A Struggle to Survive a Legacy. 3.01 B


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy. 3.01 B

  1. 1. Last Time: Fabian Junior entered college and there he met up with his childhood boyfriendDustin Broke; after a huge confession the two of them started dating again.It turns out that Fabian was still having horrifying nightmares about Imogen’s death and itwas all because he secretly blamed himself for her death.Just to top of the list of troubles he has, Fabian gets the news his Grandparents have passedaway.Dustin is acting strange and also receiving suspicious phone calls that seem to be hintingtowards his relationship with Fabian.The boys open up the Annya-Cham-Hoh-Var Greek House once again and happily move in intheir Sophomore year.Dustin proposes to Fabian who gladly accepts.Finally Jessica and her boyfriend Benji Curious move to college to begin the new chapter oftheir life.
  2. 2. Jessica Junior and Benji Curious stood side by side outside what will be their home for thenext year.The two of them had arrived on the Striford campus together and were happy to note theyhad been placed in the same dorm too.“So we’ve placed in one of the bigger ones, huh?” Benji mused as he crossed his arms overhis chest and Jessica smiled.“Just makes it easier to meet more people. Come on, let’s pick out our rooms.”
  3. 3. Surprisingly Jessica found herself being approached by not 1 but 4 other members in herdorm not long after she had settled in.She had to admit they were all a bit desperate for attention but even so she still found herselfbecome good friends with them.
  4. 4. As such it surprised no on in the dorm that night when a police officer in the same uniformcame and collected Jessica from her room that.Well it surprised Jessica who was wondering why there was a strange man making chickennoises at her.
  5. 5. She was welcomed in to the Secret Society with a small party as it turned out she was theyoungest Sim to have ever been accepted into the organisation.Jessica didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about. All she cared about was the factFabian was there with her.
  6. 6. “So they accepted you did they?” Benji questioned as he ran the back of his hand overJessica’s cheek.“How do you know about-?” Jessica started to question but Benji cut her off with a laugh.“Jess my Dad is on of the most famous scientist in Strangetown, what makes you think hedoesn’t have connections to the Secret Society?” Benji pointed out causing Jessica to roll hereyes.“Oh shut up smartass. I’ve had a very long night and I hope you have something planned tomake me feel better.”
  7. 7. With the excitement of being in college finally started to die down, both Jessica and Benji tuckered down to getto work on their term papers.
  8. 8. Of course as soon as the two of them finished with work they got to work on getting theirhobby enthusiasm.
  9. 9. Even though he was incredibly shy Benji found himself making quite a few friends over thecollege’s chess board.His most common challenger was Brian McKenna who quickly become his best friends.
  10. 10. Study groups were also a good way to not only get their grades up but to also make quickfriends.Jessica found it strange that none of the girls in the dorm took part in a study group butdidn’t complain, if she was honest the boys were much better company anyway.
  11. 11. To their shock their mid-term exams snuck up on them.It was raining when both Benji Jessica walked to their exams completely filled with nerves.They neednt have worried as both passed with flying colours and made it on the Dean’s list.
  12. 12. Not wanting to be caught off guard the two college students both tuckered down to get their grades as high aspossible, as quickly as possible.
  13. 13. Being such a serious person Benji only really cared about learning about everything , as suchhis needs were nearly always ignored with oblivious results.“Oh jeez. Can someone go get Jessica, please?” Zack Andersons asked after Benji fell asleepin his pancakes right in the middle of the conversation.“Why? I mean you got to admit he’s cute and I bet he’d look great with some lipstick.”
  14. 14. “I can’t believe you just said that, Kana!” Zack gawped as he took a quick look at the stillasleep alien to be sure Kana hadn’t done anything yet.“Oh come on, Zack! I got loads of makeup back in my room, let’s give him a collegemakeover, see if he ever falls asleep out in the open again.” Kana Jackson laughed but Zackshook his head firmly.“And suffer through rage of his girlfriend who is actually the granddaughter of the Prince ofDarkness, Jesse Junior? No thank you, I like living even if it means I never graduate.”“Good point.”
