A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 2.03


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 2.03

  1. 1. Hey there, Little White Comet here. This is just a quick note to explain why the pictures lookdifferent to those who’ve been with me since the beginning. All of the pictures are now likethis chapter as I’ve upped the contrast and given them boarders.You should also go back and read the last chapter, some things have been changed and someother things have been added that would make this chapter very confusing for you.There will be an Heir Pole starting the moment I uploaded this chapter to pick the next heir ofthe legacy.Right I believe that’s everything. I leave you to get back to the story, enjoy guys!
  2. 2. Last Time: Elijah returned back to the Legacy main house with Puck, after some encouragingwords from his father the two of them got married; Titania warned Puck of some old enemiesreturning and gave Puck a device that would hide his 2nd child from them.Elijah found out he was pregnant and even though Jesse suspected my SimSelf had a hand init, they decided to blame it on their Alien Genes; Elijah ends up having a little boy who theycall Fabian.Fabian ends up inheriting Puck’s elf ears and gains a set of his own markings after his 1st AgeTransition; Puck feels guilty but Elijah makes him feel better.Puck then finds out he’s pregnant and has a little girl who they called Imogen; she doesn’thave elf ears but she does have Puck’s red hair and Fabian starts to feel jealous over his littlesister’s normal appearance.This is worrying as it turns out Alissa has been watching the Junior household and now knowsof Fabian’s feelings.
  3. 3. Sunday saw Fabian and the newly aged Imogen playing blocks together in the nursery; Fabiannarrowed his eyes as he looked at his pile of bricks, he couldn’t seem to make them into whathe wanted. When he looked over at Imogen’s own pile he found himself becoming filled witha feeling that was becoming familiar with him.Imogen had some how managed to turn her block of bricks into a well made building.‘How can she be better than me at this? She can’t even talk yet.’ Fabian thought to himselfand, without thinking of the consequences he nudged the table hard enough for Imogen’screation to fall over.The toddler blinked in complete shock while holding the block she had been about to placeon the top of it and her eyes filled with tears.“Don’t cry, Imy. You’ve just got to build it up again.” Fabian reassured before he could stophimself and was rewarded with a beaming smile from the toddler who was completelyunaware of her older brother’s conflicting feelings towards her.
  4. 4. “So it’s now painfully obvious that little Imy has inherited my good looks.” Elijah smirked ashe sat down beside Puck, who was placing his book on the bedside table.“That may be true but Fabian has inherited your chin and mouth.” Puck pointed out as hescooted closer and Elijah easily wrapped his arm around his shoulders.“Both of our children are beautiful. Imy reminds me of Ericka and Fabian looks just asbeautiful as you.” Elijah whispered and watched as Puck blushed at the obvious praise.“I love you, ‘Lijah.” Puck whispered after a few seconds of silence and Elijah grinned beforehe pulled Puck closer and kissed him passionately.“I love you too, Puck.” He whispered when they separated for air before he pushed Puckdown on the bed and kissed him again.
  5. 5. With her at her toddler years, it was time to teach Imogen all the important skills of life.She fell into each one just as easy as Fabian did though Puck stuck to teaching her simish nursery rhymes asher human tongue would never be able to get around the complicated sounds of the Elven language.
  6. 6. With Imogen learning her toddler skills Fabian was learning about other things that had comeavailable to him in the world; his favourite thing was the piano beside Puck’s easel.He has always been talented with music when he was a toddler as such it surprised no onethat after a few hours of clunky sounds Fabian starting producing music that filled the entirehouse.
  7. 7. Puck groaned as he allowed himself to fall backwards to rest his back against the wall; thiswas the 3rd time today his stomach had rebelled against him and he was surprised he hadanything left.He had never gotten sick before, being half elf and also living with full blooded elves meantthat he grew up in a very clean environment; maybe that was why he gotten sick? Becausehe was now properly living in the human world with no protection against the germs.Puck thought over that as he flushed the toilet and prepared to walk out of the bathroom.
  8. 8. Only to feel Elijah wrap his arms around him.“Are you alright, Puck? I heard you being sick again.” Elijah said as Puck twisted around in hisarms to face him properly.“I’m alright. I’ve probably just picked up a bug or something so I’ll be alright in a few days.”Puck reassured causing Elijah to smile in relief.“Why don’t you go lye down for a bit? I’ll sought the kids out.” Elijah suggested and he wasrewarded with a smile.“Thank you, ‘Lijah. I really appreciate that.”
  9. 9. Puck sickness though continued to run havoc on his body as it continued on for almost 2weeks. Puck was exhausted and he had long since lost his aptitude which worried Elijah toknow end because while it wasn’t obvious, Puck was loosing weight.Puck also found less time to spend with kids because of his constant tiredness, as such themoment he got a break from his sickness he went to the nursery to play with Imogen, makingsure not to kiss her encase she got sick too.When he went to stand up though he felt something kick in his stomach and he looked downin shock.There in plain sight was a baby bump.
  10. 10. “You’re pregnant?” Elijah whispered as he touched Puck’s bump gently and the half-breedsmiled in relief.“It seems so. I must have been suffering from morning sickness and because neither of ushad suffered it before, I just didn’t recognise the signs.” Puck said knowing full well Elijahwasn’t really listening, he was to busy rubbing the bump.“We’re going to have another baby.” Elijah grinned and Puck laughed with a nod.“Yeah, ‘Lijah. We’re going to have another baby.”
