A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! 2.04 A


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! 2.04 A

  1. 1. Last Time: Fabian’s jealousy of his little sister Imogen begins to escalated as the two getolder.Puck finds out his pregnant with a little girl but my SimSelf is less than pleased with this asshe had not been told anything about there being a 3rd child.The pregnancy goes on as normal and Puck calls the newborn baby Jessica; it wasn’t until sheturned into a toddler though did they find out that she could not only understand Elven butshe was also immune to the weakness of magic unlike Puck and Fabian.Imogen and Fabian have a huge fight which ended with Fabian announcing that he never sawImogen like a little sister.Later that night Sebastian appears, kidnaps the 3 children and takes them to Alissa, wholoudly claims that they soon will be dead at her feet.
  2. 2. Puck mumbled sleepily as he felt himself waking up. He knew it wasn’t morning yet so hemoved himself over and snuggle into Elijah with a happy smile; Elijah woke slightly feelingPuck moving and wrapped his arm around him.“You alright?” Elijah whispered and Puck hummed and tried to fall back to sleep but his mindwouldn’t allow him too.Something wasn’t right.
  3. 3. “I think I’m going to check on the kids.” Puck finally whispered and Elijah smiled as he ran hisfingers carefully through Puck’s red hair.“Okay don’t be too long.” He whispered as Puck pulled himself out of bed.
  4. 4. First he went to take a peak in on Fabian. He wasn’t planning on going in the room but hecouldn’t see his son from the door so Puck had no choice but to go inside.
  5. 5. Instead of seeing his sleeping son though all Puck saw an empty unmade bed.
  6. 6. “OH! Oh no! Elijah! Elijah go check on Jessica, quickly!” Puck shouted out desperately as heran towards Imogen’s room; barely hearing the thump of Elijah’s feet as he ran downstairs.
  7. 7. When Puck went into Imogen’s room though he was greeted by the same empty unmadebed.“AH No! This can’t be happening! Imogen! Fabian!” Puck shouted out as he ran from theroom and made his way downstairs, praying that Elijah was having better results.
  8. 8. He wasn’t.Jessica’s bed was just as empty as her siblings and from the feel of it, Puck knew she hadbeen out of it for a while.
  9. 9. It was all too much and Puck burst into to terrified tears. Someone had taken their babiesaway! There were two possibilities of who did it and neither one of them were the betteroption.“Mum! Dad! Come quickly the kids are gone!” Elijah shouted out as he wrapped a shakingarm around Puck.‘Where the hell could they be?’ Elijah thought to himself angrily even as tears startedprickling at his eyes.No answer came to him though and the bed in front of them continued to get colder by thesecond.
  10. 10. Jessica shivered fearfully as she tried to make sense of what was going on. Before they evenhad a chance to blink the 3 Junior siblings had found themselves in a cage.Fabian was rubbing his forehead with a pinched look and Jessica knew he was feeling theeffects of the magic.She couldn’t help but wonder why she wasn’t effected though.
  11. 11. “You can’t keep us here you monsters! Let us go right now!” Imogen screamed furiouslycausing Jessica to look up her; Imogen had been doing that for 2 hours now.Jessica didn’t know why she kept trying, it was only amusing their captors.
  12. 12. “Now now. Is that any way to speak to your Great Uncle and Auntie?” Sebastian questionedrhetorically with a smirk.“You are no relative of ours!” Imogen roared and Sebastian laughed as he turned to look atAlissa .“So much like your father. Always denying the truth.”“Why you-”“Imy!” Jessica suddenly cries out in fear causing Imogen too look at her fearfully.
  13. 13. “Imy! Kusanar*’s bleeding!” Jessica whimpers as tears started rolling down her cheeks;Imogen quickly knelt down in front of Fabian and placed her hand carefully on his cold cheek.“Fabian? Fabian look at me.”--*Kusanar- Twilight. This is Fabian’s Elven name and this is what he is called when confrontedby elves, Puck and also his baby sister Jessica.
