to draw, Tara thought the pictures werebeautiful and gladly pinned them up in the nursery for everyone to see.
  58. 58. Tara groaned as she once again lost her lunch.She sat back with a sigh and even though she felt horrible, a smile appeared on her lips.“We’re going to have another baby.” She breathed before pulling herself to her feet; sheneed to brush her teeth badly.
  59. 59. The twins birthday soon arrived, Jesse and Tara thought their children were growing up toofast but there was nothing they could do about it as the toddlers prepared to go throughtheir 2nd Age Transition.The candles were blown out with a huge display of spit and drool.
  60. 60. And when they were placed on the floor, two children took their place.“Yay! I’m bigger now!” Ericka laughed as she stared at her much bigger hand; beside herElijah gave a loud roar as he turned towards his sister.“All the better to eat you with!” He growled before he started chasing his giggling sisteraround the yard.
  61. 61. When their parents had a chance, they quickly gave them a change of clothes and a newhairstyle before taking a picture; they knew their cleanness wouldn’t last so they tookadvantage of it.“Mummy! Can we go play now?” Elijah whined as he scratched his leg with his trainer causingTara to laugh.“Yeah, yeah. Go on you little terrors.”
  62. 62. Tara’s baby bump quickly appeared bringing smiles to both parents faces; Jesse wasconstantly rubbing the bump whenever he had the chance.
  63. 63. Being children, meant that they now had to go to school.As such the first Monday morning Elijah and Ericka happily boarded the school bus with excited smiles
  64. 64. Jesse was also working towards topping his career; after having a long break he was finallyback at work and he was hoping today would be the day of his promotion.
  65. 65. It turned out that school was a lot harder than they had anticipated and both Elijah andEricka were exhausted when they finally go home from school.Where Elijah decided to go to sleep in his bed, Ericka decided the floor was a moreconformable place and collapsed right in front of the porch steps.
  66. 66. Lucky enough Jesse returned home from work at the same time his children got back fromschool; he had finally be promoted to MVP and as such he didn’t even complain when hecarried his daughter to bed.
  67. 67. There was also the down fall of getting homework which had to be done for them to get theirgrades higher; Elijah was the only one though who found it simple to do.“The cat is over ‘blank’. Oh! There!”
  68. 68. With all the hassle of the kids, Tara found it hard it get some time to herself; but with Elijahand Ericka able to take of themselves to a certain degree, she decided it was time to spendsome time with her beloved telescope.She had always wondered what would happen if she shone a light into the lens and pointed itto the sky.
  69. 69. “Oh. Jules has settled down in Riverblossom Hills.” Jesse muttered to himself as he readthrough the email his best friend had sent him.Jules had long ago decided to travel around the world just like her mother, she claimed shewas going to prove to her mother that she could still travel and still keep in contact with herfamily and friends. She had been doing well.“I wonder why she decided to stop now?” He questioned before he heard a strange noisecoming from the balcony.
  70. 70. “Okay. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.” Tara admitted to herself just before she lost hergrip on the telescope and was sucked up inside the spaceship.
  71. 71. “You better not hurt either my mummy or my baby brother. Or sister. I don’t know what it’sgoing to be yet but you better not hurt it!” Elijah growled to himself as he looked through thetelescope trying to spot the ship that took Tara.
  72. 72. Tara was of course brought back unharmed, if a bit bruised from the drop; having aKnowledge aspiration though, Tara was happy to admit she wouldn’t regret going again.
  73. 73. Her kids were also just as excited.“Mummy that was so cool!” Ericka cheered happily as Elijah started clapping his hands.“Can you do it again?”
  74. 74. It was a good thing the twins were able to amuse themselves as Tara’s pregnancy continuedto rage on her needs; more than once she had ended up falling asleep in her food.“Tara you’re getting syrup all over you glasses.” Jesse called out and took a bite of his ownbreakfast when Tara snorted herself awake.
  75. 75. Elijah and Ericka were defiantly close; they enjoyed each other’s company and it wasn’tunusual to see one playing with the other.
  76. 76. The only thing they couldn’t seem to agree on though, was what gender the baby was goingto be.“I think it’s going to be a girl.” Ericka said with a smile as Elijah rested his hands on his hips.“What makes you say that?”“Because I was born first and then you, so it would make sense if Mummy ended up having alittle girl.”
  77. 77. “That makes no sense, Eri’. If we were to go on that logic then Mummy would have to haveanother baby so she could have a boy. Besides Daddy admitted that they wanted to see if thebaby could get Mummy’s red hair.” Elijah pointed out causing Ericka to bite her lip.“What if she ends up having both?”“You mean like me and you?”“Yeah! What if Mummy ends up having another set of twins?” Ericka questioned andwatched as Elijah bit his own lip.
  78. 78. “I thought it was hard to have twins; Mummy said she only had us because the prob-prob...proba-bility was higher.” Elijah said, stuttering slightly around the big word Tara hadused to explain it to him.“Well I’ve got a question, ‘Lijah.” Ericka admitted and waited till her little brother looked ather questioningly.“Where do babies even come from?”That was a very good question.