  11. 11. “What do you mean something’s not right? I just told you Puck’s pregnant again and all youcan say is ‘something’s not right’?!” Tara shouted down the phone at me and I released ashaky sigh.“Tara don’t think I’m not happy about this because I am but the problem is I haven’t heardanything of Puck and Elijah having a 3rd child. Fate certainly hasn’t mentioned it that’s forsure.”“What are you going on about, Ellie?” Tara demanded and I sighed again as I tried to think ofa way of explaining it to her.“As you know I’m working together with Fate to keep create this legacy and one of the thingshe has to do is show me little pieces of the future, for example, I know how many kids youwould end up having even before you thought about having kids.”“Wait so you knew I would end up having two sets of twins?”“No. I just knew you would have 4 children, I didn’t think they would end up as twins.”
  12. 12. “So when you say Fate hasn’t mentioned it...”“I mean that this 3rd child shouldn’t be happening. That’s why something isn’t right here,maybe we missed something.” I muttered to myself and Tara thankfully stayed silent waitingfor me to gather my thoughts.Suddenly it all came to me and I felt like slapping myself.“Tara we have missed something, something big. We’ve all read the signs wrong!” I cried outand I knew that Tara was narrowing her eyes suspiciously. “What signs?”“I’ve been keeping an eye on the Lopanes with some outside help. With them I was able topick up a sort of prophesy about the children of Generation 3. It was said that the Lopaneswould go after the 2nd child of the Elvin half-breed.”“That sounds like Imogen.” Tara whispered coldly and I nodded even though she couldn’t seeme.“That’s what we thought too but none of us realise how specific these things are. When theyspeek of Puck’s 2nd child they literally mean that, technically Fabian is Elijah’s child notPuck’s.”
  13. 13. “Tara you need to warn Puck and Elijah as soon as this baby is born about this. That braceleton Imogen was only meant for Puck’s 2nd child, it’s completely useless now. The Lopanes canSee you, which means it won’t be long before they come for that child.” I warned and Taraswallowed hard before narrowing her eyes.“They’re going after the Heir.” Tara said but I stayed silent, neither denying nor agreeing withher statement.“Okay Ellie. I promise to keep you posted.” Tara stated and before I could object she hung upthe phone leaving me to listen to the dialling sound.“Damn it.”
  14. 14. While I was still panicking over this mysterious 3rd child, Elijah and Puck couldn’t be morethrilled about having another little one in the house; especially since neither Fabian orImogen were getting any younger.5 months went by quickly and eventually the day of Fabian’s birthday came along; sadly forhim he found out the day wouldn’t just be for him as it was Imogen’s birthday too.“Stupid Imy. She’ll steal everyone’s attention.” Fabian muttered grumpily.“Fabian? What are you doing up here, everyone is waiting for you.” Elijah questioned as hesaw his son sitting at his desk, making no move to join the party downstairs.“Why would I want to go to stupid Imy’s birthday party?”
  15. 15. Elijah sighed as he remembered Puck being worried about how Fabian felt about Imogenconsidering that she need more attention as a baby than he did. Elijah himself didn’t thinkthere was anything to worry about because none of siblings ever suffered from jealousyabout the other.But of course when their parents were busy with another child, Elijah always had Ericka to fallback on and vice versa; Fabian was an only child until Imogen come along and Elijah knew theboy wasn’t thrilled when he found out he was getting another sibling.“Fabian I’m sorry you feel jealous of your sister but that party isn’t just for Imogen, it’s foryou as well.”“But everyone will only pay attention to Imogen! That’s what you always do!” Fabian criedout and Elijah winced before taking a deep breath and crouching down.
  16. 16. “There’s nothing I could say that wouldn’t only just make you more upset. Maybe you’llunderstand when you have kids of your own but tonight is your birthday Fabian. You’re goingthrough your 3rd Age Transition and that’s a big step.” Elijah explained and against his betternature Fabian found himself becoming curious.“What do you mean?”“Well tonights the night you get to pick what your aspiration is going be, tonight is the nightyou get to pick what you strive for for the rest of your life.” Elijah said and grinned as he sawpure excitement in his son’s eyes.“Really?!”“Really. So how you about you come down and share it with your family instead of spendingit cooped up in your bedroom?” Elijah suggested as he stood to his feet and held out hishand.He wasn’t surprised when he felt a smaller hand slip into it.
  17. 17. It wasn’t until he was down stairs did Fabian realise that Elijah was there and it was hisbirthday; that was on the of the things he was jealousy of Imogen about because Elijah hadbeen there for her birthday.With a grin Fabian declared that he would be going last and that Imogen should go first; hewas reward with 2 proud smiles from his parents for that.So on Fabian’s order Elijah scoped up Imogen and brought her two her yellow coloured cake,which she proceeded to slobber all over while trying to blow out the candles.
  18. 18. With a wiggle and a jump Imogen stood proudly in her now child form giving off a veryfamiliar impish smile.“Can I have some cake now, daddy?” Imogen asked and Elijah smiled as he took her littlehand into his own.“In a minute Imy. Fabian’s got to have his turn first.”