  14. 14. With obvious effort Fabian raised his head revealing his bleeding nose and horribly pale skin.“I...don’t feel so good.” Fabian whispered weakly and Imogen swallowed hard.
  15. 15. “I-I don’t like this anymore! I-I want to go home to Daddy and Desh’ketai*!” Jessica sobbed astears started rolling down her cheeks in waves.“Fabian what are we going to do?” Imogen questioned without really expecting an answer.Fabian shook his head silently as he pinched his nose trying to stop the flow of blood andhoping to make the room stop spinning.“I-I don’t know, Imy.”-*Deshketai-Father
  16. 16. “You can wish all you want strange half-breed but you’re never going to go home! You shouldthink yourself lucky, if you hadn’t been so strange you would be in the same state as yourbrother!” Sebastian laughed and Jessica whimpered in fear.
  17. 17. “Stop teasing us like this, Amonta de Toya*! Just tell us what you’re really after! Why did youbring us here?!” Fabian shouted as he jumped to his feet; behind him Imogen tried to calmJessica down without success.--*Amonta de Toya- God Dammit!
  18. 18. “It’s done.” Alissa suddenly announced and Sebastian smirked as he picked up a tray thatheld 3 empty glasses.“What’s done? What are you doing?!” Imogen demanded as she quickly pushed Fabian backwhen she saw him wobbling in place.“Answer me!” The girl shouted as she was one again ignored.
  19. 19. “Stop shouting Legacy Brat. Everything will become clear to you soon enough.” Alissa statedsimply as she filled the 3 glasses.“First though you need to drink your medicine.” Sebastian explained as he held out the traycarefully.
  20. 20. “If you think we’re drinking that then you’re completely insane.” Imogen scoffed as Jessicawhimpered and Fabian released a strained groan behind his teeth.
  21. 21. “My dear child, what made you think you had a choice in the matter?” Alissa cackled asSebastian reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand.
  22. 22. It had just gone past 2:00am when I received a call from a furious Jesse about his missinggrandchildren.With a quick Magivestigium spell arrived at the Junior house just as Tara started making herown phone calls.With calm eyes I looked around the room taking in the appearance of the remaining Juniors.
  23. 23. Elijah and Puck were, obviously, a mess. I knew it was more horrifying to them because theyknew what both Alissa and Sebastian were capable off, the thought of their children goingthrough the same thing was killing them.
  24. 24. Tara was taking advantage of the reputation behind her maiden name. She had everybodyavailable in Belladonna Cove out looking for the 3 wayward Junior kids.
  25. 25. Jesse on the other hand had been waiting for me.“What took you so long, Ellie?! What part of ‘my grandchildren are missing get your ass overhere now’ did you not understand?!” Jesse thundered and I forced myself to take a deepbreath.“I go here as fast as I could Jesse.”“Well you weren’t fast enough! What are you going to do about this?!”
  26. 26. “I’m doing everything I can Jesse but as I’ve explained to before there’s only so much I cando.” I stated sternly before I sighed.“You should have been expecting this anyway. I told you to put protections up.”“What? You did no such thing!” Jesse objected causing me to blink in confusion.
  27. 27. “What? Yes I did. I ordered all of you to put protection up as soon as I found out aboutJessica.”“Jess? What’s Jess got to do with this?”Out of the corner of my eye I noticed how Tara stiffened and looked towards me in shock;when I looked over at her though she turned away and continued to talk into the phone.
  28. 28. “So you don’t know about Jessica?” I confirmed and sighed when Jesse nodded his headtightly.“Fine then. Considering the situation I’ll give you the short version. I was told that the 2ndchild of Puck was the one that needed to be hidden but I misread it, I assumed Fate wastalking about Imogen.”“But then Puck got pregnant again.” Jesse pointed out and I nodded while looking off to theside.“That meant that Alissa and Sebastian could very easily go after your family because theyweren’t protected. They can go after the Heir.”
