A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! Chapter 3.08


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Tayó's problems continue as he tries to deal with the fact his dreams are suddenly being invaded by the Grim Reaper.

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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! Chapter 3.08

  1. 1. “Normal talking.” “Sign Language.” “Language of the Dead.” ‘Thoughts.’ ‘Telekinesis talking.’ - Just wanted to clear that up for you guys just in case you get confused about the way speech works in this. Right now you may go to the actual chapter. Enjoy ^^.
  2. 2. Tayó gasped as he awoke violently from what began as a very pleasant dream, now though his body shook with tremors and his forehead was soaked with his sweat. As he tried to get his breath back Tayó was silently relieved that his family couldn’t hear his voice, at least then they won’t get woken up by his screams.
  3. 3. “Another one, huh?” A voice mused causing Tayó to jump before he looked beside him in shock.
  4. 4. Right next to his bed and leaning across the wall that separated their rooms was Tsuki. Her blue eyes were narrowed with suspicion and worry as she leaned over her crossed arms. “They must be bad because you always manage to break down the wall when you have them.” She mused and Tayó sighed. The wall was something the two of them had come up with together, they knew from experience that letting their minds stay connected during their sleep was a bad idea so they decided to a create a block to stop them dream crossing.
  5. 5. Sadly for the past two week the wall just wasn’t holding together against the dreams that haunted Tayó’s sleep. It was making the teenager not only very tired but also slightly snappy as well. “I am fine.” He signed shortly before pushing himself out of bed, there was no point in trying to go back to sleep now seeing as he would have to get up in a few hours anyway.
  6. 6. “Oh sure that was believable.’”Tsuki spat sarcastically as she pulled herself up and over their joint headboards before sitting on them. She had done it so many times now Tayó didn’t even bother to try and lecture her for it. “It is none of your business what I dream about.” Tayó retorted causing Tsuki to scoff. “When it keeps me up at night as well it is!”
  7. 7. Tayo looked down guiltily as he sat on the end of his bed and pulled his legs up to his chest. He didn’t want Tsuki loosing sleep too, just because things were going wrong for him doesn’t mean his twin should suffer too. ‘I’m sorry. I’ll try and make the wall stronger.’ Tayó whispered across their link and he watched as Tsuki’s shoulder relaxed as soon as the connection was once again established.
  8. 8. ‘You know that’s not what I meant.’ Tsuki thought back firmly before she sighed while shaking her head. “Tayó I’m worried about you, you haven’t a good night sleep since Grandpa and Granddad died.” She whispered barely holding back the stutter in her voice, it may have been 2 weeks but it still hurt very much to talk about their beloved grandparents’ passing. “Is-is that what your dreaming about?”
  9. 9. Tayó pulled his legs closer to his chest as he allowed his eyes to close. After a couple of seconds he sighed before shaking his head. ‘I wish they were about them. At least then I know they’ll eventually going to go away.’ He thought and even with his eyes closed, he knew Tsuki was narrowing her suspiciously. “What do you mean by that?” Tayó didn’t even get a chance to answer though because a loud scream suddenly echoed around the house.
  10. 10. “What was that?!” Tsuki gasped as she slid off the headboards and onto Tayó’s bed. “It sounded like Mum. Let’s go check it out!” Tayó signed quickly before jumping off the bed and running to his door. “Hey! This conversation is not over, Ty!”
  11. 11. “AHHH! I am n-never d-doing t-this a-again!” Jessica screeched as the agony of labour washed over her body. “Mum! What’s wrong?!” Tsuki gasped and Jessica barely refrained from rolling her eyes. She had hoped her children would stay asleep for this. “T-the b-baby d-decided to a-rrive e-ea-AAHH!” She cried out as another waved washed over her. “But you are not due for another 3 weeks!” Tayó signed but Jessica really wasn’t in any state to watch his fingers right now. She could guess what he was saying though.
  12. 12. “W-well t-tha ba-AAH-by thinks o-otherwise!” Jessica grit out from behind clenched teeth as another waved washed over her. “Come on, Jess. You’ve done it 3 times, I’m sure you can do it again.” Benji reassured. “How about you get pregnant and then see how it feels?!” She growled but Benji shrugged with a smirk. “Sorry hon. I’m an alien abduction baby, I can’t get pregnant.” He retorted cheekily and he could have sworn her eyes flashed red. “I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, BENJI DON’T TEMPT ME TO DO IT!” She screamed back as another contraction hit.
