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Pregnancy one


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Pregnancy one

  1. 1. One
  2. 2. Welcome the 100 Pregnancy Challenge. I originally got the idea fromRae-Rae on the Sims 2 New website, which I’m not entirely sure it stillexists. Anyways she had the 100 Baby Challenge. An of course I wantedto make it harder, because well that’s how things go. I had this house onthe edge of Laguna Isle, my legacy hood and decided I needed to breakdown and do something with it. So I said why not let a poor singlewoman who’s going to have a lot of kids fix it up.
  3. 3. Meet Flora Solei, she originally had skin 4 and black hair,but a baby making challenge demands recessives so hereshe is. She’s a popularity sim with the LTW of being aMedia Magnate. I had my dad pick a bunch of randomnumbers so she’s a Libra and like buff men in swimwear.I’m going to roughly follow the Who’s Your Daddy byCsquared criteria for baby daddies. Anyways on with theshow 
  4. 4. Flora looked up and down the street with a sigh, shehad thought Laguna Isle was going to be bigger. Thebrochure she hand been handed had mentioned alegacy family on the island. Usually that meant a welloff neighborhood, but here the neighborhoodseemed positively unfinished. Much like the houseshe was assigned.
  5. 5. It was certainly large enough, but completelyunfinished and unfurnishes. The ImmigrationOffice said it was her job to fix it up. She was alsogiven the option to complete a challenge, 100Pregnancy Challenge to be exact. Not one that wasdone very often. Flora wasn’t a family sim but if itmeant waiving the Immigration fee fromRiverblossom it was worth giving a go. She wouldalways have a lot of friends.
  6. 6. Even with the Immigration Fee waived, buying thehouse had eaten up most of her available funds.The only thing she could afford at the momentwas a front door and a toilet.
  7. 7. Luckily she was an avid reader and had read thebrochure front to back, fine print on the back hadmentioned buried treasure rumors. Whispers of PirateSteve scattering his treasure all about the island. Shefound a shovel behind the garage and got to digging.
  8. 8. She had found two bones by the time the paper boyarrived. He looked at her strangely but just set downthe paper and walked off whistling flatly. Shebrushed the dirt off her hands, maybe he just wasn’tused to seeing people at this particular house.Especially strange woman digging in the dirt.
  9. 9. She browsed through the job section, if she was going to fixup this house it would take more that just digging fortreasure. There was no offers for her dream job inJournalism, but she nabbed an offered in the adventurecareer. She would get some hands on skills there to helpher get the toughest stories. She left for work immediatelythe office not too far from her house. No point in wastingtime.
  10. 10. The welcome wagon came while she was away.Ani-Mei sighed, looking around. Pony was up tosomething again. It had been awhile since she hadleft this house unfinished, and this morning Ani-Mei saw someone digging in the front yard. Whoever it was wasn’t home, she would come backlater and see what was up.
  11. 11. When she got home she went back to digging. Herfirst day’s wages were only enough to get the kitchenbasics. She still needed a bed and a phone. She onlyneeded a little bit more. She dug up two rocks to gowith her two bones. That gave her enough to getthose two things.
  12. 12. Soon people began walking by her house.She stopped her digging and greeted EliseDo and Derek Menon. Elise went inside toexplore Flora’s empty house. Flora andDerek stayed outside to talk.
  13. 13. They talked outside until after sunset. Derek,even though he was much older than her wasfairly charming and not too bad lookingdespite smelling like cabbage.
  14. 14. Derek was quick to become her friend. It was closeto midnight when she finally said goodbye, she hadwork the next morning and didn’t want to risk beinglate.
  15. 15. Despite the grass floor and windowless walls,over all Laguna Isle seemed to be a nice place.She mused as she got into bed, at work therewas mention of some simselves living in theregion. She would sure to get a spot injournalism if she could get interview of suchVIPs.
  16. 16. Morning came earlier than she expected it to, sherelaxed on her bed awhile before getting up. Therewasn’t much to do at home yet other than dig. Shethought about calling Elise, but the older womanprobably wasn’t up yet. Digging it was.
  17. 17. She found only a rock before work. The sun wasrising already when she got started.
  18. 18. The paperboy stood for a bit after he laid downthe paper. Flora started to worry about himbecause he stared into space with a strange grinplastered on his face before he left, whistling.
  19. 19. As soon as he was gone she scooped up thepaper scanning it for journalism openings. Noneagain. She sighed, she didn’t want to be in themilitary so she would stay in adventuring a littlelonger.