  29. 29. “But then that means...”“Yes. Jessica is the one Fate has chosen for the Heir.”“But why have they taken Fabian and Imogen as well?” Jesse demanded and I knew he didn’tmean it horribly.“Because if they kill Jessica then Fabian would have just taken her place. They need to killboth of them to put a stop to this Legacy.”“What about Imogen?” Jesse demanded but I shook my head.“She does not fit the criteria for the Heir. I’m assuming the only reason they took her wasbecause she saw them.”
  30. 30. “But this could have all been avoided if you had told us this from the start!” Jesse hissed and Irolled my eyes in frustration.“I did! I told Tara and told her to tell you straight away, I don’t understand why she didn’t!How about asking her instead of shouting at me!” I shouted back and Jesse fell silent inshock; he looked over at Tara not wanting it to be true but Tara was looking at himapologetically.She had purposely kept information from them and none of us could understand why.
  31. 31. “We haven’t got time for this! You can get an explanation later, first I need to get you to safeplace and then I’ll get your kids.”“You can’t expect us too-” Elijah objected but I was quick to cut him off.“You are not any good to your children if they come back to find you dead! The house youwere meant to move into originally is ready, you will go there. I will save your kids myself.”
  32. 32. Jessica was terrified.Those evil people were telling the truth when they said they had no choice but the drink thepotion; with a flick of his wand the Warlock had somehow how forced all 3 of them towillingly dink down the slimy liquid.For some reason nothing had happened to Jessica but the same couldn’t be said for her oldersiblings.
  33. 33. Fabian had chocked as soon as the liquid hit his stomach.He grabbed his throat as if it was hard to breath and, to Jessica’s horror, blood starteddribbling out of his mouth.He passed out a few seconds later.
  34. 34. Imogen’s reaction wasn’t as violent as Fabian’s but that didn’t make it unless scary.She complained about her head hurting before she followed Fabian’s reaction andcollapsed to the floor.
  35. 35. “Ahahaha! It worked, it worked! Two legacy brats down, 1 more to go.” Sebastian laughedand Alissa smirked.“It’s not strange it didn’t work on that one. She’s not effect by our magic and yet she canspeak, understand Elven and most likely use the spells of the Elves too; if we don’t kill herthen North Forest Elves will.” Alissa smirked her white eyes seeming to glow bright in thedark room.
  36. 36. “So it would be the humane thing to kill her now then, hmm?” Sebastian smirked as he pulledout his wand once again.“Only you would think killing her would be considered humane.” Alissa muttered but thenlooked at Jessica with her pure white eyes causing the poor girl to shiver in fear.“Go ahead then. Kill the one who’s been touched by Fate!” Alissa ordered and Sebastian wasmore than happy to comply.
  37. 37. “Wha’? What the hell?” Imogen gasped as she was forced to awaken by her sister’s fearfulscreaming.“Jessica!” Imogen shouted and jumped to her feet . She could feel it, the instinct of an oldersibling reacting for the first time to her younger siblings scream.She didn’t even think of the consequences, jut reacted.
  38. 38. “You leave my baby sister alone!” Imogen shouted as she jumped in front of Jessica fullyprepared to protect her.“Imy! No!” Jessica screamed as she went to pull Imogen back.She was too slow.
  39. 39. The spell struck Imogen hard in the chest sending the teenager down to her knees. Electricityflew over her form as she screamed in agony.She could feel it, the spell was sucking the life from her body. She knew there was no goingback, this was it.She was dying.But even though she in agony Imogen managed to smile. She had protected Jessica with herlife, finally she understood why Fabian was so protective of Jessica.It was part of her instinct. She was a big sister.
  40. 40. She was glad she could finally understand where her big brother was coming from but at thesame time she was sad. She was never going to make up with Fabian.“I’m sorry...b-big b-brother.” Imogen stuttered with her finale breaths before she finallyallowed herself to fall into the blackness that was calling out to her.With one last shudder her body fell still.
