Robinson Round Robin: Generation 2: Part 2


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Robinson Round Robin: Generation 2: Part 2

  1. 1. The Robinson Round Robin Generation 2: Part 2
  2. 2. Hello and welcome back to the Robinson Round Robin! I know it’s been awhile and I want to apologize for that. I was very busy (and sick and there was a wedding) during these last couple of months, though. But now things have slowed down a bit and I should have plenty of time to play the RRRL. Since it has been so long, I’ll go ahead and do a quick recap of the last part. Basically, Wesley stopped at Riverblossom Hills, chose the wrong barn to sleep in, got caught sleeping in said barn by Leod McGreggor, and then ended up living with Leod and his adopted daughter, Tamara. Wesley also met several other residents, including a teenaged Daisy Greenman, her younger siblings (Lily and Seth), and Oz Howe (the adopted son of Betty Goldstein). He and Daisy ended up dating. Tamara began going out with her childhood friend, Xander Roth. Also, Oz’s mother and her best friend, Catherine, were both murdered by someone. Daisy’s mother, Rose, found out that she was pregnant yet again. Also, Daisy’s ‘father,’ Jason, is investigating Catherine and Betty’s murders. And that should be all. Now then, time for the long-awaited part 2!
  3. 3. It was the wedding of Gabe O’Mackey, the man whose wife left him to become a dread pirate, and Patricia Wan, a friend of Catherine’s niece, Cleo. Why Wesley was there, he really couldn’t say. Daisy had told him it would be fun and Leod was a good friend of Gabe’s and would be there too, so Wesley consented to go.
  4. 4. He had to admit that there were some interesting people at the wedding. In particular, there was Gabe’s daughter, Jules. She gave off the, “I hate all of you, I’m just here because I still live with my dad” vibe. At least, with how she was glaring over at Patricia, that’s only what Wesley could assume. He didn’t appear to be the only one who had noticed Jules’ sour look.
  5. 5. It was still a rather nice wedding. Wesley suddenly wondered what his wedding would be like. If he married Daisy…she seemed like she’d love to have a massive wedding.
  6. 6. Gabe and Patricia seemed very happy together. Neither of them appeared to notice how Jules kept glaring over at them.
  7. 7. Meanwhile, outside… “ Shouldn’t you be wearing a dress?” Wesley asked Lily. “ I don’t like dresses,” Lily replied. “ Hmm. Well, I think the cake’s been cut. I’m going to go get some,” Wesley responded.
  8. 8. When Wesley walked into the house, he was shocked by how full the kitchen was. It would be nearly impossible to get to the cake if there was even any left.
  9. 9. Wesley managed to find Daisy and corner her for a moment. “ Hey, I noticed something,” he said to her. “ Oh? What’s that?” She asked.
  10. 10. “ I think that the bride, whatever her name is, is pregnant,” Wesley said quietly. “ Her name is Patricia. And why do you think that? And why are you gossiping?” Daisy inquired. “ I saw her puking her guts out earlier. Also, it’s not gossip. It’s an observation. I also observed that the daughter of the groom is very unhappy seeming.” “ You mean Jules?” “ Yeah.”
  11. 11. As causally as possible, they glanced over at Jules. She was chatting with Tamara, who noticed them looking over and she grinned at them. “ She does seem very grumpy,” Daisy agreed. Wesley just nodded as a sudden thought occurred to him.
  12. 12. After that, Wesley decided to wander around the house for a bit. He spotted Leod talking to a woman in a pale blue dress. Wesley asked someone standing by him who she was. Apparently, the woman was Stella Roth, Xander’s mother.
  13. 13. Wesley’s stomach led him back into the kitchen, where Jules was. She still looked angry. Wesley couldn’t under why. So, like any curious Sim, Wesley walked over to her and asked her what was wrong.
  14. 14. “ What do you mean, ‘What’s wrong?’” She snapped. “ Well…er…you just don’t appear to be happy that your dad is getting remarried.” “ Of course I’m unhappy! If that idiot of a mother of mine hadn’t left him to go ‘fulfill her dream of becoming a Dread Pirate,’ none of this would’ve happened.” “ Um…” “ You know what? Go eat some cake or something and leave me alone.” “… okay then.”