  13. 13. Finally she managed to get her breathing under control. The pain was still there but she knew it was now coming to an end. “Mummy?” Hiccup whimpered having been woken from his sleep by all the screams. “I-I’m a-alright, baby!” Jessica reassured breathlessly before she forced herself to take a deep breath. “Okay here we go.” She whispered as she allowed herself to fall into the twirl.
  14. 14. “Oh! Oh well hello there, sweetheart. Who looks just her Daddy, huh? Yes it’s you.” Jessica babbled as she held her beautiful baby girl. She had not only Benji’s green skin but also his liquid black eyes and his midnight black hair. In fact the only thing the little one seemed to get from Jessica was her nose.
  15. 15. “Here Benny, meet your newest daughter.” Jessica whispered as she carefully handed the baby over to him. He accepted her easily and grinned proudly when she looked at him in curiosity. “She’s gorges. Hello baby, I’m your daddy.” Benji whispered and the little one gurgled happily. Hiccup peered at her in wonder before he grinned. “Hey this means I’m a big brother now!” He realized in wonder before he carefully leaned forward and kissed his baby sister on her cheek. “Hello Sophie, I’m your big brother.” He whispered. Benji and Jessica traded a look before Jessica shrugged, it was a nice name. The happy moment was put on hold though when Jessica felt her stomach give a hard lurch.
  16. 16. “Oh! Oh god, Benji! I think I just realized why I went into labour so early!” Jessica cried out as she grabbed her stomach before falling into the twirl that had snuck up on her.
  17. 17. “It’s a boy!” Jessica laughed as she held the newest bundle of joy carefully in her hands. The little one was indeed a baby boy with Benji’s liquid black eyes and almost non-existent nose, but he had the same darkly tanned skin as his big brother Hiccup. “Ah! He’s got red hair!” Jessica cheered as she spotted some very faint red curls underneath his hat. “What should we call you then?” Jessica whispered before Benji grinned at her. “How about Howl?” Benji suggested and Hiccup smiled as he hugged his teddy bear tightly. “Yeah! With a big name like, he won’t feel bad about being smaller than me!” Hiccup laughed. Jessica refrained from saying that Hiccup was a lot smaller when he was born not wanting to ruin his happiness. “Howl it is th-Oh!” Jessica suddenly gasped, her eyes locked on to Benji’s causing his own to go wide. “Another one?!”
  18. 18. “I swear to god Benji, if this is quads you will be sleeping in the nursery!” Jessica growled as she breathing began to speed up again. With Benji being a Quadruplet and with multiples running heavily in both families Jessica knew there was a very high chance of her herself having more than just twins. “O-Okay here we go then.” She whispered before taking a deep breath and falling into the twirl.
  19. 19. “It’s another little girl.” Jessica called out breathlessly as her body shook with exhaustion. The little girl had her mother’s skin colour with her father’s liquid black eyes, which wasn’t uncommon for their kids, and beautiful blonde hair. “So you’re the last one then huh?” Jessica mused knowing fully well that the sudden exhaustion was her body’s way of telling her she was done. “What should we call her?” Benji asked as he held Sophie and Howl carefully in his arms. Jessica was silent for a couple of seconds before she smiled. “How about Astrid?” “Another Viking name?” Benji chuckled but none the less he couldn’t deny it suited the youngest triplet. “Astrid Junior. It has a nice ring to it.” He said with a smile that Jessica was glad to return.
  20. 20. Howl Junior Hair: Red Eyes: Alien Skin: S3
  21. 21. Tsuki rested her arms on her hips as she watched her twin sit on the floor, her eyes were narrowed in frustration as she stared at him. “I haven’t forgotten our conversation earlier you know.”
  22. 22. Tayó though didn’t answer. Instead he shook one of the dangling toys and watched as Howl giggled trying to reach it. He smiled warmly when Howl’s little hand grabbed hold of his finger and gript it tightly.
  23. 23. “Tayó!” Tsuki shouted as she finally had enough of her brother’s ignorance of her presences. “Don’t ignore me! Can’t you see that I’m worried about?! Can’t you see I’m scared that your hiding something that might be putting you in danger?! Why are you not letting me help you?!” She shouted watching as the blonde jumped to his feet in shock.
  24. 24. Tayó gawped at his twin for a couple of seconds before he quickly signed for her to calm down. He really didn’t want her getting so stressed over something so small, yes he was worried about his dream but he didn’t think it was anything serious. Nibbling on the piercings in his lip Tayó tried to think of the easiest way to explain this to her. “I do not know what my dream is at the moment. I need to do a bit more research before I even think about telling anyone.” Tayó finally signed with an apologetic look on his face.
  25. 25. Tsuki frowned as she stared at her brother hard before she sighed while rolling her eyes. “Fine. I guess you can’t really explain something if you yourself don’t understand what that something.” She relented before narrowing her eyes once again. “But as soon as you finish your research you come straight to me, understand? And don’t think you can hide from me either! I’ll know when your finished.”
  26. 26. Tayó simply smiled nervously while shrugging his shoulders, he wasn’t going to promise anything to her. After all, he doesn’t want to stress her out more.
  27. 27. The day continued on and while the twins were having trouble with Tayó‘s dreams, Hiccup was having his own problems. Moonlight Primary School stood quite away from the Junior Household but it was still the one of the best schools in the world.
  28. 28. It was break time and Hiccup once again found himself alone in the playground. With a sigh he looked down while kicking his legs back and forth, he wished someone who would just talk to him. “Hey Junior!” A voice sneered causing Hiccup to look up wearily.
  29. 29. “What do you think your doing, midget? Who said you’re allowed in this playground?!” Hal Capp demanded with a smirk. He stood a few feet away from Hiccup with his little sister Desdemona at his side. “Leave me alone Hal. You can’t stop people from playing here, every in the school is allowed.” Hiccup objected before Hal suddenly grabbed his arm and forcibly pulled him off the bench.
  30. 30. “That’s where your wrong, short stuff! Everyone but Legacy scum is allowed in the playground.” Hal laughed as he started making cruel faces at the smaller boy. “Stop it, Hal! I-I’ll tell Miss McKenna if you don’t!” Hiccup threatened weakly as tears filled his eyes. The Capp siblings laughed cruelly and Hal gave Hiccup another shove. “Do you think she’s really going to listen? She won’t go against our family just for some Legacy Freak!” “Legacy Scum.” Desdemona spat causing Hiccup to flinch backwards slightly as their words cut deep.
  31. 31. “Listen here Junior, we don’t want your freaky family here or anywhere else in this world! You and your aging abilities, you’re all a bunch of freaks and we don’t want you dirtying our blood!” Hal spat before he shoved Hiccup with all his strength sending the poor boy to the floor.
  32. 32. Making no moves to stop his tears Hiccup pushed himself up to his feet. Dirt covered his school uniform and he could see his knee was torn and bleeding. Sniffing hard Hiccup brought his arm up to rub his eyes roughly. “Oi!”
  33. 33. “How about you Capps go and go back into your dark corner where you belong?” Benedict Monty glared as he and his twins sister stood side by side. They had spotted the Capps causing trouble as usual and were quick to put a stop to it.
  34. 34. “Tch, freaking Montys. Come on Des, let’s go somewhere where there isn’t any scum dirtying the earth.” Hal scoffed before he and Desdemona walked off.
  35. 35. “Brats.” Benedict scoffed as he watched the two of them go, making sure they didn’t cause any trouble along the way. “Are you alright, Hiccup?” Beatrice asked the smaller boy as he tried to get some of the dirt off his clothes.
  36. 36. “Why did you help me?” “Did you want them to keep bullying you?” Beatrice demanded and Hiccup quickly shook his head. “No! No of course not but I-I didn’t think anyone actually liked me.” Hiccup admitted sadly as he scratched the back of his head.
  37. 37. “What?! Why would you think that?” Beatrice gasped in shock and Benedict quickly held his hands up. “We would love to be your friends Hiccup but your always so skitterish. We didn’t want to scare you off.” He shrugged. Hiccup bit his lip before looking down to the ground nervously. “W-well w-would you like to be friends?” Hiccup forced himself asked and he was reward with a beaming smile from Beatrice. “We would love to!” She grinned and before Hiccup could object she jumped forward...
