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Kennedy legacy 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Kennedy legacy 1

  1. 1. The Kennedy Legacy Chapter 1.3Howdy! Welcome back to the Kennedy Legacy. To recap: Jake grew up into a very spoiled and demanding child,and bad joo-joo took its toll on the house when Allyn the burglar broke into the house three times. Vanessa wrotethe first generation novel for the Storyteller rule, and George the puppy-dog joined the family as a present forJake. After a nice man to man chat with Forrest, Jake felt better about growing up into a teen, and that’s wherewe left off. Let’s see what’s going on now.
  2. 2. Hey, being older isn’t so bad after all, Jake thought as he helped himself to the punch. He already chose his path inlife, and he was surely going to work hard to be successful in life.Stats:Aspiration: Fortune4-10-9-4-1LTW: Become City PlannerTurn ons/offs: Grey haired women with jewelry/ Logical women
  3. 3. As expected, his parents gave a roof raising party. Jake smiled as he slowly crept up to his room. There were a fewteen girls there, and some of ‘Nessa’s old college friends. Jake couldn’t wait to see how the girls in high schoolwould treat him.
  4. 4. Forrest was promoted to Captain Hero, and his new mode of travel surprised him.“I sure hope I don’t crash into a building or something,” he thought as he floated up into the sky.
  5. 5. Jake kept himself busy during the afternoons since school let out a lot earlier than he was used to. He tried hishand at fixing the TV, and surprisingly avoided electrocution.
  6. 6. He even pushed it back when he was done. Perhaps he was beginning to not focus on himself as he did as a child.“Done! Now mom will definitely buy me the new xSimBox that I saw yesterday!”Maybe not.
  7. 7. Now that ‘Nessa was quickly rising into culinary stardom, she found herself being at home more and working less.Forrest suggested that she take on another hobby, so she bought a new piano online and picked it up quickly. Itdidn’t hurt that her creativity skills were almost maxed out.
  8. 8. “My muscles are going to be so ripped, none of the girls will be able to resist me!” Jake said between breaths. Hisfitness obsession grew to new heights, and when he wasn’t trying to sweet talk his way into getting a new thingfrom his parents, he was keeping himself fit.
  9. 9. George the puppy-dog still loved Jake. He made sure to make his presence known whenever he saw him, even if itmeant interrupting Forrest’s TV time.“Hey! Move out of the way! I’m missing my show!”“Sorry dad.”“Woof!”
  10. 10. “Maybe we should look for another house, ‘Nessa. I’m worried about you. The only thing you’re talking aboutlately is bad joo-joo.”“Move?? We built this house from the ground up! This land is gift from my family. Moving will only make the badjoo-joo worse.”“Alright dear, whatever you wish. I still love you lots, honey.”“I love you too. “
  11. 11. Beverly Mole came home with Jake after school. He thought this would be the perfect opportunity to impress herwith his muscles and see if she swooned.“Hey Bev, can I ask you something?”“Yea sure. What’s up?”
  12. 12. “What do you think about my looks? I mean, I’m all buff and stuff right?”“Well-”“I know, you are probably speechless right now. Take your time, we got all day.”“But-”“Wait, let me flex a little…”
  13. 13. After flexing for awhile, Beverly rolled her eyes.“You look fine to me, Jake. Very handsome!”Jake didn’t see the sarcastic look on her face because his eyes were closed.“Yep, that’s what I thought. Take it all in, before the other girls notice.”Beverly rolled her eyes again. “Yea….sure.”
  14. 14. The headmaster arrived at the Kennedy residence after Jake whined about it all week. Forrest wasn’t so sure iftheir house would make the grade, since it was still under decorated. ‘Nessa painted a few more pictures to fill inthe gaps.“Good afternoon, Mr. Kennedy. It’s nice to meet you.”“Nice to meet you too, sir. Would you like to see the house?”“Of course.”
  15. 15. ‘Nessa decided to make her world famous lasagna for the headmaster.“What we lack in decorations will definitely be made up in this dinner,” she said as she put the pan in the oven.She put extra cheese in it to make sure he would fall in love with it.