  41. 41. The Grim Reaper was quick to arrive almost as if he had been waiting in the shadows.“Poor kid. Fate was just against you in this life. You weren’t meant to have been born yetand now you’re going to have to wait even longer to come back. Enjoy your peace ImogenJunior, it’ll be the only thing you know for a very long time.” The Grim Reaper said coldly asJessica sobbed beside him.
  42. 42. That was it. The last straw.Fabian looked good as dead and Imogen was just killed protecting her. Jessica was all alonenow.What was she going to tell her parents? What if she never made it out of here? What if shedied here?Jessica sobbed her fears and sadness into her hands, completely blocking the world aroundher as she tried to protect herself.
  43. 43. The room materialized around me as the sound of Jessica’s sobs echoed around my ears. Ihad been too late to stop it but I refused to let anymore of my legacy children die by mymistakes.With rage that felt strange to me I glared at the 2 teenagers I had watched from the start.
  44. 44. “You....” Sebastian hissed as the glow around him and Alissa became just a bit more brighter.“You’re do not belong here Simself! This is not your place to interfere!” Alissa shouted outand I shook my head.
  45. 45. “That is where you’re wrong Alissa Lopane! I’m right where I need, it is you who is interferingwith things that shouldn’t be changed! Fate has spoken and it is time for you to go!” I saidsternly and wasn’t surprised when they ignored me.
  46. 46. “Fate? Hah! We don’t listen to the white weakling! We don’t believe in Fate, we are livingup to our Destiny!” Alissa retorted the power fading from her voice as my Light Magic pushedit further away from her.“Destiny?” I repeated and felt myself become filled with even more rage; I had my suspiciouson who’s orders they were listening to but this has just conformed it.“You’re working for Destiny?! That’s why you’ve become so powerful! You made a deal withDestiny!”“We did no such thing! We are playing our roles as they should be! This is destined to be soleave you Light Magic B*tch!” Sebastian ordered furiously.
  47. 47. “You dare...You dare speak to me like that? I think you’re forgetting who’s pocket dimensionyou have been living in all these years! I created you in this world I can very easily take youout of it! Or did you forget what happen last time you crossed me?!” I roared my Magicflowing quickly through as the blue lights around me continued to mutter more loudly.
  48. 48. “Obviously you have. I think it’s time I changed that!” I smirked while pulling out my wandand with an easy flick I fired the spell towards the two troublesome teens.
  49. 49. “No!” Sebastian screamed as Alissa pushed him back and glared at me through the light ofthe spell.“You may have sent us away Simself but take note, we’ve managed to kill one of your Legacybrats of this generation! I promise you the children of that deformed Half-Breed will pay foryour interference with their blood!” The last part of her threatened echoed around the roomas she and Sebastian were forcibly expelled from my presences.I released a deep breath of relief as I tightened the grip I had relaxed on my magic; the glowaround me lessened and I took another deep breath.“I-Imy...” A sobbing voice whispered and I quickly looked towards the cage that held theJunior kids.
  50. 50. My heart immediately clenched in guilt.Fabian was still unconscious on the ground, his chest barely moving with his weak breaths.Jessica had collapsed to the ground sobbing her little heart out and between the two of themwas the horrible familiar presences of a grey urn.
  51. 51. Imogen had been a brat, even with my 10 Nice Points I was willing to admit it, but that didn’tmean she didn’t love her family any less.As I stared at her urn I wondered what I would tell the remaining Juniors that I was too late.I quickly pushed those thoughts away; Fabian needed a Doctor urgently and Jessica reallyneeded her family, my self-pitying can come later when everything’s sorted out.
  52. 52. “Don’t worry Jessica. I won’t let anything else happen to you tonight.”
  53. 53. A grey tombstone.A sign that a life was taken too soon.A Sim who’s life was cut off way before their time.
  54. 54. For the Junior family it was the first real death that truly effected them as a family and as afamily they mourned for Imogen Junior.The teenager who gave her life to protect her siblings.