  20. 20. The skies opened out in a downpour just asthe carpool drove up. Flora sighed, at leasther roof didn’t leak. Already her dig spotwas filling with water. She shuddered tothink of digging through the mud to findtreasure.
  21. 21. Work went by quickly. Her office had freelunch service which meant she didn’t have toeat much at home. It helped when her billscame in the mail. She winced a little whenshe wrote the check, but such was life. Shedid notice another elderly man walking by.And he didn’t smell like cabbage.
  22. 22. Avri Day most definitely did not smell like cabbage.His laugh was infectious when he faked her out for ahandshake.
  23. 23. Flora scraped up her nerve and asked him outon a date.“A pretty little thing like you, you tease an oldman.” He replied.“Just one to see how it goes.” She pressed.“I’ve always like more experienced men.”“Well then, I’ll give the old college try.”
  24. 24. “See this is so bad.” She said as they slow danced tononexistent music.“Not bad at all.” Avri agreed.
  25. 25. It was after midnight before they said goodbye.Avri pulling into a long kiss. Nope definitely didnot smell like cabbage.“I’d like to do this again.” Avri said at last.“Me too, I’ll call you soon.” She promised.
  26. 26. Now she just need to figure out how to tell him shehad a challenge to complete. That involved hersleeping with 99 other men. She sighed, she wouldsee how things went with Avri before she told him.
  27. 27. Avri had given her a computer before their date. His companymade them and this was a prototype. He wanted her to testand tell what she thought. She searched online for jobopening, still nothing in journalism even with the wide varietywith a web search. She sighed things weren’t going as well asshe hoped in her new home. Thought the date with Avri hadbeen nice, she was looking forward to another one tonight.
  28. 28. “Flower.” Ray smiled to himself. The newcomer wasdoing well for herself. Pony would be pleased. Helaid the paper next to the rose and went awaywhistling ‘Whistle while you work’
  29. 29. After work Flora hopped in the shower only to hear the phoneringing off the hook. She jumped and dried as quickly as shecould for it only to be Elise. Her heart sank a little, but shetalked with the older woman a minute before hanging up. Shedialed Avri’s number only to get his voicemail. She sighed thendialed Derek’s, she had a challenge to do and she wasn’t goingto be young forever. Avri would have to understand.
  30. 30. “Thanks for coming over Derek.” She said when hearrived a few minutes later.“I was in the area, though I have to admit I’m alittle surprised. You say this is for a challenge.”“Yes, I’m sorry to use you like this. You are my firstfriend in the area.”“Don’t worry about it dear, I know a thing or twoabout challenges.” He said with a secretive smile.
  31. 31. “You have to relax.” She said when Derekpulled away when she tried to touch hisarm.“I know, I’m just a little not use to this.”
  32. 32. He hesitantly grabbed her hands and pulledher closer.“See this isn’t so hard.” She said with a smallsmile.“I guess not.”
  33. 33. Things went better after that. Derek allowedhimself to seduced. She was a pretty thing afterall. And it’s not everyday that an old man likehim gets to be part of a challenge.
  34. 34. At midnight they parted ways. Flora watchedDerek head home, that was the best date she hadever had. Despite his shyness. He wasn’t asattractive as Avri, but he was more passionate.Flora knew he would understood the challenge andwhat it meant. She was just glad to give the oldman a bit of life.
  35. 35. The next morning Flora knew what she had to do. She spentthe morning jump roping to get the one skill point sheneeded for work while waiting for the paper boy. She foundherself whistling the song he liked to.
  36. 36. There was still none job openings, she wouldhave to hold out a little longer.
  37. 37. Outside a strangely garbed woman let an equallystrange lamp on her doorstep. Flora didn’t havetime to think about she was on the phoneinviting Avri over, thankfully he was home.
  38. 38. “I thought you weren’t going to call.” Avri teasedwith a grin.“I did, yesterday.” She poked him, “You weren’thome.” I called someone else over because I’mbound to complete a challenge. She yearned toexplain to Avri, but couldn’t bring herself to,what if he didn’t understand like Derek.
  39. 39. She pushed it out of her mind, enjoying thedate. Things took longer to heat up than sheexpected, but Avri was much older than her andthings were like that sometimes.
  40. 40. Shortly before Avri had to leave for work, Floraconvinced him to the bedroom. Derek was her friend,but Avri was so much more, she decided. She couldn’thelp but get a little attached.
  41. 41. After Avri left she went to check out the strange lamp.Another elderly woman was standing in her frontyard. Was Laguna Isle a retirement community? Shehad only seen elderly people other than the paperboy. Maybe he took the ferry for Bluewater villageeveryday. Were the simselves elderly too? She hadnever seen old simselves they seemed to defy time.