  16. 16. The tour and dinner went smoothly, and even Beverly stayed for dinner.“Mrs. Kennedy, I must say this is a very lovely meal. A nice change from Lobster Thermadore. I am quite honoredto be eating the food of a celebrity chef.”“You’re quite welcome! And please, I’m just a woman who loves to cook. No celebrities in here.”Her modesty and good cooking secured a spot in the private school for Jake.
  17. 17. The extra cheese went straight to his waistline though.“Mom! I gained weight!”“Oh, hush child, a little weight won’t kill you. Besides, it could easily be all of those video games you play that’smaking you fat.”Jake rushed off to the exercise bike to work off the fat that was bugging him.
  18. 18. They rarely had the same day off together, so it was today that they decided to relax at home and spend time witheach other.“So, what would you like to do? Watch a movie or take a nap?”Forrest grinned. “How about we do both? And then maybe order some pizza?”“Sounds like a plan!”Their planning was interrupted by the doorbell. “Were you expecting company?”‘Nessa shook her head. “No, but I will go see who it is.”
  19. 19. Oh my God….is that who I think it is??? Her eyes became large as she peered through the door.
  20. 20. “Thomas!! Oh my God it’s so good to see you!”“It’s good to see you too my lil’ sista. Nice crib you have here.”‘Nessa pulled back and looked at her baby brother. “When did you get into town? And how did you find us?”“Aunt Tanice gave me your address. Since I was travelling, I thought I would come visit.”
  21. 21. “You are lookin’ good for your age. How old are you now, forty?”‘Nessa grinned. “I wish. I’m forty nine . Tryin’ not to think about it though. I keep tellin’ myself I’m still twenty.”“Good luck with that, lil’ sista. Me, I’m still lovin’ my thirties. Gonna stay that way too.”“Well, come on inside. I want you to meet someone.”
  22. 22. Forrest stood up when he saw the tall man walk in.“Sweetie, this is Thomas, my brother from Simaica.”Thomas shook his had hard and quick. “Nice to meet you. Glad to see my sista has a nice man.”“Oh, it is a real pleasure to meet you. The name’s Forrest.”‘Nessa watched as the two men got to know each other, she wondered why he really came all this way.
  23. 23. “This meat rissoles is just like mama made back home,” Thomas said as he dug in.“You eatin’ like you haven’t had a decent meal in ages!” ‘Nessa replied.“Well, when you are single and can’t cook, there are no decent meals.” Forrest nodded in agreement.“You know, before I met ‘Nessa, I was living off of TV dinners and takeout, kind of like those single guys in themovies. So I know what you mean. Maybe you should find a nice woman to settle down with, be happy andstable.”‘Nessa snorted. “The day this man settles down with any one woman will be the day dogs and cats haveconversations.”“C’mon now! I can settle if I want to….I just choose not to. There’s too many beautiful ladies out there to just haveone.”
  24. 24. After lunch, Thomas pulled ‘Nessa to the side.“Look sista, you know what I said about travellin’ and all that right?”“Yea…”“Well, truth is, I lost my place over in Simaica over a bet. So I have been basically couch hoppin’ for the last fewmonths. I came here because there’s good jobs here. Can I crash here until I get my own place? I promise it won’tbe too long.”She sighed. “I knew there was something. Tell you what, you can have the living room and I will try to buy a cot inthe next few days. But you better find a job and a place soon.”“You got it. Thanks a lot sis.”
  25. 25. Jake came home a couple hours later. He saw Thomas sitting on the couch, and immediately introduced himself.“Hey I’m Jake. Who are you?”“I’m your Uncle Thomas. Wow you have definitely grown. Lookin’ just like your daddy.”“I have an uncle???” Jake was confused.“Of course you do! You have family all over Simaica. We just don’t come around very often since we are so faraway.” He looked at Jake for a moment. “Hey, you got a girlfriend?”Jake looked away. “Um, no.”“Well we gotta fix that. Or at least, I can teach how to get the girls’ attention.”“I would like that a lot! I work out and flex and the girls like it, but I know I need something more…”
  26. 26. Thomas made himself useful while staying with ‘Nessa. He never learned how to cook, so he stayed with frozencroissants and just-add-water boxed dinners.