  15. 15. He did as he was told and got the last piece of wedding cake. While he ate, though, he began to wonder if Jules might be the killer. Her life clearly wasn’t going as planned, she was angry, and she could possibly be capable of murder. Then again, it wasn’t Wesley’s place to judge her. Still, he got an eerie feeling around her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. 16. That night, Oz invited Wesley over to his house, the same house where Oz’s mother and her best friend were murdered. Wesley wondered what Oz could possibly want. After greeting him, Oz led Wesley inside and into his bedroom to talk.
  17. 17. “ So, what is it?” Wesley asked once they finally got to the room. “ I…er…remember when I asked you if you would help me investigate the…murders?” “ Yeah. I remember. Why? Do you have a lead?” “ Unfortunately, no.” “ Hmm…I might have one but I can’t be too sure about it.” “ Anything is better than nothing!”
  18. 18. They sat down on the floor while Wesley told Oz about the wedding and Jules. Wesley explained that he figured it was Jules merely because her life seemed to be falling apart but he really had no idea why she would kill Betty or Catherine. When he finished talking, there was a long silence that was broken only by the sound of Oz’s computer humming.
  19. 19. Finally, Oz said, “Well, maybe she’s going after people who aren’t living their lives well enough. My mom and Catherine were single women and, apparently, they had a thing for younger men.” “ Yeah. But to go so far as to kill them? I don’t know. Have you checked to see if your mom and Catherine had enemies?” “ No. I doubt that they did. But it’s something to look into, I guess.” “ Alright. I have to get home but tell me if you find anything.” Oz nodded and Wesley quickly left.
  20. 20. The moment that his friend was gone, Oz got up and went on his computer. He researched Jules a bit, seeing if she might have some sort of record. But she didn’t. The only thing about Jules was an article she’d written about Daisy Greenman (which was incredibly boring) and an online announcement of her dad’s marriage to Patricia. Oz sighed disappointedly and decided to just give up for the night.
  21. 21. As Oz crawled into bed, he wondered what Betty would think of him. Would she think he was too obsessed with finding the killer? Would she think he was in over his head? Or would she be proud of him for trying to find closure? He’d never know those answers, which saddened him quite a bit.
  22. 22. In the morning, Oz called Wesley up to tell him that maybe they should mark Jules off their suspect list. Wesley assured Oz that they were bound to find something. He even suggested going to the police station or some place with old records to see if they could find anything. Oz wholeheartedly agreed to that before he bid his friend a, “See you at school.”
  23. 23. Oz then proceeded to do his daily morning ritual of playing the piano. He was still in the beginning stages of learning, which was obvious by how Andrew clutched his ear as he walked through the room. The look on his face was enough for Oz to realize that he really needed to improve. Of course, the only reason why Oz was learning how to play was because Betty had played the piano every morning too. Oz felt as though he were keeping her alive a bit just by doing what she’d done. This was also why Andrew hadn’t asked Oz to stop.
  24. 24. Oz snuck out with Wesley that night. They went straight to the library to delve through the old archives.
  25. 25. Alas, their search turned up nothing too interesting and Oz went back home wondering if he’d ever figure out who the killer was. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. 26. Stella Roth was having a friendly chat with a young woman seeking to get a job at her law firm. Stella thought that the interview was going quite well, especially since no one was home to bother them.
  27. 27. “ You know, you may have a future at my law firm,” Stella remarked. “ Really? That’s great!” The young woman cried. “ I just have to go downstairs real quick and get the paperwork for you to fill out, okay?” Stella said, getting up from her chair. The young woman also got up.
  28. 28. Without warning, the young woman pulled a gun out and pointed it at Stella. “ Wh-what are you doing?” Stella demanded, backing away. “I said you got the job!” “ This isn’t about any job. You’re straying from your husband’s side, Stella. I won’t let you destroy your son’s life with a divorce. Thus, you die,” the woman snarled. Before Stella could do anything, the gun fired. The woman then left the house, knowing that no one would know Stella was dead until she was long gone.
  29. 29. Xander got home from school that day at the usual time. “ Mom! I’m home!” He called upstairs. Silence. That was unusual. “ Mom? I’m coming up here, okay?” He said, knowing she would be on the third story.