  19. 19. Fabian didn’t need anymore prompting.He quickly hopped on to the stool Puck and placed there for him, made his wish and blew outhis candles in a much cleaner display than Imogen.It was obvious who’s cake the guests would be eating from.
  20. 20. With a twirl, a flash of light and a small blast of confetti Fabian finally stood in his much tallerform.“Not bad. Need to change my clothes though and maybe my hair.” Fabian muttered as hefingered his fringe slightly.“Come on brat. Let’s go get some new clothes on.” Fabian called out as he grabbed hold ofImogen’s arm and pulled her towards the stairs.“B-but what about the cake?!”
  21. 21. Now that she was older it was very clear that Imogen was Elijah’s daughter. Her feature werepure Junior from her button nose to her small mouth.The only features she had inherited from Puck were his red hair and blue eyes.None the less Imogen was beautiful and no one can deny it.
  22. 22. While Fabian was gifted when playing the piano the main instrument he wanted to play wasthe guitar.So when he went up to his newly decorated room after everybody left, he was ecstatic to seea brand new guitar waiting for him.Fabian played well into the night until Jesse told him to knock it of before he chucked thething out the window.
  23. 23. “Daddy! Daddy you’re home!” Imogen cried out as she ran towards where Puck was gettingout of the car; she made sure to slow down and hugged in carefully, not wanting to her hurther baby sibling.“Hey Imy. How was school today?” Puck asked as he crouched down so he could look at hisdaughter properly.
  24. 24. “School was great! I made loads of new friends and the teacher said that I was so good inclass that she’s offered me a chance to go to St. Mathew’s!” Imogen said happily and Puck’seyes widened in shock.“Wait what? St. Mathew’s?” Puck questioned and Imogen grinned while nodding her head.“Yep! Teacher said he would be coming around for tea at 5’o’Clock!”“What?!”
  25. 25. Even though a visit from the headmaster wasn’t planned it didn’t mean the Junior’s weren’tready for him when he arrived at 5’o’clock.Only it wasn’t Principal Hiatt who stepped out of the car.“Vice-Principal Nates?” Elijah questioned and the red headed man looked up and rolled hiseyes with a sigh of frustration.“Of course the one house I have to substitute for is your house Elijah Junior. I can tell justlooking at you, you haven’t changed much. So it’s your kids that I’m seeing is it? Who are youmarried too?” Jared Nates questioned as he reluctantly shook Elijah’s hand; Elijah had been atrouble maker when he was at school and it was Jared who always received the worse of hispranks.“You remember Puck Summerdream?”“You mean that smart boy with the elf ears? The one you corrupted and got him involvedwith you pranks?” Jared demanded and Elijah laughed nervously.“Ahaha....yeah him.”
  26. 26. 1 Hour Later“You cook a lovely salmon Puck. I’m glad that your cooking skills didn’t go down when youmarried Elijah.” Jared said with a smile; Puck laughed as Elijah looked away with a grumble.“Thank you Vice-Principal. “ Puck said gratefully after getting his breath back and Jaredsmiled again.“So tell me about your children. This is Fabian right?” Jared questioned and Puck nodded asFabian politely nodded .
  27. 27. “Yes that’s our eldest Fabian. I must admit that while he’s a bit like Elijah when it comes toschool he does keep up his studies; his best subject his music.” Puck explained and Jarednodded silently.“Then there’s our youngest, at the moment, Imogen. She loves school very much and excelsin science.”“Wonderful! Well I believe that’s all I need to here.” Jared said as he stood up and walkedover to Puck before holding his hand out.
  28. 28. “As Vice-Principal of St. Mathew’s I formally welcome both Fabian Junior and Imogen Juniorto our school.”“Thank you so much Vice-Principal.”
  29. 29. Puck groaned as he was awaken from his sleep for the 3rd time that night; with a sigh heforced himself to sit up and accept defeat. He wasn’t getting any sleep tonight.“What’s wrong with, baby?” Puck whispered quietly as he rubbed his bump feeling the babykick restlessly.“Puck?” Elijah mumbled sleepily as the sudden cold feeling finally forced him to awaken.“I’m alright ‘Lijah. Baby is just a bit restless tonight.” Puck reassured and Elijah released asigh of relief. This pregnancy hadn’t been easy on Puck at all and both were starting towonder if it was because he might be having a boy.“I’m going to check on the kids and get a glass of water.” Puck decided after a couple ofseconds of silence and Elijah nodded as he laid back down.“Don’t stay up too late.” Elijah whispered and Puck smiled as he stood to his feet.
  30. 30. “Don’t worry I won-AH!” Puck suddenly cried out and placed his hands on his stomach as awave of pain rushed over his form.“Oh oh god! Elijah! Elijah the baby’s coming!” Puck shouted out and he faintly heard Elijahjumping out of bed and quickly running over to him.“It’ll be alright Puck. Just breath through it.” Elijah soothed as Puck released a whimper frombehind his tightly clenched teeth.
  31. 31. “Daddy? I heard screaming is everyone-Papa!” Imogen gasped as she saw the state Puck wasin and she was quickly filled with fear.“Daddy what’s wrong with Papa?!” Imogen cried out as tears filled her eyes and Elijah quicklysmiled at her in reassurance.“Nothing Imy. Your little sibling just decided to join us.”