  79. 79. “Welcome Principal Hiatt, I’m glad that you could make it tonight.” Tara greeted as she shookthe man’s hand with a smile.“It’s a pleasure Mrs Junior. The things I’ve heard about your children has defiantly made meexcited to meet them. Shall we get started?”
  80. 80. “You have a lovely home, Mrs Junior and this salmon is delicious, can I ask who prepared it?”“My husband did, I’m not alowed near the stove.” Tara admitted causing Merlin to laugh ashe took another bite of his dinner.“I also can’t help but notice that your expecting to you know what you’re having?”
  81. 81. “We don’t know but I think I may be having twins again, I feel the same as I did when I wascarrying Elijah and Ericka.”“Yes your children. They’re both very well behaved both at home and in school, I alsonoticed how well they got on with each other. They’re in the same class in BelladonnaElementary, correct?” Merlin questioned and Tara smiled with a nod.“That’s correct. They’re hoping, if you’re willing to accept them of course, that they can staythat way.”
  82. 82. “Well as your aware St. Mathew’s don’t allow siblings in the same class but that is a differentmatter when it concerns twins. So of course I will make sure your children will be placed inthe same class.” Merlin smiled happily.
  83. 83. “Does that mean you’ve accepted them?” Jesse questioned, speaking for the first time sincethe Principal had arrived in their home; Merlin smiled again before he finished off his salmonand stood to his feet.“Yes it does Mr Junior. Ericka and Elijah will be starting tomorrow on Monday at 8:00am,make sure they wear their new uniforms.” Merlin said as he shook Jesse’s hand beforeallowing Tara to walk him to the door.Jesse smiled to himself happily; he believed that meeting had gone well very well indeed,with that both Ericka and Elijah were accepted into Private School.
  84. 84. Tara was happy with the outcome of that evening and after seeing Merlin out, she made herway to the bathroom; she didn’t have a chance to get to the toilet though as a sharp paininvaded her stomach.“Oh no! Jesse! Jesse! The baby’s coming!” Tara screamed as the contractions started hittingher hard; she heard Jesse run up to the bathroom door where he stood.“Tara, there isn’t enough room for me to come in there. I’m going to be right out here thoughso don’t think your doing this alone.” Jesse called through the door but Tara didn’t get achance to reply as she felt the twirl coming upon her.
  85. 85. “It’s a boy! Hello there little guy, who’s got the same beautiful blue eyes as his older sister?”Tara cooed at the newborn baby in her arms, who gurgled back at her; she heard Jessetelling Ericka and Elijah and heard Elijah’s cheer over the fact he now had a baby brother.Tara’s eyes widened in shock though when she felt a twinge of pain in her stomach onceagain.“Oh! Oh! Jesse, Jesse I’m having twins!” Tara called out as she quickly set the little boy on thefloor and flew into another twirl.
  86. 86. “And we’ve got another little girl but she’s got my eyes! Hello there sweetie, you we defiantlyweren’t expecting.” Tara whispered as Jesse finally come in and picked the little boy off theground.“Another set of twins, hey? What are we going to call them?” Jesse questioned but Taradidn’t get a chance to answer.“Oliver! Like from the book Oliver Twist!” Elijah suggested and Ericka nodded in agreement.“Or from the movie Annie, Oliver Warbucks.” She said and their parents smiled at each otherin agreement.“So are we calling the girl Annie then?” Tara questioned causing Ericka to scrunch her noseup.“No! Let’s call her Cecelia! We can call her Cee for short.”“Oliver and Cecelia it is then.” Jesse announced causing the oldest twins to cheer happily.
  87. 87. “Seems like we got one of each, just like I said.” Ericka smirked as she and Elijah sat down infront of where the newborn twins were playing; Elijah scoffed as he shook his head.“You didn’t say Mummy was going to have twins. You thought she would but you weren’tsure.”“I still don’t know where babies come from though.” Ericka admitted reluctantly.
  88. 88. “Do you really want to know Eri’? All that screaming Mummy was doing was scary, it musthave hurt a lot.” Elijah pointed out wisely causing Ericka to bite her lip.“That’s true but...”“But what?”
  89. 89. “I want to be a mummy like Mummy some day. So I need to know how so I can have my ownbabies.” Ericka admitted as she looked over to where their siblings were playing.
  90. 90. “Well you don’t have to know now, ‘Eri. That’s ages away!” Elijah pointed out as he scratchedhis back lightly; Ericka smiled.“You’re right, ‘Lijah! That’s ages away! Come on let’s go play!”
  91. 91. Jesse was quick to grab them before they could run outside though and he sent them upstairs to do their homework.The rules were homework before play and even though they complained about it, they never were one to go against their father.
  92. 92. Monday came quickly and Ericka and Elijah were soon dressed in their freshly presseduniforms and on their way to school.They had to admit they were excited. Many of their friends were already in St.Mathews so itwas nice for them to finally be with them.
