A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.03 (Edited)


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.03 (Edited)

  1. 1. Last Time: We found out my Simself has been keeping a lot of things from Jesse, morespecifically about his family who wasn’t how she claimed them to be.Tara and Jesse moved into a small bungalow and got married! Jesse approached my Simselfand thanked her, stating that without her he would have never found Tara.Tara gave birth to twins, Ericka and Elijah! They both grew up until they were children whichwas when Tara had another set of twins they called Oliver and Cecelia.They found out though that the youngest twins suffered from the First Born Defect and Tarawas afraid her children were defecated; Jesse told her off before walking away from her.
  2. 2. “Defected! That’s what you are!”“Just a copy of your sister!”“How do you expect me to care for a broken person like you?!”
  3. 3. “No one would ever love a fake like you!”“You’re defected! Why would I want to spend time with you?!”“I wish I had never had you, you horrible defect!”
  4. 4. “By faker!”“I don’t know why you’re bothering! You’re never going to find someone!”“She’s defected! No one will ever have her! Why bother!”“You’re never going to change! Where ever you go, who ever you go with, you will forever be...
  5. 5. “...DEFECTED!”Tara gasped as she awoke from her nightmare; her birth mother’s voice echoed around herears as she sat up with a groan.She had always suffered from nightmares ever since she was adopted by her Daddy Armandbut for the past 2 weeks, they had steadily become worse.“Tara...” A familiar voice whispered causing her to spin around in shock.
  6. 6. “Jesse! What-How long have you been there?” Tara whispered as she looked to where herhusband as leaning forward on the bed with his hand rubbing his forehead.“Ever since I saw Ericka and Elijah off to school. Oh and explaining to them that the fact theirmother was ignoring them was because she was sick.” Jesse seethed quietly causing Tara toswallowed hard.“I...”
  7. 7. Jesse suddenly jumped to his feet and stood in front of her; she could see anger, pain andfrustration clear in his grey eyes as he growled at her.“Enough is enough Tara! It’s been 2 weeks since Oliver and Cecelia had their 1st AgeTransition and you haven’t been near them once! Not only that but you’ve also startedignoring Elijah and Ericka as well! I had to lie to them today so I think it’s about time youexplain to me what’s going on in that head of yours!” Jesse shouted angrily.
  8. 8. “It’s not my fault! Don’t shout at me! I just can’t look at them right now! I just can’t!” Tarashouted back and watched as Jesse held out his hands.“And when will you be able to Tara? When they’re children? When they’re teens? When theygo to college?! I’m sorry to tell you this Tara but their appearance is never going tochange, no matter how long you wait!”“It’s not that!”“Then what is it?! What is making you ignore your own children?!”
  9. 9. “They’re defected!” Tara finally screamed out and watched as Jesse took a step back inshock; it didn’t last long and his face once again become cloudy with rage.“Defected?! Did you just call them defected?! How dare you! They can’t help what they are!They are not defected in anyway, what would make you say something as horrible as that?!”Jesse demanded, his voice sounded chocked as if he was holding back the urge to cry; Taraopened and closed her mouth silently.“Is it because of the FBD Syndrome? That’s it isn’t it?” Jesse confirmed as he watched Taralook away from him sadly.
  10. 10. “You’re calling them defected because of something that they can’t help? Because ofsomething that they most likely got from one of us?!” Jesse hissed but Tara stayed silentcausing Jesse to shake his head.“No! No I’m not having this!”“What?” Tara whispered in confusion and Jesse growled as he pointed at her angrily.“I love my kids; all of them, no matter what they look like or what they have wrong withthem! If that means I’ve got to protect them from your horrible views then I would gladlytake them and run!”
  11. 11. “What?” Tara whispered in shock as Jesse’s words stopped her cold; she finally looked up ather husband in both confusion in fear.“Y-you would leave me? You’re joking! Please tell your joking!”“Why would I joke about this?! Tara the way you’re going, I’m afraid that one day you’regoing to end up hurting them and I can’t let that happen! If it means running away withthem, then I would do so without hesitation.”
