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A Journey From English Lit to Freelance Social Media and Marketing


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Kelsey Jones' journey from her English Lit degree to freelancing and editing with Search Engine Journal. Also includes best practices for business and personal social media accounts, with a few examples.

Published in: Marketing
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A Journey From English Lit to Freelance Social Media and Marketing

  1. 1. + A Journey From English Lit to Freelance Social Media and Marketing Kelsey Jones, and
  2. 2. + My Background  Degree from Kansas State University in English Literature & Creative Writing, Minor in Women’s Studies  Internship  Blogging, Then & Now  First Freelance Client:  Currently, I Work With:
  3. 3. + How Do You Even Get Into Freelancing and Marketing?
  4. 4. + Services I Offer : How did I learn what I know now?  Great mentors  Reading everything I can: RSS readers, books, audiobooks  Conferences  Experiencing it first hand  Doing research to write about it • Social Media Marketing • SEO • Paid Search Ads • Ghostwriting • Copywriting • “Easy” WordPress websites
  5. 5. + How Do You Expand? To become a thought leader, you have to:  Do things you don’t want to do  Question everything: don’t do something just because that’s “how it’s always been done”  Push yourself out of your comfort zone  Go the extra mile Continuous growth is hard.
  6. 6. + Social Media Best Practices For companies and personal accounts
  7. 7. + Company Social Media Best Practices  If you don’t think your boss would tweet it, you probably shouldn’t either  Go past Facebook and Twitter: Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine  Not all networks work for all businesses  Don’t forget about review sites  Use a scheduler, like Buffer or HootSuite  Monitor what people say about your company online using free tools: SocialMention, Google Alerts,
  8. 8. If you’re not a “Taco Bell,” think about what your target customer is passionate about & create content about that.
  9. 9. + Personal Social Media Best Practices If you’d be embarrassed if your mom or boss saw it, don’t share it on social media Know your Facebook and other network privacy settings Be careful who you tag Be fun, but not outrageous…
  10. 10. + That’s It! Any questions? @wonderwall7