  42. 42. “Hi I’m Anna Pokémon.” The woman smiled politely ignoring Flora’s stateof undress.“Flora Solei. I just got here a few days ago.”“I figured that, Pony was all excited about something.”“Pony?”“Oh? She hasn’t come by yet. Drat that silly girl, I’ll put a flea in her ear.”Anna fussed, “I’ll go now, nice to meet you dear. My daughters will be soexcited to hear about another young woman in the area.”
  43. 43. “Oh my God!” She gasped when she turned around to see agenie floating above the lamp.“I’m a great and all powerful genie, you may wish for threethings no more.” He said in a booming voice.“Money.” She said instantly, a giant bag dropped fromoverhead. “Thank you.” But her word fell on deaf ears thegenie was already gone. She would save the other twowishes for later, she may need them.
  44. 44. She received 20 thousand from the genie. Sheused almost all of it to furnish the house andcarpet and paint. She didn’t skimp on the thingsshe did buy, but went ahead and got the best shecould afford. She could get more later but havinggood quality things went they would last a lotlonger. Especially since she was expecting to haveso many kids.
  45. 45. She got into her now comfortable bed upstairs. Itwas a weird feeling, she had never lived in a twostory house before. Even her apartment inRiverblossom Hills had been on the first floor. Shecould feel the empty space underneath her feet. Itwas kind of fun she told herself curling up under thecovers.
  46. 46. Flora awoke with a start, twenty minutes earlier thanusual. She had had nightmares all night about whatAvri’s reaction would be when she told him about thechallenge. Her stomach roiled and she had the oddfeeling in the back of her throat.
  47. 47. She barely made it to the toiler in time. Could she bethis nervous? It wouldn’t be the first time she was sonervous she made herself sick.
  48. 48. Hoping her stomach would settle she looked for job openings. Againnothing. The only thing she could do was keep trying. She hadn’t evenbeen here a week yet. Maybe she’d call Anna Pokémon and see what shehad to say. Pokémon was an odd last name. Flora mused, must be thelegacy family. She counted her lucky stars that her challenge theme hadbeen flowers or plants. She didn’t even have to change her name eventhough the contract had mentioned that she might’ve had too.
  49. 49. The carpool honked and the moment she stoodup her stomach betrayed her. No way this wasnerves, she must have a stomach bug. Thoughthere had not been any going around. She couldbe pregnant and this was morning sickness. Ohno she’d have to Avri sooner than she thought.
  50. 50. As soon as she got home, she called Avri. Only hisanswering machine picked up. He wasn’t home.She swallowed, then dialed Anna’s. She wasn’thome either. Flora set down the receiver feelingdejected. She could call Derek he wouldunderstand, but she couldn’t bring herself to tellhim that she had gotten pregnant with a anotherman’s child either.
  51. 51. She saw some pass by her window, a man, a man actuallyher age. She changed out of her work clothes and ran togreet him. Putting her current drama out of her mind.“Armando.” He grinned holding out his hand.“Flora.” She replied reaching to take it. He pulled it awaylast second. She burst into giggles and he guffawed. Forsome reason that was always funny.
  52. 52. They chatted for a bit. Armando lived in Blue Water but hadspent the day on Laguna for a change. Flora tried to keep upwith the conversation but she was tired.“A real handshake this time.” She smiled as they said goodbye.“Yeah, I’ll see you around sometime then?” He asked taking herhand.“Yeah.” She nodded. Like she needed another man right now, butshe did like him.
  53. 53. She popped right after her stomach rebelled one lasttime. At least that part was over now. She had vacationdays for maternity leave. She would call Avri tomorrowand hope for the best.
  54. 54. She found some purple pajamas that fit and wentto bed. Tomorrow would come earlier than shewished it too.
  55. 55. She barely got to sleep when she heard something movingaround outside. A man was creeping through her front yard. Herheat pounded in her cheat she was going to get robbed. Thephone was downstairs she would have to run by the burglar toget to it.
  56. 56. The burglar ignored her on the stairs to raid thenursery. Flora made it down to the phone anddialed emergency services. The cops would bethere soon.
  57. 57. The cop and burglar fought on the landing. Almost ontop of Flora. She winced every time the cop was hit. Hewas way out of shape. The burglar got away with thecrib and swing seat from the nursery. She could replacethose she was just thankful that nothing more wastaken.
  58. 58. After the cop left, Flora made herself abowl of cereal. It felt like she hadn’teaten in days. Guess it was just a part ofbeing pregnant. She ate two bowls ofcereal before going back to bed.
