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State of Search 2017: How to Scale Editorial Strategy


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My presentation on scaling editorial strategy-- what do you need to do to grow your blog or website effectively?

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State of Search 2017: How to Scale Editorial Strategy

  1. 1. How to Scale Editorial Strategy @wonderwall7@State_of_Search#StateofSearch
  2. 2. Hello! I am Kelsey Jones My team and I help businesses produce better words for the internet. You can find me at: @wonderwall7
  3. 3. We’re living in a content tornado Too much content means you have to be more competitive in order to properly grow. @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  4. 4. People publish more and more content, thinking that will make them thought leaders. @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  5. 5. Only 20% of users finish articles… @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  6. 6. And only 25% of articles are read on average All your hard work isn’t getting read. @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  7. 7. But there’s hope! Better content planning, writing, and formatting can increase read rate, CTR, and traffic, helping you scale properly. @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  8. 8. Agenda: ✖  Rookies versus Pros ✖  Contributors ✖  Editorial Calendars ✖  Editorial Guidelines ✖  Champ Content ✖  Repurposing ✖  Recommended Tools @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  9. 9. Rookies versus Pros What do the rooks do that the champions don’t mess with anymore? @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  10. 10. What the Rookies Do ✖ Post when they can ✖ Post when they think of ideas ✖ Post without editorial guidelines @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  11. 11. What the Rookies Do ✖ Post without thinking about repurposing or a sharing strategy ✖ Let anyone post ○ Not all content is good content @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  12. 12. What the Pros Do ✖ Create a set schedule and publish time for posts ✖ Create an editorial calendar ✖ Be militant about editorial guidelines @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  13. 13. What the Pros Do ✖ Proper vetting of paid and unpaid contributors ✖ Quality over Quantity @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  14. 14. What the Pros Do @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch Example of onboarding email for new SEJ contributor
  15. 15. Your Supporting Team: Contributors Comparing strategy behind paid and unpaid contributors @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  16. 16. Recruiting Paid Contributors ✖ Remote sites like FlexJobs ✖ Facebook groups ✖ Referrals Be Fair: Don’t take advantage of writers! @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  17. 17. Recruiting Unpaid Contributors ✖ TBH, no pros want to write for you ✖ FB groups/Slacks ✖ Twitter ✖ Industry groups @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  18. 18. Your Game Plan: The Editorial Calendar Your holy grail of content planning @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  19. 19. The Editorial Calendar ✖ Themes ● Back to school ● Spring Cleaning ● Industry Times of year ✖ Holidays ● New Year’s ● Halloween ● Be careful with religious holidays ● Never 9/11 @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  20. 20. The Editorial Calendar ✖ Content types ○ Podcasts ○ Recaps ○ Video ○ Long posts ○ Freelance or staff posts ✖ Grouped by week, month, quarter Sample: @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  21. 21. The Editorial Calendar Sample: @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  22. 22. The Rules: Editorial Guidelines What do you live by? @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  23. 23. The Editorial Guidelines ✖ Grammar and Spelling ○ ○ Grammarly ✖ Formatting ○ ✖ Remove <span> tags in WYSIWYG editors @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  24. 24. The Editorial Guidelines ✖ Links ○ Review the links ○ Check code for hidden links (using spaces as anchor text) ✖ Photo attribution ○ Use stock photos or completely open creative commons ○ Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, PhotoPin, Death to the stock photo @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  25. 25. The Editorial Guidelines ✖ Teach a man to fish… give detailed feedback to writers so they learn ✖ Make it public! @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  26. 26. Building Champion Content The importance of evergreen content @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  27. 27. Build Champions: Evergreen Content E-booksWhite Papers Case Studies Interactive quizzes or tools Free downloads: worksheets, checklists On-demand courses @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  28. 28. Build Evergreen Content Answer the who/what/where/when/why: ✖ White papers ✖ E-books ✖ Case studies @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  29. 29. Build Evergreen Content Interactive Tools or Quizzes: Examples: ✖ ✖ generator/ @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  30. 30. Build Evergreen Content Interactive Tools or Quizzes: @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  31. 31. Build Evergreen Content Free Downloads: @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  32. 32. Build Evergreen Content Free Online Course: @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  33. 33. Run it Again: Repurposing Content Breaking and reusing content @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  34. 34. Text to Audio to Video to Photos to Text -- X X -- Audio X -- X -- Video X X -- X Photos X -- X X @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch Repurpose Your Content
  35. 35. Repurpose Your Content Text to: ✖ Audio: podcast ✖ Video: ✖ Photos: Pablo by Buffer, QuotesCover, PicMonkey, Canva @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  36. 36. Repurpose Your Content Audio to: ✖ Text: ✖ Video: Animoto, Adobe Spark, photo slideshow maker (iOS?) @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  37. 37. Repurpose Your Content Video to: ✖ Text: excerpt audio, then ✖ Audio: in your video editor ✖ Photos: screenshots @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  38. 38. Repurpose Your Content Photos to: ✖ Video: slideshow creators, timed PowerPoint ✖ Photos: collages, reshares on Twitter or Instagram @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  39. 39. Recommended Tools My favorite tools for better content @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  40. 40. Now you have your team ready, these tools will help: @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  41. 41. Recommended Tools @wonderwall7 @State_of_Search #StateofSearch
  42. 42. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: @wonderwall7 ✖  Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ✖  Photographs by Unsplash and Pexels @State_of_Search #StateofSearch