  15. 15. While Benji unknowingly used his girlfriend’s family to his advantage, said girlfriend wasreceiving phone calls from her old High School headmaster.“Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah look Principal Kyle as lovely as it is to hear what my former classmatesare doing, I’m in college right now and that means I’m very busy.” Jessica sighed as shelooked at her nails in a bored fashion.
  16. 16. “Hey Jessica! Nice PJs but I much rather see you without them!” “Go drown in a lake, Ray!”It was safe to say that while they had made friends in the dorms, both were defiantly looking forward toleaving it once and for all.Lucky for them they didn’t have to wait long and on a bright sunny day the two of them were rushing to theirfinale exams.
  17. 17. It surprised neither of them that they passed with flying colours and kept their places on theDean’s list.To celebrate the fact they were finally Sophomores Benji brought the Heir close and kissedher lovingly.Jessica obviously didn’t have any complaints.
  18. 18. The two of them didn’t waste any time before inviting over Dustin and Fabian so they can beaccepted into the house.“God, I look stupid wearing this.” Fabian muttered to himself.
  19. 19. Dustin obviously didn’t think so.“For crying out loud you two! The quicker you accept us the quicker you can get to eachother!” Jessica shouted as Benji forced himself to look elsewhere.
  20. 20. “Michael it’s been so long.” Jessica laughed as she pulled the family butler into a tight hug,who gladly returned it.“It has indeed, Miss Jessica. You’ve defiantly grown up well, I’ll be sure to tell your parents assuch.” Michael teased as he grabbed her bags.“Michael...” Jessica whined causing the balding man to chuckle once again.“If you follow me Miss Jessica, Mr Curious, I will show you to your rooms.”
  21. 21. Later that day, after unpacking, both Benji and Jessica relaxed together in the hot tub outback.“So what do you think?” Jessica questioned as she wrapped her arms around Benji’s bonyshoulders.“Well you can defiantly tell it’s owned by your family.” Benji snickered as Jessica narrowedher eyes.“What’s that meant to mean?” She demanded and Benji smiled as he leaned towards her.“Let’s just say you are your family have a very unique taste.” Benji whispered and Jessicalaughed.“Well I’m dating you, aren’t I?”She pointed with a smirk before their lips finally clashedtogether.
  22. 22. With 2 new members now part of the Society the pressure to keep their reputation up weighed heavily both Dustin’sand Fabian’s shoulders.They not only had to keep in good contact with other students on the campus but they had to make sure their gradesstayed high.That meant making sure their term papers were finished as quickly as possible.
  23. 23. While the junior residents were working on keeping the society’s reputation up, Benjidecided to make friends with the Junior family butler Michael.It turns out that the balding man was a very good chess player.
  24. 24. Even after moving into the Greek House both Jessica and Benji made to sure to keep up withtheir studies.Using their new library both sophomores wrote their term papers easily.
  25. 25. When all their study tasks were done though Fabian organized a huge toga party in celebration for hissister and her boyfriend finally joining him at the Greek House.It went well on well into the night and Fabian was first to admit that he didn’t remember much of it.
  26. 26. It wasn’t long though until both Fabian and Dustin were rushing to their mid-term exams.Both passed with flying colours and earned their spots in the Dean’s list.
  27. 27. “Hello?” Fabian asked down the phone having grabbed it while he was on his way to theshower; a cough sounded down the phone before someone answered.“Uh hello? Is um is Dustin there? It’s Dirk.”“Yeah he’s upstairs at the moment so just hold on a minute and I’ll call him.” Fabian said ashe noticed Jessica walking up to him in the corner of his eye.“Thank you.”
  28. 28. “Dustin! It’s Dirk!” Fabian shouted as the campus’s mascot ran past him with a laugh.“Okay, I’m coming!” Dustin called back and with a smile Fabian put Dirk on hold.
  29. 29. “Who was that?” Jessica asked curiously and Fabian grinned as he looked at his baby sister.“That was Dirk, Dustin’s step-brother.”“Dirk? Dirk Dreamer?”
  30. 30. “Yeah. When their parents got married they had a huge fight but they seem to have made up.Dirk’s always calling asking for Dustin.” Fabian explained and Jessica narrowed her eyes.
  31. 31. “Always? You mean like once a week, right? Like I used to do?”“No he calls almost every night.”“And he’s goes to high school, right? So how is he finding the time to do that as well as callDustin every night?” Jessica demanded suspiciously and Fabian frowned in confusion.“Where are you going wit this?”“Something isn’t right at all with that. Isn’t he dating Lillith Pleasant? There is no way Dirkcould have enough time to do all that as well as called Dustin every night.”
  32. 32. Fabian shook his head while placing his hands on his hips.“I think you’re just being paranoid, Jess. Just because Dirk has more free time than you diddoesnt make it suspicious.” Fabian stated firmly as he started walked towards the bathroom.“But...”“No buts Jessica. If you’re that bored why don’t you go and help Michael clean up theconservatory .” He suggested before he disappeared into the room.
  33. 33. Jessica frowned as she crossed her arms over her and looked to the ground.She had to admit it wasn’t the Dirk thing that had her so suspicious, it was Dustin in general.Ever since she had moved into the Greek House she couldn’t help but notice the strange wayDustin acted.It was obvious he loved Fabian but he also seemed nervous somehow.“Somethings not right with him.” She whispered to herself before she heard the sound offoot steps coming down the stairs.
  34. 34. Thinking quickly Jessica ran and hid out of sight just as Dustin reached the 1st floor andwalked towards the phone.“If he is up to something, then I’ll find out myself.” She whispered just as Dustin picked upthe phone.
  35. 35. “Hello-?!”“Are you trying to make me angry, Dustin?” A very familiar voice demanded the momentDustin picked up and the blonde stiffened in shock.“W-what? O-of course not, sir!”
  36. 36. “Then explain to me why you haven’t completed your task yet! It’s not that hard of a task, it’ssomething me myself has many times.”“I’m sorry sir...it’s just...his little sister has moved in.” Dustin explained quietly and cringedwhen the line went silent.“You mean to tell me that you waited so long to complete your task that the HEIRESS HASACTUALLY STARTED COLLEGE?!” The voice roared and Dustin flinched violently in fear.“I-I don’t understand. I thought you said she was powerless?” Dustin questioned and a sighanswered him back.
  37. 37. “She is powerless. Thanks to my brother’s actions she has been completely blocked from herfamilies natural abilities but being an Heiress to a Legacy means she needs to be aware onwhat’s going on with her family. If you’re not careful she will find out what we’re up to.”“Then why are we not going after her? If she’s next in line then why Fabian?” Dustinquestioned.“Because while Jessica Junior is powerless, Fabian Junior is not. Now hurry up and completeyour task Dustin, or their will be consequences.” The voice threatened before the phone linewent dead.
  38. 38. Dustin sighed as he hung up the phone and stared at it sadly.Just what had he gotten himself into?With a firm shake of his head Dustin walked towards the stars and started walking downthem, he could use some juice.
  39. 39. Jessica frowned as she tapped her lip in thought; she wasn’t stupid, even though she onlyheard Dustin’s part of the conversation it was easy to connect the dots.Dustin was going to do something to Fabian because of their Elvin heritage and whatever hewas meant to do, he should have done it before she arrived.They were worried about her title as the Heiress to her family’s legacy.“I’m going to have to keep an eye on him. No one’s going to hurt my big brother while I’maround.”
  40. 40. With trouble brewing between Jessica and Dustin, Benji and Fabian continued on completelyobvious to what was going on with their partners.For instance a study group was arranged between the boys and while Dustin mind was everywhere except the book in front of him Fabian and Benji continued to remain completelyobvious to it.
  41. 41. But college doesn’t stop even when the house is filled with tension.Both Jessica and Benji were soon on their way to their mid-term exams during a beautifulautumn day.Both obviously passed but because she was so distracted Benji was the only one who made iton the Dean’s list.
  42. 42. “Jess? Can I come in?” Benji asked after knocking on the door of the girl’s dorm; being theonly girl in the house though the room was basically all her.“Of course you can, Benny.” Jessica sighed as she rested her arm on her raised knee; with aconcerned frown Benji walked over to her and joined her on the bed.“So are you going to tell me what’s been going on with you lately? It’s not like you to do sobadly on a test, you only just passed it.” Benji pointed out and Jessica sighed.“Something’s been bothering me lately.” She admitted and Benji rolled his eyes but stayedsilent.“I think...I think Dustin may be up to something. Something bad.” Jessica finally admittedreluctantly expecting Benji to laugh at her.
  43. 43. She knew Benji better than that though. Instead of laughing Benji only gave her a curioussmile.“What makes you think that?”“He’s been acting strange ever since I first saw him, like he’s nervous of something.” Sheexplained and Benji shrugged.“Didn’t he propose to your brother when they were Freshmen? I bet it’s just pre-marriagenerves.”
  44. 44. “See that’s what I thought but then I listened in on one of phone calls from ‘Dirk’.” Jessicaadmitted without even being ashamed of spying on someone.“Jessica!” Benji on the other hand was completely horrified.“Oh shut up, Benny! I had my reasons and it’s a good thing I did. If I hadn’t listened in Iwouldn’t have heard him mention mine and Fabian’s heritage.” Jessica said with a smirkcausing Benji to narrow his eyes.“Why would he be talking about that?”“That’s not all! Whatever he’s planning on doing to my brother, he was meant to have doneit before I got to college.”
  45. 45. “Why go after Fabian though? You’re the Heiress, the 3rd Generation of your family, wouldn’tit make more sense to go after you?” Benji asked and Jessica nodded with a smirk.“Because I’m no longer able to access my Elvin blood. When I was a child I was able to butsomething has either put a block on it or has made me more human. Either way I’mpowerless when compared to Fabian.” Jessica summarized.“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Benji demanded and Jessica shrugged apologetically.“Because I thought I was imagining it. No one else remembered me having markings so Iassumed I dreamt it. After what Dustin said though I’m beginning to think otherwise.” Jessicafinished with a sigh and Benji nodded silently.“Well what are you going to do? I doubt Fabian’s going to believe you if you talk to him, he isengaged to Dustin after all.” Benji pointed out and Jessica frowned.“Good point. I need to think about this, want some coco?” She offered, already walking outof the door before Benji had a chance to answer.
  46. 46. “Ah! Wait, Jessica!” Benji called out as he quickly ran out after her; when she turned out hnervously grabbed her hand.“T-there was another reason why I wanted to t-talk to you.” Benji admitted shyly causingJessica to blink at him in confusion.“What is it?”“U-um w-well I-I was wondering i-if you would like to g-go out with me t-tonight?” Benjistuttered and after a couple of seconds of silence Jessica laughed.“You idiot. I would love to.”
  47. 47. Later that evening Jessica found herself caught by her arm before she could sneak out withBenji.“Wow Jess! You look beautiful.” Fabian gasped as he took in the deep blue dress Jessica hadchosen to wear.“Y-you think so?” Jessica questioned nervously and Fabian grinned.
  48. 48. “Yes I really do.” Fabian laughed as he pulled Jessica forward and kissed her cheek lightly witha smile.“Now go and enjoy yourself. You won’t regret it, I promise.” Fabian whispered and Jessicalaughed as she opened the door to the garage.“You say the strangest things, Fabian. Why would I regret going out with my boyfriend?” Sheasked rhetorically before the door closed behind her.
  49. 49. Londoste was the most popular restaurant when it came to all the students in college, itwasn’t uncommon go see a couple of young adults enjoying their time together.And that was exactly what Benji and Jessica were doing, their laughs were the loudest thatechoed around the room.“This was lovely, Benny. Thank you for bringing me here.” Jessica laughed and Benji blushedas he rubbed the back of his neck.“Well the truth is I truly love you, Jess. I don’t care about what family you come from or whatyour past is, I only care about you.” Benji said and Jessica looked at him in confusion.“Benny?”
  50. 50. “I love you Jessica Junior and I would be honoured if you would let me share my love withyou for the rest of our lives.” Benji whispered as he pulled out a very familiar looking blackbox from his pocket.“Benji...!” Jessica gasped in shock as she covered her mouth.“Jessica Junior will you marry me?”
  51. 51. “O-oh Benji. T-this i-is...I-I never expected you do this! I thought I would have to be the onewho-.” Jessica swallowed hard as tears filled her eyes; the ring sitting in the black box wassilver with a beautiful blue sapphire that matched Jessica’s eyes.“Jess...”“Yes! Yes I’ll marry you, Benji Curious.” Jessica laughed tearfully as she allowed Benji to slipthe ring on her finger.Cheers rang around the restaurant as Jessica leaned forward and kissed Benji with tears stillrunning down her cheeks.