  32. 32. “Okay this is the last time I’m doing this.” Puck swore as he finally got his breathing undercontrol and allowed nature to take it’s cause.He easily fell into the twirl with one final gasp of pain...
  33. 33. ...which quickly turned into a laugh as the baby he held in his hands wiggled in his hand.“It’s another girl and she’s got red hair.” Puck said as his newborn daughter giggled andgurgled at him.“What should we call this one then?” Elijah questioned and after a couple of seconds ofthinking Puck smiled.“Jessica. Jessica Junior.”
  34. 34. Seeing as he had to work in just a few hours Jesse gladly took Jessica off her parents handsand allowed them to sleep; he carefully held her in his arms and fed her the bottle watchingas she drunk it hungrily.“I’m going to miss this.” Jesse whispered quietly knowing full well that Jessica was going to bethe last baby he would hold in his arms.
  35. 35. Even with a new baby in the house, life continued on as normal. Fabian and Imogen finallygot their new uniforms in and went to school looking neat and tidy.Side by side though, you would never be able to tell they were siblings; the only thing thatmade them look similar was their light blue eyes.
  36. 36. Both Puck and Elijah easily fell into routine with the new baby in the house.They were both thrilled to have another little one to look after considering both Fabian andImogen were pretty independent now but they also both agreed that Jessica was their last child.That didn’t mean they wouldn’t spend as much time as possible with Jessica and making sure hergiggles and squeals filled the nursery.
  37. 37. Jack Frost had long set his fingers across Belladonna Cove but when Fabian returned backhome from work he was greeted by a back yard covered in snow.Staring at the beautiful sight Fabian smiled as he walked inside planning on telling his parentsabout the promotion he got today, making him an overachiever.(I love this picture. It’s so beautiful and it wasn’t until I upped the contrast did I realise howlovely it was!)
  38. 38. Time always flew quickly in the Junior house though and it wasn’t long until Jessica’s 1stbirthday came along.With Elijah at work the job of bring Jessica to the cake fell on to Fabian and even though hewas hesitant to get close to his littlest sister Fabian found himself smiling proudly as he heldher in his arms.
  39. 39. With her family surrounding her Jessica burst into toddlerhood with a loud giggle and easilyfell into Fabian’s arms.To Fabian’s disappointment Jessica didn’t have elf ears but her cheek bones, brow and nosewas just like his own.“Hey! That’s my hairstyle!” Imogen objected causing the adults of the house to laugh at herpout.
  40. 40. Puck breathed a sigh of relief as he sat down at the table; Jessica hadn’t received his elf earswhich meant her elf DNA wasn’t as strong as his or Fabian’s.Which meant no fits and seeing as neither he nor Elijah wanted anymore children, Puckfound himself finally relaxing.“Thank god.” He breathed as he reached out for a piece of cake; he had just placed a smallpiece on a plat when a loud cry echoed from the bathroom.“Desh’ketai*!” Fabian shouted out but Puck was already running out of the room before hisson’s call even ended.-*Deshketai-Father
  41. 41. “What happened?” Puck demanded as he ran into the living room; Fabian was standing justoutside the bathroom holding Jessica close as she sobbed in her his neck.“I-I don’t know. I just finished d-doing her hair and then she started screaming.” Fabianstuttered nervously as he easily placed in into Puck’s waiting arms.“Ssh Jessica. It’s all right. Shol ford*.” Puck whispered and to Fabian’s astonishment Jessicastarted calming down.“What was that?” Fabian asked and Puck smiled at his son tiredly.“It’s a healing spell. I used it on you when you were this age.” Puck explained and Fabianimmediately understood.-*Shol ford- Heal, Love (Could be used for soul mate, Best friend or Family). This is the spellTitania used on Puck back in 1.04 and Puck used the same spell on Fabian back in 2.02.
  42. 42. “Y-you mean she’s got markings?” Fabian questioned and instead of answering Puck pulledJessica back slightly to reveal the blue and white markings that now covered the top part ofher face.“Even though she doesn’t have Elf Ears she has high cheekbones, a broad forehead and also aslight tilt to her nose. Those are features of the Elves.” Puck explained and Fabian nodded inunderstanding; Imogen had inherited her blue eyes, red hair, skin colour, high cheekbonesand pointed nose from Puck but everything else was from Elijah. Fabian on the other had wasalmost exactly the same as Puck in appearance accept for his pale skin and brown hair.“That was terrifying.” The teenage half-breed admitted and Puck chuckled as he looked at hisson in amusement.
  43. 43. “Of course it was. Your her big brother and as a big brother it’s your job to protect thoseyounger than you. Seeing her in pain set of every protective instincts you have; the samewould have happened if Imogen was the one in Jessica’s place.” Puck said and Fabian simplyhummed not willing to admit that he had not once felt such things for Imogen. Fabianremembered Imogen falling down in school once and even though he went to help her, notonce did he feel such a gut retching fear as he did with Jessica.In fact, he realised, ever since he had gone through his 3rd Age Transition the only thing hehad ever felt for Imogen was irritation and rage.“What’s her Elven name going to be?” Fabian questioned deciding to push Imogen out of hishead and concentrate on Jessica.“Well her markings remind me of this flower they have in the North Forest. It was pure whitewith 5 petals and, surprisingly, it smelt of honey.” Puck said as Jessica giggled in his arms.“What’s it called?” Fabian asked and Puck smiled.“Aranthi.”
  44. 44. A few minutes later Fabian found himself leaning against the door of the nursery, watchingJessica playing with the xylophone that was once his favourite toy.‘She’s not that bad. With her markings that means she can understand Elven like me.’ Fabianthought to himself before the pull of the music became to much and he found himself sittingdown in front of the unusual half-breed.“That’s good Aranthi.” Fabian praised and watching as Jessica laughed at the sound of herelven name.
  45. 45. Feeling lonely over the fact she couldn’t play with Jessica like Fabian was, Imogen had takingstation outside the front door; of course Puck was quick to pull her inside and said she couldwait Elijah but at least wait for him inside.So she waited and after 10 minutes her little face lit up as Elijah’s carpool pulled up.“Daddy! Papa, Daddy’s back! Daddy! Daddy you’re home! Welcome home Daddy!” Imogenshouted as she pelted down the stairs before throwing herself in Elijah’s arms causing thebrunette to chuckle.“Thank you Imy. How was everything? Did Jessica’s birthday go alright?” Elijah laughed notonly happy to have been greeted by his daughter but he had also finally gotten his finalepromotion meaning he was now Head of the S.C.I.A and also Permanent-Plat.
  46. 46. “Yep! Jessie grew up great! She doesn’t have ears like Fabian but Papa says that she hasenough Elfy features to gain that same drawings on her face as him and Daddy.” Imogenexplained and Elijah tensed but made sure to keep his smile on his face.“Jessica has markings does she? What do they look like?” Elijah questioned and Imogensmiled even bigger.“Like a flower made out of snow and ice, it’s really pretty! Daddy, why don’t I have prettydrawings on my face like Fabian and Papa?” Imogen asked as her smile fell away and Elijahfelt his heart clench.“Because you take after me. I don’t have markings and neither does Pappy or Grandmamma,don’t you want to take after us Imy?” Elijah questioned and Imogen’s eyes widened as sherealised she might have hurt Elijah’s feelings.“No Daddy I don’t mind! I love looking like you I was just wonderin’ is all.” Imogen reassuredand Elijah smiled as he tickled her sides.“Good.”
  47. 47. Something that was quickly becoming a tradition in the Junior household was the eldest childor children building a snowman in winter.Fabian of course was quick to take up the challenge when Elijah told him what he and Erickadid when it snowed when they were teens.
  48. 48. Of course with 7 Nice Points Fabian’s snowman was just a bit different to his father’s butnone the less a nice companion for the cow plant Myrtle.
  49. 49. With a toddler in the house that meant skills had to be taught to keep her going in life and memories that wouldnever be forgotten.Puck was especially pleased that Jessica could understand Elven and was more than happy to teach her the samenursery rhymes as he taught Fabian.
  50. 50. “Oh aren’t you adorable?” Dustin Broke smiled when Jessica asked him for some attention;Jessica smiled and giggle as the blonde tickled her.When Fabian saw Jessica being held by someone else he tensed feeling protective but whenhe noticed how much fun she was having he smiled.He and Dustin had become pretty good friends at St. Mathews but as he saw Dustin playingwith Jessica he suddenly noticed how cute he looked.
  51. 51. Of course with the fact he was so good with Jessica and good looking it didn’t take long forFabian to share his first kiss with the boy who of which was more than happy to return it withhis own.
  52. 52. Unlike with Elijah, Ericka and Cecelia, who’s boyfriends I knew weren’t dating someone, I believed Dustin to be in a relationship withsomeone as the last I heard he was dating my step-daughter’s mother Alexandra O’Mackey and before that Angela Pleasant.After talking to him in a clothes store though Dustin was quick to reassure me that he wasn’t dating either girl, all though Angela stillthough they were together, and was also Bisexual.I could tell he really liked Fabian and was even changing his look to make himself look better for the half-breed.
  53. 53. That of course sealed the deal for me. I knew Dustin was a nice person and when he did badthings it was for the sake of his family.I wished him luck, sent my best wishes to his family and sent him on his way.
  54. 54. My talk must have had some effect as the word of his break up with Angela, even though theybroke up some time ago, spread like wildfire around Pleasantview.The girl still believed them to be the original Pre-Made’s while Dustin already knew they wereechos of the original.She, of course, was furious with him and told him to never come near her again.Dustin of course was more than happy to agree and wondered what he ever saw in her; if he wasever going to go for someone he would have gone for Lillith.But of course she was dating Dustin’s best friend Dirk and Dustin was perfectly happy with Fabian.
  55. 55. It wasn’t long until another double birthday came around. This time it was Jessica’s andImogen’s, all though Imogen wasn’t impressed that she had to share her special day with herbaby sister.Jessica was brought to her cake first which she then covered in spit.“Eww! I’m not eating that!” Imogen complained causing her family to laugh as Jessica was seton the floor.
  56. 56. With a familiar twirl Jessica stood in her new child form, admiring her now much biggerhands.“I can reach the piano now.” Jessica laughed before she quickly moved out of Imogen’s way.