  30. 30. “ Mom, what are—” He began as he reached the top of the stairs. But he stopped mid-question and stared in shock and horror at Stella. “ Mom! Are you alright?” He cried, running to her side. He checked her pulse but there wasn’t one.
  31. 31. Xander felt sick to his stomach. He turned and hurled by the stairs. This was too much. He couldn’t…not his mother! Xander managed to pull himself together, though, and he went downstairs to call the police and his dad.
  32. 32. When the police arrived, they found Xander sitting in his room, silently sobbing. They asked him what happened but Xander could only say that they needed to go upstairs. The coroner was brought in and declared that Stella had been dead for several hours, probably not too long after everyone else was gone. Her body was removed from the house fairly quickly.
  33. 33. Jason Greenman arrived at the house. He wanted to talk to Xander but Morty refused to let his son be questioned. “ He’s traumatized, Jason!” “ I understand that but he needs to tell me what he saw while everything is still fresh in his mind!” “ Let me go talk to him then!” “ Then do it.”
  34. 34. Morty went into Xander’s room. Xander jumped up and hugged his father. Morty asked Xander if he wanted to talk to Jason. Xander didn’t mind; he wanted his mother’s killer caught after all. But everything that Xander told Jason really didn’t help the investigation much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. 35. Due to the fact that Stella had been good friends with Leod, Morty decided to call over and tell him the bad news. Tamara answered instead. Morty told her the news since she was Xander’s girlfriend. He asked her to tell Leod and he also mentioned that Xander probably wouldn’t be in a school that day. Tamara was shocked by the news.
  36. 36. Tamara hung up the phone as soon as possible and turned to go tell Leod what had happened. But she ran into Wesley. “ Is something wrong?” He asked. “ Yes. Stella Roth was murdered yesterday morning. I have to tell my dad, okay?” Tamara answered, walking by Wesley.
  37. 37. Wesley was surprised to hear about Stella’s death. He wondered if it was possible that her killer was the same person who’d shot Catherine and Betty…but then why would the shooter go after Stella? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. 38. The next day, Wesley invited himself over to Oz’s house. Oz was so happy to see another teenager that he hugged Wesley on sight. But then Oz was embarrassed by his reaction because he probably seemed desperate for companionship. “ I really need a girlfriend,” Oz sighed. “ Yeah. That’d be nice,” Wesley agreed, smirking.
  39. 39. “ So, I had a reason to come here,” Wesley said quietly. “ Why are you whispering?” “ I don’t want us to be overheard. Andrew would probably freak out if he knew that we were invest—” “ Andrew’s at work.” “ Oh. Okay then.”
  40. 40. They sat down at the bistro table on the porch and then Wesley inquired, “Have you heard about Stella’s death?” Oz nodded and said, “I heard about it and did a bit of research. You wouldn’t believe what I found!” “ What’d you find?” “ Morty was my mom’s cousin.”
  41. 41. “ You’re kidding, right, Oz?” “ No! I wouldn’t joke about this stuff. He really was my mom’s cousin. Although, only his wife died…maybe the killer only goes after women?” “ I seriously doubt that. I think the killer more than likely is going after people that are somehow connected to Betty or Catherine.” “ What about your first theory that you had?” “ Stella already had a good life. She had a great husband, two kids, and a grandson.”
  42. 42. “ That’s true. Well, how about this, Wes? Why don’t you ask Xander if he wants to help us? Maybe we just need fresh eyes or something.” “ I’ll wait until a few days after his mother’s funeral since…it’d be wrong to ask him that now.” Oz rolled his eyes and said, “That’s fair enough, I guess.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. 43. Staying true to his word, Wesley waited before he invited Xander over to discuss his and Oz’s secret investigation.
  44. 44. “ So, what did you need?” Xander inquired. Wesley proceeded to tell Xander everything. Xander listened intently to Wesley until he finished.
  45. 45. “ So, what does your investigation have to do with me?” Xander demanded. “ Oz thinks you’d want to help us.” “ I-I’ve considered something like that. But, no, I can’t do that.” “ Why not?” “ My mom wouldn’t want me to and this whole thing could get dangerous. I don’t want my dad to lose a son on top of losing his wife. But I won’t tell anyone about what you and Oz are doing. I just don’t want to help…I’d rather put her death behind me if that’s even possible..”