  27. 27. He also made it his duty to teach his young nephew about the facts of life and how to deal with the ladies.“One day, when you go out on your own, you need to know how to handle the ladies. Now, you got to make surethey recognize how good you look, know what I mean?”“Yea…”“And then, you got to make them feel all special so they swoon all over you. Then they will be putty in your hands.Also, you got to let them know who’s boss, otherwise they will run all over you.”
  28. 28. “So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong! What else should I be doing?”“Well, you got to be confident. Let it be all about you. When you show people it’s all about you, then the ladieswill believe it’s all about you too.”Thomas’ bad advice went straight to Jake’s head, and he was soaking up every word of it.
  29. 29. “One last thing. Ladies love it when a man have little fuzz on the face. Makes you look all masculine and strong. Sostop shaving your peach fuzz and let it all grow out….but not too much.”“Umm…ok. I guess I can do that.”“Good. Now go practice your charisma skills. You’re going to need them soon.”
  30. 30. *One week later*Thomas and Jake went to the local recreation center, but not for exercise.“Here we are, your final test! Today, you will test out your lady impressing skills. I am sure you will leave with atleast five phone numbers.”“You think so?”“I know so! You gotta be confident! Remember, it’s all about you man.”“’s all about me!”
  31. 31. Jake saw a nice looking girl taking a walk around the park. Here’s my chance, he thought as he walked over to herwith a confident strut.“Hey, pretty girl, do you like music? ‘Cuz you just made a pretty song go through my head just now!”“Oh, you think I’m pretty?”“Of course I do! And let me tell you something…”
  32. 32. “….I know you and me would look good cuddling over-”“Ew! What kind of girl do you think I am?! If you want easy pickings I suggest you go elsewhere!”“But it’s all about-”“Go away you perve!”*sigh*
  33. 33. Thomas was watching from a distance, and shook his head when Jake was shot down. He got his attention andstrutted over to the red haired girl.“Hey baby wanna play some HORSE with me? I can go for a long long time.” He winked.“Ooh, as hot as you are, I would play with you anytime! Just name the place,” she replied, swooning.
  34. 34. “Now you see how I just did that? Confident, and made it all about me.”“Yea, I thought I did that. That girl made me look bad big time.”“Don’t worry. Keep practicing. We got all afternoon.”
  35. 35. By the end of the afternoon, Thomas had the women lining up just to talk to him for a couple minutes. Jake gaveup and played basketball until his uncle was ready to go home.
  36. 36. The big day finally arrived for Vanessa. She made sure to invite as many friends as she could, including the burpingprofessor that came to her wedding. As she looked around the kitchen, she smiled as realized that her life hadgone very well despite the challenge her Aunt gave her so many years ago.
  37. 37. “Forrest, you didn’t have to put this many candles on here,” she said as she bent down to blow them out.“Hey, just being honest, babe.”“Don’t nobody count these candles or else!” The party guests all laughed, and ‘Nessa blew them out.Here comes old age, she thought as she made her transition.
  38. 38. After changing into something more suitable, ‘Nessa came back out and joined the party. Forrest stared at his wifeas they started dancing together.“Wow….’Nessa you look beautiful!”She smiled. “You’re just saying that. I’m all old and gray and saggy.”“No really! You look even more beautiful now than ever.”
  39. 39. Forrest had one more thing he wanted to do.“Honey, I got you a present. I know it’s not much, but I thought you would like it. ““This is too much, Forrest,” she said as she opened the present.Inside, a small onyx coloured african statue was tucked inside. She kissed her husband, then went and put it in thebedroom.
  40. 40. After the party was over, Thomas came over to say goodbye.“I just want to thank you for helpin’ me out. If you ever need anything, just let me know.”“Of course. You take care of yourself, and stop getting in trouble.”Thomas laughed. “Yea, I will do my best. Try to visit me often. My new place is only 15 minutes away.”
  41. 41. The whole family watched the taxi drive away. ‘Nessa hoped that her brother will do a lot better than he wasdoing in Simaica. Jake was hoping that he would be able to live up to his uncle’s expectations.
  42. 42. I will leave you all with a funny picture of George the puppy-dog giving his opinion of the unfinished painting. Nexttime, Jake will be in college, and all heck will definitely break loose. See ya next time!