  59. 59. She awoke to Armando standing in her front lawn.“Armando! What are you doing here?” She asked,waddling outside in her pjs.“You’re pregnant? Wow, um, I just going to ask if youwanted to visit Blue Water today. You said you hadn’tbeen there yet.”
  60. 60. “Oh, I’m not really up to going out, I have to call thefather you see.” She said feeling guilty watching his facefall. “Maybe some other time?”“Yeah.” Armando scuffed his shoes on the sidewalk, “Callyou later then?”“Yeah.” She said weakly he walked past her leaving heralone on the sidewalk.
  61. 61. She tried calling Avri, with no luck, he was alreadyat work. She stared at the phone for a minute andthen call Armando back over. Maybe he wouldwant to hang out even if they didn’t go to BlueWater.
  62. 62. “Thanks for coming back.” She said when he came into view.“Listen, I like you, but I don’t know if this will work, what about thebaby daddy?” Armando said skipping his usual light hearted greeting.“I suppose I should tell you. I’m a challenge sim.” She said nervously.“Like a Who’s Your Daddy?”“Kind of.”“Okay, I’ll try, I do like kids.”
  63. 63. She popped into her third trimester toward the endof the date. Things had been going good before thatmoment.
  64. 64. She ended the date shortly after. Armando gaveher a goodbye kiss her large belly awkwardlysquished between them. He didn’t seemed tomind strangely enough.
  65. 65. She went to bed exhausted, Armando was fun.But tomorrow she would have to tell Avri aboutthe baby and the truth.
  66. 66. She didn’t waste anytime the next morning andcalled Avri as soon as it was polite. He was a littlesurprised that she wasn’t asking for a date, justinviting him over. None the less he agreed andFlora hopped in the shower.
  67. 67. She greet him a bit excitedly being sorelieved that he came. He seemed toostunned to say anything about hercondition.
  68. 68. She made a quick breakfast and sat him down toexplain.“So that’s mine.” He said quietly asked she finished.“Yeah.” She whispered, a knot in her belly.“Dang kid, I’m too old to be a father.” He ran hisfingers through his hair, “I gotta make a properwoman out of you.”
  69. 69. “NO!” She said sharply, then quieter, “I don’t thinkit’ll work like that between us. I’ll be okay once Iget a promotion at work.”“Sure you will.” He scoffed.“Spend the day with me please.” She said suddenlyas he rose to leave, “I’m due today, I don’t know if Ican do it alone.”
  70. 70. She was exhausted but she convinced him to go upstairsand lay down with her for a little bit. He was stiff andcold in her arms.
  71. 71. It wasn’t much of a surprise to find him gone whenshe woke hours later. She stifled tears, she was goingto be alone after all. Her stomach growled afterhours of napping. She headed downstairs to eat someleft overs.
  72. 72. She tried to take a shower to relax when the laborpains started. She scream as loud as she wanted, noone was around. A small benefit of being alone.
  73. 73. The labor pains started and didn’tstop until she had given birth tothree babies, two girls and a boy.Arnica, Chamomile and Borage.They all had her eyes and Avri’shair must have been black in hisyouth for all of them had darkhair.
  74. 74. “Shush, don’t cry now.” She said patting Borage’ssoft back, “Momma’s got you.”This challenge would be the hardest thing she hadever done but looking into her children’s eyes itwould all be worth it. She might not be a familysim, but she would never be alone again.
  75. 75. That’s a wrap for Flora’s first week in Laguna Isle. I hit the random button fortriplets and quads. I figure it would be an extra challenge into the mix, but poorFlora I don’t know if I’ll do that again. I had hoped her eyes would be genetizedbut it looks like not. We’ll after to see after a few more pregnancy. As you can tell,all babies are named after herbs and plants, I figured it was a little nicer thannaming them after fish.Arnica is a plant that mainly used to treatbruising and wounds. It can be taken in pillform or spread on the bruise in a cream.But should not be drunk in tea.Chamomile is herb that is usedfrom many things, but mostlydrunk in tea from. It’s great forbefore bedtime tea because itlets you relax enough to sleep.Borage is often used insweetening desserts. It’s alsoused in tea form to relieve PMSsymptoms.
  76. 76. One disclaimer before I go. Always speak to a professional beforetrying herbal medicine. I don’t count. We use the herbs at work, butI’m still learning what they do. A coworker and I made the mistake ofadding Arnica to a tea which we found out that you aren’t supposedto ingest it in raw form. Luckily we only used one flower, but still talkto someone or do some research before trying herbal medicine athome. Otherwise: