A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- Prologue (Edited)


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Still the same story but the pictures have been made to look a little better.

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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- Prologue (Edited)

  1. 1. “I think this is the last of it.” Tucker Lopane called out as labelled the finale box in front ofhim; a few feet away his father, Frantisek Lopane, was making sure all the boxes were safelytapped up for the trip.“I can’t believe your actually moving though. Haven’t you always lived here?”
  2. 2. “Well your father and I aren’t turning into elders anytime soon and Vince admitted he wouldlike to have some more kids. He always wanted a big family.” Fran shrugged as he turned toface his eldest son in the house; if he counted the children who had already moved out,Tucker would be the 4th eldest.“But you’ve had 12 already! Isn’t that enough for him?!” Tucker cried out in shock causingFran to laugh as he patted his son on the shoulder lightly.“You wouldn’t understand, Tuck. To me nothing is more precious than hearing the sound ofchildren running around the house.”
  3. 3. “Listening to them play with each other. Enjoy each others company, helping them withhomework. It always a pleasure to have you kids around.”“But what the arguing? Storm and Nyx never got on at all, Wolfe only gets on with Chanceand me and Marcus don’t see eye to eye sometimes. Doesn’t that drive you nuts?”“A little bit but I know that when you all stop there’s always someone for you to fall back on.Storm had Shelby and Sammy, Nyx has got you and Chance would never abandoned his twinbrother; same with Midnight, he wouldn’t leave Marcus alone either. Even when you all go offon your own there’s always someone to fall back on.” Fran replied simply causing Tucker toswallow as he looked out of the window beside him.
  4. 4. “Maybe I shouldn’t go to college today. I should stay home and help Marcus and Midnight, I’llalso help you with the triplets.”“Tucker...” Fran sighed having heard all this before; it wasn’t the first time his son wasovercome with nerves. With 8 outgoing points, Tucker was in no means shy and while he canbe pretty mean to other people he loved his family dearly.“Tucker you want to go to college and that’s what your going to do. The girls would be upsetif they found out you stayed because of them.” Fran retorted as he looked out to where thetriplets were playing on the playground 1 last time before they left.
  5. 5. “But what if you have another vision during the day?!” Tucker cried out and his brown eyeswidened as he realised he didn’t even think about that before.“Tucker that won’t happen. My visions are rare and they don’t normally show themselves likethat, I usually have them when I’m sleeping.”“But what if it does happen again?”“Tucker...”“No, dad! You don’t know what it was like!”
  6. 6. “To come back home from school to find out on the floor with blood dripping from your noseand the back of your head was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. It’s good thing theschool bus pulled up when it did, you could have been seriously hurt!”“But that didn’t happen, Tucker . You come back and helped me to my feet and cleaned up mycut; you saved me, so stop thinking about what ifs. I will be fine with the girls and the twins;go to college, enjoy yourself and make something of yourself.”“Dad...” Tucker trailed off as he felt tears filling his eyes.
  7. 7. “Okay dad.” Tucker whispered thickly before pulling his father into a hug; he was blinkingrapidly to hold of his tears and he felt Fran hugging him back just as tightly.A loud beep sounded from outside, forcing the two men to break off from their hug.“That’ll be the taxi. Come on, we’ll see you off.”
  8. 8. 1 Hour LaterFran kept up his smile even as the taxi was out of sight, it wasn’t until all of the kids wereback inside did he finally let his facade drop.Carefully he wrapped his arms around himself and slowly lost himself in his thoughts; hedidn’t even hear the front door open behind him but when the person spoke, Fran feltnothing but relief.“So are you planning on telling him what you saw? Or are you going to continue to tortureyourself?”
  9. 9. “You know I can’t do that, Vince. I’m only a Watcher, my job is to simply observe not tointerfere.”“That may be true but that was before our kids started getting involved. “ The bald vampireretorted softly causing Fran to sigh but he still stayed silent.“It was your visions that warned us about Shelby inheriting my vampire DNA. It was yourvisions that warned us that Wolfe will end up studying dark magic and its your visions thatare warning us about what will happen to Tucker and his children.” Vince pointed out andfinally Fran turned to face his husband with mournful grey eyes.“I don’t know what to do, Vince. How am I going to explain to him that one of his children isgoing to...to..” Fran trailed off and shook his head unable to think about what one of hisgrandchildren was doing in his visions; it was horrifying.
