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Use social media to get a job in Marketing


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How to use Social media to stand out and get hired.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Use social media to get a job in Marketing

  1. 1. So you wanna work in Marketing? Matt Hames Social Media Strategist Eric Mower and Associates @mhames
  2. 2. • About you. • Your brand. • Stand out.
  3. 3. You.
  4. 4. • You are in a unique position. • Senior people at ad agencies can remember the day they got e-mail.
  5. 5. • You can teach. • But first, you have to prove you know something. • So lets assume for a minute that your resume is on Hot Jobs and Monster and all of those. • You’re also sending your resume and cover letters to a bunch of agencies all over the country.
  6. 6. • Social networks ask you to status cast. • What are you doing? Working on. Where are you? • What do you know?
  7. 7. • You need to get out the message of who you are, what you like, and what you know.
  8. 8. Your brand.
  9. 9. • Two years ago, held interviews for Web 2.0 experts in a web 2.0 world -- Second Life. • IBM wrote a white paper saying that WoW Guild Leaders were management potential.
  10. 10. • If you play in these worlds, add it to your resume. • If you build 3D models in Second Life or Google Earth, add it to your resume. • Those are two of the “Second world” logos. If you excel in a game or multiplayer world, tell people why that makes you a good hire.
  11. 11. • Insert picture of you having a good time here. • This isn’t a bad thing.
  12. 12. • There’s nothing wrong with having pictures on Facebook of you partying • Just balance it.
  13. 13. • Make LinkedIn the up-to-date you • It should be 100% complete • Get your name: • Connect to important people
  14. 14. • Join relevant groups.
  15. 15. • Ask and answer questions. • Show off your expertise.
  16. 16. • If someone gives you a “Best answer” LinkedIn calls you an expert.
  17. 17. • Follow companies you want to work at.
  18. 18. • At EMA, we hired someone on LinkedIn. • Our HR person went out looking for people who fit our opening. • Would he have found you?
  19. 19. • Follow agencies, or people at agencies who are on Twitter.
  20. 20. • Can’t write? • Speak your mind on YouTube. • Create a Weekly Talk where you present your ideas on your channel. • Add your channel to your resume.
  21. 21. • Wordpress is a place to show off your knowledge in a blog.
  22. 22. • If you update Wikipedia, or a blog • Put it on LinkedIn and your resume!
  23. 23. • Slideshare is a place to show off your knowledge. • In power point.
  24. 24. • Social bookmarking proves smarts.
  25. 25. Stand out.
  26. 26. Own the first page on Google
  27. 27. • In your cover letter, tell people to Google you.
  28. 28.
  29. 29. • If you can own your spot on Google. • You can do it for a brand. • Explain to people how to do it.
  30. 30. • But Matt, my name is Brad Pitt.
  31. 31. Buy your way on with PPC
  32. 32. • It’s a cliché, but you need to stand out. • HR Google's everyone.