  12. 12. “No! No I’m sorry Jesse! Please don’t leave me! Is this because of the Legacy? I’m sorry I’llstop whatever I’m doing! I’ll stop!” Tara pleaded desperately not realizing she had just madeJesse angrier.
  13. 13. “Oh my god! Are you purposely being dense?! It’s not because of the Legacy Tara! You havejust said something that would mental scar our kids for the rest of their lives and I can’t letthat happen! Don’t you understand?! Tara you just called our kids defected! You just said‘They’re Defected’, do those words sound familiar to you at all?!” Jesse shouted and watchedas Tara blinked in shock.
  14. 14. “They’re defected!”“Our kids are defected!”“I love my kids; all of them, no matter what they look like or what they have wrong withthem! If that means I’ve got to protect them from your horrible views then I would gladly takethem and run!”“You’re never going to change! Where ever you go, who ever you go with, you will forever bedefected!”“Oh my god. What have I done?” Tara whispered before she buried her face into her handsand started sobbing; in the end, after everything, she had turned out to be just like her birthmother.
  15. 15. Jesse took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down; he watched as Tara sobbed herheart out and took another deep breath. He needed all of his patients with this.“Tara I’m trying to understand, why are you doing this?” He questioned and watched as Taraslid to the ground and curled up in a small ball.
  16. 16. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath with tears still rolling down her cheeks; Jesse wasright, she need to explain.“I have FBD Syndrome.” Tara admitted quietly hearing Jesse suck in a breath of shock; shesniffed as she opened her eyes and watched as a tear dropped on her knee.“My family hated me for it. They’ve called me defected ever since I could understand what itmeant. They thought it was my fault, they called me a faker, said I would never be as good asmy sister.” Tara whispered hearing Jesse sit down in front of her as she took a shaky breath.“My mother was the worst one. It wasn’t until later did I find out it was because the defectedgene came from her but it was really no excuse. Eventually someone called Social Serves andI got taken away. They were happy to see me go, that’s what really hurt the most.”
  17. 17. “They never cared for me and their finale words haunted me the whole time I was at theorphanage. I was surrounded by girls who were just as cruel, they need someone to take theirown grief out on and I was an easy target. I was always alone, the only person who showedme love was the Social Worker in charge of the building.”“Tara...” Jesse whispered quietly but Tara simply shook her head; she wasn’t finished yet.“Then a man came. He looked familiar and it wasn’t until the Social Worker introduced himdid it finally click; it was Armand DeBateau, the richest man in Belladonna Cove.”
  18. 18. “All the girls were excited, a chance to leave the orphanage! But all I could think was that hewould never pick me, why would he want a defect like me? A fake?” Tara whispered harshlybut Jesse knew what was coming.“But he did.” Jesse confirmed and watched as Tara smiled slightly.“Yes. I was confused when the Social Worker hugged me and wished me congratulations, itwasn’t until he came forward did I understand.”
  19. 19. “Out of all the normal, perfect girls he had picked me. The faker, the girl who was just acopy, I just couldn’t understand it; but it made me happy. It was a little while later did I realizethat Daddy didn’t even know I had FBD Syndrome, and that was when all my fears came back.The person I loved didn’t even realize something was wrong with me!”
  20. 20. “But then I met you and I finally saw a chance for a new start. A way to get away from thismalfunction, a chance to forget. And for a while I did, I forgot that I was a fake until...” Taratrailed off as she scooted back until she hit the wall.
  21. 21. “...Until you had Oliver and Cecelia.” Jesse finished and Tara sniffed as she nodded her head.“It just brought everything back. I’m a fake, a defect and now because of my selfishness soare my children. I’m disgusting.”“Tara!” Jesse cried out in shock at the amount of disgust Tara had in her voice; the red headshook her head and jumped to her feet.
  22. 22. “Don’t you see?! It’s my fault! It’s my fault Oliver and Cecelia are going to be bullied and it’smy fault their going to suffer for the rest of their lives!” Tara shouted and Jesse quicklyjumped to his feet.“Tara I’m not your family!” Jesse finally shouted causing Tara to look at him in shock; theblack haired man took a deep breath before reaching out and pulling her into his arms.
  23. 23. “Tara I am not your family. For Christ sake I’m the last person who would care aboutsomething like FBD Syndrome! I’m 1/8 alien, my grandfathers were a Light Warlock and aVampire, one of my Uncles is a Dark Warlock and my twin brother, my little brother, myfather, my aunts, 6 of my uncles and 8 of my cousins all have green skin! Holding that againsteither you or the kids would make me a huge hypocrite.” Jesse pointed out as Tara slowlystarted relax in his arms.“I fell for you, Tara. Not your sister, you. You are your own person, no matter what somehorrible people say; don’t let them win by stopping being yourself.” Jesse pleaded and Tarapulled back so she could look at him in the eye; a tear trailed down her cheek as she sawnothing but truth and love.“I love you too.” She whispered and Jesse kissed her lightly; he knew Tara would never beover what happened to her as a child but he hoped he had taken some of the burden off hershoulders, just a bit.
  24. 24. After her breakdown with Jesse, Tara slowly came out of her shell and started spending time with her kids.The First thing she did was teach Cecelia how to walk and speak; when Cecelia spoke her first word, whichwas Mama, Tara felt her heart clench with happiness.She would have ended up missing this if Jesse hadn’t come and talked to her; it made her even moregrateful to have him in her life.
  25. 25. With Tara taking care of Cecelia, Jesse took it upon himself to teach Oliver.With the two of them working together it wasn’t long before both toddler had learned alltheir skills and were happy walking around the house, chatting away.
  26. 26. Tara also realized how much Ericka and Elijah had missed her when the came and asked her ifthey could play outside for the first time in 2 weeks.With tears in her eyes she allowed them and watched as they played on the playground fromthe kitchen window.
  27. 27. Jesse was quickly working up towards his Life Time Want as well; thanks to a lucky chancecard he was promoted to Assistant Couch.He returned home with a smile especially when he saw Elijah was there to greet him.
  28. 28. “Dad! Mum’s all better now, did you see?” Elijah cried out as his father knelt down to hughim tightly; Jesse chuckled as he pulled back so he could look at his son properly.“I know, ‘Lijah. Just in time too, remember what day it is today?” Jesse questioned andwatched as Elijah’s face lit up with a huge grin.“It’s our birthday! Me and Eri’ are become teenagers today!”
  29. 29. Sure enough the day had arrived for the eldest twins to becometeenagers.Two cakes were brought and together they both leaned forward, made awish and blew out the candles.
  30. 30. And with everyone surrounding them with cheers both Ericka and Elijah grew up innot horrible outfits but defiantly not ones they would pick to wear.“There’s new clothes for you in your wardrobes.” Jesse called out causing Ericka tosmile happily.“Thanks Daddy! Come on ‘Lijah. Lets go change.”
  31. 31. Ericka JuniorElijah Junior Stats: 8/8/9/4/1Stats: 8/8/4/4/1 Hobby: SportHobby: Sport Aspiration: Fortune/PopularityAspiration: Romance/Fortune Life Time Want: Became a Celebrity ChefLife Time Want: Become Head of the SCIA Turn Ons: Brown Hair, Red HairTurn Ons: Red Hair, Make Up Turn Off: GlassesTurn Off: Blonde Hair Preference: Males & Females (Bisexual)Preference: Males (Gay)
  32. 32. Elijah and Ericka were quick to discover they were many things they could do now asteenagers, which were what they couldn’t do as children.Elijah, or example, decided to take advantage of his much higher reading level to readCecelia’s favourite book to her.“’No I do not want Green eggs and Ham, I do not like them Sam-I-Am.’” Elijah read watchingas Cecelia giggled in front of him.“Sam-I-Am!” The toddler repeated while clapping her hands.
  33. 33. They were also quick to discover the reason why their father become glued to the televisionwhenever it showed any type of game.“Oh come on ref! That was a foul!”“This game is so rigged.”
  34. 34. At the High School of St. Mathews Elijah and Ericka quickly started making friends with theother teenagers there; Elijah found himself become particularly close to the half-breed elfPuck Summerdream.