  10. 10. “Sometimes they fall off the wagon, Fran. We both know this from experience, noteverybody has good in them.” Vince whispered as he carefully reached out and touchedFran’s chin.“But I don’t even know who’s going to do it. Is it going to a girl or a boy? Will they be crueland serious or kind and playful. There’s just too many gaps to put things together.” Franmumbled causing Vince to smile showing off his white fangs.“I love you, Fran. You are my husband and no matter what happens I will stand beside youand our children; for the rest of eternity.” Vince stated simply and Fran felt himself relaxingeven with the visions repeating over and over in his head.
  11. 11. Sure he didn’t know what was coming exactly and as he had been told before, the future wasnever set in stone.As long as he had Vince by his side and their children surrounding them, everything will turnout alright. This is what Fran allowed himself to believe.This is what Fran had to believe to keep himself sane.
  12. 12. What ever was coming, they would stop it; together.
  13. 13. Tucker groaned as he felt himself waking up from his much needed sleep; being a doctor onthe late shift took it out of him and he usually found himself sleeping all through the day.The bed was empty which meant Ashley was already up which also meant the kids wereprobably already at school.“Tucker...” A familiar voiced whispered causing the brunet to look up in shock .
  14. 14. “Dad?!”“I’m sorry for waking you up in such a way, son but you know I wouldn’t unless it’simportant..” Fran explained as he clasped his hands together sadly; Tucker swallowed as hestood to his feet.“Important? What do you mean? What’s wrong?” Tucker demanded, deciding to ignore hisfather’s ghostly appearance; he had never really understood Fran’s abilities and he didn’tthink he ever would.“The time has finally come and the child picked by fate is ready to start their journey.”
  15. 15. “Dad you know I never understand your creepy future telling talk. What do you mean thechild picked by fate? What’s that got to do with me?”“You’re not stupid, Tucker. You know I would come to you with this unless there was areason.” Fran reasoned and Tucker swallowed feeling like a little kid; he knew exactly why hisfather was telling him such things, he just didn’t want to accept it.“B-but why one of my kids? And what journey?” Tucker demanded as he crossed his armsover his chest.Fran smiled his smile that always irritated his kids, it was a smile he gave when he knewsomething that they didn’t; but it didn’t stop lighting up his entire face.“Son, let me tell you a tale about something called a Legacy...”
  16. 16. 3 Hours LaterIt was dark by the time Fran disappeared and returned back home, leaving Tucker alone withhis thoughts; he didn’t know what to feel. He felt proud that one of kids were going to be thefounder of such an amazing thing but at the same time he was terrified. One of his babieswas leaving home.Finally he decided to go talk to his husband; he knew Ashley would be able to help himthrough this and together the two of them will hopefully be able make the right choice.
  17. 17. “A Legacy founder?”“That’s right. A legacy is-”“I know what a Legacy is, Tuck. I myself might not have been in one but echoes of myselfcertainly have.” Ashley retorted before he looked over to where his youngest were playing onthe floor together.“I just can’t understand why it has to be one of our kids that has to be a founder.”“Dad said he changed as much as he could without getting caught. He said it was a lot worsebefore that what it was now.”“I’ll never really understand your father, Tuck.”“I don’t think anyone is meant to, Ash.”
  18. 18. “Well do you know which one we’re going to loose?” Ashley questioned as he placed hishands on his hips; he could feel rage building up inside of him in a way it would only in aparent.“No but dad knows it’s either going to be Shawn or Jesse.” Tucker sighed and together thetwo fathers looked over to where they could see the twins playing red hands together.“God I shouldn’t have asked.” Ashley whispered to himself as he realized knowing that one hiseldest twins was going to be taking away from him was even worse than not knowing whichone.“So what’s going to happen when one of them is picked? Is Fran going to be the one to collecthim or...” Ashley trailed off as he saw the look on Tucker’s face.
  19. 19. “Oh god. We’re not even going to get a warning are we? Our son is just going to disappearfrom right in front us and then be zapped to god knows where which might even be anothera dimensions! How are you dealing with this so calmly, Tucker?!” Ashley cried out no longerable to stay calm; Tucker quickly grabbed the pale man’s arm and pulled him into thebedroom.“I’m not taking this calmly, Ash. Far from it, I’m completely furious over the fact dad is onlyjust telling me this but Ashley I’ve also come to know that when things like this happen,there’s nothing you can do to change them.”
  20. 20. “But Tucker...they’re out babies.” Ashley whispered as he finally allowed his shields to dropand allowed his husband to see his true feelings; Tucker smiled as he wrapped his armsaround Ashleys waist and felt him placed his hands on his shoulders lightly.“I know, Ash. I feel the same way but we were going to have to let them go eventually, it justmeans one of them will be leaving us sooner rather than later.” Tucker pointed causingAshley to look down sadly.“Everything will be okay, love. You’ll see.” Tucker whispered and finally he was givensomething he had been working up too since he started this conversation; a smile.
  21. 21. 3 weeks Later“Dude, this movie sucks; why did we rent this again?” Shawn Lopane questioned as heslouched further down in his seat, trying to ignore the crappy images playing on the screen infront of him.“Because it was the only thing we could afford. Remember? Papa banned us from our pocketmoney this week because we spent the last one on that prank we pulled.” His twin brotherreminded him with a sigh, rolling his eyes as Shawn started to smirk.
  22. 22. “The crow deserved everything that we threw at her. I don’t know why Principle Ryandoesn’t fire her already.”“Because she’s the only fully trained teacher who would teach a classroom full of usLopanes.” Jesse Lopane smirked as he thought of his many cousins who were all the sameage as them; they all drove their teachers nuts, even the younger ones, so it’s no surprisethat they would be hesitant to be in the same room as them.“Ah good point brother. Come on this movie isn’t going anywhere, let’s get something toeat.” Shawn yawned as he jumped to his feet and walked out of the room, leaving his blackhaired twin to turn off the TV.
  23. 23. Jesse poked at the burning fire as he tried to ignore the stabbing pains attacking his head; itwas something that had started happening about 3 weeks ago but as the days go by theywere steadily been getting worse.“ So I’ve been thinking...” Shawn mumbled around his mouthful of chips causing Jesse toscrunch his nose up in disgust even as he smirked.“That’s a first.”“Shut up.” Shawn retorted , spitting out a few pieces of chewed up food just to irritate histwin.“Dude gross!” Jesse sighed causing Shawn to smirk as he finished off the bag and stood to hisfeet once again.
  24. 24. “As I was trying to say earlier. Have you noticed how odd Papa and Dad are acting around uslately?”“Oh god not this again. Shawn...”“No listen to me Jess! Something strange is going on around here. Both Papa and Dad aretreating us like kings.” Jesse once again cut off his twin with a sound of frustration.“And you’re complaining about it?! Before it was because you weren’t getting enoughattention.”“I’m not complaining but it’s a bit odd, don’t you think?” Shawn reasoned and Jesse sighedas he looked away in thought.
  25. 25. He had to admit he also found his parents ‘ behaviour strange, they seemed to be spendingmore time with him and Shawn than ever; as if their time with them was short.“You don’t think there going to leave us do you?” Jesse blurted out without thinking andflinched as he realised how much he sounded like the younger twin just then; Shawn tiltedhis head to the side before shaking his head.“Nah. They’d never do that. They’d never leave Alissa and Sebastian alone with us,remember what happened last time?” Shawn pointed out and Jesse rubbed the back of hisneck nervously.“That’s true. I don’t think dad would be too happy if he had to redecorate the kitchen again.”
  26. 26. “See? Now ....” Shawn’s voice faded away as the pain in Jesse’s head reached unbearablelevels; he had done his best to keep his strange migraines from his twin but it seemed todaywas the day his luck ran out.With a hiss of pain he reached up and started massaging his forehead lightly, knowing fullwell he had caught Shawn’s attention.“Jess?”