  57. 57. Imogen thought long and hard about her wish before she blew out her candles and listenedher family cheer her on.
  58. 58. With a spin and a blast of confetti Imogen stood in her much taller form, now 13 years old.“Much better but these clothes have to go.” imogen muttered and reached up to her hairthinking she might need a new hair style too.
  59. 59. Being older Jessica’s Elven features were much more obvious when you looked at her. Shealso possessd a certain grace in her movements that shouldn’t be possible for a 6 year old.
  60. 60. After the party came to an end and the girl’s had finished changing their appearance, Elijahcalled the family into the living room.“What’s going on, Dad?” Fabian questioned as he sat down on the floor so Jessica could takethe spare seat on the sofa; the little girl though simple sat down beside him instead makinghim smile.
  61. 61. “Well I’ve been thinking about this for some time now but with you getting older and as theLegacy goes further into the generations this family is just going to get bigger so I thoughmaybe it’s time to move.” Elijah explained and everyone looked at him in shock.“Move? Elijah that’s a big step your asking us to take. Beside their isn’t any houses going forsale that is bigger than this one here.” Tara pointed out worriedly causing Elijah to smile.“I know but when I said move I mean completely. I’m not suggesting we just move house, I’msaying we should move out of the city.”
  62. 62. “What? Dad you can’t just throw something at us like that! What if I don’t want to move outof Belladonna Cove? I like it here!” Imogen cried out and Elijah nodded in understanding.“I know it’s a big step. I was born and raised here too Imy so don’t think this isn’t going to behard for me too. Plus Belladonna Cove is getting busy, more business are opening and nearlyall of the apartments that allowed children have been closed down and converted intobusiness towers.”“So what?” Imogen huffed in frustration.
  63. 63. “Imogen your father has a point. Once Belladonna Cove was a lovely place to raise a familybut now it’s more for people who just want to work. It’s just like Downtown Cherryville, it’snot place to raise a child.” Jesse said sternly causing Imogen to pout as she looked off to theside, sulking.“So where are you thinking about, Elijah?” Tara questioned excitedly; after listening to bothher husband’s and her son’s reasoning she realised they were right, Belladonna Cove was noplace to raise a child.
  64. 64. “Well I talk to Ellie about it and she suggested a place called Moonlight Valley. She said it wassmall and quiet, just off the cost of Pleasantview but it’s perfect to raise a family in. It’s alsowhere she herself is actually staying.” Elijah explained causing Jesse to narrow his eyesslightly.“I though she lived in Belladonna Cove as well? In that apartment just down the road?” Jessedemanded and Elijah shrugged his shoulders.“I asked her that but she said it was only a temporary placement as she was only renting it,she also said that certain circumstances forced her to move. She never explained what theywere though.” Elijah said and Tara, being the only woman in the house, smirked knowingly.“I bet she found out she was pregnant. That apartment she was renting was only a 1bedroom.” Tara nodded causing Jesse to roll his eyes.
  65. 65. “I’ve heard of Moonlight Valley before. Deshmieve* was actually thinking about movingthere one time when the conflict in Veronaville got really bad. It calmed down lucky enough.”Puck smiled as his family nodded in understanding having already gotten used to what hecalled Titania and Oberon considering Fabian and Jessica called Puck the same thing.-*Deshmieve- Mother
  66. 66. “So what do guys think? Should we do it?” Elijah questioned and the Junior family, minusImogen who was still sulking, cried out their agreements.
  67. 67. So the Juniors moved to Moonlight Valley where they brought a house that looked verysimilar to their old one.The only differences was there was no fancy front steps, there was a pond with a bridge outback, more room around the garden and finally there were 3 floors instead of 2.I explained to them though that this house was only temporary as the house they are goingto permanently live in wasn’t ready just yet.(This was actually built on the same plot of land their old house originally stood. I found itreally annoying that all the garden space was taken up by the steps so I demolished theoriginal house and built a brand new one. Pictures of the old house and the new one will beon my live journal)
  68. 68. With all the extra space available, Puck was finally able to start growing his own fruit andvegetables just like he wanted to for a while.Being the only able person that could cook he was looking forward to making new recipeswith the freshly grown produce.
  69. 69. Because of their complete move to Moonlight Valley it meant the kids had to be acceptedinto the new schools Moonlight Secondary School and Moonlight Primary School.It was when Elijah met the Headmaster of the High School did he find out that the MoonlightSchools were a set of elite schools that has only recently their doors to people outside ofMoonlight Valley so it would be very like for both Fabian and Imogen to see a few familiarfaces there.Both teenagers were of course ecstatic about that.
  70. 70. 2 weeks passed the Junior household quickly and quietly. Even though the house was onlytemporally the family easily fell into a routine.But now there were two teenagers in the house, two teenagers who new very well that theydidn’t like each other.“Please oh please Mrs George’ begged the students ‘Let’s go on the merry-go-round.’ ‘Okay’Mrs George shrugged and they went on the merry-go-round so many times they felt sick-”“Fabian let’s go out.” Imogen interrupted as she stood behind her elder brother and Fabiangrit his teeth angrily.