  46. 46. So, that was the end of the discussion. Tamara came outside when she saw Xander and the three of them hung out until nightfall.
  47. 47. Shortly after everyone went to bed, Wesley called Oz up to tell him that Xander didn’t want to help. Oz was disappointed but he decided not to push the matter. After all, he didn’t want to force Xander to do something he didn’t want to do.
  48. 48. Early the next morning, Wesley found himself eating breakfast alone. But this only lasted for a short time—Leod woke up bright and early too.
  49. 49. Leod sat down at the table with Wesley and asked, “So, what are you going to do once you’re an adult?” “ Well, I’m pretty sure that I want to marry Daisy and start a family,” Wesley answered. “ You aren’t positive about that?” “ It would be a bad way to begin our marriage if I forced Daisy to marry me.” “ You don’t think she wants to marry you?”
  50. 50. “ I don’t know what Daisy thinks…I’m not a mind reader. Although, that would be cool if I was.” “ I doubt that.” Wesley laughed and finished off his cereal. “ Well, I’ll find out if she wants to get married after I propose,” he declared before he headed outside. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. 51. That very same day, Rose Greenman went into labor with her final child.
  52. 52. She had a baby boy that she named Heath. He looks a lot like Daisy right now, except he has brown hair…and wasn’t a Plant Sim at some point. Fun Fact: Seth and Heath are named after two of Jason’s ancestors. Second Fun Fact: I’m only showing his birth since he’s Daisy’s brother. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  53. 53. It was the day of Tamara’s birthday party—at long last, she was becoming an adult. Wesley invited Oz over for the event. Oz was quite happy about something and he told Wesley that they didn’t have to investigate the murders anymore. “I have a lead that I’ll follow up on when I’m an adult,” he said. And that was all that he said on the matter even though Wesley tried to get him to say what his lead was.
  54. 54. Xander and Tamara were glad that they’d be adults soon. Although, Xander wouldn’t be an adult until the next night but that was alright. They knew that their love for each other wouldn’t diminish any.
  55. 55. Once all of the guests had arrived, Tamara walked over to her cake and blew out the candles.
  56. 56. She grew up into a relatively nice outfit.
  57. 57. After Tamara grew up, the party really started going. Daisy started a smustle line. Cake was eaten and then, all at once, the party was over.
  58. 58. Xander was a little reluctant to leave, though. But tomorrow was another day and it was day he was looking forward to. However, he probably wouldn’t throw a party for his birthday.
  59. 59. With the guests gone, Wesley finally got a moment to talk to Tamara. “ You grew up well.” “ Thank you, Wes. I can’t wait to see what you look like all grown up.” “ Oh, I’m sure I’ll remain devilishly handsome.” Tamara just rolled her eyes at that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. 60. True to his word, Xander didn’t have a birthday party. The only one who watched him grow up was his dad. (I find it a little funny that Tamara and Xander both grew up into H&M Stuff clothes.)
  61. 61. Almost immediately, Xander moved out of his father’s house, found a place of his own, invited Tamara over, moved her in, and then he proposed marriage. It all happened so fast.
  62. 62. Their wedding happened even faster than that. Xander invited his dad and his older sister Sandra. Tamara tried to invite her dad but, unfortunately, he had to work. Luckily, Wesley was able to make it.
  63. 63. Wesley was happy for them too. He began to wonder what his own wedding would be like. He still had slight anxiety that Daisy wouldn’t want to marry him, which was ridiculous but still.
  64. 64. Wesley felt the need to chat with Xander’s dad but that didn’t go well. So, he moved on to Sandra and they got along nicely. After awhile, the wedding guests left the joyous couple to themselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. 65. “ Avert your eyes, Lily. Wesley is making out with Daisy again.” “ Ugh. They need to get a room.” “ Hmm. Are you going to be a teenager soon?” “ Yeah. Why?” “ Uh…no reason.” Finally, it’s here! Wesley’s birthday!
  66. 66. “ You know, Tamara, I’d like to continue being able to hear out of that ear.”
  67. 67. As you can tell, all of the Greenmans (except Heath, obviously) attended the birthday, Oz was there, and Tamara managed to drag herself away from her husband long enough to attend. It was a huge party.