  27. 27. “What’s wrong, little brother?” Shawn questioned quietly as he reached out and placed hishand on Jesse’s shoulder; the black haired teen placed his hand on his hip while waving hisother hand out in front of him.“Nothing, I’m fine. It’s just I can’t seem to get rid of these stupid migraines. Not matter whatpain meds I take, they don’t even touch it.” Jesse sighed causing Shawn to bite his lipnervously.“Maybe you should go talk to Papa? He’d know if it was anything serious.”“No it’s fine. It’s just-AHHH!” Jesse didn’t even get a chance to finish his sentence before hewas bending over and grabbing his head in agony.“Jesse!”
  28. 28. Jesse’s eyes widened in shock as strangely coloured sparkles suddenly started surround hisform and lifting him off the ground; it wasn’t until he strained his ears did he hear theexcited whispers surrounding him.“He’s finally ready!”“He must be moved quickly!”“The chosen one has come!”Jesse didn’t know what these voices were on about, all he knew was that his migraine wasbecoming worse and his twin was becoming more panicked.“Papa! Dad! Come quickly, something’s happening to Jesse!”
  29. 29. Jesse didn’t hear his parents panicked shouts as they ran into the room, he didn’t hear thecry of pain his twin let out as he was thrown against the wall and he defiantly didn’t hear hisown screams of pain.All he was aware of was the bright light surrounding him before he finally fell unconscious.In a matter of seconds, Fate had made their choice and Jesse Lopane was gone.
  30. 30. How can you see into my eyes Like open doors? Lading you down into my core, Where Ive become so numb. Without a soul,My spirits sleeping somewhere cold,Until you find it there and lead it back Home.
  31. 31. (Wake me up) Wake me up inside. (I can’t wake up) Wake me up inside. (Save me)Call my name and save me from the dark. (Wake me up) Bid my blood to run. (I can’t wake up) Before I come undone. (Save me) Save me from the nothing Ive become.
  32. 32. Now that I know what Im without, You cant just leave me. Breathe into me and make me real. Bring me to life. (Wake me up) Wake me up inside. (I can’t wake up) Wake me up inside. (Save me)Call my name and save me from the dark. (Wake me up) Bid my blood to run. (I can’t wake up) Before I come undone. (Save me) Save me from the nothing Ive become.
  33. 33. Bring me to life. (Ive been living a lie. Theres nothing inside) Bring me to life. (Wake me up) Wake me up inside. (I can’t wake up) Wake me up inside. (Save me)Call my name and save me from the dark. (Wake me up)
  34. 34. Bid my blood to run. (I can’t wake up) Before I come undone. (Save me) Save me from the nothing Ive become. Bring me to life. (Ive been living a lie. Theres nothing inside) Bring me to life Bring me to Life-Evanescence -“Well then, what does Nathan have here then, hmm?”
  35. 35. Hey there! I’m Little White Comet (Excuse the pregnancy clothes, My simself popped without merealising she was pregnant) and I come here to bring you my newest attempt at a legacy which I call ‘AStruggle to Survive a Legacy’!This isn’t my first attempt at a legacy, far from it, but this is the first time I’m actually going to turn itinto a proper story instead of just well a legacy.As you could tell at the begining of this my pictures weren’t that great at first but they have gottenmuch better, so please be patient with me!Anyway this is where I leave you but turn to the finale slide and you’ll see my founder status and alsomy finale credits.I hope to see you in my next update!This is Little White Comet, signing out.
  36. 36. Jesse JuniorAspiration: Popularity/ PleasureStats: 8/8/4/4/1Star Sign: AriesTurn Ons: Blonde Hair, Red HairTurns off: Stink
  37. 37. I would like to say thank you to...Joemulcahy for creating Lt. Frantisek Shiroyama; make sure to check out his videos onYoutube!Swordsmasterguy for creating his Simself Vince Lopane and also creating the relationshipbetween Vince and Fran. Make sure you check out his videos too!I’ll be doing a PicSpam of the Lopane clan on my live journal so you guys can know whoexactly was who and why they were mentioned, so look forward to it!