  55. 55. I watched them just a few feet away, hiding cowardly behind a wall of magic.2 weeks had passed since I saved Fabian and Jessica from the Lopanes and the two of themstill hadn’t fully recovered.Fabian had managed to get himself out of the hospital but he was still too weak to stand upfor too long and Jessica still had horrible nightmares.I knew this wasn’t like when Elijah and his siblings were taken, this was much more worse.
  56. 56. And it was my fault.“Your mind was always filled with dark self-loathing thoughts. It’s nice to know you haven’tchanged.” A voice stated behind me and I spun around in shock.
  57. 57. “Fate?!”“What a pathetic look you have on your face, Comet.” Fate said with a soft smile as he stoodcompletely untouched by the rain that pouring across Moonlight Valley.
  58. 58. “Fate please...not right now, okay? I’ll talk to you later but I can’t deal with it right now.” Iwhispered as I turned to look back at the Junior family.
  59. 59. “A Simself doesn’t get a break, Comet! Your job is to watch over your Pocket Dimension andthat is something that doesn’t stop!” Fate stated sternly and I whirled around to face him; Ididn’t need him lecturing me right now.
  60. 60. “Don’t talk to me like I’m a child Fate! I know what a Simself is and I know the consequencesof me slacking off on my job! I don’t need you coming here and lecturing me when thissituation is just as much your fault as it is mine!” I shouted back while holding my wandtightly in my hand.
  61. 61. “Me? You’re blaming me?!” Fate cried out in complete shock and I scoffed.“Don’t act so innocent! You know full well it was your brother who did this! This wholesituation has Destiny’s fingers prints all over it!”“I do not control the actions of my brother! He chose his path as the snake, it is not my faultthat people fall for temptation!” Fate shouted right back and I couldn’t help but flinch.
  62. 62. “God you’re right. It’s not your fault the Lopanes chose that path, I’m sorry I didn’t mean toshout at you.” I whispered as I covered my face and I tried to force myself to calm down.“Well I’m sorry but the reason I’m here is not about to make you feel any better.” Fate statedshortly and I looked at him in confusion.“W-what do you mean?”
  63. 63. “The Elves of the North Forest has finally noticed your...peculiar half-breed. They’re on themove and they plan to not only kill her but also Fabian Junior, Puck Junior and theSummerdream clan.”
  64. 64. “W-what? You mean because Jessica was born their going to hunt down every half-breed andtraitor Elf that exists in this Pocket Dimension?!” I gasped as I looked at him in shock.“Comet this would have happened anyway. Everything happened this way because ImogenJunior was born too soon. That was why she was killed so easily.” Fate explained and Iswallowed.“I-I thought something was strange about that. With her genetics she shouldn’t have beenkilled as easily as she was.” I whispered to myself and Fate nodded his head.It was silent for a few seconds before Fate titled his head to the side slightly in thought.“You know I could make this right again if you want?”“W-what do you mean?”
  65. 65. “I could restart everything. Certain points would obviously stay the same but mostlyeverything will be changed. It would, in the end, save them from the destiny that has beenplanned for them.” Fate said and I couldn’t help but notice how he empathized on the word‘Destiny’.“What certain points are we talking about here?”“Well the Junior family for starts, they’ll still exist but Imogen’s death was part of her Fate, Ican’t bring her back.” He warned and I nodded in understanding.“I can make it so little Jessica isn’t considered strange for a Half-Breed. She doesn’t haveenough Elf Blood in her to become like her brother but I can make it so she’ll be like whatImogen was. That will keep her away from the eyes of the North Forest and obviously theirSoul Mates would still be the same but...”“But?”“The family you’ve created and your husband, Gabe?, will not be with you after I restart theDimension. They were not part of your Fate.”
  66. 66. I swallowed hard.If I agreed to this I would lose Gabe and my children, could I really do that?I looked over to the Juniors and watched as Puck and Elijah hugged their remaining childrentightly; if I didn’t do this Elijah will end up loosing not only his remaining children but also hishusband.I then remembered 1 of the many vows I took when I become a SimSelf; ‘Protect The Legacyunder your Control’, that was what I swore and I would do that.
  67. 67. Even if it meant given up my own happiness.“Okay. Do it.” I sighed sadly as the Junior started getting ready to leave.
  68. 68. “My dear child, it’s already been done.”
  69. 69. Time passed quickly in the new Junior household and even with the sadness still clinging inthe air, the family started getting back in a routine.
  70. 70. Plants were carefully tended too...
  71. 71. ...Beautiful music was still played through the house...
  72. 72. ...and lovers still woke up beside each other with smiles.One morning though Tara woke up feeling strange; for the first time ever her mind wasn’trunning thoughts around in her head, it was quiet.“You feel it too, huh?” Jesse whispered quietly and when Tara looked down she saw a propersmile on her husbands lips.“Yes. What is it?” Tara asked as she stroked Jesse’s hair lightly.“Peace Tara. It’s peace. We haven’t gone long left on this world.” Jesse explained and Taranodded in understanding.The two of them spent the rest of the morning just lying together in bed, enjoying the lovelyfeeling of peace that flowed through them.
  73. 73. Here is the list of scholarships you have been awarded with: -SimCity Scholars Grant - $1000 -Young Entrepreneurs Award - $750 -Quigley Visual Arts Grant - $750Fabian bit his lip as he stared at the amount of money he was receiving. It wasn’t a lot but itwould be enough to decorate his dorm room and to get some new clothes.Then he would have to get a job, the half-breed sighed.If he was being honest to himself he really didn’t want to go to college. He didn’t think hecould handle it if something happened to Jessica when he was away.
  74. 74. “Maybe I should just here and then move out when Jessica comes back from college.” Fabianmuttered to himself as he stood to his feet. There wasn’t anyone waiting for him in college,he hadn’t heard from Dustin since the attack and Fabian himself had made no move to call.He could only assume the over boy had already gone to Sim State, which was where he hadbeen planning on going unless Fabian was going somewhere else.“So how’d you do?” Puck questioned as he walked up the stairs and Fabian sighed onceagain.“I got 3 of them but Deshketai* I don’t think I should go to college. I think I should stay hereand watch after Jess.”-*Deshketai-Father
  75. 75. “Fabian-”“No listen to me! What if something were to happen when I was gone? What if she gets killedand, just like with Imogen, I’m not there protect her! It would be my fault-”“Kusanar*.” Puck stated sternly and Fabian fell silent at the sound of his Elven name beingspoken by Puck.“Now you listen to me, Imogen’s death was not your fault. You were badly injured andsuffering from magic exposure even if you had been awake, which you weren’t, there wouldhave been nothing you could have done. Do you understand?”“B-but Deshketai-”“No buts Fabian! Imogen would not want you blaming yourself for her death. The only oneswho were at fault here were the Lopanes, do you understand?”
  76. 76. “I-I guess so but I still don’t think I should go to college.” Fabian muttered and Puck smiled athis son sadly.“I’m not going to force you to go Fabian but if you don’t want to go to college then do yourown terms not because of your sisters. “Fabian fell silent as he thought about it. Yes the guilt was still, he didn’t think it would ever goaway, but he was longing to go to college. He had been looking forward to it ever since hereceived the acceptance letter from Stritford; he knew if he turned it down, there neverwould be another chance.“Okay then. I’ll go.”
  77. 77. “That’s my boy.” Puck whispered as he pulled Fabian into a hug; if he had hugged theteenager a bit tighter than normal Fabian didn’t mention it.“Go say goodbye to everyone, I’ll go sort out your taxi.” Puck said with a wavering smile andFabian was quick to agree.
  78. 78. Fabian received hugs, kisses and well wishes from Elijah, Jesse and Tara.But the half-breed ended up saving the most difficult goodbye till last.
  79. 79. When Fabian walked into Jessica’s room he saw her playing her precious violin in The Zone; ifhe thought he had time he would have waited until she was finished but he knew the taxiwould be here soon so with regret Fabian cleared his throat breaking Jessica’s concentration.