  71. 71. “I’m reading to Aranthi*.” Fabian ground out from his behind his teeth and smiled reassuringat Jessica when she looked at him in worry. Behind him Imogen narrowed her at the soundsof jumbled sounds coming from her brother’s mouth and knew he just spoke in Elven. Alanguage that was completely usless to ears and impossible for her to pronounce.“Well stop it and send her to bed alright. She’s just a kid you shouldn’t be wasting her timeon her.”*Aranthi -A white flower with 5 petals that smelt like honey. Jessica’s Elven name.
  72. 72. Fabian slammed the book back and jumped to his feet, angrily jamming the book back in it’splace. He knew he wouldn’t be able to finish reading until he got rid of Imogen.“Kusanar*?” Jessica questioned sadly and Fabian quickly turned to her and placed his handson her sides.*Kusanar- Twilight. This is Fabian’s Elven name and this is what he is called when confrontedby elves, Puck and also his baby sister Jessica.
  73. 73. “It’s alright Eliaiiriai*. Go to bed and I’ll be in to tuck you in in a minute.” Fabian reasuredbefore he kissed Jessica’s forehead lightly.“Okay.”Eliaiiriai- Soul-Sister.
  74. 74. “Night Imy.” Jessica said and Imogen forced herself to smile and kissed Jessica lightly on thenose, causing the small girl to giggle.“Night squirt.” It was silent in the room as the two teenagers watched Jessica skip towardsher bedroom.It wasn’t until her they heard her bedroom door shut did Fabian finally let go.
  75. 75. “What the hell were you doing?! You saw I was busy! Why did you interrupt us?!” Fabiandemanded angrily; he had finally reached breaking point with Imogen. He had tried so hardto not loose his temper with her but finally it had become too much.
  76. 76. “Of come on Fabian! You can’t possible enjoy hanging out with that little brat.” Imogenscoffed and she shook her head in disbelief.
  77. 77. “That ‘brat’ is only 6 years old and not only that she is your baby sister as well! You have noright to talk to her like that.” Fabian seethed and Imogen shook her head with a laugh.
  78. 78. “Exactly! She is 6 years old Fabian! You’re 17 and going to college next year, why would youbother to spend time with her?!” Imogen demanded and Fabian held his hands out.“Because she’s my baby sister and I’m her big brother! It’s my job to look after her!”“Yeah? Well I’m your little sister as well and when have you have done things like readstories to be before?!” Imogen shouted out in jealousy but when she saw Fabian’s eyes flashshe knew she had pushed Fabian too far.
  79. 79. “You want to know why I’ve never done anything like that with you Imogen? It’s because notonce have I felt protective of you, not ever! When you born I hated you because you lookednormal, because you would never know the feeling of being different! But now with Aranthihere it’s not me who’s different, it’s you! Now you know how to feels like to be the odd oneout! And you know what? I’ve never once looked at you like a sister!” Fabian shouted outwithout regret; everything he had been feeling for the past 10 years came pouring out.
  80. 80. Imogen gasped in shock and took a step back as she felt Fabian’s words smash straight intoher heart; Fabian had never said such cruel things to her before this was a first and she justwanted it to stop.“So you get it now?! I never did the things I do with Aranthi because to me you were theperson who took my parents attention from me! You were the one who stole all my toys andbroke them! You were the one who made everyone realise that I was different! You werenever my little sister and you’re never going to be so just give it up!”
  81. 81. When she felt tears prickling at her eyes she quickly brought back her bratty personality andforced herself to smirk.“Fine then. I don’t need a big brother, I’m perfectly happy with pretending to be an onlychild. I’ll see you Fabian, hope you and your little sister are happy together.” Imogen spatsarcastically before turning and stopping out of the room.
  82. 82. “Don’t worry we will be! Especially without you bothering us every two seconds, demandingattention that you don’t need!” Fabian shouted at her back before he turned around andpunched the wall as hard as he could.
  83. 83. In the hallway Imogen wiped her eyes with a sniff and she tried not to burst into tears, shejumped as she heard the loud thump of Fabian’s fist connection with the wall before sheforced herself to walk up the stairs to her room.
  84. 84. You could cut a knife through the tension that surrounded the 3 Junior kids that night.Both Puck and Elijah knew something wasn’t right with their children but there wasn’t anything theycould do, they could only offer their support and hope that everything will be better in the morning.
  85. 85. Jessica groaned as something disturbed her from her sleep. Normally she would have rolledover and gone back to sleep but she was thirsty.With a yawn she pushed back her covers, rubbed her eyes before she finally got to her feet.
  86. 86. With sleepy eyes she looked out of her window only to gasp in shock. She rubbed her eyesbefore looking again.“Someone’s out there.” Jessica whispered to herself fearfully before she ran to the oneperson who wouldn’t tell her off for being up so late.
  87. 87. “Kusanar*! Get up, Kusanar. Please?” Jessica whispered as she shook Fabian’s shoulderroughly until the teenager opened his eyes.“H-huh? W-wha’? Aranthi*? What are you doing up so late?” Fabian asked as he pushedhimself up so he could look at her properly.*Aranthi- A white 5 petal flower that smells like honey. This is Jessica’s Elven name and this iswhat she’ll be called by elves, Puck and also her brother Fabian.*Kusanar- Twilight. This is Fabian’s Elven name and this is what he is called when confrontedby elves, Puck and also his baby sister Jessica.