  35. 35. It didn’t surprise anyone when Elijah had his first kiss Puck but he did end up shockingeveryone, including himself., when he asked Puck to go steady with him.The red headed half-breed accepted without hesitation of course.
  36. 36. Birthdays came quickly in the Junior household and it wasn’t long before Cecelia and Oliverwere celebrating their 2nd Age Transitions.Two cakes were brought and with a display of spit and drool, the way only toddlers could, thecandles were blown out.
  37. 37. The two toddlers were place on the floor and after a small fireworks display two childrenstood in their place with happy smiles.
  38. 38. After a quick clothes change and a make over, Oliver and Cecelia were ready to be seen bythe world. Now that they were older, Tara could see the small difference in her children’sfeatures.For one thing, Oliver and Cecelia were almost identical the only difference was Oliver’s blueeyes, thicker lips and higher cheeks bones.Tara was sad to admit that she felt relived when she found out the her youngest hadinherited her short sighted vision; it gave them another reason to look different.
  39. 39. The next day turned out to be a very good day for those with jobs.Ericka and Elijah both got part time jobs and thanks to their good performance they were promoted straight away, makingthem overachievers.Jesse also finally got his finale promotion making him a Hall of Famer, with him finally reaching the top of the athletecareer path meant that he had completed his Life Time Want at last.There were many smiles around the house that night.
  40. 40. “Welcome back, Principal Hiatt.” Tara greeted warmly as the Principal of St. Mathews PrivateSchool stepped out of his car with a smile.“I should have known I would be meeting your family, Mrs Junior. Well then shall we get thistour started?”
  41. 41. “Your house is as lovely as the last time I saw it Mr and Mrs Junior.” Merlin reassured as hesat down at the table and picked up his fork.“Now according to my notes the children, Oliver and Cecelia, both have FBD Syndrome is thatcorrect?”
  42. 42. “Yes that’s correct. They were diagnosed with it just after their 1st Age Transition. That’s notgoing to be a problem is it?” Jesse questioned in concern causing Merlin to laugh.
  43. 43. “Of course not, Mr Junior! We have a fair selection of children suffering from the samecondition. Schools now a days are much better prepared for things such as this and we alsohave a club to help children who have FBD Syndrome.” Merlin reassured with a smile.
  44. 44. “That’s wonderful, Principal Hiatt.” Tara smiled in relief; she knew that when she was inschool, they just weren’t prepared for students with FBD Syndrome and they usually endedup dropping out before they finished their education.“Do you have a science lab?” Cecelia asked causing Merlin to laugh loudly.“Of course we do! St. Mathews has one of the best science labs in the sim world and our gymis well stacked with the latest equipment too.” He said watching as both twin’s eyes lit uphappily.The night, of course, went very well and Merlin Hiatt was more than happy to allow Ceceliaand Elijah into his private school.
  45. 45. After many years of working out, Jesse finally managed to achieve the ability to go into TheZone when working out.
  46. 46. His trophy was placed on the wall underneath his college diploma and right beside Tara’sown trophy and diploma.
  47. 47. “Guess who just finished her Life Time Want?” Tara laughed as she danced on the side wallafter jumping out the car.Thanks to a lucky chance card Tara not only got the last cleaning point she needed to max allher skills she also got promoted to Top Secret Researcher.All in all, Tara had a very good day.
  48. 48. With both himself and Tara Permanent-Plat, his eldest twins getting older and his youngesttwins closing in on their 3rd Age Transition Jesse knew it was time to pick who was going toHeir for the next generation.“As you’ve all been aware for some time now, this family is a legacy which means one of youhas to be picked to become the heir to generation 2.”
  49. 49. “Me and your father have decided that you kids should be the ones to decide. If you decideyou want to be the heir then you will come back here after you graduate college with yourspouse and raise your family.” Tara explained and watched as the 4 children looked at eachother silently.
  50. 50. “I don’t to be heir, mum. It sounds great and all but I was hoping to go to Bluewater Villageand opening my own business.” Ericka admitted causing both parents to smile at her.“That’s fine, Ericka.” Jesse reassured before looking at his 3 remaining children.