  80. 80. He didn’t even get a chance to talk though because the moment Jessica looked at him sheknew why he was there and burst into tears.“Y-you’re leaving me!” She sobbed out heartbreakingly and Fabian quickly knelt by her side.
  81. 81. “No I’m not Jess. I’m just going to college, you can phone me everyday.” Fabian swore butJessica shook her head.“Not true! You’re going to go to college and then forget about me, Sharla told me!” Jessicawhimpered and Fabian sighed in frustration; of course it would be Sharla Ottomas who putthose thoughts in Jessica’s head.“I promise you that’s not true. I would never forget about you, you’re my baby sister.”
  82. 82. “But you have forgotten, Fabian! You’ve forgotten what I truly look like! I’ve changed and Idon’t like it.” Jessica whispered and Fabian narrowed his eyes.“What do you mean, Jess? You look the same as you always did.”“No! My Elven markings are gone! I used to be different but but now I’m...I’m...” Jessicatrailed off as she tried to think of the right word to use.“You are Jessica Junior, my baby sister.” Fabian stated firmly but Jessica shook her head.“No! I’m...I’m normal! I’m not meant to be normal! I was different! I want to be differentagain, Fabian! I want to be able to speak Elven to you again, I want my markings back! I wantto be me again!”
  83. 83. “Jessica listen to me.” Fabian ordered as he forced the red-head around so she was lookingstraight at him with watery blue eyes.“Maybe I have forgotten but no matter what you look like you are still my baby sister. Do youunderstand? No matter what happens I will always remember you, even if I do forget yourlooks I will always remember you.” Fabian swore and Jessica sniffed as she looked at Fabianhopefully.“R-really?”“Yes. I promise you, Jess. I may be some miles away but when you pick up the phone, it’ll belike I’m standing right in front of you.”
  84. 84. With her tears now completely gone Jessica threw herself into her brother’s arms andhugged him tightly.“I’ll miss you, Fabian.” She whispered and Fabian hugged her tighter while swallowing hard.“I’ll miss you too, Jess.”
  85. 85. With his family waving at him from the front door Fabian loaded his bags into the Taxi andtook his seat.Before he closed the door though he took one last look at the house knowing full well, hewould not be returning here again.The next time he see’s this place, he’ll have his own home.“Bye guys.” He whispered before finally closing the door and allowed the Taxi to take him toStritford University.
  86. 86. The next few days passed slowly as the house seemed even more quieter without Fabianmessing around with Jessica.There was also the factor of Tara and Jesse’s strange behaviour, the strange peacefulnesshadn’t disappeared but had done quiet the opposite and the 3 younger Junior’s couldn’t helpbut notice how calm and happy the two elders look now.
  87. 87. 2 more weeks flew by quietly but finally, as the first leaves started fallen from the tress,Jessica’s birthday rolled around.She decided against a party seeing as Fabian couldn’t make it because of his exams, insteadshe wished something for Fabian while blowing out her candles.
  88. 88. With a spin and a flash of light Jessica stood in her teenager form looking absolutely gorgeshaving grown into the few awkward features she had kept through her childhood.With a happy smile she ran upstairs fully intending to take advantage of her newly aged form.
  89. 89. 1 hour passed before Jessica had finally picked an outfit that she was happy with. She nowsat in front of her mirror wondering what she was going to do with her hair.Before she could start on her hair though, she had to fix something. Jessica ran her fingerslightly over the bridge of her nose where her Elven Markings used to be before reaching outfor her make-up.She was different and she was determined to make herself look it.
  90. 90. “Are you ready?” Jesse questioned and Tara grinned before hugging him tightly.“Of course I am.” Tara whispered in return before allowing Jesse to take her hand andtogether they started walking to the front door.
  91. 91. “Pappy? Grandmamma? Where are two you going this late?” Jessica questioned in confusionhaving heard their small talk from the landing upstairs she had come down to investigate.