  68. 68. Shortly after he grew up, Wesley sought out Daisy. They chatted until the party guests had to go home—Daisy’s parents left a little early to go prepare for her and Heath’s party. (I would’ve shown the outfit that he grew up into but, sadly, his face glitched up right after he grew up. Let’s just say he looked like a ship captain and leave it at that.)
  69. 69. And there we have it! Wesley is finally an adult, which means that generation three is getting closer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. 70. “ Dad! Get in here so that I can blow out my candles! And stop playing with the freaky-eyed dog! You don’t know where it has been!” Jason chuckled to himself and said, “Sorry, buddy, I’d better listen to her.”
  71. 71. Thus, the oldest Greenman kid and the youngest were growing up together. It was the usual birthday party full of horn blowing, noise making, dancing, and such. (Meaning, I didn’t take very many pictures of it because the Greenman home is very hard to take pictures in considering that part of it is a greenhouse.)
  72. 72. Surprisingly enough, Heath looks a lot like Daisy. Except he doesn’t have pointy ears. We’ll see Daisy in a bit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  73. 73. So, this is where Wesley and, very soon, Daisy live. Their house is close to where Leod and the Greenmans live. Their house is yellow because I’ve grown to really like this siding. (Actually, most of the houses in my Strangetown are yellow and I’ve played Strangetown a lot in the last couple of months, so the yellow houses have probably rubbed off on me.)
  74. 74. In a whirlwind of activity, Daisy moved in, Wesley proposed, and they ended up engaged. It still amazes me how fast these things happen in the game.
  75. 75. So, this is what Daisy looks like. It’s probably not the best picture but, well, take my word for it: she’s really pretty. And now it’s wedding time. Finally.
  76. 76. Daisy found Wesley talking to Oz and she said, “Come on, Wes, we need to change into our wedding stuff and, you know, get married.” “ Oh, okay! Be right there.” “ You’d better be.”
  77. 77. Out of all of the guests that were invited, only Oz and Rose watched the wedding. For the record, Tamara, Leod, Oz, Rose, and Jason were all there. The ones who didn’t watch the wedding at all? They were either dancing or, in Jason’s case, eating cookies.
  78. 78. Just to point out the obvious, Wesley and Daisy are an adorable couple.
  79. 79. Yay! Daisy shoves cake down her significant other’s throat! I love it when my Sims do this.
  80. 80. Oz was happy for Wesley and Daisy. Although, he was also a little jealous of them—they, for the most part, had normal lives. Oz didn’t think that his life could ever be like that, especially if his break in the case turned out as ominous as he expected it to. Oz still hadn’t told Wesley the details of that, though. He didn’t want to worry his friend, after all.
  81. 81. “ So, Leod, I want to thank you for letting me live with you for so long,” Wesley said. “ Well, I couldn’t just let you stay in my barn, now could I?” Leod replied. Wesley laughed and responded, “I suppose not.”
  82. 82. It was then that he spotted Daisy and he remarked, “A new hairstyle?” “ Yeah. Do you like it?” “ Of course!” “ Pfft. You’d probably say that even if I was bald.” “ Don’t you know it. But, honestly, your hair looks great. But why did you change it?” “ Eh. The braids weren’t working out.”
  83. 83. Daisy showed off her new hairstyle to the other wedding guests—her mother really liked it as did everyone else, actually.
  84. 84. All at once, the party ended and the newlyweds were left to their own devices…
  85. 85. … which led to Daisy being pregnant. Needless to say, they were both thrilled at the idea of being parents.
  86. 86. Daisy had a rather easy-going pregnancy, which was kind of a surprise. Most of my pregnant Sims puked before they showed and then their hunger starts to deplete rapidly. With Daisy, however, none of that has happened.
  87. 87. And that’s where I’ll leave off…because I’m slightly evil like that. Have no fear, though. The next part will NOT take nearly as long as this one did to come out. Alas, I will not be able to play the game until Tuesday due to today being the Day of Wisdom Teeth Removal. However, I’ve already started on the next part, so that’s why I doubt it’ll take very long. Next time in the Robinson Round Robin: The plot is resolved, generation 3 is born, and…that’s all I have planned so far.