A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! 3.02 B


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! 3.02 B

  1. 1. “Jessica! Welcome back, baby.” Puck cried out as he hugged his daughter tightly the moment he opened the front door. He had spotted the shuttle from the kitchen window and was more than happy to greet her. “Thanks Papa. It’s good to be back.” Jessica whispered as she squeezed him tightly. “I’ll take our bags back upstairs.” Benji said planning on leaving the two alone for a bit.
  2. 2. “So how was it? Did you two enjoy yourselves?” Puck questioned after a couple of seconds of silence, during which Jessica had stared lovingly at Benji.
  3. 3. “Oh it was so beautiful, Papa! The beach, the sea and the sun it was breathtaking. Benji couldn’t have chosen a better spot.” Jessica gushed in excitement causing Puck to chuckle. “That good, huh?” “You should go there, Papa! You and Dad, you would enjoy it so much!”
  4. 4. Puck threw his head back and laughed loudly. “I think it would be better to leave those holidays to young ones, mmm? There’s no point on wasting it on us old folk.” Puck chuckled causing Jessica to pout. “But...” “Now now, I think I’ve kept you long enough. Go to your husband, I’m sure he’s waiting for you.”
  5. 5. As soon as everything was unpacked Benji quickly got to work on finding a job. After a couple of minutes he come across the perfect job. With just a few clicks he was hired as a Underwater Demolitionist.
  6. 6. Unlike her husband though Jessica couldn't find a job going in the Law Enforcement track no matter where she looked. With a sigh she turned off the computer, deciding to go play her violin for a bit.
  7. 7. Puck was given the honour of painting the Heir and Spouse portraits once again this generation, seeing as he was the only artist in the house.
  8. 8. Safe to say he did an amazing job with them. After being framed they were hung in the mausoleum with the other Generation portraits.
  9. 9. Jessica held her hand to mouth as her stomach gave a very uncomfortable twist. She had been feeling off ever since she got back from Twikiki Island and as much as she liked to think it was just food poisoning, a part of her new better.
  10. 10. It turned out she was right as, not one hour later she popped into 1st trimester. Benji of course was completely thrilled. “You know what this means, don’t you? You were pregnant when we were away.” Benji smirked causing Jessica to roll her eyes with a huff. “Yes, yes Mr-no-it-all. I know what it means, it’s a good thing we were prepared for multiples just in case.”
  11. 11. Pregnancy was very boring and frustrating experience for Jessica. Nothing she did seemed to satisfy her at all, not even her violin calmed her down. When she about to pass her 5 month stage Benji asked her if she wanted to go fishing with him, it was an activity he found very soothing and was silently hoping it would be the same for his wife. To her shock it worked. Jessica hadn’t felt so relaxed in ages and the two of them fished until the sun had risen.
  12. 12. Later that day, just after nightfall, Jessica hit her 5 month mark. With a pout she looked at her bump and quickly went off in search of Benji, feeling fairly unhappy and wanting attention.
  13. 13. Despite all the commotion in the house Elijah and Puck’s relationship was still going strong. The two of them were enjoying the time they had together while they could, knowing fully well the house would soon be full of children begging for their attention.
  14. 14. As her pregnancy slowly entered the last days Jessica once again found peace in her violin. The soothing music calmed every one of her nerves and even seemed to relax the babies resting in her stomach, much to her relief.
  15. 15. When Benji went to work that day, he wasn’t expecting anything exciting to happen but then on one of his rounds he discovered a Mermaid. After having a very interesting conversation with it, Benji decides to leave it alone and returns to base, planning on keeping the meeting secret. He didn’t realize though that his boss had followed him, unlike Benji though he had no doubts about revealing the Mermaid’s existence during a press conferences. Without any plausible evidence though he was branded a mad man and immediately fired. Benji returned home with a smile and a new job as a Marine Biologist.
  16. 16. Jessica’s luck in job searched finally turned around and thanks to diploma from Stritford, she was able to apply for the Detective job going at the local Police Station.
  17. 17. It was later that night when Jessica felt a rupturing pain in her stomach. Stumbling to her feet the Heiress clutch her stomach and cried out in agony. “Ah! Benji! Benji! It’s time!”
  18. 18. To her shock her husband didn’t hear her, and she realised he must have his headphones on. Jessica groaned as another wave of pain washed over her. “Benji!!” Jessica screamed and this time she heard a reply.
  19. 19. “Jess? What is it?!” Benji gasped as he come out of the living room before he took in the sight before. “Oh my god. Jess do you need anything?” “J-just s-stay there. I-I’m almost done.” Jessica whispered from behind clenched teeth. She took a deep breath and easily fell into the twirl.