  92. 92. “Your Grandmamma and I are going to watch the stars together. Now you better get off tobed, it’s late and you’ve got a school tomorrow.” Jesse pointed out with a smile and a smallwave; Jessica smiled in return.“I’ll see you in morning.” She said as she started walking upstairs.“You make me proud, okay Jessica? Do your part in keeping this family going alright?”
  93. 93. Slightly confused Jessica turned to look at her grandparents from the stairs and narrowed hereyes from behind her fringe; she was silent only for a couple of seconds before she forcedherself to smile and wave.“I promise Pappy. I’ll see you in the morning.” She said before she turned and ran to herroom quickly, not wanting her grandparents to see her cry.She knew that was the last time she would be seeing them.
  94. 94. Together Tara and Jesse laid out on the grass with the freshly fallen leaves they watched thestars.
  95. 95. 3 hours they were led outside before but the moment the time struck 12:00 they both feltchills go down their spines and stood to their feet.“I’ll see you on the other side.” Jesse promised as he kissed Tara hard; the former red-headsniffed hard as tears filled her brown eyes and nodded.“I love you Jesse Junior.” Tara whispered and Jesse grinned before saying something he hadnever spoken out loud to anyone but his children and grandchildren.“And I love you, Tara DeBateau.” Jesse said clearly and was rewarded with a beaming smileas a chill settled across the yard.
  96. 96. “Jesse and Tara Junior! Your time is up!” The Grim Reaper ordered as he made his waytowards the elder couple who had been waiting for him.
  97. 97. Have you ever fed a lover With just your hands Close your eyes And trusted, just trusted Have you ever thrown A fist full of glitter in the airHave you ever looked fear in the face And said I just dont care
  98. 98. Have you ever hated yourself For staring at the phone Your whole life waiting on the ring To prove youre not aloneHave you ever been touched so gently You had to cry Have you ever invited a stranger To come inside
  99. 99. It’s only half past the point of oblivion The hourglass on the table The walk before the run The breath before the kiss And the fear before the phrase Have you ever felt this way...
  100. 100. la la la la la la la la
  101. 101. There you are, sitting in the gardenClutching my coffee, calling’ me sugar You called me sugar
  102. 102. Have you ever wished for an endless night Lassoed the moon and the stars And pulled that rope tight Have you ever held your breath And asked yourself Will it ever get better Than tonight, tonight....... - Glitter in the Air- P!nk
  103. 103. “Too much! First I lose my daughter, then my eldest went to college, then my youngest grewup and now Elijah’s parents have died! It’s too much! I can’t take it anymore! Ahahahaha!”-Yeah Puck was not happy when Jesse and Tara died. Because I had to basically reseteverything he’s not permanent-plat anymore (In the game. In the story just pretend he is)which means that he looses aspiration points when his fears get achieved.Anyway so this is Part A out of the way! I suspected I would have had to split this chapterbecause so much was happening.Oh and tell me what you think of the new portraits? I’ve got them from the Sims Resource!So stats are on the next page! I hope you all had a great Christmas and I’ll see you next time!Happy Simming!
  104. 104. Jesse Junior Tara Junior (DeBateau)Stats: 8/8/4/4/1 Stats: 4/7/8/3/3Star Sign: Aries Star Sign: LeoHobby: Fitness Hobby: ScienceAspiration: Romance/Pleasure Aspiration: Knowledge/FamilyCompleted Life Time Wants:- Completed Life Time Wants:--1st: To Become a Hall of Famer-2nd: To Become a Celebrity Chief 1st- Max Out All SkillsTurn Ons: Blonde Hair, Red Hair Turn Ons: Black Hair, LogicalTurn Off: Stink Turn Off: StinkPreferences: Woman (Straight) Preferences: Males (Straight)Children: Ericka Junior, Elijah Junior, Oliver Children: Ericka Junior, Elijah Junior, OliverJunior & Cecelia Junior. Junior & Cecelia Junior.Grandchildren: Fabian Junior, Imogen Junior Grandchildren: Fabian Junior, Imogen Junior(Dead) & Jessica Junior (Dead) & Jessica Junior.