The Tale of Sim - Part 1.2


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The Tale of Sim - Part 1.2

  1. 1. 1.2
  2. 2. If you read the last update, I guess you want to know what the baby‟s gender etc is,, no? Well, Xander and Jane welcomed a baby boy called Tyler into the Sims 3 world. Here he is relaxing in his crib.. Everybody say „awww‟
  3. 3. Jane left Tyler in Xander‟s care (which is never a good thing) to visit some of the more prestigious families, for example, the Bachelors.
  4. 4. Jane: “If I could, I would ditch this place right away, get some money and buy a big house, without kids or a boyfriend” Jane practises her Charisma skill, whilst Xander, who needs to get a fitness point works out. Xander is hardly ever home, he is always at the gym working out ever since Tyler was born.
  5. 5. Plus the fact that Xander is slyer than a fox. His „life time wish‟ (which I shall shorten, like TS2 to LTW) is to be a complete jerkish womanizer and I quote „be the boyfriend of 10 sims‟ Not going to happen Unless I change my mind for a laugh.
  6. 6. Ooohhh. When I first saw this I nearly jumped out of my seat (even though I wasn‟t sitting on a seat). I had seriously thought Buster (Xander‟s father) had hurt her. „Her‟ is Bessie, Xander‟s mother.
  7. 7. Awww… NOOO!!! I nearly cried, seriously, only because a few days before, when Jane was still pregnant with Tyler, she went to the library and Buster was there and she announced the pregnancy and it was too cute and because he was family oriented he was really happy… I‟m really prolonging this pain for myself.. Next slide if you will…
  8. 8. What sort of son would Xander be if he didn‟t cheer up his mother??
  9. 9. Xander usually cycles to work, it‟s a long way but whilst he‟s going I like to follow him and see what‟s happening in town. There was a protest that day, I‟m not sure what about, how do you find out?
  10. 10. To become better friends with her work colleagues, Jane took one colleague (I think it was Tamara Donner) out to dinner at the bistro.. If I had known she needed to wear a formal dress I would have changed her formal wear.
  11. 11. Tyler agified into an amazingly cute toddler, awwwwwww Looking at him face-on, as you will see next slide, truly reminds me of someone I once knew, and it‟s nice to see his hair is just a bit darker than Jane‟s but lighter than Xander‟s, so realistic.
  12. 12. Just look at the cuteness! Look at it! LOOK AT ITTTT!!!
  13. 13. Hmm, yes silly baby sitter, I wonder what the baby needs?! Babysitters are terrible in my game, everyone says they‟re great but they‟re seriously not for me, they don‟t even go inside the house most of the time and so I return home to find the baby smelly, tired and covered in their own filth as well as hungry.
  14. 14. Well done baby sitter! 5 brownie points! Remember to write down her name!
  15. 15. Later that evening, Xander proposed to Jane, of course she said yes, and so it immediately lead to woohoo..
  16. 16. But no time to play about, it‟s Tyler‟s birthday and so ta-daaaaa. Now he definitely looks like someone I once knew… Except for the hair which should be black not blond.
  17. 17. After their woohoo Jane ended up pregnant again, this family is full of excitement.
  18. 18. Tyler had a wish to visit the swimming pool and so bumped into Morty and Gunther Goth, little did I know Gunther was at the end of his life and so died. Waaaahhhh! I decided it was time for Tyler to go home after that.
  19. 19. That night, at 1am it was time for the baby to come, Xander freaked and so Jane was sent to the hospital
  20. 20. It was a little girl, who I called Jennifer. I picked the traits Artistic and Virtuoso. *** A round up of all the family members‟ stats will be on the very last slide for your viewing pleasure.
  21. 21. My maids are also really really bad, Xander once came home to find the house still a mess and the maid chatting to his friends on the computer! Arghh!!
  22. 22. Due to Buster‟s death, I thought it would be a good idea for Bessie to live with the family, at least until her circumstances are better. But there‟s more about how much of a stupid idea that was later.
  23. 23. For the meantime, Bessie took her guitar and played in the park. Over the course of an hour or 2 she got over $100. I was happy.
  24. 24. And it‟s Tyler‟s birthday (that unfortunately Xander was at work for and missed). I love little Tyler‟s face, he‟s just so excitable and it‟s adorable to look at him, (even though he doesn‟t have the excitable trait)
  25. 25. Well hello handsome, lol Aww he‟s still so adorably cute! And look at Jane, she just seems so exited and thrilled. „emotionally pumped‟ I think is the term I‟m looking for.
  26. 26. Hee hee hee!! Please excuse the spoiled food in the fridge and instead take a look at the slippers that come with Tyler‟s jaamies! Hilarious. He can totally rock pink and blue, darling.
  27. 27. This is little Jennifer as a toddler, I love her rainbow tee and how the green shoes match the sleeves and neckline. But what I love the most is her face, her jaw is definitely like Jane‟s which is good, I gave Jane a very prominent jaw to see if it would pass down and ta daaa! Plus her hair is a direct medium between Jane‟s blond and Xander‟s brown!
  28. 28. It is their wedding day, they had a massive party of friends and hired the park as a venue for around $250. Because Xander is insane, he wore his every day clothes.
  29. 29. This is Bessie moving out. I think I have a glitch, her life bar has been full for several weeks. I‟m confused…
  30. 30. What do you do at 3am?? Why play inside the toy box of course!
  31. 31. Aww, but doesn‟t she look so happy there? And mischevious.. What is she doing?????
  32. 32. Tyler loves the outdoors, and for school, he needs to catch a fish and send it to the science lab for some reason or another, and so I took him to the pond a bit further up from the Goth house and military base, it‟s absolutely beautiful, and he was able to meet this woman to talk to whilst fishing. He caught nothing,, question – where do you buy bait? I don‟t want to take a class just for him to get free bait.
  33. 33. Finally! Hooray! Oh I mean „NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO‟ But we didn‟t get any inheritance at all, even though the family is related and stuff. *sad face*
  34. 34. Oh Great, Jane starts another fire. Also I forgot to take photos of Jennifer‟s and Xander‟s birthday. Oh well, you‟ll see them soon.
  35. 35. Jennifer: “Umm,, mum, can you move please?”
  36. 36. Jennifer: “mum??” Jane: “Not right now sweetie, mummy is trying to use the phone!”
  37. 37. I lie I lie, Jane is totally based on me, hair colour and style, eye colour, makeup used, build, skin tone… Exactly.
  38. 38. And so I leave you with this photo of the whole family panicking. *** Don‟t forget to go on the next slide if you want info about the family! Thanks for reading!
  39. 39. Jane Clavell (née Sim) Xander Clavell Pop Electronica Fruit Parfait Spaghetti Turquoise Spiceberry Tyler Clavell Jennifer Clavell Electronica Latin Cheesesteak Key Lime Pie Aqua Green