  93. 93. Their times were still the same though, so when Jesse got off the work bus with anotherpromotion under his belt, he was now a Superstar, he was greeted by two excited bundles ofred.
  94. 94. “Daddy! Principal Heitt was telling the truth! Both me and Eri’ are in the same class and weboth got A+s on our report card!” Elijah cried out as he pulled his father into a hug; whenJesse let go he was quickly hugged by Ericka.“Everyone was so nice, Daddy! The only ones who weren’t was a strange little girl who hungout with a boy with green skin; they said they were twins like me and ‘Lijah but they lookedat us weirdly when they said it.” Ericka admitted and Jesse smiled as he ran a hand throughhis daughter’s wavy hair.“Don’t worry little Eri’, not everyone is going to like you but I’m glad you two had a goodday.”
  95. 95. When Jesse was finally free from his eldest he made sure to go greet his youngest, who werebeing taken care of by the butler.“Thanks Michael, you can take off now if you want.” Jesse said as he reached down andpicked up Oliver from the crib.“Hello little man, did you miss Daddy?” Jesse whispered as he kissed Oliver lightly on hisforehead; the baby gurgled happily at the attention while latching on to Jesse’s uniform.“It’s your birthday today, little guy. It’s your 1st Age Transition.”
  96. 96. Jesse was indeed telling the truth.Oliver and Cecelia’s birthday had arrived and it was time for them to join the wonders oftoddler hood.The moment Tara got home from work, the babies were grabbed and brought to thecakes.After blowing out the candles the babies were thrown in the air before they fell downagain with burst of confetti.
  97. 97. The difference in the parent’s reactions became obvious though the moment the twins grew into toddlers.Jesse was smiling as he held his little boy in his arms.Tara on the other hand had gone pale, her eyes were wide as she stared at her daughter before looking fearfully over to where her sonwas.She couldn’t ignore it. It was hard not to notice!Oliver and Cecelia looked exactly like Ericka and Elijah!The party was quickly brought to an end as Tara took the toddlers away and prepared to make them as different as possible to their oldersiblings, not noticing how Jesse was watching her with narrowed grey eyes.
  98. 98. When Tara finally allowed the twins to go free they immediately went over to the activitytable and started playing with the blocks.Across from them, Ericka looked over at her brother while Elijah looked over at her; theywere silent for a few seconds before they smiled.“Mummy got things all mixed up! Seems like Oli was meant to be my twin while Cee wasmeant to be yours.” Ericka giggled and Elijah was quick to join in; they didn’t see anythingwrong with their siblings.Sure they looked like them but so what? They were finally old enough for them to playtogether now so everything was fine!
  99. 99. It was a shame, that their mother couldn’t see it that way. “Right the Doctor has just called me back and he’s confirmed it. Oliver and Cecelia do have the *FBD Syndrome.” Tara sighed as she walked to where Jesse was sitting on the couch. “I thought as much. Their appearance alone made me think of it.” “That’s all you’ve got to say?” Tara demanded angrily.* FBD Syndrome- First Born Defect Syndrome
  100. 100. “What do you mean?” Jesse questioned as he shrugged his shoulders.“Jesse! Our children are defected!”“No. They simply have something that makes them similar to our other children; neitherOliver nor Cecelia are defected in anyway and you can’t think like that!” Jesse stated firmlycausing Tara to look at him in shock.
  101. 101. “There different, they all are. Oliver, Cecelia, Elijah and Ericka are all their own persons andyou saying that our youngest our defected with make them think something is wrong withthem.” Jesse stated firmly before he stood to his feet.“I know you still suffer with what happened to you Tara, it’s me who sits up with you duringyour nightmares but you can’t use that against our kids.” Jesse ordered softly before hewalked out of the room.
  102. 102. Tara nibbled on her fingernail nervously as she watched Jesse walk away from her.He had never taken that tone with her before, sure he got angry but it was more with whatshe does than what she actually says. This was the first time Jesse was truly angry with her.And Tara didn’t know why.“Defected....They’re defected just like...me.” Tara whispered as she ignored the tears trailingdown her cheeks.
  103. 103. “You know I think this should be some sort of karma.”“Shut up, mother! What on earth am I meant to do with a baby?!”-That would be the reason why Jules ended up settling down in Riverblossom hills; thatteenager behind her is her mother Alexandra and the baby she is holding is her new sonGeorge.So that’s the end of Part 2! Yes Tara surprised me with not 1 set of twins but 2. I only plannedfor her and Jesse to have 2 maybe 3 kids but of course Tara has to make things difficult.The next update will be up tomorrow! The Childrens stats are on the next slide.I’ll see you next time guys!
  104. 104. Ericka Junior Elijah Junior Oliver Junior Cecelia JuniorStats: 8/8/9/4/1 Stats: 8/8/4/4/1 (First Born Defect) (First Born Defect)Star Sign: Scorpio Star Sign: Aries Status: 8/8/9/4/1 Status: 8/8/4/4/1Hobby: Sport Hobby: Sport Star Sign: Scorpio Star Sign: Aries Hobby: Sport Hobby: Science