  51. 51. Oliver and Cecelia looked at each other silently before they both looked down at Jesse whileshaking their heads.“We don’t want it either, Daddy.” Cecelia admitted and Oliver nodded before he explained.“We’ve been thinking and neither of us actually want to start a family like that. We wouldn’twant to pass down the def-defected gene again.”
  52. 52. “You two understand that just because you have FBD Syndrome doesn’t mean the childrenyou might have will end up getting it. The chances are 50/50.” Jesse warned but his youngestchildren simply nodded causing him to sigh.“Then it all counts on your response Elijah. If you don’t want to be the Heir either then I’mgoing to have to do a draw, which means one of you will have no choice.”
  53. 53. “Che. Stuff that. I don’t mind being the Heir, Dad. While I am a Romance Sim you are proofthat we can settle down and live happily; so yeah, I’ll be your Heir.” Elijah grinned watchingas his father released a sigh of relief.“Thank you, Elijah. Then you will the next Heir.”And with that Elijah was chosen to be the Heir of Generation 2.
  54. 54. Winter snuck up on the Junior family and with came some revelations; like the fact that Elijahwas prone to getting colds every time he stepped outside.He usually got over it pretty quickly and he only had to miss 1 day off school when he coldmade him to tired to get up so it wasn’t anything his parents had to worry about.
  55. 55. 2 Weeks Later“Mummy! Mummy!” Cecelia cried out as she ran into her parents room; Tara sighed as sheput down the book she was about to read and turned around, her eyes widened in shockthough when she saw tears were rolling down her daughters cheeks.
  56. 56. “Cecelia! What’s wrong, honey? What happened?” Tara whispered as she quickly croucheddown and put her hand around her daughters shoulders; Cecelia’s lip trembled before sheburst into what was obviously not the first round of sobs.“Mummy I tried to help but he wouldn’t let me! He kept pushing me away! He’s lockedhimself in Mummy and he won’t let me clean him up! I’m scared Mummy.” Cecelia sobbedand Tara narrowed her eyes as she tried to make sense of what her daughter was telling her.“Who Cecelia?”“Oli!” Cecelia cried out and Tara nodded her head silently.
  57. 57. It took a while for her to get Cecelia to calm down but as soon as she stopped sobbing, Taraleft her with Ericka and went down to where Oliver and Cecelia shared a room.When she tried to the door knob, she wasn’t surprised to find it locked.“Oliver Junior you open this door right now! You know you’re not allowed to lock it.” Shecalled out sternly and waited for the click to sound before walking inside.
  58. 58. “Oliver what is going? Cecelia is in tears upstairs, worried about you. Is something wrong?”Tara questioned as she stared at where Oliver was determinedly staring at the wall.“N-no. Everything’s fine.” The boy stuttered in a way that Tara was familiar with him tryingnot to cry.“Oliver...” Tara warned and listened to Oliver release a shaky sigh before he turned around.
  59. 59. Tara was immediately on her knees and her hands on Oliver’s waist the moment she caughtsight of his face; he had a vicious looking black eye, a split lip and a nasty cut on his cheek.“Oliver what on earth happened?” Tara breathed out in shock and watched as Oliver lookedaway from her.“I tripped on my shoelaces.” The boy whispered and Tara immediately knew he was lying;carefully she placed her hand on his cheek and forced him to look at her.“Did someone do this to you, sweetie? Is someone hurting you at school?” Tara questionedand as if that was the trigger Oliver burst into tears.
  60. 60. “I don’t know what I did wrong Mummy! They kept calling me a freak and saying that I was just a copyof Ericka. They were going to hurt Cee too but I wouldn’t let them so they got angrier and startedhitting me harder. I didn’t do anything I swear!” Oliver sobbed and Tara felt her heart clench as sherealised what had happened.“Oh sweetie. You did nothing wrong and you are defiantly not a freak. There is nothing wrong with youand I will be phoning your Principle to have this sorted, I promise okay?” Tara whispered and watchedas Oliver sniffed and rubbed his eyes carefully.“I-I’m n-not a copy o-of E-Ericka?” Oliver stuttered and Tara closed her eyes in pain; she hated herchildren had to go through all this, it was torture.“No you’re not. You are Oliver, my little boy who prefers to play soccer and can’t stand basketball.”Tara whispered before she stood to her feet and held out her hand.“Now come on. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Oliver smiled hesitantly before gripping her hand tightly.