  52. 52. The happy atmosphere lingered for quite some time around the Greek House; parties wereconstantly thrown and when they weren’t up for company the group usually just playedgames with each other.
  53. 53. Both Jessica and Benji couldn’t help but notice how more affectionate Dustin was towards Fabian.It was very rare now to see either boy without each other.Benji believed it was the happiness that still swelled the house but Jessica wasn’t so sure.
  54. 54. She couldn’t be sure but it was like Dustin was savouring all the time he spent with Fabian, asif he was making sure to remember every moment with her older brother.It was after watching the two of them together during breakfast that Jessica came to adecision.Whatever Dustin was planning, it meant he wouldn’t be with Fabian. Jessica needed to find out what he was up to and soon.
  55. 55. Dustin hummed to himself with a happy smile as he made his way to the kitchen, intending tohelp himself to a bottle of beer.The past couple of weeks had been pretty good for him, even with the threat of his bosshanging over his head Dustin had found himself generally enjoying Fabian’s company.Just as he reached the dining table though he noticed someone blocking the way into thekitchen.
  56. 56. “Jessica? Is everything alright?” Dustin asked in confusion and the youngest Junior frownedas she placed a hand on her hip.“I think it’s time you and I have a little talk Dustin.”
  57. 57. “I’m just going to get right to the point, Dustin.” Jessica stated as she took a deep sip fromher coffee mug.“Okay?” The blonde replied suspiciously.“What exactly are you planning on doing with my brother, Dustin?” Jessica demanded andDustin chocked on his mouthful of beer.
  58. 58. After a couple of seconds of coughing Dustin looked at the Heiress in complete shock.“What kind of question is that?! You can’t just ask me something like that!” The blondobjected before taking a long drink from his bottle.“It’s a simple question, Dustin. What are you planning on doing with Fabian?”“Well it should be obvious! I’m planning on marrying him and spending the rest of my lifewith him, we may even adopt a few kids if we want.”
  59. 59. Jessica stared at Dustin with furious blue eyes.“I can’t believe you can sit there and lie to me like that!” Jessica cried out furiously; she didn’tknow how she could tell he was lying, but she knew he was.“What?” Dustin whispered in shook and Jessica shook her head with a deep frown.“You heard me, Dustin Broke!”
  60. 60. “I’m not lying! I love Fabian with all my heart and anyway what business is it of yours todemanded what goes on between me and him?” Dustin demanded .
  61. 61. “What business is it of mine?! I tell you what business it is of mine. My name is Jessica Juniorand you are engaged to my big brother Fabian Junior. After over hearing your conversationwith your so called ‘Step-Brother’ I’m starting to think that the only future you have plannedwith Fabian is one where you burying him in a shallow grave!” Jessica shouted after throwingher coffee mug to the floor and jumping to her feet.
  62. 62. “How dare you accuse me of such a thing! I love Fabian with all my heart, I would never everdo anything to hurt him! If I was planning on something like that why would I propose tohim?!”
  63. 63. Jessica grit her teeth angrily knowing that Dustin had pushed her in a corner; if he wasplanning on hurting her brother, why would he propose to him?“I know you’re planning something and I promise you I will find out what it is. As the Heiressit’s my job to keep my family safe and if you’re planning hurting my family I will stop you!”She shouted before she turned and ran up the stairs, hoping to find Benji; she needed tocalm down before she ends up hurting someone.
  64. 64. Dustin frowned as he listened to the sound of Jessica searching the house for her fiancé andnarrowed his eyes.He’d been warned.Just a few weeks ago he had been warned that there was a chance that Jessica would findout, she was the heiress and it gave her gifts that no one could comprehend.Now she was very close to finding out the truth and Dustin knew that if she found out toomuch, he would have to get rid of her.
  65. 65. Even with the tension between Dustin and Jessica life still continued on. It wasn’t long until bothDustin and Fabian were heading to their finale exams.Both passed and were put on the Dean’s list as they entered their Senior year.
