Facebook Bootcamp - Facebook Content Strategy By Natalie Alaimo


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Creating Content for Facebook presented at the Facebook Bootcamp Sunshine Coast 16th September 2013 by Natalie Alaimo

Shared the four different types of content to use on your Facebook page.

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Facebook Bootcamp - Facebook Content Strategy By Natalie Alaimo

  1. 1. Facebook Content Strategy Presented by Natalie Alaimo International Natalie on Facebook www.facebook.com/NatalieAlaimoPage
  2. 2. Where Are You Now? • Select the best answer which describes your current situation; • I’m brand new to Facebook + only have a personal profile • I’ve got a Facebook Page but it’s only new • I’ve been using my Facebook Page for a little while but not getting any results • I’m getting results from my Facebook Page but spending too much time • I’ve got no idea about Facebook, help me!
  3. 3. “Advertising on the web is less about just hitting someone with a message... it's about engagement.” Mark Zuckerberg
  4. 4. Why Social Media?
  5. 5. Consumer Opinions Posted Online Recommendations from People You Know
  6. 6. Who Is Natalie Alaimo? •Social Media Trainer, Author & Speaker •Backgrounds in Marketing, Sales, Networking, Communications and Web Design for the last 12 years •Some of the companies I’ve worked with include:
  7. 7. SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe
  8. 8. Remember This?? “It’s not what you know but who you know” It’s Now “It’s not who you know but who knows you” SeeMe Phase
  9. 9. On Social Media… SeeMe is gained by using different platforms and more importantly being known to your target market Define Your Market, Find Your Market & Branding SeeMe Phase
  10. 10. • People know what YOU do • And that you can do it well • You are seen as the expert • As the go-to person/company… On Social Media… the content you share builds your BelieveMe Bank The Holy Three, Provide A Taste & Engage Me BelieveMe Phase
  11. 11. • People want to do business with you and send you referrals because they... • Know, like and trust you • On Social Media… it’s moving people off social media platforms into your sales funnel Convert To Sale Referral System Keep Them In The Loop PayMe Phase
  12. 12. 9 Steps To Getting Results Fast From Social Media Download Your Free Copy at www.nataliealaimo.com
  13. 13. Assumption One You know very specifically who your ideal client is who your ideal client is who your ideal client is who your ideal client is who your ideal client is
  14. 14. Who Are Your Target Market?
  15. 15. Who Are Your Target Market?
  16. 16. Do You Think The Same Type Of Person Would Book Both These People?
  17. 17. ie your sales process
  18. 18. Location Based Business - Cafe, Restaurant, Hairdresser, Beauty Salon, Medi Spa etc • SeeMe; Facebook + FB Advertising + Networking + Referrals • BelieveMe; newsletter + FB + eBook + free event • PayMe; free event > book into packages Sales Process Examples
  19. 19. Business Coach - Melanie Miller - Coaching (avg. $12k per year) • SeeMe; networking + referrals + Facebook + Advertising (online) • BelieveMe; newsletter + Facebook + blogging + Free session • PayMe; one 2 one meeting -> proposal -> Sale Sales Process Examples
  20. 20. Natalie Alaimo International - Ask Natalie Academy • SeeMe; Facebook + Speaking + FB Advertising + Online Networking + referrals • BelieveMe; newsletter + FB + blogging + eBook + free webinar • PayMe; free webinar -> sales page -> sale Sales Process Examples
  21. 21. • Your Market is already there + don’t make them come to you • 1st Goal: Attract + Engage with your market • 2nd Goal: Get them off Facebook to your website and email list by generating warm qualified leads • Almost 12 millions Australian on Facebook • 65% of Australian users log on daily to Facebook • 50% check Facebook in the morning - before they get out of bed! • Average Facebook session is 22 minutes • Facebook fans outspend non fans by 4 times • 48% of your fans believe that you are a trustworthy source of information Facebook
  22. 22. Creating Content
  23. 23. • Content is your MAIN form of communication online. • Your content is how you can: • Find • Reach • Influence • Engage • Motivate • Inspire • Convert Provide A Taste - Content
  24. 24. Provide A Taste - Content • I know you have so much information inside your head about your business and how you can help your clients - you just need to get it out. • When someone lands on any online property of yours (website, Facebook page etc), your content is what they consume to find out if the two of your are a good fit for each other and if you can help them solve their problems • People are searching online for solutions to their problems and your content must CONNECT with them • Your content should let people know that they are in the right place and that you can help them
  25. 25. Provide A Taste - Content • Your contents purpose is to build relationships + rapport and sells your business • Make it a reflection of you and your values with your own unique stamp • Provide so much value (like our hook) that people think “if this is free, imagine how great the paid service would be” • Your content talks to your market + let’s them know that you understand who they are and what they want • I really love content as it allows you to LEVERAGE your marketing efforts and time - create it ONCE and then thousand of people can see it! • Great content • positions you as an expert + builds your credibility (BelieveMe Bank) • encourages people to take the next steps with you and move in your sales process • converts people to a sale