  61. 61. After getting cleaned up Oliver snuck into Elijah’s room so his big brother could cheer him up;Elijah had once again had to stay home from school because of his cold but he was more thanhappy to try and cheer up his battered little brother.
  62. 62. “How’s Oliver?” Jesse called from the living room as Tara walked towards the phone andstarted dialling.“He’s snuck upstairs to play with Elijah but I’m not waiting until morning to get this sortedout.” Tara stated shortly before waiting for someone to pick up the phone.“Hello this is St. Mathews front desk, how can I help you?” A sweet voice called down thephone and Tara forced herself to sound polite.“Hello this is Mrs Junior and I’m phoning up about my youngest son, Oliver. I would like to beput through to Principal Hiatt please.”
  63. 63. 2 Hours Later“I’m sorry to hear that Mrs Junior. I honestly hadn’t expected something like this to happen.”“That’s alright Principal Hiatt but I want to know what you’re going to do about this.” Tarademanded and listened to Merlin sigh on the other end of the line.“Honestly Mrs Junior there isn’t much I can do about this. As bullying is against our schoolcode I can exclude the two behind this but I’m not going to give you a false promise aboutstopping them for good. That’s the best I can offer you I’m afraid.” Tara sighed but sheunderstood where the Principal was coming from.“Then that’s all I ask of you. Thank you Principal Hiatt.”
  64. 64. Tara ended up breathing a sigh of relief though when it turned out the next morning thatOliver had ended up catching Elijah’s cold.After quickly directing Cecelia out of the door, who hadn’t caught the cold even though sheshared a room with her twin, she told Oliver to stay in bed and rest.The boy was happy to agree and ended up reading many of his books that day.
  65. 65. Elijah wasn’t the only one finding love though; Ericka ended up giving up her first kiss to a boycalled Rick. She admitted though she wasn’t ready for a relationship and went to find anotherboy to spend time with.
  66. 66. With Winter keeping it’s firm grips on Bellandonna Cove, it wasn’t long before it settled deepenough for Ericka and Elijah to go out and play in it.Lucky enough Elijah had recovered from his recent cold so he and Ericka happily got to workon their first snowman, considering the last time it snowed they were only babies.
  67. 67. Tara had long since gotten used to the cold nights after many years of spending time on thetelescope.As such when her eldest twins decided to go outside, she went out on the telescope so shecould not only keep an eye on them but also watch the stars.
  68. 68. With only 4 nice points between 4 kids, it was no surprised when their snowman ended upbeing an evil one.It was also no surprised when Ericka grabbed Elijah in a headlock and threw him head firstinto the snow starting an all out war; they both ended up getting colds that nigjt.
  69. 69. The next day Oliver was going back to school; his black eye had reduced in colour slightly, hismum had replaced his broken glasses and so had the scratch on the side of his cheek but hecouldn’t help but feel nervous.“Come on Oli or we’re going to miss the bus.” Cecelia called out as she donned her wintercoat; Oliver took a deep breath before following his twin out into the cold.
  70. 70. 8 Hours Later“Mum! Thank you so much! Those two kids weren’t there today and I won’t see themanymore because of my birthday!” Oliver cried out as he jumped from the school bus andhugged his mum tightly.“That’s great sweetie. I’m glad you had a good day.” Tara whispered happily having also hada brilliant day and ended up getting another promotion, making her into a Theorist.
  71. 71. Our story once again returns to the small house between the busy towers of BelladonnaCove; standing in the room decorated with flowers the green skinned boy growled as hekicked one of the gates that covered the room.“Arg! I can’t believe we’ve been reduced to school house bullying! It’s the only thing we’vebeen able to do!”“With us in these forms there’s nothing else we can do. No one is willing to listen us so all wecan do is to try and make those kid’s lifes miserable.” The little girl pointed out causing theboy to sigh.