  38. 38. ...and pulled Hiccup into a tight hug. ‘Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all.’
  39. 39. As soon as he got home from school, Tayó quickly got to work on trying to find an answer to his dreams. He searched the school library, the library in town and also the books his family owned without any lucky. He couldn’t find anything on the Grim Reaper let alone something about dreaming about him,
  40. 40. Tayó sighed as he scrolled through all the different search links that had popped up. He had been going at it for hours and still nothing had come up. ‘Come on, how can there be nothing?’ He thought to himself in annoyance and was about to search again when a link caught his attention. ‘Looking for something not available in books? Confused about something you’ve seen but afraid of telling someone in case you get taken away for testing? Then call here! We’ll be happy to help!’ It said clearly and Tayó bit his lip in thought. ‘I guess it’s worth a try.’ He sighed before reaching inside the draw next to him and pulled out a small keyboard.
  41. 41. Upstairs in his room Tayó quickly spread out all the information he’s gathered so far on the floor. He then plugged in the small keyboard he had into the phone he grabbed from the desk. He took a deep breath before dialling the number quickly, brought the phone to his ear and waited. “Strangetown Strange Answers, this is Pascal speaking how may I help you today?” “GRANDPA PASCAL? IS THAT YOU?” Tayó typed causing a computerised voice to go down the phone line. “Tayó? What are you doing calling this number? Is something wrong?” “I NEED INFORMTAION ON SOMETHING.” “Well okay. Go ahead.” Pascal encouraged. While he doesn’t see his grandchildren that often Pascal does try and keep in contact with them. Being stuck in the Time Lock though Pascal knew he was going to outlive them and because of that he found it easier to keep his distance.
  42. 42. “I NEED INFORMTAION ON THE GRIM REAPER.” Tayó typed before he took a sip of his coffee next to him. On the other end Pascal sucked in a shocked breath before releasing it shakily. “That’s a dangerous subject there, Tayó. Are you sure?” “YES.” “Well then let’s see. Okay. The Grim Reaper is a spiritual being that lives in the Death Realm. He can’t be seen by Sims on the living realm nor can he be heard by them. There is only one occasion when the Grim Reaper shows himself and that is when a Soul has died of Old Age but even then living Sims can’t hear him speak.” Pascal read and Tayó bit his lip nervously. “SO IT IS NOT NORMAL TO HEAR HIM SPEAKING?” Tayó asked causing Pascal to hum. “Well I’ve actually heard something about that. I can tell you about it but I’m pretty sure it’s just a fairytale, I don’t think it’s true facts.” Pascal warned. “THAT’S FINE, I JUST NEED INFORMTAION TRUE OR NOT.”
  43. 43. “Well it’s been told that a child would be born with the ability to hear and speak the language of the dead, it’s because of this the child is either deaf, mute or sometimes even both.” Pascal explained and Tayó swallowed hard. “HOW MANY OF THESE CHILDREN ARE BORN EVERY YEAR?” “It doesn’t go by years that’s for sure. I’d probably guess one is more every millennium if you want to be specific.” “WHY?” “Well...the tale says it’s because the child always ends up by the Grim Reapers side after death, hence why they need to be able to understand the Language of the Dead.”
  44. 44. “But the tale also hints that the child rarely lives past their mid twenties and when they do pass over, they are immediately wed to the Grim Reaper.” “WHAT?” “Well they are called ‘Reaper Brides’, Tayó. They are essentially born into this world just to die and become partners to the Grim Reaper.”
  45. 45. “Guess who just achieved her Life Time Want? Anyone? Oh come on! I went to work straight after giving birth to triplets, I should be having a parade!” - Sorry Jessica, even though this generation is still yours we’re now focusing more on your kids than you. Right I’m sorry this took longer than I said it would guys but I’ve just got out of the hospital after being in there since the 9th so I am a bit behind on my sims. But I’m home now and planning on playing them all the way through my recovery! So the next update really shouldn’t be too long but I’m not going to say when just in case I end up relapsing. Anyway I’ll see you guys next time! Happy Simming ^_^.