  66. 66. Jessica released a sigh of relief as she leaned back against the bath.This week had defiantly been stressful, what with Dustin avoiding her every step, Fabian wasbeing strangely tense around her, he was a very insightful person and knew she had donesomething to Dustin, and her finale exam was only a few hours away.She hummed happily as she allowed the bath to soak her hair before pushing herself to herfeet.
  67. 67. Feeling much more relaxed than she had in a long time Jessica wrapped her wet hair in atowel and slipped on her dressing gowned.When she looked in the mirror though she tensed up all over again.Staring at her reflection she could clearly see her high cheek bones, her tilted nose and herbroad forehead but most of all she could see her blaring round ears.Biting her lip Jessica quickly opened up the cupboard and grabbed her makeup bag.“I’m different from every else. I’m not normal.” She muttered to herself as she slammed thedoor shut and leaned closer to the mirror with a bottle of eyeliner in her hand.
  68. 68. “There you are.” Benji whispered in relief as he spotted Jessica walking out of the bathroomin her bathrobe.“You were looking for me?” Jessica questioned with a smile as she noticed Benji wasdeterminedly keeping his eyes on her face.“My finale exams are soon so I wanted to wish you luck before I left.” Benji admitted with anervous smile.
  69. 69. “You’re sweet.” Jessica laughed as she placed her hand on Benji’s shoulder and allowed himto pull her into his arms.“Only for you.” He whispered before he finally allowed their lips to meet.
  70. 70. “Good luck.” Benji whispered when the two eventually separated and Jessica laughed as shekissed him lightly on his cheek.“You too. I’ll see you when I get home.”
  71. 71. Just as they said both Benji and Jessica were off to their finale exams on a bright autumn day.Both passed with flying colours and Jessica regained her spot on the Dean’s list along side Benji.
  72. 72. Jessica Junior (Heiress) Stats: 7/8/6/4/4 Star Sign: Aries Hobby: Music & Dance Aspiration: Family/PleasureLife Time Want: To Become Captain Hero Turn Ons: Black Hair, Logical Turn Off: Stink Preferences: Males (Straight)
  73. 73. With exams finally out of the way the group settled down and get their term papers out ofthe way.
  74. 74. Both Jessica and Fabian found their first term relatively fast and nothing very exciting happen tothem.As such it was no surprise to either of them as they set of for their mid-term exams on rainy dayin the first day of winter.Both passed easily and secured their spots on the Dean’s list.
  75. 75. As they usually do they quickly got their term-papers out of the way, working well into the early hours ofthe morning.
  76. 76. It was a much brighter day when Dustin and Benji were off to their own mid-term exams but that didn’tmake it any less cold.Both boys passed their exams and kept their spots on the Dean’s list.
  77. 77. They also followed their partners’ example and got their term papers out of the way.
  78. 78. It was late one night when Jessica paused with a piece of pizza in her hands as the phonerang behind her.She swallowed hard as it quickly stopped knowing full well that the only person up wasDustin who was doing some studying upstairs in the library.A deep sense of forbidding suddenly rang through her and shivered hard.Whatever Dustin was planning...
  79. 79. ...It was about to happen.“You’re time is up, Dustin Broke. I’ve been patient and have waited for you to make your ownmove but now I’ve had enough. You have 3 days to go through with my task or it will be yoursister who pays the price.”
  80. 80. “Yes that’s it! Bow to me!”-Oh my god, finally! I am so sorry it took so long with this guys but my life has been socomplicated lately I really haven’t had the time to finish this chapters.So the just one more part to go and then Jessica will be returning back to the long awaitedLegacy house.I also finally completed my collection during my time away with Bon Voyage so now I have allthe Sims 2 which is brilliant.The next one will be up much quickly because it’s the chapter I’ve wanted to write from thestart. Anyway I hope you guys like this chapter and Benji’s stats are on the next slide.Happy Simming!
  81. 81. Benji Curious (Soon to be Junior) Stats: 10/0/10/0/7 Star Sign: Virgo Hobby: GamesAspiration: Knowledge/Grilled Cheese (Junior Year Re-Roll) Life Time Want: To Become a Hand of Poseidon Turn Ons: Red hair, Creativity Turn Off: Cologne Preferences: Females (Straight)