  88. 88. “I think I saw someone outside.” Jessica whispered and Fabian looked at her skeptically.“Are you sure you didn’t dream that? You could have had a nightmare.” He pointed out butJessica shook her head.“No! Someone is out there! Can’t you feel it, Eliainerain*? Something wrong is here.”*Eliainerain- Soul-Brother. This is what Jessica calls her brother Fabian. Here though she’scalling him this because she knows it’ll pull at his heart strings.
  89. 89. “You’re really scared about this, aren’t you?” Fabian whispered as he placed his hands on herside and felt her trembling.“Okay. How about we go take a look? Would it make you feel better if you saw for yourself ifnothing was there?” Fabian asked and was rewarded with a smile of relief.
  90. 90. They had barely made it to the stairs though when Imogen’s bedroom door opened and thesleepy teenager stepped out of it.“Wha’ are you two doing this late?” Imogen questioned before she covered up a yawn withher hand.
  91. 91. “Oh for the love of...” Fabian hissed as he rubbed his forehead in agitation; Jessica lookedover at her older sister and smiled.“I saw something outside so we’re going to take a look.” Jessica explained and Imogennodded before she smiled.“Can I join you?” She asked and Jessica looked at Fabian questioningly.
  92. 92. The teenager sighed in irritation before he spun around and narrowed his eyes at Imogen.“Fine. If you must you can come but you keep quiet, understand?” Fabian ordered quietlybefore he and Jessica walked off.
  93. 93. “Still mad at me, huh?” Imogen mused to herself sadly before she took a deep breath andquickly took off after her siblings.
  94. 94. “Damn it’s cold out here.” Imogen muttered as she tried to keep her hands warm even as thecold winds brushed against her bare arms.Fabian easily ignored and looked out into the dark garden.“I can’t see anything Aranthi.” Fabian said with a sigh.
  95. 95. Jessica pouted as she slipped her feet in the lowest bar of the fence and pulled herself upbefore leaning forward slightly.“There was someone here though. I know there is.” The little girl whispered mournfully andFabian sighed
  96. 96. “Well obviously you’re seeing things! Now let’s go back inside, it’s freezing out here.” Imogencomplained and Fabian sighed again.“Come on, Aranthi I’ll make you some hot chocolate.” Fabian promised and the little girlsighed as she jumped down from the fence.
  97. 97. “Okay.” Jessica whispered sadly as she turned around. Her blue eyes though widened in bothshock and fear before she cried out causing both Imogen and Fabian to spin around.
  98. 98. “Good evening, Juniors. You shouldn’t be out this late at night, bad things happen to peoplewho wander around in the dark on their own!” Sebastian Lopane giggled as he soaked in thelooks of fear the 3 Junior children were wearing.With a smirk he pulled out his wand and flicked it towards them.“Seeing as you’re already out here. Let’s got for a walk!”
  99. 99. Neither Fabian, Imogen nor Jessica had a chance to object as the spell smashed into theground in front of them and surrounding them in a bright white glow.
  100. 100. Fabian groaned as he felt himself returning to the world of the living. His head was throbbingand he really didn’t want to open his eyes.But when he heard Jessica whimpering in fear he forced himself to move.
  101. 101. His vision was blurry and everything spun in a sickening circle. He didn’t know where theyhad been taken but he knew that it was scaring Jessica.“So the eldest has finally awaken.” A cold voice observed and Fabian forced himself to move.
  102. 102. With great effort he forced pushed himself up on his hands as Imogen was pushing herself toher feet; Jessica was still standing though, completely unaffected by the Dark Warlock’s spell.“Don’t look so scared strange half-breed. There’s no reason to fear...” The voice soothed andFabian’s eyes widened in fear as he finally caught sight of the person who owned thestrangely hypnotic voice.
  103. 103. “...You’ll be dead at me feet in just a few seconds!”
  104. 104. “Great we’ve been kidnapped by some Evil Witches and now my foot is glowing. How couldthis get any worse?”-I don’t think you want me to answer that, Fabian.So next chapter a lot of stuff will go down! I’m going to work really hard on and make it theperfect final for Generation 2! But first I need your guys to vote! Who is going to be the nextheir? Jessica or Fabian; I didn’t include Imogen because she is basically a girl Elijah with redhair and blue eyes, I want different faces! So who is it going to be? I can’t get the nextchapter up until you guys vote!Also with Christmas coming, except a little Christmas special from me after the next chaptercomes out, because their will be spoilers in it.Right that it’s for now! I’ll see you next time guys! Happy Simming!
  105. 105. Jessica Junior Fabian Junior Imogen Junior Stats: 10/2/10/6/7 Stats: 8/8/4/2/9Stats: 7/8/6/4/4 Star Sign: Virgo Star Sign: CancerStar Sign: Aries Hobby: Music & Dance Hobby: ScienceHobby: Music & Dance Aspiration: Fortune/Pleasure Aspiration: Romance/Grilled Cheese Life Time Want: To Become the Law Life Time Want: To Become a Rock God Turn Ons: Full Face Make-Up & Mechanical Turn Ons: Black Hair, Glasses Turn Off: Formal Wear Turn Off: Jewellery Preferences: Males (Gay) Preferences: Males (Straight)