  20. 20. “Oh! Well hello there, sweetheart. Who’s a pretty little angel?” Jessica whispered as she slowly got her breath back. The little girl yawned widely before revealing her beautiful dark blue eyes.
  21. 21. “Here Benji, meet your little girl.” Jessica whispered as she handed the newborn over to Benji. “Oh my, look at her. Hello little one, I’m your daddy.” Benji whispered and the newborn gurgled in his arms. “What are we going to call her?” “How about Tsuki?” Jessica suggested and Benji grinned happily. “Tsuki Junior, I like it.” Jessica smiled but it faded suddenly when she felt another pain in her stomach.
  22. 22. “Oh, oh! Benji, it’s twins! Benji it’s twins!” Jessica cried out as she quickly fell into labour once again. She felt the twirl almost immediately and fell into it with a gasp.
  23. 23. “Oof. Well hello there little man. You sure took your time, didn’t you? Weren’t ready to come out when your sister did, huh?” Jessica cooed and the newborn giggled, to her shock, silently. Not a sound passed the little ones lips and Jessica forehead creased in worry. “Don’t feel like speaking yet? Huh?” Jessica whispered but the newborn released another silent giggle.
  24. 24. “Let’s have a look at him then.” Elijah grinned having been woken up from his daughter’s screams. “Oh look at him! Who looks just like his daddy?” Elijah cooed as he tickled his newest grandson’s tummy. The little one shook with silent giggles causing Elijah to look at his daughter with a raised eyebrow. “Quiet little one, isn’t he? Well what are you going to call him?” Elijah questioned and Jessica nibbled her lip in thought. “Well we called his sister Tsuki, so I think I’ll call him Tayó. Sun and Moon, what do you think?” “I think it’s perfect. Tayó and Tsuki Junior, welcome to Generation 4.”
  25. 25. Tsuki Junior Hair: Blonde Eyes: Dark Blue Skin: Alien Tayó Junior Hair: Blonde Eyes: Alien Skin: S2
  26. 26. Severely hours later Puck was awoken by one of many baby monitors that had been placed all over the house. Having been recovering from a cold Puck had stayed away from his daughter in fear of making her sick, which in her delicate state would have been deadly. But now being in the all clear Puck was free to help take care of the little ones. Hearing Tsuki cried he had expected something to be bothering her but as soon as he walked into the room she calmed down. Tayó on the other was wiggling impatiently but still holding his determined silence. “Good thing you sister is looking out for you, huh?” Puck mused as he fed the tit of the bottle into the little one’s mouth. Tayó, of course, continued to remain silent.
  27. 27. “Benny?” “Mmmm?” “Do you think something’s wrong with Tayó? I mean he should be at least making some sort of noise right? If it wasn’t for Tsuki, I would never know something was wrong.” Jessica whispered and Benji sighed as he sleepily pulled her closer. “We won’t know for sure until after their birthdays. But would you love him any less if he were to be mute?” Benji asked and Jessica shook her head. “No. He’s my son no matter what. I’ll love him, even if he never speaks.” She swore and Benji leaned down to kiss her lightly on her forehead. “Then stop worrying.”
  28. 28. After many months working as a Marine Biologist Benji was happy to finally come home with a promotion. He was now a Whale Tracker and it was earned.
  29. 29. Benji wasn’t the only one getting promotions though. After finally getting off of maternity leave Jessica shocked everyone with how easily she fell into the work. Deciding not to let such a rare fish slip through his hands, her boss offered her a place as a Lieutenant.
  30. 30. Of course despite being both working parents they always made time for their children, who were both more than happy to accept their parent’s attention.
  31. 31. Sadly they wouldn’t be babies much longer as their 1st birthday finally rolled around. It was a quiet affrair and with only family, the twins were brought to their cakes.
  32. 32. With the normal shower of confetti two toddlers replaced the babies and both parents were happy to be able to receive proper hugs. Because of the happy situation both parents tried to ignore the giant elephant in the room. Tayó was still silent. They knew it was now point denying it anymore, their son was mute and there was nothing they could do about it.
  33. 33. Tsuki Junior Stats: 10/0/9/9/6 Star Sign: Virgo Hobby: Tinkering Tayó Junior Stats: 10/8/9/0/7 Star Sign: Scorpio Hobby: Science
  34. 34. “I’m almost there.” Benji sighed having come home with another promotion. He was now a Protector of Whales and he only had one more promotion left.
  35. 35. As toddlers both Tsuki and Tayó had milestones that they both had to hit right on time. Tsuki hit hers perfectly. She was potty trained, taught to walk and talk at the right times and everything was well.