  72. 72. “They’ve already picked the heir. It’s the oldest boy, Elijah and he and his twin will be goingto college soon.” The boy sighed and the little girl nodded in agreement.“What are we going to do?” She sighed.There was nothing they really could do, being the size of children meant that nobody wasgoing to listen to them meaning they couldn’t even get someone to do their work for them.
  73. 73. What they didn’t realise though, was how quickly time had flown by.“What?” The little girl gasped as a shiver ran through both her and her brother; they wiggledin place and both of them looked at each other in shock.
  74. 74. Light surrounded their forms and in sync the two started to twirl.
  75. 75. “What? What happened?” The much older girl questioned as she looked down at herself; agreen light now surrounded both their forms and their clothing had now become becameblack with purple lining.“We’re back to our normal forms and our powers are back.” The boy whispered and suddenlythe girl smirked.“Of course, that woman’s curse was only meant to keep us as children till the heir was almostold enough to take up their thrown! Elijah Junior will be going to college in just a fewdays, that means-”“The conditions have been met. The curse has been broken.” The boy finished with a similarsmirk.
  76. 76. “Ahahaha! This is perfect! Come brother, it’s time we start our real plans to make Jesseours.” The girl cackled as she rubbed her hands together and beside her the boy simplysmirked.It was time for things to get moving.
  77. 77. As Winter neared the end of it’s course, Jesse ended up catching a cold which sent Tara into afit of panic; with both of them almost 50 years old, she had every right to worry every timeJesse went into a coughing fit.Lucky enough the cold went away in a few days and Jesse was back to his normal self.
  78. 78. Tara ended up getting her finale promotion making her a Mad Scientist; sadly that wasn’twhat her Life Time Want was but with that career in the bag, Tara got to work on working upthe Medicine career track.
  79. 79. What Oliver said after his first day back at school was true though.His and Cecelia’s birthday had finally arrived and together they both blew out theircandles and entered the 3rd stage of their life.
  80. 80. Their outfits weren’t great but both were happy to finally be the same height as their oldersiblings.A slice of cake later and the twins were quick to go and change their clothes to somethingmore fashionable.All in all, it was another brilliant birthday party that was thrown by the Junior household.
  81. 81. Oliver Junior Cecelia JuniorStats: 8/8/9/4/1 Stats: 8/8/4/4/1Hobby: Sport Hobby: ScienceAspiration: Knowledge/Family Aspiration: Popularity/KnowledgeLife Time Want: Become a Prestidigater Life Time Want: Become a GeneralTurn Ons: Hard Worker, Charisma Turn Ons: Charisma, Blonde HairTurn Off: Hats Turn Off: NeatnessPreference: Females (Straight) Preference: Males (Straight)
  82. 82. 2 Weeks Later“Make sure you lock up all the doors and be careful when you answer the door. If you cooksomething try not to set it on fire. On second thought don’t try and cook anything, don’t evengo in the kitchen; I’ll give you some money and you can order pizza or something.” Jesseordered and beside him Tara giggled at his sudden change of mind on the cooking thing; itwas probably a good thing, their kids defiantly didn’t inherit Jesse’s cooking skills that’s forsure.
  83. 83. “Dad, I’m 17 years old and I think I can look after Cee and Oli for a few hours.” Elijah chuckledin amusement at his father’s overprotective nature.
  84. 84. “I have every right to worry so don’t give me that look. I remember how mine and mybrother’s minds used to work when we were left alone when we were the same age as you.”Jesse stated sternly and Tara didn’t even bother hiding her smirk as she looked over at herhusband.“So you were a troublemaker, huh? No wonder me and you got on so well.” She teasedcausing Jesse to smile at her; in the background Elijah rolled his eyes at his parent’ssappiness.
  85. 85. “Dad it’s not like Cee and Oli are little kids. I know they only just had their 3rd Age Transitionbut they’re still 13 years old.” Elijah pointed out as he thought about his siblings, who wereplaying the games console in the living room.“I know that it’s just...”
  86. 86. “Don’t you worry Mr Junior, I’ll make sure Elijah behaves himself.” Puck chuckled as he stoodleaning against the wall; his comment earned a giggle from Tara, a smirk from Jesse and aslight glare from his boyfriend.