  26. 26. • Creating Content Ideas; • Brainstorm (we are going to do this later) • Frequently Ask Questions • Case Studies - Good, Bad + Ugly (sharing success + failures + lessons learned) • Review (products) • Instructions (How To) • Trending Topics • Your Company + Personal Story • Keyword (what people are searching for) Provide A Taste - Content
  27. 27. 4 Types of Content •SeeMe Content (Attraction) • Social Media & Blog •BelieveMe Content (Business) • Social Media & Blog & Newsletter •EngageMe Content (Interaction) • Social Media & Blog & Newsletter (to less extent) •PayMe Content (Converting) • Social Media & Blog (to get into sales funnel), Newsletter for $$$ 4 Types Of Content
  28. 28. SeeMe Content • Used for social media sites mostly and sometimes on your blog • Based on your target market and what else is happening in their life • It should be information that they are looking for that isn’t necessarily based on your business or industry • It can be; • Personality or People based - like Fiskar (Social Media Angle) • Keywords - what they are searching for (mainly blog based) Hint: Use the Google Keyword Tool • Topical or Trending Topics - as long as they are relevant to your industry or market Hint: what’s already being talked about in the media and can you make it relevant to your business
  29. 29. SeeMe Content Examples
  30. 30. SeeMe Content Examples
  31. 31. SeeMe Content Examples
  32. 32. SeeMe Content Examples
  33. 33. SeeMe Content Examples
  34. 34. BelieveMe Content • Let me explain - the purpose of your BelieveMe Content is to build your BelieveMe Bank so that people can see that you know what you are talking about and can help them solve their problems • It should be information related to your business and industry but not sales related • Many people make the mistake of just talking about their products and services but you need to think wider and deeper than that. • Break your business + industry down into bite sizes pieces • Start with the bigger topics and keep going deeper and deeper • Including things such as; • commonly asked questions + interesting or unusual facts + commonly forgotten elements • Aim to be educational, inspirational and entertaining whilst allowing your own personality + style to shine through
  35. 35. BelieveMe Content Examples
  36. 36. BelieveMe Content Examples
  37. 37. BelieveMe Content Examples
  38. 38. EngageMe Content • Used for social media sites, your blog and newsletter (to a less extent) • Engagement = Interaction • Aim is to get people to take some action based on your content • Could be clicking the like button on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, commenting on your blog • When people are interacting with your content you are connecting with them and building a relationships • You are building trust, increasing the BelieveMe Bank (at an accelerated rate) and therefore moving people closer to spending money with you • In effect you are training people to be comfortable taking action with you
  39. 39. EngageMe Content Examples
  40. 40. EngageMe Content Examples
  41. 41. EngageMe Content Examples
  42. 42. PayMe Content • Used for social media sites, your blog and newsletter • On Social Media + Blog your aim with this content is to get people to take the next steps in your sales process. • For most people this is getting them on your list so you can continue to build the relationship • Once on your newsletter - this style of content is your sales copy which promote your products and services • Aim to never hard sell directly on social media sites, it’s more for reminding people and building relationships • The intention of connecting on social media is for interaction and engagement not to be sold to
  43. 43. PayMe Content Examples
  44. 44. PayMe Content Examples
  45. 45. PayMe Content Examples
  46. 46. • You must focus on converting + moving people from Facebook • You don’t own Facebook and it could be gone tomorrow! • 20% of your content should be converting people to the next steps in your sales process • Don’t sell too much directly on Facebook (just remind people)
  47. 47. • Now that you know the four types of content spend 30 minutes brainstorming topics for all content types • You will come up with a list like: • SeeMe - Inspirational quotes • BelieveMe - Swimmers Hair or Red Skin • EngageMe - Question - what’s the best thing about your hair? • PayMe - Come to our Free event • Then take one topic and make it content for different formats Creating Content
  48. 48. • Mix up your media - remember can be photos, videos, audio • Proof Read - once, twice, three times • Don’t use technical jargon - write like you speak • Just start • Write for your customers not peers • Always lead people to take action or to the next step • More you do, the easier it becomes Creating Content
  49. 49. • Start with one platform - ie Facebook • Brainstorm topics - 30 minutes (max) • Aim to be posting on Facebook 2 - 3 times per day, 5 days per week (Mon - Fri) • Create content - only need to create 12 pieces of content • Rest can be shared from other Facebook Pages • Also share links, images etc from other sites • Schedule Content • Remember to check in and join the conversation Creating Content Flow
  50. 50. Questions? Download Your Free Copy at www.nataliealaimo.com