  36. 36. Tayó, on the other hand, was a bit different. He had been officially diagnosed as mute the day after his birthday. When he continued to stay silent he had been taken to the doctor where it was discovered his voice box had failed to form properly. He was never going to make a sound, which meant there was no point in talking him how to talk. Instead they taught him sign language which gave him a way of communicating. Other than his speech, Tayó hit every other millstones right on time.
  37. 37. “Make pretty house. What Ty doin’?” Tsuki questioned her brotherly innocent; Tayó smiled as he picked up the green block and showed it to her. “Make car house? For my house?” Tsuki asked and Tayó nodded causing her to smile. “Yay! Thank you, Ty!”
  38. 38. “Yummy yummy. Right Ty?” Tsuki questioned as she quickly finished her bowl of melon and Tayó nodded while stuffing his mouth with the last few pieces. It was obvious he wasn’t trying to say something but Tsuki still nodded at him. “Yes you right Ty. Melon would be better with no seeds.”
  39. 39. The toddler years weren’t to last forever though. The twins 4th birthday had finally arrived and it was time for the two of them to become children. A huge party was thrown and surrounded by their friends, both parents helped the twins blow out their candles.
  40. 40. With a spin and a flash of light the toddlers were replaced by two smiling children. “Wow, wow! Look at us Tayó! Were so much taller and our hands are bigger too!” Tsuki laughed as she looked at her hands in awe. Beside her Tayó was grinning as he looked at his much longer legs. “Come on. Let’s go get our new clothes on!” Tsuki ordered before she grabbed her brother’s hand and dragged him upstairs. All in all, the party was a complete success.
  41. 41. Benji was grinning widely when he came home from work, and for good reason to. He had done, he had received his finale promotion. He was finally a Hand of Poseidon and also Permanente Plat. It was a good feeling.
  42. 42. Things weren’t so great for Jessica though. Jessica heaved as her breakfast made a very unwelcome reappearance down the toilet bowl. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, in fact it was becoming a common accordance recently. She wasn’t stupid she knew that morning sickness was a sign of pregnancy but at the same time she never actually threw up when she was pregnant with the twins. She decided to wait and see.
  43. 43. It was a beautiful Saturday day, Puck breathed deeply as he slept easily underneath the bright sun.
  44. 44. “So what do we down now? Grandpa Puck is out cold.” Tsuki pointed as she and Tsuki stood just a few feet away from the greenhouse.
  45. 45. ‘We could play on the playground.’ Tayó thought as he waved his hand out toward the playground behind him. Tsuki smiled happily and hugged her twin tightly. “Great idea, Ty! I bet I can beat you to the top!” ‘Bet you can’t!’
  46. 46. The two of them spend all day playing together outside, both children enjoying the fact they could spend Saturday outside. The sun was just going down when Benji called them inside for tea, it was defiantly a good end to Summer.
  47. 47. Jessica moaned as she allowed herself to sit down on the ground. She swallowed before coughing hard trying to get the horrible taste out of her throat. Her morning sickness seemed to be getting worse, she couldn’t go to the afternoon without throwing up at least 5 times. She had also started had trouble sleeping at night. She was really hoping it was pregnancy and not something serious.
  48. 48. Next Day “Good morning you two. Are you excited?” Elijah questioned as his grandchildren walked to the table for their breakfast. It was still really dark out and Elijah could hear Benji and Jessica packing the last few items.
  49. 49. Tayó grinned but made no move to sign his answer. “You bet we’re excited! We can’t wait!” Tsuki laughed before looking over at Tayó as if he had called her name. “Oh yeah! That would be awesome. Grandpa Elijah there’s going to be water logging there right?”
  50. 50. “Of course they will. They’ll have flapjacks as well.” Elijah said with a grin but it soon faded as he looked at the two a bit firmly. “Tayó you should answer yourself. We all know sign language, there’s no worry about us not understand you.” Elijah reassured as the sun started rising.
  51. 51. “Tayó don’t like sign language, Grandpa ‘Lijah. Besides I can hear him just fine. I don’t understand why you tell him to use his hands when he can speak fine.” Tsuki said casually. Elijah blinked as he stared at his twin grandchildren in complete shock, that was the last thing he expect Tsuki to say. Was it possible? Could Tsuki truly hear Tayó when the rest of them couldn’t?
  52. 52. “Wow! I can’t believe my little sister is all grown up with children of her own. I’ve been asleep for a while.” - And that’s where I’m going to end it guys. So does Tsuki actually hear mute Tayo? You’re just going to have to wait and see! I’ll see you next time guys! Happy Simming ^_^
  53. 53. Tsuki Junior Stats: 10/0/9/9/6 Star Sign: Virgo Hobby: Tinkering Tayó Junior Stats: 10/8/9/0/7 Star Sign: Scorpio Hobby: Science