  87. 87. “There see? My traitor of a boyfriend just promised a full report of everything we do.” Elijahsmirked cheekily, watching as Puck blushed in embarrassment easily catching Elijah’s hiddenmeaning.This time both parent’s laughed.
  88. 88. “You be careful alright, ‘Lijah?” Tara whispered before she leaned forward and kissed Elijahlightly on the lips; her son whipped his lips the moment he pulled back but he still smiled athis mother.“I will Mum. Don’t you worry.”
  89. 89. Jesse smiled as he pulled his son into a hug; he didn’t know why but something was naggingat him, something was telling him that something wasn’t right.It pissed him off.“Be safe.” Jesse whispered quietly and felt Elijah stiffen before he returned the hug with justas much force.“I will. Now go before the host gives away your table.” Elijah ordered and watched as hisparents walked out of the door.
  90. 90. The moment his parents were out of sight Elijah turned and pulled Puck into his arms andnibbled on his neck lightly, the half-breed gasped lightly as a blush appeared on his cheeks.“So you’re going to make sure that I behave are you? I think you’ve forgotten who leads thisrelationship.” Elijah teased feeling Puck shiver in his arms.“’Lijah....” Puck whispered bashfully but he allowed Elijah to take his hand and pull himtowards the stairs.
  91. 91. “This is the first time us teens has had the house to ourselves and we’re going to takeadvantage of it.”
  92. 92. Puck laughed breathlessly as Elijah pushed him down on the bed before claiming his lips forhis own; the half-breed shivered as Elijah ran his hand down his neck carefully, tickling the itwith the bare tips of his fingers.
  93. 93. Bang, bang, bang!
  94. 94. “Damn it.” The future heir cursed as he heard the loud knocking of the front door; with aquick look at the clock on the wall he realised he couldn’t let his younger siblings answer it.“I’ll be back.” He promised kissing Puck on his nose before jumping to his feet and runningout of the door.
  95. 95. Bang, bang!“I’m coming!” Elijah called out as the banging came again; forgetting to lock the metal gatebehind him Elijah walked straight to the front door and opened it.
  96. 96. “Can I help you?” Elijah demanded the moment he spotted a boy looking around the sameage as Oliver and Cecelia; his body was tense though having noticed the green sparks thatsignified a Dark Warlock.“Yes I think you can. You and your siblings are coming with me.” The boy stated beforebringing out his wand and throwing a spell at Elijah before he could react; he was thrownbackwards into the metal gate, his head slamming hard against it as he started to slump tothe floor. His world fading out around him.
  97. 97. “Goodnight, dear nephew.”
  98. 98. “Smile for the camera everyone!“Yeah. Considering we may be dead next time they see us.”“Elijah!”“What? What did I say?”-And that’s the end of part 3 everyone! As you’ve probably guessed Generation 1 will becoming to an end in the next part so look forward to it! I will have it up as soon as I can; I’vealready shot the most important scenes, I just need to play through the family ^_^I’ll see you next time guys! The teens full states are on the next slide!
  99. 99. Oliver Junior Cecelia JuniorElijah Junior (Heir) Ericka Junior Stats: 8/8/9/4/1 Stats: 8/8/4/4/1Stats: 8/8/4/4/1 Stats: 8/8/9/4/1 Hobby: Sport Hobby: ScienceHobby: Sport Hobby: Sport Aspiration: Knowledge/Family Aspiration: Popularity/KnowledgeAspiration: Romance/Fortune Aspiration: Fortune/Popularity Life Time Want: Become a Prestidigater Life Time Want: Become a GeneralLife Time Want: Become Head of the Life Time Want: Became a Celebrity Turn Ons: Hard Worker, Charisma Turn Ons: Charisma, Blonde HairSCIA Chef Turn Off: Hats Turn Off: NeatnessTurn Ons: Red Hair, Make Up Turn Ons: Brown Hair, Red Hair Preference: Females (Straight) Preference: Males (Straight)Turn Off: Blonde Hair Turn Off: GlassesPreference: Males (Gay) Preference: Males & Females (Bisexual)